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Alan Clay


Believers in Love

Alan Clay

This novel tells the story of a father and daughter team of sand-sculptors, who embark on a crazy adventure from Bondi Beach to a magic mountain in New Zealand, exploring the transient nature of art and life, to discover that dreams are real.

"Believers in Love is a powerfully creative work, with prose that sings like poetry. Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, Believers in Love comes very highly recommended."  Wordweaving

Excerpt:      Giving MeaningBelievers in Love.jpg (7603 bytes)

Sarah sat at the side of the road, with what looked like the contents of her pockets spread out on a towel before her.
  "What are you doing?" her father asked.
  "I'm fishing for trout," the girl told him.
  The father looked amused, but said nothing, and determined to watch how the game proceeded.
  Soon a passer-by stopped, and asked Sarah the same question.
  "I'm writing a book." she responded.
  Each person who stopped to ask, and the father counted fifteen in about ten minutes, was given a different answer.
  "How many trout have you caught?" he finally asked.
  "About fifteen in the last ten minutes," the girl answered.

Believers in Love eBook Release
Believers in Love is also available for the Kindle through Amazon (US$0.99) and the Apple iPad through the iBooks app at iTunes (US$6.99) and for the Kobo reader which can be purchased in New Zealand through Whitcoulls (NZ$6.95) or in Australia through Borders (AUS$7.95).

On this site you can also check out Australian Reviews or American Reviews of the novel, and also information on Alan's writing.

Order this novel in paperback or eBook for MS Reader, from bookshops or online stores like www.amazon.com. ( Paperback ISBN: 0957884400 )


"Light and yet profound, this novel is a most unusual find which all will enjoy and savor, long after the last page is turned. Art and living may be treasured repeatedly, but must yield to the next magical moment!"                                                   RightLifestyle

"A book about love, laughter and life. Not just a story, this is an exploration of emotion and philosophy. A novel of journey and self-discovery."                                                      Aussiereviews

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Born in 1954, Alan Clay grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. He studied clown in Sweden in 1977 and has taught and performed extensively in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. For the past ten years Alan has lived in Sydney, where he runs Playspace Studio, Sydney’s Physical Theatre Studio. ‘Believers in Love’ is Alan's third novel. His second Dance Sisters was published in 1997 and his first Moontan was published in 1994.

Last updated 22 July 2011

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