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Artmedia e-Publishing News

Welcome to Artmedia Publishing in Sydney. We are building a community of interest in contemporary Australian and New Zealand Literary & Performing Arts. Go up to the Artmedia home page to check out the full range of books and theatre available on this site. We also publish a monthly physical theatre newsletter, which you may also like to explore.

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ePublishing News

On this page you will find links to issues of the Artmedia quarterly e-publishing newsletter. You can either click on the button for any month, browse the index below, or use the site search tool for specific information.

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Artmedia - ePublishing News - September 05

ePublishing Report  
  Media Mix, Print on Demand, DVD and e-Book

  Angels Can Fly, Brisbane Writers Festival Launch

Media and Writing News:   
  A new branch of ELO, Griffith University, Australia
  Open Content Licensing Symposium Report
  Call for papers, Fibreculture Journal, Australia
  Future TV Workshop, Munich, Germany
  Call for papers, Media Art Conference, Germany

  Western Austrailia Spring Poetry Festival, Perth
  Australia's National Storytelling Festival, Perth

  Brisbane Writers Festival News, QLD, Australia
  Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, Bali, Indonesia,
  International Digital Poetry Festival in London, UK

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Artmedia - ePublishing News - March 05

ePublishing Report
  New Media Publishing Strategy - eBooks as Promotion - Creative Commons License Explained

  Angels Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide, by Alan Clay: New Zealand Launch Events

Writing News:    
   Poets on Wheels 2005, Australia's best-known Poetry Touring Project seeks Poets, NSW
   Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Awards, in association with the NZ Society of Authors, NZ
   Ripples, Australian Fiction Magazine with a Science Fiction / Fantasy twist, seeks submissions
   Call for submissions for the Wandering Hermit Review, twice-yearly arts and literary journal, USA
   IL RJVE literary magazine, needs Articles, Short Stories, Poetry or Visual Art submissions, UK

Media News:   
   Writing and the Digital Life Project, exploring the impact of Digital Technologies on Writing 

   Project Greenlight Australia attracts 1200 Scripts which can now be Downloaded and Reviewed

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Artmedia - ePublishing News - Spring 2004

ePublishing Report
 Blogs and RSS Publishing - the new XML Publishing Medium  

Publishing News:   
  BookSurge launchs their Australian 'Print On Demand' Operation

  Altosys Software Technologies, Content Processing, Chennai, India. 
  Preceive Software's eBook Verifier Tool

Writing News:   
  Show and sell!, Australian Publishers & Authors Bookshow, NSW
  Logan Writers Guild International Short Story & Poetry Competition    
  Summer Literary Seminars, Nairobi, Kenya 
  Editor required, JUICE Dance Magazine, London, England 

Media News:   
  Call for Submissions - Video Dictionary, Madrid, Spain

  Call for submissions - Traffic Project - Video Program, Canada
  Intellectual Property Society, Evolution of Intellectual Property Rights 

  Poem by Mary Rudge, California

  Performance Poet, Charlie Rossiter, Performing in all the Albanys
  NY Artist, Stephen Meads book, "We Are More Than Our Wounds"
  Naomi Guss, looking for work as a Proofreader, Australia

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Artmedia - ePublishing News - May 2004  

  John Marsden teaches Writing / Keith Johnstone teaches Impro, Australia

Writing News:  
  Auckland Writers & Readers Festival - an evening with Alain de Botton, NZ  
  National Poetry Week 2004, Call for Public Art Events, Australia

   Incubation3, trAce International Symposium on Writing and the Internet, UK
  European Contest for New Theatrical Authors, 2004 edition, Rome, Italy

Publishing News:   
  Australian Publishers Association, Web-based ONIX Validation Tool
  Microsoft Reader eBook Catalog Site, which now contains 27,000 Books

Media News:   
  Digital Media Submissions Sought for Screening at High Beam, Melbourne
  Production Management Software for the Independent Filmmaker, Melbourne
  New Media Commission -  MediaMaker, Shrewsbury, UK

  Paul's Editing Services, Paul Vander Loos, Mackay, NSW, Australia
  Prestige Proofreading - Proofreading, Copywriting and Copyediting, Australia
  AustralianReader.com - Wet Ink for Hungry Minds, Australia
  E-Book Society, Content Creator Forum and Database, London, UK

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Artmedia - ePublishing News - February 2004

ePublishing Report
   State of Play - Digital Revolution Arrives in Publishing in 2004

    NZ Libraries Unite to 'strike Digital Gold for New Zealanders'
    Research into Digital Rights Management (DRM), Malaysia
    Updating Information for Australian Books in Print 2004

    Digital Storytelling - a UCLA Graduate Conference, USA
    Machinista 2004, Art and Machine, Call for Entries, Glasgow
    Moon Radio webTV Curator sought, Nottingham, UK 
    Talking Pictures, a website devoted to Films, seeks Writers

    Canadian eAuthors Association
    trAce New Media Article Writing Competition, Nottingham, UK
    Int Fiction Review, Canada, seeks reviews, particularly of NZ Lit
    Still Mag - UK Cultural Magazine seeks Contributors
    PEN Washington's events, talks, and workshops for writers, USA 

    20 books by Sam Vaknin on the Web as free downloads
    Graphic designer seeks freelance Cover Design work
    Backing sought for a fun book of articles on interesting places

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Artmedia - e-publishing news - July/August 2003

   Margaret Preston book/site - Aboriginal art and design
   Ern Malley, the world's greatest literary hoax
   Believers in Love, Festival appearances, Canada and USA

e-Publishing Report:
   How to Deal With Online Media Pirates

   2003 University of Queensland Vanguard Literary Award
   Kaleidoscope video, film and multimedia Festival, Australia
   The Surface, an online chronicle of observation and comment
   7th New Media Writers Workshop, Nottingham, UK

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April 03

Artmedia - e-publishing news - April, 2003

Morley DVD and exhibition at National Portrait Gallery
Believers in Love readings, New York and California

Applications invited for Poets On Wheels 2003, NSW
Applications, State Library of Victoria Creative Fellowships
FastTrack Film School, GuerrillaVision, Penrith, Sydney
On-line content portal for Independent Film and Music
Melbourne DAC2003, Digital Arts and Culture Conference

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January 03

Artmedia - e-publishing news - January, 2003

ePublishing Report:
Web Sites, Search Engines, and Newsletters

Free MS Reader e-Book Giveaway
Believers in Love, US Readings and Festivals

Interactive Techniques Conference, Melbourne, Australia
Call for Papers for Hypertext 2003, Nottingham, England
Call for Papers, Internet Research Conference, Canada

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October 02

Artmedia - e-publishing news - October, 2002

eBook Report:
e-Piracy Update - Publicity and Customer Support

Equilibrium Books, a new Australian POD Service

Content Reserve enables Adobe eBooks in Libraries
trAce Online Writing Centre, Major Survey of Writers
Antechinus - new online Bookstore and Publisher
Classes at Writing World - Genre Poetry Workshop

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September 02

Artmedia - e-publishing news - September, 2002

eBook Report
Paperback Pirates - 'Used, like New' in the USA

Readings from 'Believers in Love', NZ & US Tour

trAce online writing school feedback, UK
National Poetry Week - Queensland Poetry Festival, Sept 22-29
How to Get Published by Michael LaRocca, a free ebook
DiGiT conference and workshops
Entries for EPPIE-2003 Awards for Excellence in E-books

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August 02

Artmedia - e-publishing news - August, 2002

eBook Report
Digital Arts and Culture 2003 - Melbourne, Australia

'Through Other Eyes', anthology of short stories by Bob Rich
Readings from 'Believers in Love' - "Prose that sings like poetry"

ZTudio What if ? Competition for Best Unproduced Screenplay
New England Writers' Centre - Spring Writers' Festival, NSW
trAce Online Writing Centre of Nottingham Trent University, UK

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July 02

Artmedia - e-Publishing News - July 2002

eBook Report
Welcome to the Robust Digital Reality

ABC Books, 'Writing as A Business' by Ken Methold
'Through Other Eyes', anthology of short stories by Bob Rich
Young Australian author, Catherine Basilicata

Gangway: The on-line lit mag, submissions invited
Author's page on eBookWeb
Sydney Popular Writing Festival, 6-7 July

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May 02

Artmedia - e-Pyblishing News - May 2002

eBook Report
Publishing an MS Reader eBook, a case study

Young Australian Author, Catherine Basilicata

2002 Sydney Writers’ Festival - 27 May - 2 June
Contribution to Pandoras Box 2002
City of Greater Dandenong - National Writing Awards
St Kilda Film Festival 2002 - National Australian Tour
Copyright Training for Writers in Sydney

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April 02

Artmedia - e-Publishing News - April 2002

eBook Report
Have POD Pirates arrived in the USA?

Red Room Project is to commission new and emerging writers
Independent e-Book Awards and Mystic-Ink
6th Hypertext Literature Workshop - Hypertext 02 conference

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February 02

Artmedia - e-Publishing News - February 2002

eBook Report
The Web-Site as an ePublishing Platform

Adrian Rogers, Fantasy and Poetry eBooks

Jacket Magazine - not closing, just publishing
Summer Literary Seminars in Russia and Kenya
Canadian Authors Have New Home on the Web

Touring Australia and NZ with 'Disaster Relief Poems'
'The Mean Green Machine' is up at RFI West

























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"A female song and dance trio threatens to self-destruct on the brink of fame, when its leader becomes involved with a manipulative cult, touting sex, astrology and virtual dreaming"

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