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Artmedia - e-Publishing News - February 2002

eBook Report
The Web-Site as an ePublishing Platform

Adrian Rogers, Fantasy and Poetry eBooks

Jacket Magazine - not closing, just publishing
Summer Literary Seminars in Russia and Kenya
Canadian Authors Have New Home on the Web

Touring Australia and NZ with 'Disaster Relief Poems'
'The Mean Green Machine' is up at RFI West

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Artmedia News

Welcome to the February edition of the e-publishing newsletter
from Artmedia in Sydney, now reaching 4,650 writers, publishers,
bookshops, libraries and media-smiths in Australia, New Zealand,
America and worldwide.

In the eBook Report this month we look at the nature of an eBook
and a Web-Site and find them broadly the same, both containers
for information, and we use the Artmedia experience to illustrate a
successful e-Publishing model, in difficult times.

This month we feature fantasy and poetry eBooks from South
Australian author Adrian Rogers, and in the networking we have
an international theme, with Summer Literary Seminars in Russia
and Kenya, and information on a new home on the Web for
Canadian authors.

John Tranter pomotes his latest Jacket magazine, and dispells
rumours of the sites demise, and we have a new Noticeboard
section, where Brett Axel looks for help hooking up with places
for readings in Australian and New Zealand, and Alan Brooker
promotes his new book.

The artmedia site is growing in popularity, receiving more visits
in January than in any previous month. This month Adrian Rogers
has new pages on his eBooks, his favourite links, together with a
short story.

With the growing success of the Artmedia site as a promotional
platform, we have implemented an increase in the monthly site
fees, and in the newsletter Sponsorship charges. See the
artmedia services section at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for reading Artmedia e-Publishing News. Please
also forward this to somebody else who may be interested.
We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
electronic publishing community worldwide, so please send us
information for inclusion in this newsletter.

Fiction from Artmedia Publishing

"Believers in Love", a new novel by Alan Clay, takes the reader
from Sydney's Bondi Beach, to a magic mountain in New Zealand,
as an unlikely father and daughter team of sand-sculptors embark
on a crazy adventure which explores the transient nature of art and
life, to discover that dreams are real.

"Dance Sisters by New Zealander Alan Clay, had me hooked from
the first explosive page. A female song and dance trio threatens to
self-destruct on the brink of fame, when its leader becomes
involved with a manipulative cult, touting sex, astrology and virtual
dreaming. What a refreshing read!" ( Otago Daily Times ).

Order either book now from bookshops in America, Australia,
New Zealand, and England, or from online stores like
www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnobel.com and find more
information at http://www.artmedia.com.au

eBook Report

A book is a container of information, accessible in various ways.
The information, as any aspiring writer knows, is not 'a book' until
it is put in 'the container', and placed on the market. eBooks, when
these become ubiquitous, will simply be more flexable containers,
which can personalise the reading experience, keep it current and
in touch with market needs.

We already have such an electronic publishing container in the
familiar web-site, which works surprisingly well given half a chance.
However, just like vanity publishing and self-publishing are two
completely different things, so is running a profitable web-site and
simply uploading information onto the net.

At Artmedia we have always had to cover our costs, and so after
three years of commercial operation we can use our experience
to illustrate a successful e-Publishing model, in what has proved
to be difficult times. Murdoch take note!

At this stage of the martket we have developed three arms to our
publishing program: the web site network, the e-mail newsletters,
and publishing in POD and e-Book formats. All three are earning
small proffits.

How do we do this? Way back when others were charging a million
for a site, we based our page creation charges on our print artwork
rates, because we knew these were sustainable and affordable,
and we realised that the work for us, and the value to the customer,
was in the ongoing activation of the site, the publishing.

Now, after three years of building links with like minded sites, and
developing search engine friendly pages, the Artmedia pages are
consistantly being placed at the top of the list by the newer 'intuitive'
engines like google, that can evaluate which searches are most
productive for a web-surfer by the sites the click through to, and
how long they spend there, as well as evaluating links to the site.

This is essential to get the traffic, and the site is scoring record
levels of traffic, and pages viewed. If you are interested in
checking out the tracking data for the site, you can click on either of
the buttons at the bottom of our main page, just above the
copyright details.

The content of our site is current information in highly targed areas,
and this is 'of value' to consumers, and therefore makes space on
the site valuable to arts promoters. Everything on the site is
advertising, paid to be there by the artist, and free to the web surfer.
As a result the site has always made money.

The two halves of our specialisation complement each other, with
the Physical theatre side of the business being the prime earner,
and the e-publishing side the poor cousin. For those unaware of
our physical theatre e-mail newsletter, it goes out each month to
7,000 subscribers worldwide, and regularly carries Sponsorships
from prime industry players from around the world.

This newsletter works particularly well because it grew out of a
need at Playspace Studio in Sydney to communicate cheaply
and conveniently with those interested in the classes, and then
started carrying networking info from other industry players.

As it grew, and took time to produce, we started charging for
prime locations in the newsletter. The theatre industry is used to
paying for promotion, particularly if it is effective and targeted.
It works particularly well because e-mail suits the mobile nature
of the industry, which is worldwide and does use word of mouth
to transmit information about what is valuable, so this feedback
supports the growth.

Because the newsletter suports the classes at Playspace, much
like a regular sponsor, and since more and more enrolements are
coming from the web-site and newsletter work, the studio hardly
spends any money now on print promotion. These savings in the
marketing budget at Playspace, and earnings from the
sponsorships and advertising in the newsletters, plus the Artmedia
monthly site fees is the backbone of the ePublishing business.

The POD publishing and eBook publishing is earning small
amounts, after costs, which is encouraging, but is only worthwhile
from my point of view, because we only publish my books at this
stage, and so like playspace, the added value of not having the
costs associated with publishing and promoting my writing makes
it worthwhile from my side.

The web-site is the most successful electronic container of the
three Artmedia business arms, and points to the future of eBooks,
while the newsletters are really a more effectively targeted old
media format, and Print On Demand is old media with efficient
electronic printing and distribution.

- Advertising Feature - Aus$50 buys your promotion here

Adrian Rogers - author, poet, and private music teacher, with three
fantasy novels published as e-books - on CD Rom or by direct
download from Zeus Publications. A fourth novel will come out later
in 2002.

Shouter Behind the Wall - A short story

It was early spring, before the green had leached out of the
grass, when two friends saw a hostel nestling unassumingly
in its wooded valley. Humpbacked hills bulked above the
treeline, and it was hard to visualize them bleaching to pale
beige with a hint of burnt cream in summer. The two men
were standing by an iron gate - with a path dropping away on
their left through the valley across a creek by a wooden bridge,
and up to the front door of the hostel...

Check out Adrian's new site, where you can explore his links page
for his favorite e-publishing sites, read the rest of this short story or
find out more about him. http://www.artmedia.com.au/cathar.htm


"Dear friends: There has been a little misunderstanding about
Jacket magazine on the talk circuits of the Net, which is entirely my
fault. Announcing Jacket 16 recently, I said: Announcing (well,
pre-announcing) Jacket 16, due to close in March 2002. Another
Special Giant Bumper Issue, again, already." However, when I said
"due to close in March 2002", I didn't mean that Jacket was going
to close, heaven forbid! I meant that number 16 was going to close.
That is, I would stop uploading new material to it in mid-March 2002,
and I would get to work on number 17. In fact I have been uploading
bits and pieces to all the Jacket issues up to number 20, due to
close -- whoops, I mean due to be 'published' -- in December 2002.
You can reach them all from the links at the top of the Jacket
homepage, and at the top of every Jacket issue's Contents page.
I have no plans to close Jacket. And I promise to think more clearly
in future!! Thanks for your support. Enjoy!" John Tranter. Find Jacket
under on-line magazines at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

"Summer Literary Seminars a not-for-profit corporation organizing
writers’ workshops and lecture series in Russia (St. Petersburg)
and Mombasa, Kenya, and bringing there, as faculty and
in-residence members, some of the finest contemporary US and
Russian and Kenyan authors. We are keenly interested in your
opinion in regards to the current state of American literature. We
invite you to visit our web site and, take part in our online forum
discussions on this and other topics. We are trying to foster a
discussion, start a conversation. In the long-run perspective, we
would like to think of ourselves as being instrumental in putting in
this country’s literary mind, so to speak, two places we love – the
Russian city of St. Petersburg and Kenya." Find a link to the Literary
Seminars under resources http://www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

"Canadian eAuthors (CeA), an organization of electronically
published authors, is pleased to announce the official opening
of its website. CeA's primary aim is to support Canadian eAuthors,
and demystify electronic books (ebooks) and electronic readers
(ereaders). The CeA website features electronically published
authors in Canada, and allows visitors to discover Canada through
author-recommended websites (art, food, ebooks, health,
Canadian and international websites, Canadian ePublishers). It
also showcases photographs of Canadian provinces. All authors
living in Canada and publishers registered in Canada can join. For
more information, or to learn more about ebooks and electronic
publishing in Canada, please visit the CeA website." Eva Kende,
CeA Spokesperson. Find this link under Resources at


"Alan, It looks like I'll be spending three weeks touring Australia
and New Zealand in September with my new book, Disaster
Relief Poems, from Minimal Press. Any help you could give
hooking me up with places I get booked for readings would be
very much appreciated. I don't ask for much. Half the door if
there's a cover charge, food and a place to sleep for me and my
roadie, a chance to meet some talented people. Let me know, ok?
Brett Axel, Utica NY USA. http://www.mybizz.net/~axels/mna.html

"Hi, Alan, The Mean Green Machine is up at RFI West
Check out this new version, edited for the US and international
market. Its a suspense thriller involving political intregue,
conservationists groups taken over by overseas terrorists, rongo
Maori ( Maori traditional medicines - real not imagined ), gang
conflict and more murders than a Ruwanda revolution ( a quote
from a reviewer! ). And its all set in little old New Zealand."
Bye, Alan M Brooker, Taupo Bay, New Zealand. Find a link to
Alan's site under writers at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

Artmedia Services

The Internet is an interactive medium, and just like a poster, it's
important where you put your web promotion. Artmedia are
electronic publishers, publishing on the net, and through e-mail
newsletters. Here's how you can take part.

Web Site Publishing

$30 a month. This is our bargain website creation and hosting
service for artists or groups in literary or performing arts. For this
we host your site at artmedia.com.au, up-date it, and maintain
your traffic through search engine submission and links.

$40 a month. If you have your own domain name and want us to
create, or take over the maintenance of your site, this is our
premium package and we do all the above for you at your own

Newsletter Advertising and Sponsorship

Aus$50 buys two paragraphs of promotion for your book, service,
or web-site, in either of our physical theatre or e-publishing e-mail

Sponsorship of either newsletter offers subject line endorsement,
eight paragraphs of copy at the top of the newsletter, and a
paragraph on the Artmedia home page for a month, and is valued
at Aus$350.

More information at http://www.artmedia.com.au/services.htm

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reprinted freely, if a credit to www.artmedia.com.au is included.

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Artmedia Publishing

At Artmedia we publish web-sites promoting e-books, and actively promote them to search engines and through our monthly e-publishing newsletter. Click through to Dance Sisters to see a sample e-book site  - with a preview chapter, reviews, author biography, and links to sites where the novel may be purchased - and then click on the Artmedia Services button for our e-publishing deal.


love7.JPG (22882 bytes)  In Alan Clay's new novel, Believers in Love, a father and daughter team of sand-sculptors embark on a crazy adventure which takes them from Sydney's Bondi Beach, to a magic mountain in New Zealand, in which they   explore the transient nature of art and life, and discover that dreams are real.

Order Believers in Love now from bookshops worldwide, or from online stores like www.amazon.com

___________________________________________________Dance Sisters, e-book download in Microsoft Reader format

"A female song and dance trio threatens to self-destruct on the brink of fame, when its leader becomes involved with a manipulative cult, touting sex, astrology and virtual dreaming"

Alan Clay's novel Dance Sisters, is available in paperback through on-line stores like amazon.com Or from barnesandnobel.com or here in Australia, get Australian pricing from seekbooks.com.au


Dance Sisters eBookDance Sisters is also available as an eBook in a format which is packaged to enhance the reading experience on your computer with sound and visuals. This eBook is published by E-dition in Canada, and requires no additional software. Click on the link below to check it out (this site also includes a limited free evaluation version).

E-dition - Dance Sisters
This navigable book for your PC requires Windows 9.x/NT, SVGA 800x600x16M colors, and a sound card for the soundtrack.  $12.95 US



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