February 2010

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - February 2010

   Third-Way Theatre presents The Art of Building Forum Theatre Plays 

   July Clown Retreat with Alan Clay, Wanganui, New Zealand

   Total Theatre 3-Month Training Course with Annie Stainer, Australia


  10 Week Acting Course with Steve Matthews, Sydney, Australia  
   Seeking Physical Comedy Partner for TV Pilot, Melbourne, Australia
   Lecturer in Creative Arts (Drama), University of Queensland, Aus
   Buffoon Workshop with Eric Davis, Flying Heart Productions, Perth, Aus
   Casting Circus/Aerial Artists, Cirque Mechanics, Los Angeles, USA
   Bouffon Workshop with Giovanni Fusetti, Boulder, Colorado, USA
   Free Mime Workshop, T. Daniel Productions, Chicago, USA
   Call for Submissions, The Junction Arts Festival, Toronto, Canada
   Clown Workshop with Jef Johnson (Nouveau Clown Institute), Mexico
Physical Theatre Performers Auditions, DV8 Physical Theatre, London, UK
   Applications for Oberland Performance Art Festival, Kirschau, Germany
   ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival, Denmark/Sweden
   Seeking Intern for 3-6 months, Clowns Without Borders South Africa 
   Puppeteers for Anima International Festival of Puppet Theatre, Ukraine 

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Artmedia News

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Welcome to the February 2010 edition of the Artmedia physical theatre newsletter, your e-publication with an Australasian focus and a global perspective, now in its ninth year and reaching over 2,500 subscribers.

As this is our first newsletter for 2010, I'd like to wish everyone on the list all the best for the year. We haven't put out a newsletter for the past couple of months, firstly because nobody has been demanding to get their information in the newsletter and secondly because I've been buried in post production on my feature film, Butterfly Crush, which has just been confirmed to screen in the market at the Cannes film festival in May.

I'm very happy with film. The young stars have produced very strong performances because of the way we have been working with yoga and from a natural clown space. This combined with brilliant images from a cutting edge camera, and a development process which included podcasts from the lead actors (generating feedback from fans online, which has shaped the film), has produced a compelling drama. In test screenings to date the film is resonating with its intended young adult audience.

So we've been very busy and if you value the newsletter, you do need to support it, to keep it coming your way. The best way to do this is to take out a feature or the sponsorship to promote your art. Prices of the feature and sponsorship slots haven't changed in five years, and the newsletter is steadily getting better value as we expand and refine the readership.

In the Sponsorship this month we welcome Third-Way Theatre with information on their Art of Building Forum Theatre Plays masterclass being held in Melbourne, April 7th - 11th. The class is being taught by Terry O'Leary, one of the most experienced Forum Theatre jokers in the world and also an Associate Artist with Cardboard Citizens, which is one of the UK’s leading practitioners of Forum Theatre. The class will be of value to anyone interested in the use of theatre as tool for social insight and change. Some previous experience in TO is required.

In the Playspace section, I have information on my July Clown Retreat in Wanganui, New Zealand. This workshop will be a rare opportunity to work with me this year, as I am largely tied up with other work. Most of the participants on the retreats tend to be Australian and, to encourage you to attend, airfares are cheap across the Tasman at the moment. Enrolments on the workshop are good and there are still places available.

In the Features we have information on a 3-month physical theatre training course under the direction of Annie Stainer. Total Theatre is a leading training centre in Australia for those wishing to pursue a career in Physical Theatre. 2nd round auditions are already under way, so if you are interested you need to act quickly.

In Networking we have information on Acting Power, a unique training method for extending a performers acting range. This course runs for 10 weeks in Sydney starting February 24th and includes text work and improvisation. Melbourne-based physical comedian, Rod Lara, is looking for a male comedy partner for a TV Pilot. He needs someone who excels in visual comedy, clowning and pantomime. 

The University of Queensland has an opening for a lecturer in creative arts(drama). This is a full-time, fixed term position. Applications close March 12th. In Perth, Flying Heart Productions are organising a Buffoon Workshop with Eric Davis. If you are interested in attending this 3 day workshop April 6th - 8th, they would like to hear from you.

Cirque Mechanics in Los Angeles are casting for their upcoming project, 'Boom Town'. They need clowns, acrobats and aerialists. Auditions are February 22nd, so you'll need to be quick if you want to book a slot. Giovanni Fusetti is offering a 3-week intensive in Boulder, Colorado, called 'Bouffons and the Ecstasy of Mocking'. Previous performance experience is required. The workshop starts June 26th. 

In Chicago, T. Daniel Productions will be holding free mime workshops on February 20th. The workshop will explore the mime basics of characterization, movement, spacial understanding and emotions. The Junction Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada, is calling for submissions from performance artists for the September 8th - 12th festival. Canadian and international applications accepted.

Jef Johnson of the Nouveau Clown Institute is giving a Clown Workshop in Mexico City, but applications close February 20th, so you must act quickly if you'd like to attend. Aimed at clowns, actors, dancers and physical performers, this workshop will explore processes for play. DV8 Physical Theatre in London, England are holding final auditions to find two performers for their 6-month tour of Strange Fish. Applications close March 3rd.

In Germany, the Oberland Performance Art Festival is inviting performance artists to take part in the May 22nd - 24th festival. 'Spatial transitions, borders, and the spaces between them' is the theme. Application deadline is February 28th. The ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival is being held in Copenhagen and Malmoe (Denmark and Sweden) in May 2011. The theme is 'Building Bridges, Crossing Borders' in all of its diversity of associations. If you're interested in performing at this festival celebrating theatre for children and young people, the application deadline is March 1, 2010.

Clowns Without Borders South Africa (CWBSA) is looking for an international intern/volunteer. They are looking for a person with experience in arts and administration to work with their team both in the office and the field for 3-6 months. In the Ukraine, the "Anima International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Other Forms of Animation" is being held May 10th to 15th in Kharkov and they are seeking puppeteers to participate. Performers will be provided with hotel accommodation, food and a fee. 

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the physical theatre community, so send us information for inclusion in this newsletter, and please also forward this to someone else who may be interested.

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Artmedia Network News

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Australian Recreational Centre for Aerial Arts(ARCAA) offer flying trapeze, silks and clown skills. http://www.artmedia.com.au/aerial_arts.htm
Theatre LOTE provide innovative Bilingual Performances for schools and festivals.
http://www.theatrelote.com.au Artmedia have information on Moontan.  http://www.artmedia.net.nz
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances and projects.
Aerialize have information on their aerial theatre classes and projects in Sydney.
http://www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm (Photo left: Aerialize - triple trapeze)

Visit our seven pages of links, one each for  Festivals , Training, Resources, Circus and Clown , and Physical Theatre , and two pages of Performers links.

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Sponsor:   Third-Way Theatre presents The Art of Building Forum Theatre Plays with Terry O'Leary, Melbourne, Australia

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Third-Way Theatre based in Melbourne, Australia, presents a Masterclass in the Art of Building Forum Theatre Plays with Terry O’Leary, from Cardboard Citizens London, England, in Melbourne, Australia - April 2010.
Third-Way Theatre grew out of the work of the Takin' UP Space project (1999) which uses Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques to address community concerns. Third-Way Theatre has its roots in Paulo Friere’s work on critical pedagogy and Augusto Boal Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques.. TWT will often use a style of theatre that requires few props to work alongside communities to activate an exploration and investigation of issues arising out of concerns that seem to have no solution - Plays are created to engage in re-imaging together of what is possible to evoke change. Through engaging in interactive dialogue, theatre becomes a way to free up our collective wisdoms. Active audience participation, means people who identify with the struggle on stage can find "a third/fourth…..way to challenge the status quo and analysis the mechanisms of oppressive structures and behaviors".
Xris Reardon, founder and Director, has a long history of involvement in using creative methodologies to access embodied knowings as a means of sociopolitical transformation. Xris has trained with Augusto Boal in Legislative Theatre, Cops in our Heads, Rainbow of Desire, and The Future we are afraid off. She also trained with David Diamond, whom she co-joked CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME with in 2006 in Melb, Australia. Xris has also trained in Suzuki Training methods with SITI Theatre Co, and in Viewpoints, plus trained with Angela de Castro. Xris continues to apply her practice and the work both nationally and internationally.

FIVE key areas of work:
1. Training in best practice in Theatre for Living and Theatre of the Oppressed techniques with TWT Facilitators or International Practitioners such as Michele Decottigines, Adrian Jackson,  David Diamond, Julian Boal, Dramabox (Singapore).
2. Community Theatre workshops: creating FORUM PLAYS around hard-to address issues to date have focused on struggles for self-determination in racialised, homo/trans or bi-phobic, environments or with people exposed to discrimination and prejudice; mental health stigma, sexism, body image, poverty, bullying, gender violence, domestic violence, dealing also with experiences of suicide, alienation,  drug and alcohol addiction, anorexia, obesity, homophobia, transphobia, mental health, climate justice and more.
3. Ensemble work. This years project Denial at the Roots is an investigation around community racisms in the Australian context – focusing on us/them divides. If you are interested in being involved contact us via email.
4. Creative Research/evaluation using Theatre of the Oppressed methods.
5. Creation of an Oceanic Network of TO practitioners.
Information about Cardboard Citizens:
One of the UK’s leading practitioners of Forum Theatre. Since it’s inception the company worked closely with Augusto Boal, the creator of Theatre of the Oppressed. It’s annual Hostel Tour is recognized as a model of best practice in using Forum Theatre to empower the hardest-to-reach groups. Terry O ’Leary an Associate Artist with Cardboard Citizens. She encountered the company at a hostel in East London and is now one of the most experienced Forum Theatre jokers in the world. She has directed in numerous productions including Peckin’ me Shed and The Wall. 
WHAT’S COVERED:  Foundations in a FORUM Play / Structuring a FORUM play. Plot, story, character development, improvisations, the spec-actor, interventions,  YOU WILL CREATE, PERFORM AND Joke a PLAY.

FOR WHOM: Applied Theatre Practitioners, Community Cultural Development Workers, Social-Workers, anyone interested in the use of theatre as tool for social insight and change. It is important to have had some previous experience in TO.
WHERE: Melbourne, Victoria.
WHEN: April 7-8-9-10-11th
TIMES: 10:00 - 5:30
FEE: 400 (unemployed or unwaged student) - 440 (P/T student or wage) - 480 (fulltime) - 530 (organization) - 600 Institution.
MORE RE VENUES OR TO BOOK: inquiries@thirdwaytheatre.org  or call 03 9005 - 7460

To keep up to date with training find us on FACE BOOK. 

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Playspace: Clown Retreat with Alan Clay

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Clown Retreat 2010 - Wanganui, New Zealand  
Wednesday July 14th to Sunday July 18th (5 days) 10am to 4pm each day.

Reconnect with the playful, inquisitive, cheeky, clown spirit in a beautiful outdoor setting, overlooking the mouth of the Wanganui river. Following the last two clown retreats in Wanganui, we find that the relaxed atmosphere and secluded environment means that students get more out of the contact hours and can also process and discuss the work outside of the class.

Modern clown is less character based and more interactive than traditional clown, it is less about hiding behind make-up and more about revealing our true selves, and less about routine based entertainment and more about spontaneous artistic expression. We need training and tools to facilitate these new skills in our work, and this workshop aims to give participants a way of working which supports this process.
The fees include six nights accommodation with kitchen facilities. The Clown Retreat will be held in a secluded studio within reach of breathtaking west coast beaches, bush walks and jet boat or canoe expeditions, but still handy to good coffee and all the facilities.

The workshop is aimed at those with a professional interest in clown. It is suitable both for beginners and for those with experience, and it functions best with this mix in the class. There will be a minimum of four and maximum of eight on the workshop.

NZ$750 including 6 nights accommodation with kitchen facilities. NZ$600 Price-buster (by Apr 5) NZ$650 Earlybird (by June 1) NZ$750 Full. (All fees and deposits are non-refundable) email: clown@artmedia.com.au to hold a place or make enquiries about this workshop.

Many of the exercises in the retreat are taken from Alan's book, Angel's Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide. You can find information on Angels Can Fly at http://www.alanclay.com including some of the exercises, a link to an excerpt of the book on Google Books, and an eBook for the Microsoft reader. If you are unable to attend the retreat in Wanganui you might find that reading Angels Can Fly provides a similar experience. People say: "I'm reading your book and loving it. I feel like I'm involved in one of your workshops." Buy the book on  Amazon

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Feature:  3-Month Physical Theatre Training with Total Theatre, Western Australia

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Total Theatre – Mosman Park, Western Australia

Director – International Performer Annie Stainer         Patron – Steven Berkoff Total Theatre - Oh What a Lovely Cruise

Are you looking for a comprehensive training in Physical Theatre? Then why not come to Perth. Total Theatre (established in 2002) is now one of Australia’s leading training centres for those wishing to pursue a career in Physical Theatre, bringing together some of the best specialist teachers and practitioners of the profession and delivering a well rounded high calibre training.
After its success in 2009, we are pleased to be offering again, our 3-month intensive Physical Theatre training (begins April 2010). This course includes: Theatre, Mime, Dance, Feldenkrais, Improvisation, Circus Arts, Aerial Skills, Voice, Singing, Stage Combat, Martial Arts, Clowning, Commedia dell’Arte, Acting for Film & Television and How to Market Yourself. Training is 3 days per week (Mon – Wed), 9.30am – 5pm.

This is a unique opportunity for those wishing to take advantage of this popular training in a more condensed form than our one-year course (or for those wishing to short-cut their training in order to enter, more readily, the performance industry).
We are currently holding 2nd round auditions for our 3-month course so if you are interested, please contact Sophie on 08 9385 4211 or sophie@totaltheatre.com.au  
But hurray as there are only a few places left!

Details and application forms are available at www.totaltheatre.com.au  

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"10 Week Acting Course with Steve Matthews, Sydney, Australia. Feb 24th - April 28th. Whether it is Daniel Day Lewis or Cate Blanchett, it is their power to transform that impresses us. It is their ability to be different people - to play a wide range of roles from opposite ends of the spectrum of human experience. Acting Power introduces you to unique and innovative processes that can significantly increase the range, depth and understanding of your work as an actor. The course has now been running successfully for five years and has been of great benefit to the actors who have attended it. The course will include text work, improvisation and screen acting. As well as attending the weekly classes, you will also be given an individual coaching session with Steve Matthews. You can find all the course details and enrol on the web site." Steve Matthews, Course Director. Find a link to Acting Power under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm
"Seeking Comedy Partner for TV Pilot, Melbourne, Australia. I am a 32 year old physical comedian from Melbourne, Australia who is seeking a comedy partner to shoot a TV pilot that will be pitched to various channels and production companies (including the ABC). The whole idea of the show is to showcase visual comedy back to the TV medium, although it's aimed at children, adults will enjoy it as well. I'm seeking a Melbourne (Australia) based male actor between the ages of 25 - 40. Solid/burly build. Between 6'1" (185cm) to 6'5" (195cm) in height. Have good acting experience. Excel in visual comedy, clowning and pantomime. If interested please e-mail your CV, photo and contact details to me. Also, to familiarize yourself with my work, checkout my web page where you can find my contact info. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers!" Rod Lara. Find a link to Rod Lara under Clowns at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm
"Lecturer in Creative Arts (Drama), University of Queensland, Australia. Application deadline March 12th. The School of EMSAH(English, Media Studies and Art History) is looking for full-time, fixed-term (three years) Lecturer in Creative Arts. The School teaches in the Bachelor of Creative Arts program within the principal majors of Drama and Writing and the additional majors of English Literature, Film and Television, Media and Art History. Music, also a principal major, is taught through the School of Music. Applicants should possess a PhD in Drama or a relevant discipline or have comparable industry experience. They should also have expert knowledge in the area of creative practice, creative thought and the creative arts; the broad historical development of dramatic literature; have developing industry liaisons; demonstrated practical teaching and convening skills at undergraduate and postgraduate levels; and a research profile showing excellence in one or more areas of Creative Arts. The remuneration package will be in the range $72,388 - $85,960 p.a., plus employer superannuation contributions of 17% (total package will be in the range $84,694 - $100,574 p.a.). This is a full-time, fixed term appointment for three years at Academic level B. Obtain the position description and selection criteria online. Applications close 12 March 2010." Prof Joanne Tompkins, University of Queensland. Find a link to University of Queensland under Resources at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links8.htm
"Expressions of Interest in Buffoon Workshop with Eric Davis, Flying Heart Productions, Perth, Australia. April 6th - 8th.Flying Heart Productions has been offered the opportunity to bring Eric Davis, international trainer in clown and buffoon to Perth in April. Eric Davis hails from NYC and is on the cutting edge of clown and buffoon currently working around the globe with his act "Red Bastard" to rave reviews and with Cirque du Soleil as performer and director. Eric is performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and is available to travel to other locations in Australia for workshops after the fringe. We are proposing a 3 day Buffoon workshop: Dates: Tuesday the 6th of April - Thursday 8th of April 2010 from 9am to 5pm, the venue TBA, in the Fremantle area. The cost is $510 GST included. Please send us an email if you are interested. You can find our contact details on our web site." Flying Heart Productions. Find a link to Flying Heart Productions under Clowns at: www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm 
"Casting for Circus/Aerial Artists, Cirque Mechanics, Los Angeles, Ca, USA. Monday, February 22nd. The creative team of Cirque Mechanics (Birdhouse Factory) is now casting for it's upcoming project, 'Boom Town', where early gold mining inspired machines serve as the playground for prospectors and adventure seekers. We are looking for comic/clown/character artists with established material appropriate for an 1860's setting; acrobats with a background in chinese poles/ trampoline/tumbling; female aerialist to perform strap or other single point act under a pedal driven crane device; female handstand artist to perform a multi level hand balance act. Casting for comic/characters will be 11am - 12:30pm. Casting for acrobatic/aerial will be 12:30pm - 2pm. Casting location is Cirque School LA, 5640 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Send us an email to secure a spot. Find contact details on our web site. Look forward to seeing you there!" Chris Lashua, Cirque Mechanics. Find a link  to Cirque Mechanics under Physical Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm  

"Bouffon Workshop with Giovanni Fusetti, Boulder, Colorado, USA. June 26th to July 19th. 'Bouffons and the Ecstasy of Mocking' is an intensive 3-week workshop with Giovanni Fusetti. The first week: The Bouffon Folly; the second week: The Dynamic of Mocking; the third week: Devising Material for Bouffons. The aim of this course is to give participants professional theatre tools, in order to play and create in the genre of Bouffon.  It is addressed to people with previous performance experience (theatre, circus, dance, music, etc.) Please visit our web site for workshop details and more information." Giovanni Fusetti, Helikos International School of Theatre Creation. Find a link to the Giovanni Fusetti web site under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Free Mime Workshop, T. Daniel Productions, Chicago, USA. February 20th. We are pleased to announce that T. Daniel Productions will be holding free workshops on February 20th, 2010. They will be held at the Indian Boundary Cultural Center, located at 2500 West Lunt Avenue, one block west of Western Avenue in Chicago. Characterization, movement, spacial understanding, emotions and objects make up the essential base for understanding the ancient art of Mime. Internationally-renowned mime theatre artists, T. Daniel and Laurie Willets, will be conducting these introductory workshops on these techniques as well as sharing the importance of the imagination. This is a good way to learn about the basic ideas of the Art of Mime, T. Daniel Productions, and our future projects. Come explore this mesmerizing Art, the ‘true’ Art of Mime. Workshop session I runs 3:00-4:00pm; session II runs 4:00-5:00pm. If you plan to attend, please send an RSVP email. These days, it is rare to have a chance to study with and learn from such accomplished artists at no cost. Don't miss this enriching and educational experience! You can find contact details on our web site." Kacin Menendez, T. Daniel Productions. Find a link  to T. Daniel Productions under Physical Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm  
"Performance-based Artists Call for Submissions, The Junction Arts Festival , Toronto, Ontario, Canada. September 8th - 12th.  The Junction Arts Festival is now accepting creative proposals for the 2010 Junction Arts Festival. The Festival runs from September 8 to 12, 2010 with a two-day street closure of Dundas Street West September 11 and 12. We are currently accepting proposals only from performance based artists and art installation works of any combination including but not limited to Indoor and Outdoor Installation Artists, Street Dance and Theatre groups as well as any multi-arts ideas that we may be able to support. Toronto, National and International applications accepted. Approximately 200,000 people attend the festival each year, experiencing interactive works that both engage and enthral. Proposals should include the following: artist or group contact info; bio and history; example of past work; video and or photo examples of proposed work. The Junction Arts Festival has been running its present programming since 2007 but the festival’s history dates back to 1991 with the street closure since 2000. ‘Where the Arts meet the Street’ is the basis for this ever growing multi-arts Festival that includes visual art, galleries, installation art, main stage music, dance, theatre, poetry, performance art, traveling minstrels and anything in between and beyond.  All inquiries should be directed to me via email. Please visit our web site for more information and contact details." Michael Menegon, Festival Director, The Junction Arts Festival.  Find a link to The Junction Arts Festival under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm
"Clown Workshop with Jef Johnson, Mexico City, Mexico. March 1st to 13th. Registration closes Feb 20th. As part of the 6th Annual 'International Meeting Under the Tent' a clown workshop will be taught by Jef Johnson (Nouveau Clown Institute, Slava's Snowshow and Cirque du Soleil). Aimed at clowns, actors, dancers and physical performers, this workshop will explore processes for play. A key aspect of the clown is the purity of being, this means "being present". Too often our mental process interferes with the natural flow of our relationship with the media objects around us. This is not a workshop to learn tricks or routines, this work is to explore and discover the presence and degrees of freedom. The key to unlocking the real action is to remind yourself and have confidence in knowing you have the gift of perception. This requires no approval from anyone just honest and open connection to your physical and emotional self. The workshop will be held at Casa Jaime Sabines. You can find more information on the workshop web site." Jef johnson. Find a  link to 'Clown Workshop with Jef Johnson' under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm
"Audition for physical theatre performers, DV8 Physical Theatre, London, UK. Applications close March 3rd. For the first time in DV8’s history Lloyd Newson will rework one of his classic productions, Strange Fish. The original production toured to great international acclaim and was turned into a film for the BBC. Although the casting for Strange Fish is almost complete we are still looking for two exceptional performers (male and female) and a mezzo-soprano. If you are available from October 2010 - June 2011 and have not yet applied please send your CV and a DVD to our London office or email a video link of your work. The closing date for applications is 3rd March and the final audition will be held mid March. For further information about the audition and clips from Strange Fish, please visit our web site." Find a link to DV8 Physical Theatre under Physical Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm
"Oberland Performance Art Festival, Kirschau, Germany. May 22nd - 24th. Application deadline February 28th. Applications are invited from individual performance artists and groups to take part in 'grenzART', the Oberland Performance Art Festival, will take place around Pentecost 2010 at the unoccupied building Werk IV in Kirschau. It will offer room for the development of the performance art in all of its facets. Spatial transitions, borders, and the spaces between them won’t be the only focus of the works of the invited video, light, action, intervention, movement, and performance artists. Calm and shrill, cheerful and oppressive, intellectual and illustrative, mysterious and esthetical – everything is possible to show territorial, social, media, and the artistical dissolution of borders, the pleasure of going beyond, or the shift in demarcation lines and limits. Visitors will get a kaleidoscope of imaginative esthetical views of the world, colorful and different in an open artistical process. During an artist's camp before the festival, participating artists are offered the opportunity to exchange experiences with other artists, to get to know Kirschau and the Oberland, to work in quiet, as well as gain strength and energy for the upcoming events. A restricted number of free accommodation possibilities are also available. Download the application form from the web site." Mike Salomon, obART/grenzART. Find a link to Oberland Performance Art Festival under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm
"ASSITEJ Congress and Performing Arts Festival, Copenhagen/Malmoe, Denmark/Sweden. May 20th - 29th, 2011. Performers' application deadline March 1, 2010. For the first time ever the congress takes place in two cities simultaneously. Copenhagen and Malmoe (connected by the magnificent Öresund Bridge) share the ASSITEJ 2011 Congress due to their close relations as neighbouring cities and the constantly increasing integration in the commercial, cultural and daily life of the population of the Öresund Region, which - due to its infrastructure and dynamism - offers all possibilities for a progressive and future orientated congress. This is reflected in the overall theme of the Congress and Performing Arts Festival - "Building Bridges, Crossing Borders" in all of its diversity of associations - and in the concrete everyday life of the Congress. The ASSITEJ Performing Arts Festival for Young Audiences will be a significant event for the entire Öresund Region. A cornucopia of international performances will be presented to children and young people in Copenhagen and Malmoe, to their parents and grandparents and to everyone, who already has – or now will find – an interest in exciting, innovative theatrical expressions and new international visions and outlooks. You can submit a performer's application on the web site. We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen and Malmoe in 2011!" The Executive Board, ASSITEJ Congress 2011. Find a link to ASSITEJ World Congress under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm
"Seeking Intern, Clowns Without Borders South Africa. Clowns Without Borders South Africa (CWBSA) is looking for an international volunteer/intern to help us with both administrative and artistic programmes in 2010. This position will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about arts development and intervention in Southern Africa while helping our organisation grow and reach more children and guardians affected by crisis. We are looking to a dynamic person with experience in arts and administration to work with our team both in the office and the field for 3-6 months. Duties will include assisting with the following: Project Management, Artistic Development, Expanding Individual Donor Base, Grant writing, Logistics/Performing/Teaching in the Field. This position will be unpaid. Prospective intern/volunteer will be expected to raise funds in his/her home country to cover his/her transportation and living costs (CWBSA will assist). Depending on how much is raised, a small stipend might be possible. Please email a statement of purpose, your CV, and contact details. Clowns Without Borders South Africa is an artist led humanitarian organisation dedicated to using arts intervention to provide psychosocial support to children and guardians affected by crisis around the world. Since 2004, we have worked with over 150,000 children and guardians bringing laughter and humour to where it is needed most. For further information please visit our website where you can find contact details. Peace and laughter" Jamie, Clowns Without Borders South Africa. Find a link to Clowns Without Borders South Africa under Resources at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links8.htm  
"Puppeteers Wanted, Anima International Festival of Puppet Theatre, Kharkov, Ukraine. May 10th - 15th. The "Anima" festival Organising Committee is seeking puppeteers to participate in the "Anima International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Other Forms of Animation", being held from 10 May till 15 May, 2010 in Kharkov, Ukraine. We will provide your hotel accommodation, food and a fee. To apply please send us your performance video and information on your fee and any requirements.  We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can find more information about the festival on our web site." The Team at Anima International Festival.  Find a link to Anima International Festival under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm 

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