July 2004

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - July 2004
  MotionFest Physicality and Performing Arts Festival, USA
  3-day Clown Masterclass, Earlybird Discount, Sydney
  Clown Masterclass with Alan Clay, Ottawa, Canada
  Cirkidz is Seeking a Visionary Artistic Director, Adelaide
  Circa: Rock 'n' Roll Circus Ensemble Melbourne Tour
  Capoeira Festival, Bogota, Colombia
  6th Annual Ultimate Clown School, New York Goofs, USA
  Brazilian, Ricardo Puccetti, 2 Clown Workshops, USA
  Northwest Festival of Clowns, Tacoma, Washington, USA
  Homo Stupidus Workshop, Pierre Byland, Switzerland
  Festiclown Workshops, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  Call for Acts, 6th International Circus Festival, Latina, Italy
  Props from Pickle Family Circus and Moscow Circus
  Dancers wanted for Ascendance UK Autumn Tour
  Chief Executive sought for the Circus Space, London
  Blue Elephant Theatre - Call for Family Shows, London
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Artmedia News
Welcome to the July 2004 edition of the Artmedia physical
theatre newsletter, a publication with an Australasian focus
and a global perspective. You are receiving this because
you are on the Yahoo Artmedia Physical Theatre News list.
In the Sponsorship this month we welcome MotionFest,
with information on the last in this successful series of
I am in the middle of the Winter Clown School, which is
going very well, and in the Playspace section we remind
those interested, that the earlybird deadline is coming
up for enrolments on the October Clown Masterclass in
Sydney, and I announce a new Masterclass in Ottawa,
Canada, in early November.
Remember it does cost us to put out this newsletter, and
so we rely on your support, through advertising, to fund this.
Here's how it works, you send us news and, when we can,
we give you one free item in the networking or noticeboard
sections, and if that works for you, next time you can take
a Feature at the top for just Aus$50.
So, in the Features this month we welcome Cirkids, one
of Australia's leading youth arts circus company's from
Adelaide, who are seeking a visionary Artistic Director,
and also Circa, the Rock 'n' Roll Circus Ensemble from
Brisbane, have information on their Melbourne tour which
opens tonight.

In the networking, we have a bit of a clown theme again,
sorry to those authentically hard physical circus people
on the list, but there is just too much good clown stuff

We have information on the 6th Annual Ultimate Clown
School with the New York Goofs in the USA, where
Ricardo Puccetti is teaching two clown workshops, and
the Northwest Festival of Clowns is happening in Tacoma,

In Europe, Pierre Byland teaches a Homo Stupidus
workshop in Switzerland, and we have information on the
Festiclown workshops in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

For the more physically focused there is a Capoeira
Festival in Bogota, Colombia, and the Latina International
Circus Festival for artists under 21 years old, running
October 21st to the 25th in Italy, are looking for artists who
can take part in this competition. Send them a video and
they'll pay your travel costs.

In the Noticeboard, we have a UK focus with dancers
wanted for the Ascendance UK Autumn Tour, a new Chief
Executive sought for the Circus Space in London, and the
Blue Elephant Theatre are also seeking family shows.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the
physical theatre community, so send us information for
inclusion in this newsletter, and please also forward this
to someone else who may be interested.

If you value the newsletter, why not book a Feature or a
Sponsorship in one of the next issues, and ensure your
information reaches a targeted market, at cheap rates.

Artmedia Site News - http://www.artmedia.com.au

We are currently undergoing an expansion of the artmedia
network, which will enable us to work with film and music,
as well as our current theatre and writing, and we will have
more exciting news on this development next month.

On the site you can find links to physical performers,
companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and
you can also subscribe to this newsletter. The newsletter
archive now includes all issues for 2002, 2003 and 2004.
Check it out at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/news.htm

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In site news this month, Aerialize have updated information
on their aerial theatre classes in Sydney, Australia, at
Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a
  range of skills. http://www.artmedia.com.au/acronym.htm
Circus Unique, children's workshops and entertainment
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances
  and projects. http://www.artmedia.com.au/broadway.htm
Bike Boy, world-renowned street entertainer and extreme
  performer http://www.artmedia.com.au/bikeboy.htm
The Bendy Em Show. Check out Emma's contortion show
  at http://www.artmedia.com.au/bendyem.htm
Physical TV has info on Karen Pearlman and Richard James
  Allen's Dance Films. www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm
And the International Stage Combat workshop, to be held in
  Queensland, http://www.artmedia.com.au/stagecombat.htm

alanclay.com news - Please link to the new site

Link to Angels can Fly
I am building up the link popularity of the new site, and I would
really appreciate any of you who can link to:

www.alanclay.com Angels can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide
Or use my banner by pasting the following code onto your site:

<table border="1" width="500">
<td><p align="center"><a href="http://www.alanclay.com"><img
alt="Alan Clay" WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="60"></a></td>

Free eBook
Thanks to those that have signed up to receive a free copy of the
eBook when it is released next year. This offer is still open, and
you can find out how at www.alanclay.com/ebbok_list.htm

Thanks also to those who have checked out the anecdote page
on the new Angels can Fly site, and particularly to those who
have emailed an anecdote for the book already. Check out the
deal at www.alanclay.com/anecdote.htm and drop me an email
letting me know that you are interested.
Sponsor: MotionFest Physicality and Performing Arts Festival
MotionFest is a professional development conference for high
level variety entertainers. There have been 6 successful
conferences since the first in Nov 2000 both on the east and
west coasts of USA.

In 2004 the workshops will run November 11-14, with a Video
Shoot show and social starting 7pm on Wednesday Nov 10.
Most of  the workshop descriptions are posted on the web site.
You can pick teachers now and change them later if necessary.

The mix of teachers this year include:
  Karl Baumann  - Star Cirque du Soleil character acrobat
  Tom Casciero - Movement Artist
  Alan Clay - Author, Performer, Director, Physical Comedy
and Actor Instructor from New Zealand
  Bob Fitch - Broadway Actor/Magician. Consultant to Stars
  Jay Gilligan - International innovative juggler/object manipulator
  Nikolaus Holz -International Ambassador of European Clowning
  Geoff Hoyle - Broadway, Cirque du Soleil, Pickle Family Circus,
he's done everything! including teaching at the Dell 'Arte School.
  Dominique Jando - Director of S.F. School of the Circus Arts,
  The Jokesters - Performers & professors of makeup application
  Dick Monday - Former Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey
Circus Clown College Director, Founder of NYGoofs, hilarious!
  Karen Hurll Montanaro - Mime and movement/dance specialist
  Robert Nelson -aka The Butterfly Man, street performer emeritus
  Michael Rock - Second City Theatre staff improv instructor
  Steve Smith - 10 yr director of Ringling Brothers and Barnum &
Bailey Circus Clown College
  Joanie Spina - Performer/Dancer and Choreographer

Besides the camaraderie, networking, fun and general kick in the
butt your career and performances could use, MotionFest also
provides critique sessions with teachers and  experts, theatre
tech professionals, makeup professors, copyright and trademark
attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals, agents, street
performing at Harborplace by request, video sessions, marketing
experts, and costuming issues, including 'improving your costume
after you thought it was complete.'

Still not sure if MotionFest is for you? Check out the list of
previous attendees on our website and then ask any one of them
for their opinion.  Registration is open now!

MotionFest, Physicality and Performing Arts Festival, 
November 11-14, 2004, ( Thurs - Sun ) at the Best Western Hotel
and Conference Center, Baltimore, USA. More information and
registrations at http://www.motionfest.com

Playspace News

I am now in the middle of the Winter Clown School, which is
going very well, and I am looking forward to two Clown Master-
classes, one in Sydney, Australia in October, and the other in
Ottawa, Canada, in November.

Both these workshops take a physical and emotional approach
to clown, placing an emphasis on rediscovering the sense of
play, the curiosity to explore and the innocence to see things
in new ways. Each day starts with a yoga warm up, followed by
exercises to develop physical and emotional expression, and
improvisational exercises to develop comic timing and audience

Clown Masterclass with Alan Clay (3-day), Sydney, Australia
October 12 to 14, Tuesday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm.
The earlybird deadline for this masterclass is coming up in a
couple of weeks, so register your interest to get the best deal
on this course. $320 ( earlybird, before Aug 12 ) Aus$420 (full).
Enrolments email: clown@artmedia.com.au
Find information at http://www.artmedia.com.au/workshop.htm

Clown Masterclass with Alan Clay (4-day), Ottawa, Canada
2 to 5 November, Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 4pm. Information
and enrolments email Brian Wilson, mailto:orbital@magma.ca
Find information at http://www.artmedia.com.au/training.htm

"In the best clown tradition Alan held up a window-mirror for us
to step through and reflect on the patterns, habits and rituals
of our days... It was funny, moving and excellent theatre." NZ

Feature: Cirkidz is seeking a visionary Artistic Director, Adelaide.
Cirkidz, one of Australia's leading youth arts circus company's,
is seeking a visionary Artistic Director. Cirkidz is a youth circus
school that teaches circus and performance skills and produces
quality circus theatre by young people. Cirkidz operates three
ongoing activities; Circus Classes, the Performing Troupe and

Cirkidz is an exciting, innovative company with an impressive
track record of past projects. The circus was established in
1985 to provide artistic activities for disadvantaged youth in the
western suburbs of Adelaide. Since then Cirkidz has grown
considerably and has firmly cemented its place as the principal
circus resource in South Australia.

The Artistic Director is responsible for developing the Cirkidz'
artistic vision and program, the direction of performances by
and for young people and skill development of all Cirkidz
participants. A strong track record in physical theatre, a desire
to work with exciting young artists, grant writing and fantastic
communication and organization skills, are essential.

It is anticipated that the position will begin in September 2004.
For a duty statement and selection criteria please contact
mailto:circus@cirkidz.org.au or call 08 8346 5735. Applications
close 4 August 2004. www.cirkidz.org.au/what_is_cirkidz.html

Feature - Circa: Rock 'n' Roll Circus Ensemble Melbourne Tour

Circa returns to Melbourne with a double bill of: 'A Man in
a Room, Juggling' and 'A Love Supreme'. These two shows
combine contemporary performance with improvised circus,
music and amazing projected imagery.

'A Man in a Room, Juggling' sees Circa ensemble member
David Sampford juggle, balance and manipulate, to a musical
soundscape played live on stage by Erik Griswold from the
Clocked Out Duo. The show explores the art and passion of
juggling through the delicate balances between the human
body, the laws of physics and the broad brushstrokes of the
circus act. Circa will take the audience on a journey into the
amazing interior of the juggler's skills, a world of forms and
shapes as strange as undersea creatures.
'A Love Supreme' is the meeting of circus and jazz. The
ensemble of four deliver breathtaking solos and off-beat
improvisations to jazz masterpieces by John Coltrane and
Charles Mingus. Live video projections of the performers
reveal new forms that move and interact with the soundtrack.
The Courier Mail called it a "fascinating production... the
audience was engaged, amused and inspired... the
performers' actions and quirky solos reflect the spirit of these
intense masterpieces, and echo or interact with the intricate
details of the soundtracks."

July 28 to August 14. Tickets on sale through Ticketmaster:
www.ticketmaster7.com or ph 1300 308 999. One Show:
Preview $15, Season $17conc / $22 full, Group of 10+ $14.
Two Show Pass: Preview $25, Season $27conc / $32 full.
For more information: www.rocknrollcircus.com/circa 
mailto:info@rocknrollcircus.com  Ph Australia 07 3852 3110

"Capoeira Festival, 4 to the 10 of October of 2004, Bogota,
Colombia. Capoeira is fight of dancers, is game, is dance, is
dispute. Only in which the movements are directed by music
and the song. In the Capoeira, the contenders, are not
opposing, they are comrades whom they look for, brilliantly, to
give an artistic vision of a combat. Over the competition spirit,
there is in them a beauty sense. The capoeirista is an artist
and an athlete, a player and a poet "(Gomes Days)."  Escola
de Capoeira, Columbia. mailto:fundacioncayena@hotmail.com

"Hilary Chaplain recommended that I let you know about our
Clown School in New York. We are in our sixth year, and will
be holding a two-week intensive in August: the 6th Annual
Ultimate Clown School presented by The New York Goofs,
August 9-22, 2004. New York City. This two week session
offers an intensive course of study in the art of clowning that is
available nowhere else. Our faculty represents America's top
guides in the art of Clowning. Full time faculty members Dick
Monday, Larry Pisoni, Barbara Karger, Mark Renfro, Hovey
Burgess, Kenny Raskin, Evelyn Tuths and Tiffany Riley. Do
Week 1, August 9-14, (open to all levels), or Week 2, August
16-22, (advanced students only) or both weeks for an intensive
course for all)." Thanks, Tiffany Riley. Find a link to the New
York Goofs under Training at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Dear friends, one of Brazilian group Lume's actors and clown
specialist, Ricardo Puccetti, will be teaching two clown
workshops in the USA in October. One workshop will be in
New York City and the other at EarthDance in Plainfield,
Massachusetts. So, if you are interested in any of the
workshops and need more information, please contact the
organizers in the USA." Best wishes, Ricardo Puccetti, Lume.
Bookings, Elena Zubulake (for NY): ezubulake@earthlink.net 
Andrew Gaines, Director, EarthDance: andrew@earthdance.net
Find a link to the Lume web site under Physical Theatre at

"Northwest Festival of Clowns, Tacoma, Washington, USA,
September 30 - October 3rd, 2004. Featuring Leon McBryde,
Steve Kissell and Sue Kleinwachter. All classes, instructors
and events are posted on our website. Open Mic Competition,
Fantastic dealers room, Saturday evening banquet ( included
in registration fee ), Hosted by Big Foot Clown Alley, Lots of
hospitality and fun! LaQuinta Inn, 1425 E 27th Street, Tacoma,
Washington. For more information and registration see our web
site." Jan Gee. Find a link to the Northwest Festival of Clowns
under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"HOMO STUPIDENS workshop (the search of just the Clown)
with Pierre Byland assisted by Mareike Schnitker, from Monday
16 to Saturday 28 August 2004. This master clown teacher
taught for Lecoq in the 70's and was Philippe Gaulier's partner
in a very famous plate-throwing act and has been working in
Switzerland for a number of years. The workshop will be at the
Burlesk Centre, Scuola Magistrale, Piazza S. Francesco,
Locarno, Switzerland." Find a link to Burlesk Centre under
Training at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"The FestiClown will be celebrated in Santiago de Compostela,
Spain, from 2 to 8 August, and will include workshops in: Clown
led by John Wright, Techniques of the Circus Clown taught by
Carlo Colombaioni, Performance Dynamics with Johnny
Melville, Physical Mask of Commedia Dell'arte with Claudia
Contin and Ferruccio Merisi, Gestual Theater with Elliot,
Humorus Monologs with Eva H, The Clown, a Navigator of the
Emotions with Jesus Rockrose and Lluna Albert, Initiation to the
Clown with Jons Pappila, and Comic Magic with Pablo Munoz.
More information on the website of the Festival." Find a link to
Festiclown under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"We are organizing the 6th edition of the Latina International
Youth Circus Festival, that will take place in October, from the
21st to the 25th, in Italy. This is a festival for young artists under
21 years old, who are coming from all over the world. We are
looking for artists who can take part in this competition. The
artists have to send us a videotape with the acts they would like
to perform here. The videotape will be seen by a commission of
experts and if you will be selected, you will participate to our
festival and we'll pay the expenses of your flights and the board
and lodging. All the participants will be judged by an international
jury composed by international circus experts: The President is
Mr. Egidio Palmiri (President of the Italian Circus Authority), The
Secretary is Mr. GiulioMontico (Producer of the Latina Festival).
Mr KristofIstvan, President of the Hungarian State Circus. Peter
Dubinsky (USA) President of Firebird Productions. Jose Maria
Gonzalez Villa (Spain) Gran Circo Mundial. Mikhailovic
Zapaschnij (Russia) Director of the Rosgoscirk. GaoYue (China)
Representative of the Chinese Ministry for Culture. Rebecca
Simoneit-Barum (Germany) Circus Barum. Hope to hear from
you soon and please don't hesitate to contact us in case you
need more information." Best regards, Fabio Montico, General
Coordinator. Find a link to the Latina Youth Circus Festival site
under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm 


"From Tandy Beal, former artistic director of the New Pickle
Circus in San Francisco... Large Alameda warehouse full of
costumes, rigging, scenery, props, lighting and miscellaneous
equipment for theater, dance and circus. Lots of circus and
clown props and costumes. Touring cases with wheels, flats,
video projectors, exquisite crafts for sewing, ground cloth.
Band surround. Crazy distorting mirror. 5 Barco projectors.
Leather clown shoes. Double trapeze and webs. Stilts and
chinese poles. Star, moon, sun stanchions. Sound and music
stands. Crane bars. and much more..... From shows with
Pickle Family Circus, corporate events and Moscow Circus.
Best offer for all. Or buy individual parts." foosbeal@aol.com

"Ascendance is holding an audition on Saturday 14 August
for 1 male and 2 female contemporary dancers to create new
work by Simon Birch together with the rework of existing rep
by Gary Clarke and Rachel Wesson for a 3-date tour in the
autumn season ( Warrington, Wakefield and London ).
Ascendance is looking for dancers who are interested in
continuing the new work into a new phase of development,
within an art gallery context in Feb / March 2005, in
preparation for a UK tour of galleries and theatres in summer
2005. Rehearsal Period: 18 days, September 13 to October
6. Six performance days to be confirmed in October and
November. Must have a strong contemporary technique.
Teaching skills are desirable. Audition Saturday August 14th,
Esporta Leeds, The Light, 1pm - 6pm. Please send CV's via
e-mail." Ascendance Dance Company, Sunnyview Farm,
Leeds, UK. Find a link to Ascendance under Dance at

"Thriving in Hoxton Square by Old Street tube, the Circus
Space offers a unique BA circus degree, professional
development centre, youth circus, adult classes, corporate
workshops & shows. Following the announcement that Teo
Greenstreet was awarded a fellowship, the Circus Space is
seeking an exceptional individual to succeed him as Chief
Executive, circa 40,000 p.a. With its recent affiliation to
the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama and a 2.2m building
project in development, this is an exciting and challenging
time to lead the Circus Space. We are seeking a dynamic
person with a passion for, and a thorough understanding of
the arts and learning sectors. You will be able to champion
our vision and shape the future direction of the organisation.
Deadline: 8th September: Interviews will be held on 20th
September. For an information pack email us." Tamsin
Weatherly, The Circus Space, Coronet Street, London. 
Find a link to the Circus Space web site under Training at

"Call for Companies and Artists Producing Family-Oriented
Work. The Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell is currently
seeking innovative new work for its forthcoming season
which will form part of the theatre's new access scheme,
Say What. The project is aimed at those who do not usually
access the arts for cultural, financial or other reasons. Two
groups we are particularly targeting are those under 19 and
senior citizens and we are looking for companies and artists
with ideas for productions which can reach these target
groups." Antonio Ribeiro, Artistic Director, Blue Elephant
Theatre, Bethwin Rd, Camberwell, London. Find a link to
the Blue Elephant Theatre web site under Resources at

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