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Artmedia - e-publishing news - October, 2002

eBook Report:
e-Piracy Update - Publicity and Customer Support

Equilibrium Books, a new Australian POD Service

Content Reserve enables Adobe eBooks in Libraries
trAce Online Writing Centre, Major Survey of Writers
Antechinus - new online Bookstore and Publisher
Classes at Writing World - Genre Poetry Workshop

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Artmedia News

Welcome to the October edition of the e-publishing newsletter
from Artmedia in Sydney, now reaching over 7,000 writers,
publishers, bookshops, libraries and media-smiths in Australia,
New Zealand, America, Canada and worldwide.

The feedback on our eBook report last month on the paperback
pirates in the USA, was so effective that four companies stopped
selling the books within days of the media release, proving that
publicity and openness is the best way of dealing with the problem
of piracy in the new digital marketplace. More in this months
eBook Report.

In the features we welcome Equilibrium Books, a new Australian
Print-on-Demand publishing service, 'designed especially for new
and yet-to-be-discovered authors, frustrated with the ups and
downs of trying to break into the publishing world'.

And in the networking we look at how Content Reserve is enabling
the lending of Adobe eBooks in Libraries, the trAce Online Writing
Centre has a major survey of writers, we introduce Antechinus, a
new online bookstore and publisher, and we have information on
classes at Writing World.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
electronic publishing community worldwide, so please send us
information for inclusion in this newsletter. Thank you for reading
Artmedia e-Publishing News. Please forward this to somebody
else who may be interested.


Alan Clay runs Artmedia Publishing. Alan's third novel, 'Believers
in Love', is now available on order through bookshops and on-line
stores worldwide. Order the paperback, or download the eBook.

"Novelist Alan Clay breaks the mould of traditional romance to
make it an art of creation, in Believers in Love. The light tone of
the narrative belies the profound observations of life, art and love.
Believers in Love is a powerfully creative work, with prose that
sings like poetry. Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, this
novel comes highly recommended." www.wordweaving.com

Find information on Alan's 2003 Believers in Love Readings Tour
at www.artmedia.com.au/readings.htm  Find more information on
the book at www.artmedia.com.au/believer.htm

eBook Report - e-Piracy Update

The feedback on our eBook report last month on the paperback
pirates in the USA, was so effective that four of the companies
who had been selling the book on discount, stopped selling my
novels, 'Believers in Love' and 'Dance Sisters', within days of the
media release, proving that publicity and openness is the best way
of dealing with the problem of piracy in the digital marketplace.

Those companies that discontinued selling the novel include
a1Books who had flouted their first commitment to stop selling
the books, but who have now withdrawn them, both from their
own site, as well as from Amazon zshops.

Another interesting example is Alibris, who had the cheapest
copy of 'Believers in Love' on the market for many months, and
discontinued selling this after our last media release, only to start
selling a 'collectable copy' of the book, for almost twice the list
price. And, as the only authorized publisher of the book, here at
Artmedia we wonder, what it is about the Alibris book, which
makes it collectable and worth so much more?

Moira Allen reported in her recent issue of the Writers World
newsletter that, in response to this growing problem, Penguin
Putnam, which distributes DAW Books, has begun placing a
notice in its print books: "The scanning, uploading and distribution
of this book via the Internet or via any other means without the
permission of the publisher is illegal and punishable by law."

And according to Andrew Burt, chair of the e-piracy committee
of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, pirated
digital texts, from Tom Clancy to Stephen King, are regularly
posted to Internet Usenet groups. Burt says he 'talked with
someone who had 5,000 pirated digital titles, but isn't sure how
many people are actually downloading these texts because pirated
copies are pretty hideous to read, and the texts can be altered'.

What we are all discovering, is the chaotic, uncontrolled nature of
the new electronic publishing medium and, as a street theatre
performer from way back, I see analogies between the uncontrolled
environment of the street, and that of the information superhighway.

In the street, maybe half the audience will walk away without paying
at the end of the show, but they were still helpful to the show by
adding to the size of the audience, which makes the show better
for everyone. This means that those who do pay, pay more, and this
income is increased when the performer uses the emotional pressure
of the supportive audience members, to shame the rip-off customers
into supporting the art that they are enjoying.

Feature - Equilibrium Books - Keeping the Balance!

Equilibrium Books is an exciting, new, Australian Print-on-Demand
publishing service, designed especially for (but not limited to) new and
yet-to-be-discovered authors, frustrated with the ups and downs of
trying to break into the publishing world. With Equilibrium Books there
to keep the balance, we'll make the task of getting your book into print
simple, offering a personalized, one-stop service that could see your
brand-new paperback on the coffee table within weeks, rather than
months or years, while you sit back and write your next literary
masterpiece. We take care of ISBN assignment, CiP registration and
legal deposit at the Australian National Library, order fulfillment and
distribution, and much more. Royalties are paid monthly at 50% of net
receipts. Visit our web site for full details and inclusions

Equilibrium Books is also the perfect choice for small publications that
other larger publishers may turn down. Perhaps you have a family
history you'd like to see in print, or your group or association has an
idea for a fund-raising recipe book or similar? With Equilibrium Books
you can publish a work as small as 50 pages, from 1 copy to 1000, or
more! Once your manuscript has been accepted and approved (and no,
we won't print just anything!), we will set up your book/novel in an i
industry approved digital format and arrange a colour cover, even using
your own artwork if you wish!

Print Packages start from only AUD$179 and e-Book packages from
only AUD$39. Now Open for Submissions From all Genres - 15,000
Words Plus. Contact equilibriumbooks@westnet.com.au and check out
www.equilibriumbooks.com PO Box 853, Rockingham WA 6968 ~
Ph 0418 954 470 ~ Fax 9537 1882


"Content Reserve is now working with Adobe Systems to enable the
sale and license of PDF eBooks to Libraries. To enable libraries to
permit their patrons to "check-out" or download a circulating eBook,
OverDrive will deploy the DRM feature of Adobe Content Server
that expires or "times-out" the title at a predetermined period of time.
When a patron's check-out time for a title expires, the eBook will
lock so that the patron can no longer use the title and it will then
become available for another patron to check out for a new period.
Libraries will only be able to lend a title purchased to one patron at
a time. For a library to offer patrons simultaneous download of the
same title, the library will be required to purchase multiple units of the
title." Find a link to Content Reserve Library Services under
Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

"Hi, the trAce Online Writing Centre is conducting a major survey
of writers as part of a research project. We're researching how
writers really use computers and the internet in a survey open to all
writers world-wide, from beginners to the most experienced. By
participating you'll be helping to improve public understanding of
our relationship with the internet plus as a small incentive you could
win a 50 Amazon Voucher or one of ten free places at the trAce
Online Writing School (worth 160 each). You'll also receive a
personalised web page displaying your responses to save as a
record of your last ten years with technology. The survey is open
until 9th December 2002." Helen Whitehead, Acting Director,
trAce Online Writing Centre. Find a link to trAce under Resources
at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

"Hi, I have just pasted your banner on my site. I would like to paste
a link on your site if i may. Antechinus is an online bookstore and
publisher of works by Australian writers. We are based in Western
Australia. I am trying to establish this service to help writers to get
published. I hope that it will be very much a community based
project with competitions and links to as many similar organisations
as possible." David Leigh. Find a link to Antechinus under Electronic
Publishers at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

"Time is running out for fall classes at Writing World. Check out our
Genre Poetry Workshop, for example, which starts November 4.
This is an intensive workshop and discussion group for poets actively
writing in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Students
will be expected to post at least one poem per week. All poems will
be discussed and critiqued by the instructor and the class as a whole.
There will be no formal lectures. The instructor will introduce topics
each week along with poems that illustrate the material being covered."
Moira Allen, Writing World. Find a link to Writing World under
Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

Artmedia Services

Web Promotion

$30 a month. This is our bargain website creation and hosting
service for artists or groups in literary or performing arts. For this
we host your site at artmedia.com.au, up-date it, and maintain
your traffic through search engine submission and links.

Newsletter Advertising and Sponsorship

Aus$50 buys two paragraphs of promotion for your book, service,
or web-site, in either of our physical theatre or e-publishing e-mail
newsletters. Sponsorship of either newsletter offers subject line
endorsement, eight paragraphs of copy at the top, and is valued
at Aus$350. More info at http://www.artmedia.com.au/services.htm

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reprinted freely, if a credit to www.artmedia.com.au is included.

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Artmedia Publishing

At Artmedia we publish web-sites promoting e-books, and actively promote them to search engines and through our monthly e-publishing newsletter. Click through to Dance Sisters to see a sample e-book site  - with a preview chapter, reviews, author biography, and links to sites where the novel may be purchased - and then click on the Artmedia Services button for our e-publishing deal.


love7.JPG (22882 bytes)  In Alan Clay's new novel, Believers in Love, a father and daughter team of sand-sculptors embark on a crazy adventure which takes them from Sydney's Bondi Beach, to a magic mountain in New Zealand, in which they   explore the transient nature of art and life, and discover that dreams are real.

Order Believers in Love now from bookshops worldwide, or from online stores like www.amazon.com

___________________________________________________Dance Sisters, e-book download in Microsoft Reader format

"A female song and dance trio threatens to self-destruct on the brink of fame, when its leader becomes involved with a manipulative cult, touting sex, astrology and virtual dreaming"

Alan Clay's novel Dance Sisters, is available in paperback through on-line stores like amazon.com Or from barnesandnobel.com or here in Australia, get Australian pricing from seekbooks.com.au


Dance Sisters eBookDance Sisters is also available as an eBook in a format which is packaged to enhance the reading experience on your computer with sound and visuals. This eBook is published by E-dition in Canada, and requires no additional software. Click on the link below to check it out (this site also includes a limited free evaluation version).

E-dition - Dance Sisters
This navigable book for your PC requires Windows 9.x/NT, SVGA 800x600x16M colors, and a sound card for the soundtrack.  $12.95 US



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