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Artmedia - e-Publishing News - April 2002

eBook Report
Have POD Pirates arrived in the USA?

Red Room Project is to commission new and emerging writers
Independent e-Book Awards and Mystic-Ink
6th Hypertext Literature Workshop - Hypertext 02 conference

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Artmedia News

Welcome to the April edition of the e-publishing newsletter
from Artmedia in Sydney, now reaching 4,650 writers, publishers,
bookshops, libraries and media-smiths in Australia, New Zealand,
America and worldwide.

This month we are making the news, not just breaking the news,
as we publicise our correspondence with a1Books in New Jersey,
who we fear may be 'making knowledge affordable' by not paying
us. And we seek help from the epublishing
community to bring publicity to this issue.

Reviews of Believers in love have started to come in, and I quote
a section from aussiereviews.com below.

Thank you for reading Artmedia e-Publishing News. Please
also forward this to somebody else who may be interested.
We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
electronic publishing community worldwide, so please send us
information for inclusion in this newsletter.

Fiction from Artmedia Publishing

"Believers in Love", a new novel by Alan Clay, takes the reader
from Sydney's Bondi Beach, to a magic mountain in New Zealand,
as an unlikely father and daughter team of sand-sculptors embark
on a crazy adventure which explores the transient nature of art and
life, to discover that dreams are real.

"Believers in Love, the third offering by quirky Australian novelist,
Alan Clay, is about love, laughter and life. The story is liberally
interspersed by anecdotes taking an alternate look at life,
sometimes from the point of view of the book’s characters, other
times from beyond, but always with a depth which gives pause to
the reader before the story continues. This is not just a story; this is
an exploration of emotion and philosophy. A novel of journey and
self-discovery." www.aussiereviews.com

Order either book now from bookshops in America, Australia,
New Zealand, and England, or from online stores like
www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnobel.com and find more
information at http://www.artmedia.com.au

eBook Report

In July last year I discovered a company called a1Books selling my novel
sisters 'used like new' on amazon for US$14.50, and not listing
Artmedia as the publisher.

This aroused my suspicians and I asked my POD supliers,
Lightning Source, to check if a1Books was part of the Ingram
supply chain, and if they were, to ask them to correct the publisher

Immediately Ingram started making enquiries, Dance Sisters
came off the Amazon zshops 'used book site' run by a1Books, but
it remained on the a1Books site itself with no correction of the
publisher information, and no satisfactory explanation.

Then last month I discovered them doing the same with my new
book, Believers in Love. By this stage Dance Sisters was selling
on their site for $11.75, totally blowing any suggestion that they
could be doing it within the wholesale discount margin, as they
admit themselves below.

So I sent a 'notice of demand' which I reproduce in full below, and
received the acompanying email back from them, again
reproduced in full. And, as promised, the books were duely
removed, however now several weeks later they books have gone
back up on their site again.

This time at the US list price of US$16.95, masking the souce of
the product, but in clear breach of our notice of demand, so we
are proceeding with the first item of notice from our notice
of demand, by publicising our dispute.

How is it possible that a
bug in their software faills to update the publisher information for
my books over ten months of repeated requests, demands,
promisses, and back tracks? It is still incorrect, at time of writing.

Could it be, that by not listing artmedia as the publisher, they are
not then guilty of 'passing off' their product as another, even
though they may still be guilty of copyright infringement if they are
pirating my files .

What commercial opperation is going to stay in buisness with a
bug in it's software which 'occasionally drops the price under the
margin floor', as they claim below?

I invite anyone on this list who can help publicise this issue to do
so, and any who can help
us to take action on items two and three of our notice of demand,
and I ask for others with experience with a!books to contact us.
It is in all of our interests to resolve this.

While we can not be certain what a1Books are doing at this stage,
until this is clear, please spread the word, "don't buy 'Believers in
Love' from a1Books, you can get it cheaper anyway from amazon
at 20% discount, or from your normal
supplier, and then you can be sure that the artist is getting paid'.


Notice of Demand
To: a1books.com
11 Stewart Place
Fairfield, NJ 07004 USA
Date: 22nd March 2002

On behalf of Alan Clay, author and copyright owner of ‘Believers in
Love’ (ISBN 0957884400) and ‘Dance Sisters’(ISBN 0646302671)
and of Artmedia Publishing, sole authorized publisher of these
books, it is hereby demanded that, within seven days of the date of
this notice, a1books.com:

Either: Permanently stop selling ‘Believers in Love’ and ‘Dance
Sisters’, whether published by ATIA ( ), or by any other publisher,
and remove all references to the books from the a1books.com site
and amazon zshops.

Or: Provide written documentation of the legitimate source of these
books to the copyright owner - explaining why the first copy of each
of these books that you sell, is a ‘used’ copy, and how you can sell
‘Dance Sisters’ at a profit at US$11.75 - and immediately correct
the publisher information for these books on your site to read
Artmedia Publishing.

Failing one of these actions, we give notice that:

1 We will seek wide publicity for this dispute, to encourage a
transparent process.

2 We reserve our right to pursue court action to force you to
surrender all existing copies of ‘Believers in Love’ and ‘Dance
Sisters’ in your possession and any files which could be used to
create the books, plus provide a full accounting of copies sold
and pay all moneys received through the sale of the books to the
copyright owner.

3 Should it prove to be the case that you, or any related entity, are
pirating the ‘Print on Demand’ files to these books, we also reserve
our right to seek punitive damages calculated on a daily basis from
the date of this notice.

Alan Clay
Artmedia Publishing
18a Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
epublish@artmedia.com.au www.artmedia.com.au


To which we received the following reply:

Dear Mr. Clay: We are removing ISBNs 0957884400 and
0646302671 from our site.

We receive them from Ingram Book Co. at a 35% discount. We
do not buy stock to keep on hand. Ingram ships directly to our
customers. We list as a used dealer on Amazon Marketplace
because 1) there was not a "new" option when we began selling
books there, and 2) some books (not these particular titles) we
sell there are used or remainders, so we've never listed in the
"new" category. We notice that many dealers listing as new are
actually remainder dealers, so it seems to be a meaningless
distinction. Until this moment, that is.

As for the pricing, we do not normally sell at such short markup and
the price you quote for Dance Sisters seems to be a mistake. We
have a bug which occasionally drops the price under the margin
floor and we are working to correct this.

Another bug we are fixing is the insertion of our internal publisher
identification code in the publisher field on our site.

I hope this has gone some way toward resolving our problems. I
apologize for any trouble our listings have caused you and hope
that we can work together to sell your books in the future.

Please feel free to contact me directly in the future should you have
any other questions or concerns.

Best regards, Ben Archer
Director of Sales & Marketing
Email: ben@a1books.com


The titles were duely removed, but were back up again this week,
still with incorrect publisher information. Not a very permanent
removal of these titles! Please explain?


"Alan, Congratulations on the e-newsletter. It is the first I've seen; I
do something similar with Media Flash, which has
now evolved into a daily e-newspaper. Your discussion of e-books
interests me. I've published a number of books, but a recent try at a
history of Melbourne radio station 3AK looked like being a financial
disaster until I decided to publish it as an e-book. You can find it at
www.long.com.au/3ak.htm " Best wishes, Ash Long, Media Flash

"The Red Room Project is to commission new and emerging writers,
under 35 years, to write poetry for ‘The Red Room’ radio show
( 89.7fm Eastside Radio ) and also for national radio broadcast
(Community Broadcasting Association of Australia) and online. The
selected writers will record their poetry and partake in a short,
informal interview, both of which are broadcast on radio and
published on line at http://www.eastsidefm.org/redroom
The Red Room Project runs from Feb – Dec 2002.
Only 30 poets are selected to participate in this groundbreaking
project. Poems will be broadcast to a huge audience that includes
many of Australia’s most esteemed writers. Writers of all styles,
genres and backgrounds are encouraged to submit their most
inventive, innovative and original poetry. Thanks to The Australia
Council all writers are paid. Visit www.eastsidefm.org/redroom
for details. Or phone Johanna Featherstone on 02 9332 1596.

"I am pleased to announce
that the Independent e-Book Awards and Mystic-Ink are now part
of the Digital Literature Institute, Inc. The
good news is that the move is complete and the e-Book Awards
website has a new home with the Digital Literature Institute. The
bad news is that you will need to wait a few more months for the
announcement of the short list for the Indie Awards because of
the disruption from the move.
The Awards Committee is currently working with the Preliminary
Readers and the Judges on evaluating the nominations. The
short list for the Independent e-Book Awards will be announced
on May 31st." Best regards, Sunny Ross.
Find a link to the Independent eBook Awards under Awards at

The Media Explores the Message: In person and online workshop.
The annual hypertext literature workshop has expanded to incorporate
new media and other creative electronic fields. Please join in either
in person or online to to see new techniques, discuss ways to examine
new media, and gain insights into the impetus and implications behind
new media writing. This 6th Hypertext Literature Workshop is part of
the Hypertext 02 conference June 13 -16 <http://www.cs.umd.edu/ht02>.
You can get more information at
The physcial workshop will be all day June 12, 2002 at the University
of Maryland. We will have an online workshop from 11:30 - 1:30 Eastern
Standard Time.
In person: You can apply for the workshop alone or attend the
accompanying conference. To apply for the workshop, please send a brief
issue paper covering the following points to Deena Larsen
<textra@chisp.net>. Deadline for applying for the workshop is May 15.
Online: This workshop is designed to bring together electronic
developers and creators in a wide variety of disciplines to discuss the
different approaches and philosophies for creating. The goal is to
understand developments in other electronic creative fields and their
implications for new media.
Go to http://lingua.utdallas.edu:7000
Click on the LOG IN button on the left hand side
Type in your name at the prompt
Once in the MOO, type "@go eliterature" to get to the electronic
literature chat room.
For more information, please email chathost@eliterature.org

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The Internet is an interactive medium, and just like a poster, it's
important where you put your web promotion. Artmedia are
electronic publishers, publishing on the net, and through e-mail
newsletters. Here's how you can take part.

Web Site Publishing

$30 a month. This is our bargain website creation and hosting
service for artists or groups in literary or performing arts. For this
we host your site at artmedia.com.au, up-date it, and maintain
your traffic through search engine submission and links.

$40 a month. If you have your own domain name and want us to
create, or take over the maintenance of your site, this is our
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Sponsorship of either newsletter offers subject line endorsement,
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at Aus$350.

More information at http://www.artmedia.com.au/services.htm

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Artmedia Publishing

At Artmedia we publish web-sites promoting e-books, and actively promote them to search engines and through our monthly e-publishing newsletter. Click through to Dance Sisters to see a sample e-book site  - with a preview chapter, reviews, author biography, and links to sites where the novel may be purchased - and then click on the Artmedia Services button for our e-publishing deal.


love7.JPG (22882 bytes)  In Alan Clay's new novel, Believers in Love, a father and daughter team of sand-sculptors embark on a crazy adventure which takes them from Sydney's Bondi Beach, to a magic mountain in New Zealand, in which they   explore the transient nature of art and life, and discover that dreams are real.

Order Believers in Love now from bookshops worldwide, or from online stores like www.amazon.com

___________________________________________________Dance Sisters, e-book download in Microsoft Reader format

"A female song and dance trio threatens to self-destruct on the brink of fame, when its leader becomes involved with a manipulative cult, touting sex, astrology and virtual dreaming"

Alan Clay's novel Dance Sisters, is available in paperback through on-line stores like amazon.com Or from barnesandnobel.com or here in Australia, get Australian pricing from seekbooks.com.au


Dance Sisters eBookDance Sisters is also available as an eBook in a format which is packaged to enhance the reading experience on your computer with sound and visuals. This eBook is published by E-dition in Canada, and requires no additional software. Click on the link below to check it out (this site also includes a limited free evaluation version).

E-dition - Dance Sisters
This navigable book for your PC requires Windows 9.x/NT, SVGA 800x600x16M colors, and a sound card for the soundtrack.  $12.95 US



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