August 2006

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - August 2006


  CircoArts, Tertiary Training in Circus and Physical Theatre, NZ

  Price Buster deadline on January Clown Retreat, New Zealand

  Call for Performances, Australian National Circus Conference, NSW

  Resignation of the Artistic Directors of the Sydney Dance Company

  New Zealand International Comedy Festival, 2007 dates, NZ
  Call for Street Performers for the Auckland Harbour Festival 2007, NZ
  Call for Variety Artists for Phyzgig Vaudeville Festival, Portland, USA

  Tony Montanaro, Theatre & Inspiration, A documentary film, USA
  Flying Trapeze Intensive Workshop, Townships of Quebec, Canada
  Call for Dyslexic & Dyspraxic Writers, Barons Court Theatre, London

  The Peterborough Festival seeks Street Theatre Acts, UK
  Movement Training Courses with à Fleur de Peau in Paris, France
  Clown Gerrit at the International Street Theatre Festival, Russia

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Artmedia News

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Welcome to the August 2006 edition of the Artmedia physical theatre newsletter, your e-publication with an Australasian focus and a global perspective, now in its fifth year and reaching over 2,100 subscribers, with a further 5,300 on related Yahoo lists.

Soon after last month's newsletter was published, Australian circus icon Reg Bolton passed away. Reg was a much loved figure in the Australian circus community, and chair of the Australian Circus and Physical Circus Association. He passed away peacefully doing what he loved, running a workshop in rural Australia. My first circus training was under Reg's instruction in Edinburgh in 1977, and I served under his chairmanship on the ACAPTA committee for the last couple of years. He had a strong belief in the circus community, and in the value of fostering each member of the community, and was a big supporter of youth circus. He is survived by his partner, Annie Stainer, who runs the Total Theatre school in Perth, and two adult children Jo and Sophie, and our thoughts are with them. "An online notice board has been setup up for Reg. Reg would have loved for people to be connecting in some way from this, across different communities, around the world. This notice board welcomes anyone who would like to add something. We would love to receive your story, discussion, article, photo, link or suggestion." www.regbolton.org

Last month marked a milestone for the newsletter with both the Sponsorship and the Feature items coming from Europe, which represented the culmination of my efforts to rebuild the European readership after Australian spam law forced us to move the newsletter into a Yahoo group. In this process we lost many non English speakers, and also many English speakers, who didn't understand what they had to do to stay subscribed. This month however we return to our roots with a New Zealand focus, which is nice to see, as I have recently bought a house in Wanganui, the small town in New Zealand in which I was born. The Artmedia postal address has changed as a result, and anyone who has been sending mail to our Sydney PO Box, please in future send this mail to: 80 Talbot St, Wanganui East 4500, New Zealand.

In the Sponsorship this month, we welcome back CircoArts. Now in its tenth year of delivery, CircoArts provides the only tertiary level programme in circus and physical theatre in New Zealand. CircoArts is pleased to announce that international fees for the 2007 programme have been heavily discounted and that Australian students continue to pay domestic New Zealand fees. CircoArts are now accepting 2007 applications for the Diploma in Circus Arts.

In the Angels Can Fly section, we continue a series of excerpts from the book with another of the exercises, this time a non-violence exercise, one that is particularly appropriate after the last month in world affairs... And in the Playspace section, the price buster deadline is fast approaching on the Summer Clown Retreat in New Zealand, so make sure you get your NZ$100 deposit in to hold your place on this popular course and pay the balance by the end of this month to get the best deal. There are also a few places still available on next month's Sydney Clown Intensive.

In the Features, the Australian Circus & Physical Theatre Association, Circus Monoxide and the University of Wollongong join forces to present the 2006 National Circus Conference in Wollongong, in the Monoxide big top, on December 1st, 2nd & 3rd. The conference brings the circus industry and the academic world together for two and a half days of high-risk discussion and hair-raising performance around the business of danger - artistic, political, practical - in circus and sideshow.

In our occasional Campaign section this month Philippe Charluet writes: "It is with a mixture of sadness and empathy that I acknowledge Graeme Murphy's and Janet Vernon's resignation as Artistic Directors of their Sydney Dance Company from April 2007, as after 30 years it can definitely be termed 'theirs'. Without Graeme and Janet, Sydney Dance Company will not be SDC but only a shadow of its former self. No doubt, new creative endeavours will be undertaken, but could not, in any way, be matched with the creative genius and vision that this partnership has given us. As a sign of respect, I suggest that the new company be given a new name. "

In the networking, the NZ International Comedy Festival have confirmed the dates for next year's festival, and we have a call for street performers for the Auckland Harbour Festival 2007. In America, Avner the Eccentric and Michael Levine, co-producers of the Phyzgig Vaudeville Festival in Portland, Maine, are seeking variety arts performers to appear in this year's edition of this annual event, and the DVD of  Tony Montanaro, Theatre and Inspiration, a documentary film, is now available for sale online.

We have information on a Flying trapeze intensive workshop for all levels in the eastern townships of Quebec, Canada, and in England Missfit productions have a call for dyslexic and dyspraxic writers, for a March 2007 event at the Barons Court Theatre in London, while the Peterborough Festival, which runs from 30 June to 8 July 2007, welcomes all new acts that could feature as street entertainment and in the Mayor's Festival Procession. In France, Denise Namura and Michael Bugdahn announce the dates of their dance training courses, à fleur de peau, in Paris, and Clown Gerrit from Germany reports on his experiences last year at the Siberian International Street Theatre Festival.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the physical theatre community, so send us information for inclusion in this newsletter, and please also forward this to someone else who may be interested.

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Artmedia Network News

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On the Artmedia site you can find links to performers, companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and you can also subscribe to this newsletter. The newsletter archive includes all issues for 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. Check it out at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/news.htm

Theatre LOTE provide innovative Bilingual Performances for schools and festivals. http://www.theatrelote.com.au
Sue Broadway (pictured left) has information on her touring performances and projects. http://www.artmedia.com.au/broadway.htm
The Bendy Em Show. Check out Emma's contortion show at http://www.artmedia.com.au/bendyem.htm
Physical TV has info on Karen Pearlman and Richard James Allen's Dance Films. www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm
Aerialize (pictured) have information on their aerial theatre classes and projects in Sydney. http://www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm
Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a range of skills. http://www.artmedia.com.au/acronym.htm

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Sponsor: CircoArts programme at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, New Zealand

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It's been a long, cold winter in Christchurch, New Zealand, but the woes and worries of frost and flu have been kept at bay for many of the city's arts' lovers with an array of offerings from the students of the CircoArts programme at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology. Now in its tenth year of delivery, CircoArts provides the only tertiary level programme in circus and physical theatre in New Zealand. So far, this year's performance projects have shone a spotlight on the diversity of CircoArts programme as it hits double digits, and with many highlights still to come.

The second decade of CircoArts began off with an innovative collaboration between the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and CircoArts to stage the first Circus Proms concert in the Christchurch Townhall (May 2006). The programme notes exhorted us to "Roll-up, roll-up, come one, come all to the entertainment spectacular of the year!" and truly met the brief of a proms concert to present the widest range of music, performed to highest standards, to the largest possible audience. The enlivening selection of music, ranging from the classics to jazz to contemporary New Zealand compositions, combined with the breath-taking performances of the CircoArts artists, allowed a delightful bridge to be built over what might traditionally have been viewed as the Great Divide between the "high" and the "popular" arts.

CircoArts' second year students' major production for the year, The Butler, was a palpable testament to the possibilities of circus as a transformative performance medium. Directed by Mike Friend and conceived by the second year students in collaboration with local writer Joe Bennett, the show provided a complex analysis of the mores underpinning Western culture under and through the gaze of a singular character, the Butler.

With a script made up of splintered shards of Western thought and writing, the show examined in visceral detail the modes of being that we have (and that we have always had) through the infused media of circus and physical theatre skills taught in the CircoArts programme. More than a mere showcase of virtuosity, The Butler illuminated some very dark places in the Western psyche and demanded much from its audience by way of critical self-reflection.

Noted performance studies teacher, Bill Blaikie (Charles Sturt University, NSW), reviewed The Butler saying: the show was an "an outstanding combination of skills at the circus end of physical theatre or the physical theatre end of circus. The cast, crew, CircoArts teachers and director, Mike Friend, have demonstrated, yet again, that circus and physical theatre comprise a form that can generate fresh and surprising theatre, and that the future of such work is definitely assured and pregnant with untold possibilities."

The fruition of these possibilities are starting to be revealed as the second major show for the year goes into production, ready for opening in October.

While CircoArts has made it to double figures, CPIT itself is turning 100 this year. To celebrate the CPIT centenary, CircoArts is staging its annual "Circus Under the Stars" in November over Centenary Weekend (November 3, 4, 5). As usual, the Centenary Circus will be a feast of family entertainment showcasing of performances created especially by CircoArts Students: amazing aerials and acrobatics, balancing acts and hot juggling, captivating clowning, cool mime and magic.

International Fee Announcement
CPIT is pleased to announce that international fees for the 2007 CircoArts programme have been heavily discounted. Australian students continue to pay domestic fees while international students will now pay only $13,000 NZD for CircoArts training for the year 2007.

2007 Application Round
CircoArts are now accepting 2007 applications for the Diploma in Circus Arts. For information about our Diploma in Circus Arts or to sign up for a promotional CD or DVD log onto www.cpit.ac.nz/circoarts today!

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Angels Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide, by Alan Clay

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Angels Can Fly is now in over 120 Public Libraries in America, Australia and New Zealand, and we are steadily supplying requests for the free e-Book version. Yes this is still available (but includes none of the over 70 photographs which the paperback contains) at www.alanclay.com Or find the paperback on Amazon by following this link: http://tinyurl.com/9nrwj  I encourage you to buy the paperback, as this gives me some return for my three years of work in writing the book.

This month we continue a series of excerpts, with another of the exercises, one that is particularly appropriate after the last month of war.

34. Exercise: Non-violence

This chapter we have an exercise which you don't want to seek out, but if it occurs in the street, you need to know how to respond. Some people are violent. It's their way of being. When you engage with people like this, they want to play by attacking you. But it is not a game you want to encourage. 

In a workshop situation, the interaction can be acted out, revealing our subconscious reactions, and we can see how, surprisingly, almost always we want to buy into the fight.  To keep everyone safe therefore, we impose a rule of 'no touching'. One person acts casually as if on a street waiting for something, and another plays the part of a violent person, conjuring up real anger first, as in the emotional exercises in Chapters 13 and 25. The violent person then enters the stage and confronts the bystander, who reacts on impulse, and the impro is simply played out from that point. Big applause, and the next couple have a go. This exercise can often be most effective if the 'ONLY safe response' (see below) is not given to the participants to start with, but is discovered through feedback and discussion of each interaction.

Coaching Tips
ANY feedback to the violent person, after their initial provocation, only perpetuates the game, so the ONLY safe response is to immediately break the contact and leave. If this is done immediately on the first provocation, there is nothing for the violent person to engage with, so they will not follow, unless in the leaving we also challenge them in some way. And the awful truth is, that we almost always will feedback, or challenge as we go, and get ourselves into trouble, because our adrenaline rises to the occasion and we want to win, it's unconscious. The challenge here is to realise that we win by choosing the games we play, not by succeeding within somebody else's terms, particularly not someone who is working on quite a primitive level. So the only safe response is not to buy into the game.

Angels can Fly includes a mix of fiction which follows the adventures of ten clown characters, some personal clown anecdotes from clowns from around the world, a total of 50 practical clown exercises, and some theory on the nature of modern clown. The book is available on order through bookshops and online stores in New Zealand, Australia, America and England. Order your copy today. Find it on Amazon by following this link:

"Clown is a fascinating, diverse, complex and exciting art form, which has existed around the planet for thousands of years. Like any art form it has to evolve to stay relevant to the culture nurturing it, and at the same time, and by its very nature, clown teases and turns upside down the cultural patterns and boundaries around us."

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Playspace: Clown Intensive in Sydney, Australia, and Summer Clown Retreat in Sandy Bay, New Zealand

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One Week Clown Intensive in Sydney with Alan Clay, September 11 to 15. (5 day) Aus$600
Clown is an art form which has existed for thousands of years, and undergone a revolution in recent times, as it made the leap back from circus into theatre, giving birth to 'new clown' and physical theatre. This course takes a broad view of clown, which allows students room to develop their own unique style. Each day starts with a yoga warm up, followed by exercises to develop physical and emotional expression, and improvisational exercises to develop comic timing and audience rapport. This workshop will also include opportunities for those who want to create clown performance material. We often have ideas or images of  what we want to do, but we need a structure to help us develop these. This workshop is designed to help with this process.

Summer Clown Retreat with Alan Clay , Wednesday January 10 to Sunday 14, (5 day) Sandy Bay, Coromandel Peninsular, New Zealand. Including 6 nights accommodation, Price Buster NZ$520 (by 1st Sept), Earlybird NZ$620 (by 1st Nov), NZ$720 (full) A NZ$100 deposit is payable to hold a place.

The Clown Retreat will be held in a secluded studio by the beach at Sandy Bay, at the top of the Coromandel Peninsular, about four hours drive from Auckland, New Zealand. The fees include six nights accommodation with kitchen facilities. The Clown Retreat is timed to be held just before the world buskers Festival in Christchurch for those coming for the summer season in New Zealand. The Retreat will provide an opportunity to reconnect with that playful, inquisitive, cheeky, clown spirit in a beautiful outdoor setting.

"In the best clown tradition Alan held up a window-mirror for us to step through and reflect on the patterns, habits and rituals of our days... It was funny, moving and excellent theatre." NZ Herald.

More information at: www.artmedia.com.au/playspac.htm    Enrolments and enquiries e-mail clown@artmedia.com.au

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Feature: Call for Performances for the Australian National Circus Conference

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The Australian National Circus Conference will be held in Wollongong, NSW, on December 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2006.

The Australian Circus & Physical Theatre Association, Circus Monoxide and the University of Wollongong join forces to present the 2006 National Circus Conference in Wollongong, in the Monoxide big top. The conference brings the circus industry and the academic world together for two and a half days of high-risk discussion and hair-raising performance around the business of danger - artistic, political, practical - in circus and sideshow. The three industry representatives on the conference organising committee will put both the shows together.  We would like to feature some of the diverse circus, physical theatre and sideshow work currently being created nationally. Neither show can be finalised until funding is confirmed. 

We are especially interested to hear from people who intend to come to the conference anyway and might like to perform while there and receive the humble fee to help off set their costs.  It is unlikely that the budget will allow us to pay travel, accommodation and per diems but we will stretch it as far as we can. The conference will provide a rigger, lighting and sound operator. There will be a tech/dress run in the afternoon prior to each show.  We will need comprehensive tech specs sent to us prior to the event and every effort will be made to meet your technical and production requirements. We will discuss with you prior to the tech rehearsal any amendments that have to be made. The intention is to pay a small fee per act. There will be billeted accommodation available with the local circus community on a 'first in - first served' basis. We will also be sending out a list of cheap accommodation available in the area.

We are looking for acts of approximately five minutes duration.  We would like you to address 'Danger' in some imaginative way - we are open to surprises here! Physical, emotional. whatever 'dangerous' performance might mean to you. Could you please let us know: What apparatus you use - if any? What your technical requirements are? What type of flooring / space requirements you need? Number of performers? Could you also please send us a brief description of your act, any relevant publicity material - DVD, video, photos - and a brief biography. If you are proposing a high skill-based act - using, for example, swinging trapeze or chainsaws - we will need to know you have performed this kind of work in a professional context several times.  We will also call you to discuss insurance and OH&S issues. Please note that both shows will have a very limited tech rehearsal time - 2-3 hours each!

Your act will be considered in the context of creating two varied and surprising nights of performance for a diverse audience of academics, industry peers and the general public. Include all your tech reqs, the names of the performers and a contact person. Closing date:  Monday, August 28th. Notification date: Early October 2006. Send all act proposals to: 2006 National Circus Conference Committee, C/- Circus Monoxide, PO Box 265, Corrimal, NSW 2518." Alicia Battestini, Circus Monoxide. Find a link to the Circus Monoxide site under Circus at: www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm   

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Campaign: Acknowledging Graeme Murphy's and Janet Vernon's resignation as Artistic Directors of the Sydney Dance Company

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It is with a mixture of sadness and empathy that I acknowledge Graeme Murphy's and Janet Vernon's resignation as Artistic Directors of their Sydney Dance Company from April 2007 (after 30 years it can definitely be termed 'theirs').

Sadness, because, after filming their work and documenting their creative process for nearly 24 years, it saddens me that our country now seems to be dismissive of this level of talent - a talent that has indelibly shaped Australia's cultural landscape. Empathy, because, Graeme and Janet appear to have reached that point of no return where investment in the Arts and our cultural enterprises in Australia continues to diminish and, with it, Australia's future cultural legacy.

Over three decades, Sydney Dance Company has employed hundreds of people and has created a whole industry that is respected internationally. Through this, Graeme and Janet have collaborated with and nurtured so many artists, choreographers, dancers, costume/set/lighting designers, technicians, stage hands, film makers, singers and composers. It should be noted that Australia now has two major dance companies run by artists/dancers who, themselves, have gone through Sydney Dance Company's doors...  and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Yes, of course, Graeme and Janet would have moved on in the coming years, but this would have occurred in such a way that prepared Sydney Dance Company for its next phase, building upon the talent as we have seen in their critically acclaimed latest work, The Director's Cut... and what a cut it is.

Without Graeme and Janet, Sydney Dance Company will not be SDC but only a shadow of its former self. No doubt, new creative endeavours will be undertaken, but could not, in any way, be matched with the creative genius and vision that this partnership has given us. As a sign of respect, I suggest that the new company be given a new name.

I have been privileged to be part of this 'family' and able to record what motivates Artists of such calibre and who we may only see once in a lifetime. I am sure we will hear a lot more of Graeme Murphy and Janet Vernon, and that their work and creations will transcend the small mindedness and banality that this era of "dirt rich economic prosperity" and short term opportunism seems to applaud.

Philippe Charluet, Film Maker, Stella Motion Pictures Pty Ltd, Hampton VICTORIA.
http://home.wxc.com.au/smp/  smp@wxc.com.au

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"Hi Alan, With the fantastic success of the 2006 NZ International Comedy Festival, we've already starting planning for next year. We have confirmed that the dates for the Festival will be 4 - 27 May 2007. More information regarding the 2007 Festival will be available from our website in late October, and applications will be due in November of this year. If you have any queries in the mean time, just get in touch with us at the Festival Office. See you next year!!" Kylie Aitchison, Festival Producer, ODDFELLOWS NZ International Comedy Festival, Auckland, Wellington and the Comedy Convoy nationwide. Find a link to the NZ International Comedy Festival under Festivals at: www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Hi Alan, I am co-ordinating the Street Performers for the Auckland Harbour Festival 2007. I would really appreciate it if you could place this ad requesting expressions of interest on your website. The Human Garden Agency, Newmarket, Auckland, NZ Street Performers Required For Summer Festival. The Human Garden Agency is co-ordinating the street performers and theatre acts for the Auckland Harbour Festival 2007. The Festival is a three day event which will be held over Auckland Anniversary Weekend, 27, 28 & 29 January 2007. The 2006 Festival was a huge success. We are looking for expressions of interest from performers who have an entertaining act that might fit with a maritime theme. e-Mail with details of your act; availability, rates and requirements." Regards, Liz van Dyk. Find a link to the Human Garden Agency site under Resources at: www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Avner Eisenberg (Avner the Eccentric) and Michael Levine, co-producers of the Phyzgig Vaudeville Festival in Portland, Maine, are seeking variety arts performers to appear in this year's edition of this annual event. Phyzgig is presented by Acorn Productions, a non-profit arts organization, and runs from December 26 to 31, 2006 at the Portland Performing Arts Center, a wonderful 300-seat theatre that is home to Portland Stage Company, a LORT-D theatre, and SPACE Gallery, an alternative arts storefront venue. Phyzgig celebrates a grand vaudeville tradition that dates back hundreds of years. The physical comedy festival began with a series of performances of Avner the Eccentric at the old Oak Street Theatre in 1997. During the next few years, the festival expanded to the point where it now offers Portland audiences a great opportunity to chase away post-holiday blues with a family-oriented week of music and magic, mirth and mayhem. Each performance is a mini-festival unto itself, showcasing the work of three to seven vaudeville entertainers, and all vaudeville performances also feature the Phyzgig pit band "Chiarivari." Phyzgig features two different types of performances. Vaudeville Shows are a non-stop thrill ride through an exciting series of performers. These variety shows feature expert juggling, incredible illusions, mystifying magic, captivating storytelling, and more physical comedy than the festival has ever packed together before. For the younger aficionados, Acorn offers the popular Phyzkidz series at SPACE Gallery, afternoon performances that contain all the excitement of the mainstage shows on a smaller scale. Younger audiences will especially appreciate the room to move around in the storefront gallery/theater on Congress Street. Please visit our web site  for more information and to download an application to perform." Find a link to the Physgig Vaudeville Festival under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Tony Montanaro, Theatre & Inspiration, A documentary film. The DVD of  Tony Montanaro , Theatre and Inspiration is now available for sale online at the Films By Huey website. The premiere screenings of Tony Montanaro, Theatre & Inspiration were well received by audiences in Maine in Waterville, South Paris, and Portland. The film was selected for screening as part of the Maine International Film Festival held in July and was just selected for screening at the Atlantic Film Festival In Halifax, Nova Scotia for mid-September. Tony Montanaro (1927-2002) was one of the great mime artists of the 20th Century. Theatre & Inspiration celebrates his life and contributions to the world of theatre and the joy he brought  to audiences across America and Europe. In the film, rare archival footage of Montanaro is interwoven with interviews and performances.  Featured in the film are Montanaro's wife and performing partner, Karen Montanaro, legendary mime Marcel Marceau, and many of Tony's  past performing partners, Celebration Theatre Company members, and students. The film's soundtrack  features some of Maine and New England's finest jazz musicians including Steve Grover, Brad Terry, Glenn Jenks, and Deborah Henson-Conant. "Tony Montanaro, Theatre & Inspiration", 56 minutes, 2006, directed & edited by Huey, Leland Faulkner, and Richard Searls, produced by Films by Huey. You can order the DVD 2 ways: You can pay by credit card online OR print out the order form and send a check payable to: Films by Huey, 103 Montrose Ave, Portland, ME 04103, USA. DVDs are $19.95 plus $3 shipping, Maine residents add 5% for Maine State Sales Tax." Karen Montanaro. Find a link to Karen's classes at the Celebration Barn under Training, and find a link to Films By Huey under Resources at: www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm  

"Flying trapeze intensive workshop for all levels in the eastern townships of Quebec ! 2 sessions, 5 days: 7th - 11th of August, 3 days: 18th - 20th August, Location: Knowlton, Quebec - Eastern Townships in a beautiful mountain settings. Room and board are offered on premise. The vision of Magik-Art Trapeze is to offer shows 'not only for entertainment, but to share and demonstrate to the audience the full potential of the human being, with all its strength, beauty and creativity'. Directed by Véronique Dumont, the company offers high quality theatrical aerial circus performances. From one 5 minute act to a whole hour show, Magik-Art Trapeze offers the aerial wonders of circus in aerial silk, trapeze, acrobatic bungees, aerial hoop and many more. Trainers are also available to give private professional coaching  for individuals." Véronique Dumont. Find a link to Magik-Art Trapeze under Aerial Theatre at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Call for Dyslexic and Dyspraxic Writers, Barons Court Theatre, London. Missfit productions is currently accepting submissions for the March 2007 event entitled: DYS (the) LEXI, At the Barons Court Theatre, London. This is a platform to try out a new idea -  performance art, spoken word/performance poetry or a theatre piece - in front of an audience, or showcase an up and coming production.  missfit productions aims to provide the following for the event: We will invite industry professionals to all performances. The opportunity to develop/present your work as part of the festival. (There is no festival participation fee). Support with your writing leading up to the event. Consultation on your first draft. Free technical support. Limited, but free rehearsal space. Free publicity. (Press Release/Postcards/Website/Program). Constructive audience feed back (Each show will have audience feedback sheets). Support finding cast/crew. Payment dependent on funding. missfit productions will select 23 proposals for presentation at the Baron's Court Theatre in March 2007.  Initially, please email us regarding your interest in the project.  Please include: the title of work, the duration, the stage of development, a brief description of the work and your full contact details. Performance Artists: (20 min time slots): (Only 5 places) Please submit: - A DVD or video of a live performance. A short proposal of your performance ideas/conceit and any audience notes. Theatre Writers: (60 min time slots) (Only 6 places) Please submit: - A short synopsis of no more the 100 word - Only the first 20 pages of your script. Performance dates: 19-25 March 2007 (Possible two week extension depending on funding) There will be two different performances showing each night: 7:30 PM & 8:30 PM. Submissions must be received no later than 31st September 2006.  Meetings with selected artists Interviews will be held in September 2006 and all decisions will be made by Monday 25th September 2006." Lennie Varvarides. Find a link to Missfit Productions under Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"The Peterborough Festival 2007 (30 June - 8 July) ~ Myths & Legends... Welcomes all new acts that could feature upon the World Music stage and the Mayor's Festival Procession. We also seek Street Entertainment both during and in lead-up to the Festival. * The Peterborough Festival is the largest cultural event in Cambridgeshire. * In 2007 we want to explore myths and legends throughout Festival activity. * We welcome and support local, national and international artists. * We particularly like to support innovative and emerging companies and artists -  what have you got to offer? Want to get involved in the Festival scene? Are you   a student/student company wanting further experience? * 2006 saw a UK-first as we used Internet streaming and conferencing to introduce World Premiere's via the Festival and we gained global attention. To register your interest/ promote yourself please forward information to (deadline for submission being 31 August 2006: Joseph Ballard, The Peterborough Festival, Lady Lodge Arts Centre, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough PE2 5JQ." joe.ballard@peterborough.gov.uk

"Dear friends, Denise Namura and Michael Bugdahn are happy to  announce the dates of our training courses, à fleur de peau, in Paris, France. "Of wire out of needle" construction of the character and his dance in scenic space, October 14 and 15, 2006. We will be interested in this training course more particularly in the personality and personal interpretation of each one how to exploit the defects, qualities, in short the particularities body of each participant to bring a personal key to interpretation, without betraying the original form imposed by the choreographic partition we will try to construct our own character in a given situation and from there being able to construct the dance of each one. The working sessions will proceed in three parts: * physical drive and body preparation - this part makes it possible to learn and/or look further into the basic techniques of body work - independence of the articulations and approach of various qualities of the movement - exercises of availability, coordination and sensitizing * exercises of preparation and improvisation - the improvisation as starting point of any scenic creation is a elementary source and essential to make it richer how to develop its imaginary and to stimulate its creativity - preparation with gestural and the language clean with the company - tragi-comic/- dance and under-text/- stylized and natural * choreographic composition - starting from choreographies of the repertory of "à flower of skin" and of the vocabulary developed during the training course, approaches the process of composition and creation specific to the company - exercises personalized and individual work on each interpreter through his gestural how to make profitable our personal specificity and our physical qualities to arrive at the dance of the character of each one - scenic work: creation of gestural sequences and "visual and musical partitions". Denise Namura comes from Brazil, Michael Bugdahn from Germany, and they live in Paris, where they founded their company, "à fleur de peau", in 1986. To date they have created a score of spectacles for "à fleur de peau" and other companies. The company has taken part in many international festivals, such as the "biennial international of dance", Lyon, "Holland dance festival", the Hague, "panorama", Rio etc. Their creation "4' quarters" obtained the 1st prize with the "springboards of the dance" with St-dizier and the price of humour to the "contest volinine" à St-Germain-in-bush hammer, "some reflexions" the 1st prize with the "international contest for choreographers" with groningue, the Netherlands. Since the foundation of their company, the two choreographers have also given a detailed attention to pedagogy; they regard it as an essential aspect of their work. They regard choreography as a means to convey the emotion, a form carrying a concrete significance based on the body in its entirety like general-purpose instrument, their artistic step is based on the means of expression of the various disciplines. the Co. "à fleur de peau" preaches the interbreeding of the kinds and explores the human condition with delicacy, generosity and humour in order to carry out an immediate division with the spectator." afleurmi@club-internet.fr  

The Siberian Tyumen has made itself beautiful ... Clown Gerrit at the Siberian International Street Theatre Festival (July 29-30th, 2005). If one has landed tiredly at the airfield of Siberian town Tyumen, coming from distant Germany with four hours time lag, he is welcome not only by the summery warmth but also by the warmth and hospitality of the Tyumen people. The first impression is, there are not at all only wobbly trucks, "Lada" cars ready for the scrap heap or dilapidated Russian wood huts. You can see the pulsating life of a modern Russian town with over a half million inhabitants. After all is astonishingly, that there live about 80,000 students in the town. They study at one of the 10 universities and academies of the town. With his three theatres, a new built big circus palace and the 53 libraries Tyumen is undoubtedly a cultured town. The people are indeed the real wealth of Siberia. The first what one can see is a big advertising panel. There is written with big (of course Cyrillic!) letters: "My town loves me" and on the picture can be seen two playing children. Yes, the town loves his children, and this is really so not only on posters - they are included, they are respected. Tyumen has birthday - namely, the 419th. And the Siberians understand to celebrate this substantially. It is also a special day, because of at the same time the first international street theatre festival takes place there. Russia is the native country of the clowns. People in Russia love their clowns, and in Tyumen they had built new monuments for them: for the great Russian clowns Karandash, Nikulin and Oleg Popov. For many decades clowns, artistes and circus people get a special affection of the audience and a support of the state, how not even in any other country of the world. Numerous well-known theatre groups came to the capital of the Siberian area from Russia and foreign countries, like the popular "Youth theatre Archangelsk", the famous in Russia "Giant dolls" from Bijsk and the Pantomime Theatre "Inshest" from Minsk with their gloriously colorful outfits and with highly imaginative productions. Especially Professor Ilja Rutberg from the Russian Pantomime Academy in Moscow came to this festival, to hold a master course about "Dramatic theatre" for the young protagonists. Clown Gerrit from Germany was the only West-European participant who was invited to come to the distant Siberia. He met much approval on the stage. In addition he worked as hospital-clown in a children's sanatorium and in the municipal hospital. He led a master course for actors, clowns and mimes, too. Lubov Leshukova, the director the Tyumen Pantomime Theatre "Mimikriya" and organizer of the festival is enthusiastic: "We are pleased about the great participation", she says. "The Tyumen people are a very open-minded audience!" Thousands of spectators followed up the performances, took part in the big parade and enjoyed at the evening laser show and the giant firework. The Siberian street theatre festival therefore exceeded almost all European expectations and was leaving lasting impressions not only for the protagonists: Siberia is beautiful! (Photo: Clown Gerrit (on the left) and clown Kocha from Moscow)." Best wishes from Clown Gerrit, Poessneck, Germany. Find a link to Clown Gerrit under Clowns and the Siberian Street Theatre Festival under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm   

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