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Artmedia - e-publishing news - January, 2003

ePublishing Report:
Web Sites, Search Engines, and Newsletters

Free MS Reader e-Book Giveaway
Believers in Love, US Readings and Festivals

Interactive Techniques Conference, Melbourne, Australia
Call for Papers for Hypertext 2003, Nottingham, England
Call for Papers, Internet Research Conference, Canada

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Artmedia News

Welcome to the first edition of the e-publishing quarterly from
Artmedia for 2003. This newsletter now reaches over 8,000
writers, publishers, bookshops, libraries and media-smiths in
Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and worldwide.

We have been reassessing this publication over the past couple
of months, and have decided to put the newsletter out quarterly
from now on. We have taken this decision because although the
eBook industry is now up and running, the support of advertisers
and consumers is still to catch up.

This is also true of advertising in this newsletter, for where as our
physical theatre newsletter is generating advertising revenue each
month, the benefit to Artmedia of putting out this publication is
largely in promotion of the artmedia site, and of my novels.

In this light, I offer copies of 'Believers in Love' as a giveaway to
launch the new format and promote the book. Get a free copy of
the eBook for the MS Reader, simply by sending an email with
'Believers in Love' in the subject line to the address in the feature
below. I am also starting to confirm Readings and Festivals in
America and also I give an update on these in the Feature section.

Our eBook Report has been broadened in scope with this issue
and become an ePublishing Report, and in this report I look at the
links between web-sites, search engines, and newsletters, with
reference to recent artmedia experience.

We also have a more globally oriented Networking section in this
issue, focused around the theme of conferences, with information
on the Interactive Techniques Conference in Melbourne, and calls
for papers from Hypertext 2003 in Nottingham, and the Internet
Research Conference in Toronto.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
electronic publishing community worldwide, so please send us
information for inclusion in this newsletter. Details of our web-site
and newsletter advertising deals are also at the bottom of this page.
Please also forward this to somebody else who may be interested.

Feature: Believers in Love - US tour dates - free eBook promotion

"Profound observations of life, art and love... Believers in Love
is a powerfully creative work, with prose that sings like poetry.
Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, this novel comes very
highly recommended." wordweaving.com

Alan Clay's third novel, 'Believers in Love', is now available on
order through bookshops and on-line stores worldwide. Order
the paperback, or download the eBook.

To get a free promotional eBook of 'Believers in Love' in the
Microsoft Reader format, simply send an email with 'Believers
in Love' in the subject line to promotion@artmedia.com.au and
we will email the file to you as an attachment, on the simple
condition that if you like it, you buy the paperback or you tell a
friend to buy it.

US Tour dates confirmed so far:

Georgia Writers Spring Festival, Atlanta, May 17
New York readings, House of Tribes, early June
Putnam Storytelling Festival, New York, September 20
Seattle Public Library Reading, Oregon, October 9
Rhythm & Muse, Berkeley Art Center, California, October 25

There will also be readings in San Francisco in October, and
Canadian readings in Ottawa in September. Check for updates on
the Artmedia site as these are confirmed, and to suggest a reading,
e-mail readings@artmedia.com.au

Find information on Alan's 2003 Believers in Love Readings Tour
at www.artmedia.com.au/readings.htm Find more information on
the book at www.artmedia.com.au/believer.htm

ePublishing Report -

Over the two years that this report has been produced the eBook
has gone from a phenomenon to a reality, and the issues involved
have moved from file formats to wider issues of distribution and
piracy, and the lag between software and hardware.

However with this issue I am going to broaden the view to look
at the growth of our newsletters and the link between newsletters,
search engines, and our site traffic. This topic has arisen because
the incidence of people typing Artmedia into search engines has
now surpassed all other key words for web surfers who have
visited the site from search engines.

We attribute this to the word of mouth from our newsletters,
building a larger audience for the site, because to type artmedia
into an engine, a web-surfer must already have heard of the site.
Our newsletters are therefore one of our most valuable tools in
promoting the site, and in the months where don't put one out,
the traffic to the site is always down.

Without search-engine friendly pages however, we would not get
the benefit of a lot of this word of mouth traffic, because the site
has to come up in the top few choices to catch the average surfer.
After 3 years of building more than 1,000 links with like-minded
sites, and developing search-engine-friendly pages, the Artmedia
pages are now consistently placed at the top by the engines.

However the key to online success through all this, is community,
bringing a community together through communication. Our
physical theatre newsletter is a good example, having successfully
given a voice to niche community, which is spread throughout the
world and yet has a strong sense of identity, and so is perfect for
this new media.


"Call for Participation - Graphite 2003, International Conference
on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia
and South East Asia, 11-14 February 2003, Melbourne, Australia.
This is a unique opportunity for researchers, technologists, artists,
industry professionals, educators and students to experience a
state of the art showcase of technical and artistic work from this
region and from around the world. This years conference will
include a wide selection presentations and panels, art gallery,
electronic theatre screening, and social events. Featured tutorials:
* Performance OpenGL: Platform Independent Techniques
* Implicit Modeling
* Augmented Reality Interfaces
* An introduction to colour in computer graphics
* Seeing in 3D
* Next-generation virtual worlds with VRML, X3D and MPEG4
* RenderMan for Artists and Designers
To register, and for further information, please visit our web-site.
We hope to see you there!" Find a link to Graphite 2003 under
Festivals and Conferences at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm  

"Hypertext 2003 - Nottingham - August 26-30, 2003
Call for Papers. Hypertext 2003 welcomes discussions from
designers and users of hypermedia applications and works in
academia, business, entertainment, and industry. Here attendees
can discuss all aspects of hypermedia, ranging from navigational
aids, time, and infrastructures to digital libraries, interactive
literature, virtual and augmented reality environments, gaming,
human-computer interaction, software engineering, computer-
supported collaborative work, and, of course, the World Wide
Web. Submission categories: full papers, short papers, posters,
workshops, tutorials, doctoral consortium and demonstrations.
Submission deadlines: First round ( full papers, workshop and
tutorial proposals ) - February 15th, 2003 - Second round
(short papers, poster abstracts and doctoral consortium papers)
- May 30th, 2003 " Find a link to Hypertext 2003 under
Conferences and Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

"Call for Papers - International and Interdisciplinary Conference
of the Association of Internet Researchers in Toronto, Ontario,
Canada, October 16-19, orgainized by the University of Toronto.
The Association of Internet Researchers invites paper,
presentation, and panel proposals on topics that address social,
cultural, political, economic, and aesthetic aspects of the Internet.
We especially seek panel proposals that establish connections
across disciplines, institutions, and/or continents. We also
encourage creative presentations that will make use of Internet
technologies and artistic techniques. Papers, presentations and
panels will be selected from the submitted abstracts on the basis
of peer review. Detailed information about format of submission
and review is available at the conference website. All proposals
must be submitted electronically on our web-site. Final date for
proposal submission: March 1, 2003. Author notification: April 1.
Presenter's Registration to the conference: September 1, 2003."
Find a link to the Internet Researchers Conference 2003 under
Conferences and Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

Artmedia Services

Web Promotion

$30 a month. This is our bargain website creation and hosting
service for artists or groups in literary or performing arts. For this
we host your site at artmedia.com.au, up-date it, and maintain
your traffic through search engine submission and links.

Newsletter Advertising and Sponsorship

Aus$50 buys two paragraphs of promotion for your book, service,
or web-site, in either of our physical theatre or e-publishing e-mail
newsletters. Sponsorship of either newsletter offers subject line
endorsement, eight paragraphs of copy at the top, and is valued
at Aus$200. More info at http://www.artmedia.com.au/services.htm

Special Promotional Packages

From our experience the best promotion is to remind the market
with newsletter advertising whilst maintaining a good on line
presence with a site which is updated and responsive to the market,
so searchers can easily find your product. So we also offer combined
site and newsletter promotion deals:

Newsletter Advertising and Web-Site Deal

Buy one $50 advertisement ( 2 paragraphs ) in either newsletter, and
get one free, if you also take a page on the artmedia site for six
months. We'll also throw in the page creation at no charge, so you
get one page for 6 months + 2 advertisements at Aus$230 ( normal
cost $340 ).

Newsletter Sponsorship and Web-Site Deal

Buy one $200 sponsorship of either newsletter, and get one free, if you
also take a page on the artmedia site for six months. We'll also throw
in the page creation at no charge, so you get one page for 6 months
+ 2 sponsorships for $380 ( normal cost $640 )

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This newsletter is copyright (c) 2003 Artmedia, but may be
reprinted freely, if a credit to www.artmedia.com.au is included.

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Artmedia Publishing

At Artmedia we publish web-sites promoting e-books, and actively promote them to search engines and through our monthly e-publishing newsletter. Click through to Dance Sisters to see a sample e-book site  - with a preview chapter, reviews, author biography, and links to sites where the novel may be purchased - and then click on the Artmedia Services button for our e-publishing deal.


love7.JPG (22882 bytes)  In Alan Clay's new novel, Believers in Love, a father and daughter team of sand-sculptors embark on a crazy adventure which takes them from Sydney's Bondi Beach, to a magic mountain in New Zealand, in which they   explore the transient nature of art and life, and discover that dreams are real.

Order Believers in Love now from bookshops worldwide, or from online stores like www.amazon.com

___________________________________________________Dance Sisters, e-book download in Microsoft Reader format

"A female song and dance trio threatens to self-destruct on the brink of fame, when its leader becomes involved with a manipulative cult, touting sex, astrology and virtual dreaming"

Alan Clay's novel Dance Sisters, is available in paperback through on-line stores like amazon.com Or from barnesandnobel.com or here in Australia, get Australian pricing from seekbooks.com.au


Dance Sisters eBookDance Sisters is also available as an eBook in a format which is packaged to enhance the reading experience on your computer with sound and visuals. This eBook is published by E-dition in Canada, and requires no additional software. Click on the link below to check it out (this site also includes a limited free evaluation version).

E-dition - Dance Sisters
This navigable book for your PC requires Windows 9.x/NT, SVGA 800x600x16M colors, and a sound card for the soundtrack.  $12.95 US



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