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Artmedia - e-Publishing News - May 2002

eBook Report
Publishing an MS Reader eBook, a case study

Young Australian Author, Catherine Basilicata

2002 Sydney Writers’ Festival - 27 May - 2 June
Contribution to Pandoras Box 2002
City of Greater Dandenong - National Writing Awards
St Kilda Film Festival 2002 - National Australian Tour
Copyright Training for Writers in Sydney

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Artmedia News

Welcome to the May edition of the e-publishing newsletter from
Artmedia in Sydney, now reaching over 7,000 writers, publishers,
bookshops, libraries and media-smiths in Australia, New Zealand,
America, Canada and worldwide.

This month we welcome some 2,500 librarians in Australia, NZ,
the US and Canada, and we ask any who wish to unsubscribe
to hit reply, and type unsubscribe in the subject line.

We apologise to anyone experiencing problems with our site
in recent weeks, as our provider has been going through some
unschedualled maintenance, and we ask anyone who sent us
e-mail between May 7 and 11, to please re-send it, as we never
received it.

In the eBook Report this month, I use my recent publication of
'Believers in Love' in .Lit format as a case study of the publishing
process of an eBook for the Microsoft reader. More reviews have
come in, and it seems the book is already crossing boundaries
with favourable reviews from literature, romance and fantasy
reviewers, and I quote excerpts from these reviews below.

In the Feature section this month we welcome back Catherine
Basilicata, with promotion for her poetry, and an excerpt from her
book Sanguinity. ( It is just Aus$50 to get into our feature section ).

And in the networking we have a Australian focus this month, with
information on the Sydney Writers Festival, Copyright training
for writers, and information on the City of Greater Dandenong's
National Writing Awards, as well as the St Kilda Film Festival
national Australian Tour.

Thank you for reading Artmedia e-Publishing News. Please
also forward this to somebody else who may be interested.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
electronic publishing community worldwide, so please send us
information for inclusion in this newsletter.

New Fiction from Artmedia Publishing - Believers in Love

"Believers in Love, the third offering by quirky Australian novelist,
Alan Clay, is about love, laughter and life. This is not just a story;
it is an exploration of emotion and philosophy. A novel of journey
and self-discovery." www.aussiereviews.com

"Believers in Love is a delightful romance between two artists.
One is a sand sculptor, and the other a chalk artist. This adult
romance is unique in its philosophical intermissions between
chapters. Through the medium of a romance, the author brings
life-questions to light, yet never attempts to answer the
unanswerable questions. Though this twist adds life and
distinctiveness to the book, it also leaves the reader wanting
and clutching for answers. - Four hearts out of five.
Gotta Write Network http://members.aol.com/gwnlitmag/

"From time to time I review books that are not fantasy or SF
genre and this time I have a gentle and enlightening story by Alan
Clay. This simple story of discovery, wanders through the reality
of making dreams true and exploring the world around us through
art. The story follows the crazy adventures of a team of sand
sculptors from Bondi to NZ. Interesting and entertaining. Alan
writes with a clean clarity that allows the reader to contemplate
what they are reading as the story unfolds. Nice little book, one
the family would enjoy." Altair Australia www.sfsite.com/altair/

Order this book from bookshops in America, Australia, New
Zealand, and England, or in both paperback and eBook formats
from online stores like www.amazon.com and find the full text of
these reviews and more information at www.artmedia.com.au

eBook Report

Those who have been on this list for a year or two may be
surprised to learn that I have just published my first eBook. I have
been waiting for the dust to settle on the format and DRM issues,
and for the economics to get sorted out.

Finally, I just wanted to get 'Believers in Love' out in an affordable
downloadable format, and I decided to go with the .Lit format. As
most of you know, I have never been a fan of PDF, I can't read it
with out printing it out, and to my mind that defeats the purpose of
electronic publishing.

I used Readerworks Publisher to create the .lit file. This is the
professional level program from Overdrive, which combines HTML
files and images with copyright information, and 'mixes it down' into
a .Lit file. Overdrive also do a more limited free version of this
program for those who want to experiment.

I use Lightning Source in America for my eBook fulfilment, as
they also do my paperbacks from Print On Demand files. Once
established on their system, the books go live into amazon and
other online retailers. No printing costs increases my percentage
of the income from the book, and no stocks or shipping costs so
the buyer also gets a better value at US$6.95, compared with
US$16.95 for the paperback.

I decided on Digital Rights level 5 protection for the ebook, which
is the highest level. DRM 5 takes a snapshot of the system it is
activated on, and will not work on anything else, however each
book can be set up on four machines for each user, theoretically
so that you can have each title on your pocket PC, your laptop,
your home computer, and at work for lunchtime reading.

Ultimately there is no protection, but anything less than DRM 5
basically says 'I'm not worth protecting', and many of the initial
problems that people have had with negotiating the DRM, have
now been solved.

I'll stick my head out a bit further and say that it is all about
intellectual property rights, which is about protection and
exploitation, not about free offers. The days of free content are
gone, if there's free stuff out there no one is looking at it, it may
as well not exist. The main game is: who is trying to get what
information, and what is the price that must be paid.

For starters, why not download the free MS reader, and invest in
a copy of Believers in Love. Turn on the verbosity in the MS Reader
and the computer will now read it to you. ( Find these links and any
others mentioned here at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm  )

Feature - Young Australian Author, Catherine Basilicata

Write Processing presents: SANGUINITY by Catherine Basilicata

Sanguinity is an expressive voyage through the shock, grief, and
despair of a young woman experiencing a life-threatening illness
and coming to terms with an abusive past. This book is not just a
story of Catherine's triumph over adversity, but an encouragement
to others to express themselves and begin the process of their
own healing.

Seeds Of The Past

Why do I wander when I’m living in reality?
I have enclosed my soul inside their raven vault.
If I were to sever the hands of the past then
I may free the clutches of despair.

The choices I made before bear the weight of the present.
There are no thieves in my bed, only a liar in my mind
while my eyes remain open behind my hair.

If there is anyone listening, please remove the voices
in my head, so I may not break the glass.
A crystal shouldn’t feel the sharp pains that I have seen.
Bathe me in acid and sink my demons that dare.

Having said the above, where do I go now?
Under your knife, for the seeds of the past are inborn.
I rather leave than see my dove tear and purge while all
watch and stare.

SANGUINITY currently available direct from the publisher: Write
Processing, Suite 14, 43-45 Johnson Street, Chatswood N.S.W.
2067, Australia. Enquires and orders: cbasilicata@hotmail.com
Retail Price: $20 per-book order, $15 per-book for more than
four copies, and, discounts available for book stores/book sellers.


"2002 Sydney Writers’ Festival - 27 May - 2 June - This Festival
has a reputation for introducing its audiences to the best and
boldest in international and Australian writing. This year,
international guests include novelist, Fay Weldon, philosopher
John Ralston Saul, chef/writer Anthony Bourdain and popular
suspense writer Jodi Picoult. Other highlights will include David
Malouf in conversation with John Ralston Saul and the Australian
Writers’ Guild 40th Anniversary panel featuring David Williamson,
Alma de Groen, Lester Bostock and Alan Seymour. The Festival
will present over 200 writers from 16 countries and across
Australia. 90% of events are free." Find a link to the Sydney
Writers Festival under Festivals www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

"Pandoras Box is the annual academic journal published by the
Women and the Law Society, University of Queensland, and the
editors are currently seeking submissions on themes of gender
and social justice issues within the law, for Pandoras Box 2002.
Analytical articles should possess a word count between 1000
and 4000 words. Articles expressing an understanding of cultural
relativism are welcomed. The editors welcome other forms of
expression including poetry, reviews, personal experiences,
observations, and social comment. If you intend to contribute to
this years Pandoras Box, please confirm with the editors by 31st
of May. Manuscripts must be received by Monday 1st of July, in
hard copy and disk form." Katarina Konkoly, Tiffany Stephenson,
Zara Spencer, Editors. pandoras_box@freemail.com.au Find
this link under Print Publishers www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

"The City of Greater Dandenong is delighted to inform you that our
National Writing Awards are now open and calling for entries. This
prestigious event is now in its 23rd year and provides emerging
writers with the chance to expand their literary experience and
share in over $7000 prize money. There are 5 entry categories:
* Open Award
* Young Writers Award
* Local Award
* English as a Second Language Award
* Poetry Award
Information about the Greater Dandenong National Writing
Awards is now online, including categories and prizes, judges
and conditions of entry. You can also read stories that have won
in the past and download an entry form. Entries must be in by
5 July 2002 at 5pm." Regards, Sarah Portanier, Cultural
Development, City of Greater Dandenong. Find this link under
Awards at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

"St Kilda Film Festival 2002 National Tour:
CANBERRA – Center Cinema – Sun 9 & Mon 10 June
BRISBANE – Dendy Cinema – Sat 15 June
HOBART – AFI State Cinema – Sun 23 June
ADELAIDE – Mercury Cinema - Fri 28 & Sat 29 June
SYDNEY – Chauvel Cinema – Sun 7 July
PERTH – Luna Cinema – Sun 14 & Mon 15 July
The St Kilda Film Festival is Australia’s premier short film event.
The 19th festival programme and competition take place from 28
May to 2 June at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre and George Cinema
before commencing a capital city tour of programme highlights
across the nation from 9 June to 15 July. The St Kilda Film Festival
is Australia’s largest and longest running dedicated celebration of
short film, renowned for screening the latest in creative, cutting
edge and controversial works." michelle@buxtonwalker.com

"The Australian Copyright Council is running copyright training for
writers in Sydney on 19 June 2002. The training will cover the
basics of copyright as well as all the latest developments.
1. Copyright basics - 4:00pm to 5:30pm - $25
* what is protected: expression not ideas
* making your work available online
* who owns copyright?
* derogatory treatment of your work
* Copyright Agency Limited and copyright collecting societies
2. Writers: negotiating contracts - 6pm to 7pm - $25
* dealing with publishers
* importance of understanding the publisher's contract or terms
* acceptable and unacceptable terms and conditions
* licensing digital rights
* rights administered by Copyright Agency Limited
Venue: State Library of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney
Seating is limited." To book your place: sales@copyright.org.au
Find this link under Resources www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm

Artmedia Services

The Internet is an interactive medium, and just like a poster, it's
important where you put your web promotion. Artmedia are
electronic publishers, publishing on the net, and through e-mail
newsletters. Here's how you can take part.

Web Promotion

$30 a month. This is our bargain website creation and hosting
service for artists or groups in literary or performing arts. For this
we host your site at artmedia.com.au, up-date it, and maintain
your traffic through search engine submission and links.

Newsletter Advertising and Sponsorship

Aus$50 buys two paragraphs of promotion for your book, service,
or web-site, in either of our physical theatre or e-publishing e-mail
newsletters. Sponsorship of either newsletter offers subject line
endorsement, eight paragraphs of copy at the top, and is valued
at Aus$350.

More information at http://www.artmedia.com.au/services.htm

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Artmedia Publishing

At Artmedia we publish web-sites promoting e-books, and actively promote them to search engines and through our monthly e-publishing newsletter. Click through to Dance Sisters to see a sample e-book site  - with a preview chapter, reviews, author biography, and links to sites where the novel may be purchased - and then click on the Artmedia Services button for our e-publishing deal.


love7.JPG (22882 bytes)  In Alan Clay's new novel, Believers in Love, a father and daughter team of sand-sculptors embark on a crazy adventure which takes them from Sydney's Bondi Beach, to a magic mountain in New Zealand, in which they   explore the transient nature of art and life, and discover that dreams are real.

Order Believers in Love now from bookshops worldwide, or from online stores like www.amazon.com

___________________________________________________Dance Sisters, e-book download in Microsoft Reader format

"A female song and dance trio threatens to self-destruct on the brink of fame, when its leader becomes involved with a manipulative cult, touting sex, astrology and virtual dreaming"

Alan Clay's novel Dance Sisters, is available in paperback through on-line stores like amazon.com Or from barnesandnobel.com or here in Australia, get Australian pricing from seekbooks.com.au


Dance Sisters eBookDance Sisters is also available as an eBook in a format which is packaged to enhance the reading experience on your computer with sound and visuals. This eBook is published by E-dition in Canada, and requires no additional software. Click on the link below to check it out (this site also includes a limited free evaluation version).

E-dition - Dance Sisters
This navigable book for your PC requires Windows 9.x/NT, SVGA 800x600x16M colors, and a sound card for the soundtrack.  $12.95 US



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