February 2004

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - February 2004

Clown Conservatory, Circus Center, San Francisco, USA

Clown Masterclass, Winter Clown School, Sydney, Australia
Workshop Tour of Canada & USA in Oct 04 and Europe in 05

Total Theatre Training, Annie Stainer, Western Australia
Legs On The Wall, Summer Masterclass, Sydney, Australia
Circus Oz, Sydney Shows, Adelaide Festival, Australia
Apollo Bay Buskers Competition, Victoria, Australia

Auckland Festival AK05 seeks Submissions, New Zealand
Adelaide Festival Fringe, FringeHUB, Adelaide, Australia
Clowns Canada Convention, Windsor Ontario, Canada
International Drama in Education Congress, Canada
Brockville Busker Festival seeks Acts, Ontario, Canada
Le Centre du Silence Mime School, Colorado, USA
Citecorps Course in Corporeal Mime, Barcelona, Spain
Factory of Clown, School of Clowns and Circus, Spain
Clown Laboratory, Jango Edwards, Bologna, Italy
Butoh Company Workshop - Chicken Project - Sweden

Circus Quirkus seek circus and variety performers, NZ / Aust
Street Performers & Community Artists Wanted, UK
Television Show - Looking for teen Circus Kids, Sydney

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Artmedia News

Welcome to the February 04 edition of the Artmedia physical
theatre newsletter, a publication with an Australasian focus
and a global perspective.

First up some housekeeping, new spam laws are coming into
effect in Australia, which will define this newsletter as spam,
and fine me more than one million a day for sending it out. To
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This month we welcome The Clown Conservatory at Circus
Center, San Francisco, as sponsor, and in this issue you can
find information on the auditions for the Clown Conservatory's
2004/2005 school year, which begin in April. Letters of
interest should arrive at Circus Center by April 1st.

In Playspace news, I launch two new clown courses in
Sydney, a 3-day Clown Masterclass in May, and a 5-week
Clown School in July, and am offering a special 'early-earlybird
deal' for those who sign up for the clown school straight away.
Contact me for details.

In the Features, we have information on Annie Stainer's Total
Theatre training in Western Australia, and on the Legs On The
Wall Summer Masterclass in Sydney, while Circus Oz have
some news on their touring shows in Sydney, Adelaide and
Melbourne, and finally we have information on the Apollo Bay
Buskers Competition, in the state of Victoria, Australia.

In the Networking, the Auckland Festival seeks submissions
for their 2005 event in New Zealand, and we have information
on the Adelaide Festival Fringe in Australia, which starts at the
end of this week.

In Canada we have information on the Clowns Canada
Convention in Windsor, Ontario, on the International Drama in
Education Congress, and on the Brockville Busker Festival
which seeks acts in Ontario. While in Sweden the Su-en Butoh
Company has a workshop project in Stockholm.

On a mime and clown theme we have info on Le Centre du
Silence Mime School in Colorado, USA, Citecorps course in
Corporeal Mime in Barcelona, Spain, the Factory of Clown at
the School of Clowns and Circus in Valencia, Spain, and a
Clown Laboratory with Jango Edwards in Bologna, Italy.

And in the Noticeboard, Circus Quirkus seek circus and variety
performers for a tour of NZ and Australia, Street Performers
and Community Artists are wanted in the UK, and a television
show in Sydney is looking for teen Circus Kids.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the
growing physical theatre community, so please send us
information for inclusion in this newsletter. Please also
forward this to somebody else who may be interested.

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On the Artmedia site you can find links to performers, companies,
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The site and the archive are also searchable, for ease of
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In other site news, Sydney Aerial Theatre Association have info
on classes and projects. http://www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm
Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a
large range of skills. http://www.artmedia.com.au/acronym.htm
Circus Unique offers children's workshops and tailored
entertainment. http://www.artmedia.com.au/circusunique.htm
Physical TV - info on Richard James Allen & Karen Pearlman's
Dance Films. http://www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances
and projects. http://www.artmedia.com.au/broadway.htm  

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Find me in Adelaide ( it's easy, phone my mobile, 0403 942 441,
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to get this deal, just e-mail me. ) http://www.artmedia.com.au  

Sponsor - Clown Conservatory at Circus Center, San Francisco

"A clown doesn't know how to - or cannot - pretend, nor can he
be artificial. In the circus, laughter cannot be faked any more
than a somersault." Jerome Medrano

The Clown Conservatory at Circus Center, San Francisco, is the
only institution in the United States offering comprehensive training
in professional circus clowning. It began in 2000 with a grant from
the National Endowment for the Arts. To date, 34 clowns have
graduated from the program, many of whom are working
professionally in circuses, theaters and puppet troupes such as
Cirque Eloize, New Pickle Circus, Stomp, Lunitique Fantastique
and the S.F. Shakespeare Festival.

Training at the Clown Conservatory has two major threads -
skilled circus clowning and clowning in community.

1) Skilled circus clowning involves developing circus, dance,
musical and theatrical skills to a level that they can be used as
part of a 'clown language' while learning the structures that can
contain that language. Clown history has yielded many classic
routines that become cutting edge when they are inhabited by
skilled clowns who have developed unique 'languages'. First year
students begin by exploring these classic structures, bringing them
to life with authentic, idiosyncratic characters. They then learn to
create original material (clown playwriting) and take their acts on
the road.

2) Clowning in Community is an ongoing study of how clowns
can make deep contributions to their communities. In the first
quarter, each student researches a clown or clown tradition from
another part of the world, expanding our knowledge of how
clowns relate within other cultures. In the second quarter, students
partner with local community groups (hospitals, homeless shelters,
recycling centers, etc.) to research new ways that clowns and
clown skills can be used to enrich communities.

The first year program includes 14 hours of classes a week: Core
Clowning, Body Awareness (Alexander Technique), Acrobatics,
Dance, and Circus Skills. In addition, students attend 9 weekend
workshops (once a month September - May) taught by award-
winning artists such as choreographer/circus director Tandy Beal,
actor/clown Joan Mankin, puppeteer Liebe Wetzel, and Ronlin
Foreman, head teacher of Dell'Arte International. First year
students spend between 10 and 20 hrs per week outside of class
rehearsing, training, reading and working on research projects.

The school year is divided into three quarters: September 7 -
December 17, 2004 (15 weeks), January 3, 2005 - March 25,
2005 (12 weeks), and March 28 - June 19, 2005 (12 + weeks).
The students offer in-house performances open to the public
approximately every 5 weeks. In May and June, the class
becomes a touring clown troupe, performing in a number of
community venues (schools, senior centers, medical facilities,
etc.) as well as in a Showcase at Circus Center.

Tuition for the Clown Conservatory Class of 2005 is $7,600. We
have an active work-for-tuition program that offers a maximum of
$3500 per student in 'sweat equity'. Tuition for our second-year
program is $3000 and our workshops and classes are priced

Auditions for the Clown Conservatory's 2004/2005 school year
begin in April, 2004. Letters of interest should arrive at Circus
Center by April 1, 2004 - please include a picture, résumé and
3 letters of reference. These can be sent to:

Peggy Ford, Clown Conservatory, 755 Frederick Street, San
Francisco, CA 94117, USA. These can also be emailed directly
to the Clown Conservatory at peggy@circuscenter.org . For more
information, you can call Peggy Ford at (415) 759-8123 ext.*814
or go to www.jeffraz.com  and click on "Clown Conservatory". To
receive our e-newsletter, please email Jeff Raz at jeffraz@aol.com  .

Playspace News -

Alan Clay, has been touring to America and Canada during 2003,
teaching clown masterclasses, and doing readings from his novel
'Believers in Love'. Now back in Sydney, Alan is offering a three
day clown training opportunity in May, and a longer 5 week
clown school in July.

3-day Clown Masterclass, Sydney, May 10 to 12. Mon to Wed,
10am to 4pm.

This workshop takes a physical and emotional approach to clown,
placing an emphasis on rediscovering the sense of play, the
curiosity to explore and the innocence to see things in new ways.
Each day starts with a yoga warm up, followed by exercises to
develop physical and emotional expression, and improvisational
exercises to develop comic timing and audience rapport.
$320 ( earlybird, before March 26 ) Aus$400 ( full ). Enrolments:

5-week Clown School, Sydney, July 6 to Aug 5, Tue and Thurs
each week, 10am to 4pm.

This course provides the opportunity to work intensively with
clown, two days a week, for five weeks, giving lots of time for
individual activities while providing a regular intensive training
opportunity. Clown is an art form which has existed for
thousands of years, and undergone a revolution in recent
times, as it made the leap back from circus into theatre, giving
birth to 'new clown' and physical theatre. At Playspace we take
a broad view of clown, which allows students room to develop
their own unique style. $860 ( earlybird, before May 6 )
Aus$1,020 ( full ) or $500 deposit and two payments of $350
( = $1,200 ) Enrolments clownschool@artmedia.com.au  

2005 Workshop Tour

"This year I am devoting to the completion of my new clown book,
'Angels can Fly, they take themselves lightly' Alan explains,
"which includes 50 practical clown exercises, plus some theory
on the art form, a fictional series following the experiences of ten
clown characters, and some memoir from my personal experience."

"From early next year, I will be on the road with my new book, so
if you live in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, England, or in
northern Europe and you want to organise a clown workshop for
me as part of that tour, please e-mail your suggestions to :
tour05@artmedia.com.au  "

Feature - Total Theatre, Annie Stainer School of Physical Theatre

TOTAL THEATRE - The Annie Stainer School of Physical Theatre
Mosman Park, Western Australia

After another sell-out season of their end-of-year production,
‘Il Milione - The Travels of Marco Polo’, Total Theatre is preparing
for another exciting year, with their 3rd intake of students into the
unique, one-year physical theatre course. Since it opened it’s
doors in March of 2002, Total Theatre has established itself as a
professional, alternative training that has begun to attract students
both Australia wide and internationally. Total Theatre offers one
and two-year intensive performance based courses with an
emphasis on physical theatre techniques and the creation of
original work.

The school provides a well-rounded, organic training which
prepares students for work in all forms of theatre ­ traditional,
film and television, community projects, schools programmes and
street theatre. Training at Total Theatre includes; Acting,
Improvisation, Dance, Singing, Voice techniques, Martial Arts,
Circus Arts, Mask, Feldenkrais - Awareness Through Movement,
Commedia dell’Arte, Text, Scriptwriting and Arts Administration.

Graduates from the Total Theatre course find they have the
confidence and skills to go in any direction they wish. “It has
opened up a new world for me as a performer and personally.
My world as a performer now is endless!”. “I have started a
journey which will change the form of the rest of my life”.

Present graduates are going on to find work in professional
companies as well as creating solo and ensemble
performances. Having fast developed a reputation for diversity
and quality of training, Total Theatre students find they are
popular with local agents and theatre companies as well as
other performing arts schools.

The Course Director, International Performer, Annie Stainer has
performed in ensembles with Lindsay Kemp, David Bowie and
Steven Berkoff, but is best known for her work in solo physical
theatre. For 6 years, she was Head of Movement at the WA
Academy of Performing Arts, School of Theatre. She has
performed and taught at international festivals in 20 different
countries. Along with an impressive team of teachers, Annie
creates a safe circle in which students can explore their
hidden depths and passions for performance.

Auditions for 2004 are being held this month so there is still time
to apply. The course begins mid-March. For details, please visit
our website www.totaltheatre.com.au  Or contact Sophie on
08 9385 4211 sophie@totaltheatre.com.au

Feature - Legs On The Wall, Summer Masterclass 2004

Legs On The Wall, Summer Masterclass 2004
February 23 - March 5, 2 week physical theatre intensive
25 places available. Dance - Balance Acrobatics - Martial Arts
Handstands - Conditioning

Workshops will be conducted on a daily basis in a program that
is aimed at both tertiary students and more experienced physical
theatre performers. Teachers will include leading practitioners in
their form. Don t miss this opportunity to train with members of
Australia s most exciting physical theatre company, Legs on the

Workshop Timetable: 9.30am - 10.00am, Stretch. 10.00am -
11.00am, Warm up class - combination dance / martial arts
Tutors: Members of Legs on the Wall including Debra Batton
and Rowan Marchingo. 11.00am - 12.30pm, Acrobatics and
Tumbling, Tutor: Ben Moroney. 12.45pm - 1.00pm, Handstands
and conditioning, Tutors: Members of Legs on the Wall

COST: $440.00 Full / $385.00 Conc. A limited number of weekly
positions are also available at a cost of $242.00 per week.
Legs on the Wall will also consider participants attending
casually at a daily rate of $55 per day.

Participants wanting full time placements will be given
preference, as will those with more experience. Participants
should have their own health / injury insurance as Legs on the
Wall does not provide insurance for participants.

Please send expressions of interest with a CV, to: Rowan
Marchingo at Legs on the Wall. rowan@legsonthewall.com.au  

Feature - Circus Oz - Sydney, Adelaide Festival, & Touring News

Circus Oz, Australia's flagship circus theatre company, perform
their Big Top Show at Moore Park in Sydney this week, Wed 18th
to Sat 21st Feb at 7.30pm, and Sat 21, Sun 22nd Feb at 1.30pm
Bookings, Ticketmaster7, www.ticketmaster7.com  or Box Office
opens 1 hour prior to show times, for door sales.

Director, Mike Finch reports: "After Sydney we go to the Adelaide
Festival, and while the tent gets set up in Adelaide we are doing
3 shows of a new version of the show called The Blue Show,
on the 27th, 28th and 29th of Feb at the Universal Playground.
The Blue Show is an intimate cabaret style piece based on the
physical skills from the current show but totally re-worked in
terms of music, costume and context.

"The Blue show is an experiment for Circus Oz. It is a hybrid,
re-plugged and mutated working of the physical skills of the
ensemble. We have thrown out many of the traditions of our Big
Top Show and opened up to smaller, bent, refocused images.
A voice, a chair, a pole. The band wander through instead of
being enthroned at the back of the stage.

"We started with a cube truss, a black stage, 12 diverse bodies,
some blue velvet chairs and some rope. We chose songs, some
we wrote, some we borrowed. We put some time-worn routines
and some new improvisation together. By framing our most
dangerous stunts with poignant music and our whimsical
moments with ballistics we think we have discovered a whole
new palette of imagery, mood and colour.

"Then we run the Big Big Top Show in Rundle Park, in our tent in
Adelaide from the 4th till the 14th of March, and then jump off
into a regional theatre tour of South Australia, to Renmark, Mount
Gambier and Whyalla, followed by Port Lincoln, Port Pirie and
then up to Alice Springs and Darwin, finishing on the 18th of April.

"From there a well deserved holiday and back to our secret circus
laboratory deep in the heart of Port Melbourne, to prepare for our
2004 June/July Melbourne season in the tent. After Melbourne
our programming is looking exciting, with interest from overseas
promoters in North and Central America, Europe and Asia." See
you at the show! Mike Finch, Director, Circus Oz. Find more
info about Circus Oz on our web site at www.circusoz.com.au  

Feature - Apollo Bay Buskers Competition, Victoria, Australia


Dear Busker,
Thank you for your interest in the Apollo Bay Music Festival
Buskers Competition, proudly sponsored by the Apollo Bay
Chamber of Commerce and The Apollo Bay Pharmacy.

Best Street Performer ( Solo or Group, open to all ages )
FIRST PRIZE: $500 plus an Apollo Bay Music Festival T. Shirt
RUNNER-UP PRIZE: $200 plus an Apollo Bay Festival T. Shirt

Best Street Musician (Solo or Group, open to all ages)
FIRST PRIZE: $500 plus an Apollo Bay Music Festival T. Shirt
RUNNER-UP PRIZE: $200 plus an Apollo Bay Festival T. Shirt

Best Young Busker (Solo or Group, 18 years or under)
FIRST PRIZE: $100 plus an Apollo Bay Festival T. Shirt
RUNNER-UP PRIZE: An Apollo Bay Music Festival T. Shirt

Buskers will be judged over the Festival Weekend by popular
vote. Judging will be by patrons of the festival, voting on the form
provided in the official program at the ballot box located in the
Ticket Tent on the Foreshore. To be eligible for a prize Buskers
must register their attendance in the appropriate category before
12.00 noon on Saturday 27th March, 2004 at the Ticket /
Registration Tent, situated on the Apollo Bay Foreshore.

Buskers may only nominate in one category. Registered buskers
will be issued with a numbered pass to identify them for the
purpose of voting. Buskers may perform any time of the day
over the Festival weekend. If you have any queries, do not
hesitate to call the event Co-ordinator on 03 52 376 761. Or
access our website at http://www.Apollobaymusicfestival.com

So come along and join the wonderful atmosphere of the Apollo
Bay Music Festival. Your presence will bring the street alive.
Have fun, enjoy and Good luck in the competition.


"Hi Alan, The Auckland Festival AK05 is now open for programme
submissions. After achieving great success with their inaugural
AK03, organizers are excited to announce that the Festival is
alive and well. AK05 is scheduled for February / March 2005 and
promises to showcase a huge line up of NZ and international
works. The Festival encompasses a wide variety of genres from
theatre to dance, music, visual arts and events on the fringe.
Submissions are open until June 30, 2004. For more information,
email Anja at mailto:anja@aucklandfestival.co.nz  

"The Adelaide FringeHUB will be the centre of Fringe activity from
this Friday when the Fringe kicks off, where events, food, bars,
tickets and information get close & huggy. It's at the University of
Adelaide again, with a heap of spaces for shows and exhibitions,
a great courtyard and tree-shaded lawns. The University of
Adelaide is just one street away from Adelaide CBD's main social,
shopping and dining strip of Rundle Street / Rundle Mall / Hindley
Street where more Fringe activity abounds. FringeLOUNGE is a
brand new venue, on the lawns at the FringeHUB. It's a great
place to hang out, catch some free performances and music and
meet friends. FringeCLUB is a late night Fringe institution. This
time it's happening in the FringeLOUNGE, after the ticketed
shows, from about 10pm each night." Find a link to the Adelaide
Fringe under Festivals at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm  

"On March 25 to 28 Clowns Canada have their convention in
Windsor Ontario ( Near Detriot MI USA). Check out their web site
for more information." Hal Grant, Halaloo The Clown, London,
Ontario. Find a link to the Clowns Canada Convention under
Festivals and Events at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm  

"The world's premier drama/theatre-in-education gathering,
the IDEA Congress, will be held in Ottawa between July 2
and 8, and Larry O'Farrell, President of IDEA tells us: 'I have
had the pleasure of attending all 4 previous IDEA congresses,
beginning with the founding one in Porto, Portugal in 1992.
3 years later our world community met in Brisbane, Australia
and I was deeply impressed with the sheer size of this event
(more than 1200 delegates) and with the wonderful facilities
that were put at our disposal. Then in 1998, a congress was
held on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kisumu, Kenya. A unique
element of this gathering was the rich cultural exchange that
took place. The drumming and harmonic voices of the Kenyan
music will stay with me always. Most recently, in 2001,
delegates gathered among the enchanted fjords of Norway.
These congresses examined the role that drama/theatre can
play in establishing identity and in addressing the artistic and
educational needs of young people in all parts of the world. In
July of 2004, delegates will continue this work in Ottawa,
Canada." Larry O'Farrell, President of IDEA. Find a link to the
IDEA Congress under Festivals and Events at

"We are in the process of gathering information on acts for the
Downtown Brockville Busker Festival. If you have any
promotional material that you feel would be helpful, please send
it to us, and we look forward to talking with you in the near
future." Best regards, Rob Hunter, Marketing Director, Brockville,
Ontario, Canada. mailto:rhunter@downtownbrockville.com  

"The 33rd Anniversary of the International Summer Mime
Workspace will be held in Boulder, Colorado, USA on July 12-16.
Le Centre du Silence Mime School is happy to celebrate its 33rd
Anniversary with a special introductory summer workshop of
BodySpeak™ Whole Being Training - Moving Body and Mind.
Mr Samuel Avital invites you to come join us for this special
celebration of his work that has gained international recognition
among his peers; and the many students who have received
training at Le Centre du Silence Mime School since 1971. A few
scholarships may be available to qualified and special students.
As preparation for the Summer Workshop, Le Centre du Silence
suggests to read the new book by Samuel Avital, The
BodySpeak Manual™, which is Available as an electronic book,
and print on demand. You can order it via Le Centre du Silence
website." Samuel Avital, Founder & Director, Le Centre du
Silence Mime School, E-mail: savital@bodyspeak.com
Find a link to Le Centre du Silence Mime School under training
at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm  

"Hi Alan, Thank you very much for your newsletter. Citecorps
is giving a course of corporeal mime in Barcelona, Spain, from
now until the 1st of April. There are still spaces for February
and March. Students are welcome to book every week for a
minimum of 4 weeks. The course is given in English & translated
in Spanish, and runs Mon-Thur 4-8pm. It includes technique,
repertoire, improvisation and composition." Many thanks and
best wishes, Sophie Kasser and Stephane Levy. For further
information, find a link to the Citecorps site under training at

"Factory of Clown, ( within 7ª Trobada de Payasos de Alzira,
Valencia, Spain ) in Pallasenda (School of Clowns and Circus).
We are all born with the gift to imagine. And everybody has a
clown inside, and each of these clowns is different. It is only
discovered through games and imaginative exercises, and the
fantastic thing is to express it. This is not only a course for
actors, for clown is valid in any function: to help to be, or to
learn to play again, to confront the own fears... We only must
want to learn it. Teaching staff; Toti Toronell and Rafael
Sanchez, of the Company Cop de Clown. The school was
founded by Theater To the Trot where they give theater
classes in clown, and techniques of fantastic Imaginary for
circus. The factory will be made the days: Saturday 21
February from 10 to 14h and from 16 to 20h and on Sunday
22 February from 10 to 14 and of 16 to 20h." Valencia, Spain.
Find a link to the Factory of Clown under Training at

"Clown Laboratory directed from Jango Edwards with the
participation of Peter Ercolano. The laboratory will run from
Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 March, from the 10,00 to 12,00 and
16,00 to the 18,30, near the Communal Theatre of Marzabotto.
There are no age limits. Participants play games and exercises
of improvisation, and learn the sensibility, and theory of the
comedian. Through the game, the physical activity, sociological
demonstrations and improvisations, every student will find its
complicity, innocence and logic comic. The workshop will
create a playful atmosphere and a trust in the group process.
An essential experience for those who want to work
professionally with clown and also for those who only want
to exit from the daily routine." Viviana Vagnetti, Bologna, Italy.
Find a link to the Laboratory of Clown under Training at

"SU-EN Butoh Company Workshop Information - The Chicken
Project. This workshop and performance project is open for
anyone interested to live as a chicken. You will be instructed
by SU-EN in the basic condition of the chicken according to
the butoh method of SU-EN Butoh company. Deadline for
application is March 8. Priority is given to people who have
worked with SU-EN before or people with a special chicken
interest. No dance experience is needed but be prepared for
very hard physical and mental work! 10 participants will be
selected from the applications. The project will run April 7-11
at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, Sweden."


"International Entertainment's 'Circus Quirkus' are currently
looking for Australian / NZ circus and variety performers for
their 2004 production. Applicants should be of the highest
standard and be available to tour Australia between Late
June and late July 2004." Regards Chris Price. Waiheke
Island, Auckland. NZ. mailto:cprice@magic.gen.nz  

"Street Performers with puppetry, stilt-walking or clowning
skills and Community Artists with procession, banner
making or instrument making abilities wanted for freelance
contracts between April and September 2004. Fees £80/day
plus touring allowances. Please apply in writing with CV and
covering letter. Closing date 19 February, Auditions/Interviews
w/c 8 March 04 in Wakefield, UK." The Faceless Company,
Wakefield ArtsMill, UK. mailto:arts@facelessco.com

"Dear Alan, Hi there my name is Kate Zuppicich. I am hoping
that you may be able to help me, we are on the hunt for teen
circus kids to do a story on, for our television show called
Girl TV, we are on air in March on Channel 7, weekdays at
4pm. Looking for all kids girl or boy - who have a special
talent. They must live in Sydney no further than 40mins from
the city." Kind regards, Kate Zuppicich, Researcher - Girl TV.

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