June 2010

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - June 2010

   Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, USA 

    Australasian Commedia dell'Arte Festival, Brisbane, Australia

   Performance Groups Wanted for Dunedin Midwinter Carnival, NZ
   Performer's Registration Open, Auckland International Carnival , NZ
   Pre-audition Circus Workshop, NICA, Melbourne, Australia
   Multiarts Residency Program, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Australia
   Performance Mix Festival, New Dance Alliance, New York, USA
   Puppetry Workshop with Eric Bass & Ines Zeller Bass, Amherst, USA
   Two-Week Professional Mime Seminar, School for Mime Theatre, USA
   Physical Performer for Leo and Yam Aerial Circus Theatre, UK
   Workshops in Clown & Bouffon with Plutôt La Vie, Scotland
   Physical Theatre-Dance Course, KiM (Kosmos in Movement), Germany

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Artmedia News

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Welcome to the June 2010 edition of the Artmedia physical theatre newsletter, your e-publication with an Australasian focus and a global perspective, now in its ninth year and reaching over 2,500 subscribers.  

In the Sponsorship this month we welcome Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre (USA) with information on their 2010 Summer Workshops. 'Dell'Arte offers the opportunity to train with master teachers and veteran performers in two extraordinary locations: the heart of the Redwoods on California’s North Coast, or in Amsterdam, the cultural heart of Europe.' The workshops include a 4-week intensive (July 5th to 30th) on clowns covering comic duos and trios, Red Nose and Character Clown. 

We have no Playspace section in this month's newsletter, because the July Clown Retreat in Wanganui is now full. We will soon be announcing a new series of workshops and you can always find information on the classes at www.artmedia.com.au/playspac.htm .

In the Features section we have information on the first Australasian Commedia dell'Arte Festival, which kicks off  this weekend, May 28th with '3 days of mayhem and magic'. They are offering a full program of workshops and performances from an international roster of artists.

In Networking we have information on the Dunedin Midwinter Carnival in New Zealand on June 26th. The Procession is the highlight of the Carnival and they are calling for procession performance groups that they can work with on a long term basis, to help create the wonderful atmosphere and sound of the Procession. In the north, the inaugural Auckland International Carnival is calling for local and international artists to register their interest in performing while the program is still being developed. Registration for the November 6th & 7th Carnival closes May 31st.

In Australia, the National Institute of Circus Arts is offering a pre-audition workshop to help applicants prepare for the 2011 NICA Bachelor of Circus Arts auditions. This week-long intensive starts July 5th, and the application deadline is this week, so if you're interested get your application in now. The residency program at the Tanks Arts Centre in Cairns is now open to performance, multimedia, visual arts, music, writing and community cultural development projects that have a connection to, or presentation outcome at Tanks. Application year round.

The New Dance Alliance in New York is calling for submissions from choreographers, video artists, and interdisciplinary artists for their 2011 Performance Mix Festival. Works can range from traditional theater performances to site-specific installations. Applications close June 1st. A Puppetry Intensive with Eric Bass & Ines Zeller Bass is one of the many workshops on offer at the Ko Festival of Performance in Amherst, Ma. Eric and Ines say that the puppet 'unlocks doors to our more secret sides and to integrating parts of ourselves.'  The workshop runs July 26th - 31st. And in Ohio, The School for Mime Theatre is holding a Professional Mime Seminar running over 2 weeks, starting June 27th. 

In the UK, the Leo and Yam Aerial Circus Theatre is searching for a performer working in performance art, dance, acrobatics or contortion for an October show in London. If you're interested, act quickly. Applications close May 30th. Plutôt La Vie in Scotland are offering a workshop in Clown on Saturday & Sunday May 29th - 30th and a weekend intensive in Bouffon, June 11th – 13th.

KiM (Kosmos in Movement) is offering their Intensive Course in Physical Theatre-Dance for the second time in Berlin, Germany. The course runs August 2nd - 27th.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the physical theatre community, so send us information for inclusion in this newsletter, and please also forward this to someone else who may be interested.

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Artmedia Network News

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The new Artmedia Social Network can be found at www.artmedia.net.au. This site is a social network for those into live performance, film and new media. If you are an artist or company working in these areas, you are welcome to become a member and post information on your work. 

Many people write to us with information on their work, which they want posted on the Artmedia web site. We are very happy to do this, but we have to charge for anything posted on the artmedia.com.au site. However, now you have the opportunity to sign up to the new artmedia.net.au site and post your own information. You can also upload videos on your work, post photographs, or post articles and reviews on your personal blog and network with other physical theatre artists. 

Artmedia Site
On the artmedia.com.au site you can find links to performers, companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and you can also subscribe to this newsletter. The newsletter archive includes all issues for the past seven years. Check it out at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/news.htm

Australian Recreational Centre for Aerial Arts(ARCAA) offer flying trapeze, silks and clown skills. http://www.artmedia.com.au/aerial_arts.htm
Theatre LOTE provide innovative Bilingual Performances for schools and festivals.
Artmedia have information on Moontan.  http://www.artmedia.net.nz
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances and projects. http://www.artmedia.com.au/broadway.htm
Aerialize have information on their aerial theatre classes and projects in Sydney. http://www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm
(Photo left: Aerialize) 

Visit our seven pages of links, one each for  Festivals , Training, Resources, Circus and Clown , and Physical Theatre , and two pages of Performers links.

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Sponsor:  Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre - Summer Workshops 2010

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in Blue Lake, California  & Amsterdam 

( and a month in Bali in Winter of 2011 )

Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre (DAISPT) offers the opportunity to train with master teachers and veteran performers in two extraordinary locations: the heart of the Redwoods on California’s North Coast, or in Amsterdam, the cultural heart of Europe. Dell’Arte workshops are ideal for artists, students and teachers seeking to develop the expressive capabilities of the actor through diverse physical theatre training.

The DAI INTENSIVE: "As Real As The Clowns" (JULY 5 - 30) A 4 week program led by Ronlin Foreman, Director of Training at DAISPT with guest artists Donlin Foreman, Olivia Ferraris and Milo Scotton, and resident faculty Joan Schirle, Stephanie Thompson, Joe Krienke and James Peck.

LUME Teatro —A Workshop with Jesser de Souza (JUNE 18 – JULY 1 )
Based on more than 20 years of research, Brazil’s LUME Center for Interdisciplinary Theater Research  transmits its methods of vocal and physical preparation for the performer through intensely physical workshops. 

AT THE CROSSROADS: Where Dance Meets Theatre (JUNE 21 - JULY 1)
With Donlin Foreman, former principal dancer with the Martha Graham Company, founder of Buglisi-Foreman Dance, now artistic director of Common Ground Dance Theater. For dancers and actors.

DA ABROAD: AMSTERDAM — Fundamentals of Clown: basically stupid (JUNE 22 - 27)
Join us for a one-week intensive exploration of the world and play of the clown, in one of Europe's most incredible cities!  Authenticity and availability, partnering and comic rhythm, improvisation and honesty will be the realms of investigation.

GAMES— for teachers & parents with James Peck (JUNE 28 – JULY 2 )
This workshop focuses on the way games are played—in playgrounds, classrooms, in life—and on the different types of player and the creative power of games to liberate and educate.

CRAFT AND MYSTERY - A two-week journey into Mask Making (AUGUST 3 - 14)
and Mask Performance for the Theatre. with Dell’Arte Instructor Bruce Marrs
Come for one week or two....this very popular workshop teaches papier mache maskmaking techniques as well as how the mask and the performer meet.

Visit www.dellarte.com for more information, including full workshop descriptions, pricing and to apply online. Or call (01) 707-668-5663 or e-mail info@dellarte.com   

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Feature: Angels Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guidea textbook for a fast changing art form  

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Angels Can Fly is now in use in the drama departments of over 100 high schools in Australia. If you know any drama teachers or you work in a high school, suggest they check out Angels Can Fly. 
This is a textbook for a fast changing art form, as clown escapes from the circus to perform in theatres and streets. The traditional approach to teaching clown is routine or gag based and this sits uncomfortably both with the teaching practices in modern performing arts education and with today's audiences.
This book includes a total of 50 practical clown exercises appropriate for workshops or performance, developed by Alan Clay through 30 years of teaching. Specific prerequisites to any exercise are detailed in each chapter.
There are warm-up and introductory exercises in the early chapters, mid-session or mid-course exercises in the middle chapters, and more performance-oriented exercises, and relaxation exercises, in the final chapters. The exercises have all been coded for individual exploration, for work in pairs, for workshop use, or for use in a performance setting, or for some combination of these.

"Clown is a fascinating, diverse, complex and exciting art form, which has existed around the planet for thousands of years. Like any art form it has to evolve to stay relevant to the culture nurturing it, and at the same time, and by its very nature, clown teases and turns upside down the cultural patterns and boundaries around us."

You can find the paperback on Amazon by following this link: http://tinyurl.com/9nrwj And check out more information at:  www.alanclay.com where you can still get a free copy of the e-Book.


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Feature: Inaugural Australasian Commedia dell'Arte Festival, May 28th - 30th

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The first of its kind in Australia, the Australasian Commedia dell'Arte Festival, to be held on 28, 29 & 30 May 2010 in Queensland, will be a celebration of a living theatre tradition brimming with Commedia activity - workshops, lectures, demonstrations, performances - featuring Antonio Fava, Director Scuola Internazionale dell’Attore Comico, Italy, and including a first class line up of presenters and performers drawn from across Australia.

There will be a workshop series on Friday and Saturday held in the Workshop Studios at the QUT Kelvin Grove facility. Workshops include: Towards the embodiment of the mask, Rhythm and focus in Commedia, Expressing the Spirit of the mask - for the teacher, Discovering by covering, Through the eyes of the mask; a tool for social change.

On Sunday we present "Commedia dell'Arte - in the words of the maestro" and the world premiere performance of 'Pulcinellata Nera'.

Don't miss this opportunity to network with teachers and actors of Commedia from all over Australia. You can find full program details and the registration form online at http://www.commediafestival.com.au/.

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"Procession Performance Groups, Dunedin Midwinter Carnival, New Zealand. June 26th. The 2010 Dunedin Midwinter Carnival will be held on the evening of Saturday 26 June in the Octagon of Dunedin, New Zealand. Last year over 5000 people chose to celebrate the longest night and the shortest day with us at the 2009 Dunedin Midwinter Carnival. Each year the Carnival has a new theme which is infused within the lanterns and costuming. The theme this year is 'Creatures of the Sea'. The Carnival procession is the event highlight and features around 700 people including performers, giant lantern bearers, and many families carrying lanterns they have made. As it winds its way around the Octagon it creates a beautiful ring of light that is followed by a intimate and spectacular fireworks display. Performers bring a wonderful atmosphere and sound to the Procession and are always a highlight for audiences. In 2009 performers included Songbong drummers and dancers, Empress Stiltdance and Claver/Bennett dancers (with hand-held masks). Carnival organisers work to adapt what performance groups do to suit the Carnival's processional format and theme. This can include working with a choreographer, costume designer and our artistic director. We hope to develop long term relationships with performance groups that benefit both parties. If your group would like to be part of the Midwinter Carnival, please contact us." Dunedin Midwinter Celebrations Trust. (Photo left by Alan Dove: Empress Stiltdance) Find a link to the Dunedin Midwinter Carnival under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm

"Registration of Performance Artists, Auckland International Carnival , New Zealand. Closing date May 31st. The Auckland International Carnival being held November 6th & 7th is calling for local and international artists to register your interest in performing now while the program is still being developed. The Carnival entertainment show will be held November 7th on the Newmarket lawn of Ellerslie event centre. The show will display colour, innovation and creativity all aligned with the Carnival theme. Rounding off the carnival extravaganza will be a sunset/starlight picnic culminating in a dazzling fireworks display. In the spirit of carnivals from around the world, the inaugural Auckland International Carnival is an event that will bring Auckland together. People of all backgrounds, cultures and ages will celebrate what makes us unique in the city that has brought us together. The Carnival aims to give Auckland’s communities an exciting, fun event to share the creativity and values that make Auckland a great place to live. You can register your interest online at our web site." Sharon Schutte, Event Manager, AIC. Find a link to Auckland International Carnival under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm
"Pre-audition Circus Workshop, National Institute of Circus Arts, Melbourne, Australia. July 5th to 9th. This intensive circus workshop is your next step in pursuit of an exciting international circus career. This pre-audition workshop will assist applicants to prepare for the 2011 NICA Bachelor of Circus Arts auditions which will be held in September/October 2010. Spend a week drawing on the extensive expertise of NICA's trainers. Ideal for young people (min 16 years of age) with some background in physical training such as circus, sport, dance, physical theatre, gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, diving or trampoline. Apply now. Places are limited. Download the flyer and application form from our web site." Maria Rizzo, NICA. Find a link to NICA under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm
"Multiarts Residency Program, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, QLD, Australia. No closing date. The Tanks Arts Centre is an iconic and innovative, multi-use, contemporary arts facility creatively housed in three converted World War II naval oil storage tanks, and set amidst a lush rainforest backdrop. Tanks Arts Centre residency program is currently being redeveloped to incorporate visual arts, music, writing, performance, multimedia and community cultural development for short and long term projects that have a connection to, or presentation outcome at Tanks. Artists and arts workers taking up residencies at the Tanks will find a variety of interesting spaces to work amongst the original oil-stained poles and vast Tanks 3 and 4, in our secluded and airy studio hut and within the grounds of the Botanic Gardens. We encourage creative ideas from local, national and international artists and local community groups who wish to work with artists. Living accommodation and studio space is available as part of the residency program. The Residency Program is ongoing: there are no application deadlines. You can find more information and download and application form on our web site." Chris Stannard, Curator, Tanks Residency Program. Find a link to the Tanks Residency Program under Fellowships and Awards at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Performance Mix Festival, New Dance Alliance, New York, USA. Application deadline is June 1st. The Performance Mix Festival presents the developing work of over 30 experimental choreographers, video artists, and interdisciplinary artists annually in the spring (2011 dates and location TBA).  Works must be under 15 minutes in length. Longer pieces will be accepted by invitation only. Artists receive a fee, complimentary video documentation, and rehearsal space. Selected artists will be considered for presentation for the NDA Exchange and out of town residencies. The works can range from traditional theater performances to site-specific installations to open-rehearsals to video screenings to artist talks. Applications must be received by June 1st. Please visit the web site for more information on the Festival and to download the application form." Karen Bernard, Director, NDA. Find a link to the Performance Mix Festival under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm
"Puppetry Workshop, Ko Festival of Performance, Amherst, USA. July 26th - 31st. Register now for Egoless Actors: A Puppetry Intensive with Eric Bass & Ines Zeller Bass of Sandglass Theater (Putney, VT). Sandglass Theater believes that the puppet, as a theatrical medium, unlocks doors to our more secret sides and to integrating parts of ourselves. This includes the worlds of our dreams and memories, as well as all the metaphorical possibilities of theater. Sandglass teaches a method of manipulation developed in over 20 years of workshops in the US and abroad. Daily sessions will include breath development with relation to puppet performance, training in manipulation technique and its relation to artistic statement, and training and discussion in theory and aesthetics. You can find more information and the registration form on our web site." Sabrina Hamilton, Artistic Director, Ko Festival of Performance. Find a link to Sandglass Puppetry Workshop under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Two-Week Professional Mime Seminar, School for Mime Theatre, Kenyon College, Ohio, USA. June 27th – July 11th. Registration closes June 26th. For years The School for Mime Theatre has been creating a unique environment for mimes, actors and dancers to come together in a spirit of disciplined and playful exploration for the sake of creating vibrant new works for the theatre. This year we are offering a Professional Two-Week Summer Seminar, at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, June 27 – July 11. For more information on the seminar and to register, please visit our web site. All registration closes June 26, 2010." Rick Wamer, co-Artistic Director, The School for Mime Theatre. Find a link to The School for Mime Theatre under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Physical Performance Artist Required, Leo and Yam Aerial Circus Theatre, London, UK. Applications close May 30th. We are Leo and Yam – aerial circus theatre and are setting up a 60 min show in Jackson’s Lane theatre in October 2010 and also for a potential tour 2011. We are seeking a performer working in performance art, dance, acrobatics or contortion with a high visual and emotional impact, exploring or playing with themes of gender or sexual identity in some form. Please have a look at our website to see what kind of work we do. Our piece 'Some Like It..' will be the key piece of the 60 min show we are creating. Find more info under Acts and Gallery on our website. Artists need to be able to work independently and have at least one finished piece 5-10 min that will be incorporated in the final show. The show is the week of 18th Oct, with rehearsals 2-3 weeks spread over August, Sep and October. This is a paid opportunity. See the website for contact details." Leo Hedman, Leo and Yam Aerial Circus Theatre. (Photo Right: Leo and Yam Aerial Circus Theatre) Find a link to Leo and Yam under Aerial Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links5.htm
"Workshops in Clown & Bouffon, Plutôt La Vie, Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland. May 29th - 30th and June 11th - 13th. Edinburgh’s foremost Visual Theatre Company, Plutôt La Vie present two exciting workshops: Funny Bones - Personal Stupidity for serious performers. This is a weekend intensive in Theatre Clowning Sat 29 May and Sun 30 May, 10am – 6pm, Glasgow. This workshop is for experienced performers who want to develop their skills and understanding of the 'Personal Clown' as developed by Jacques Lecoq, Pierre Byland and Philippe Gaulier. Clowning is a ‘primal state’ for a performer.  It is a state of being open, curious, relaxed and playful. We will create a supportive environment to explore, focus and sharpen performance skills used in Theatre Clowning: Comic Timing; Physicality; Rhythm (internal rhythm, rhythm with partners). Participants will explore a direct playful relationship with an audience and begin to develop their ‘personal clown’. Set Your Ugly Self Free is a weekend intensive in Bouffon 11 – 13 June, Edinburgh. Social misfits shunned and feared for their apparent physical, mental or social ‘deformities’. Bouffons embrace their ugliness and bless their hideous deformities for saving them from the hypocrisy of ‘God’s beautiful children…’.  Cast out of society, allowed back once a year, their performance is a vicious parody of the hypocrisy and false morals of the ‘great and good’ people who have excluded them. This workshop is for experienced performers who would like to explore the territory of Bouffons, described by Jacques Lecoq as those who “... believe in nothing and make fun of everything.” The position of Bouffon can be an incredibly liberating and powerful experience for actors. Bouffon explores a great freedom of breaking beyond social conventions and accessing extreme levels of laughter, intelligence and emotion. £110.00  /  £85.00  (Equity Members & concessions) or £150.00 if participating in both workshops, Clown & Bouffon. Contact us to book a place." Tim Licata, Plutôt La Vie.  Email: plutotlavie@blueyonder.co.uk
"Physical Theatre-Dance Course, KiM (Kosmos in Movement), Berlin, Germany. August 2nd - 27th. KiM offers for the second time its uniquely designed program within the frame of our International Intensive Course in Physical Theatre-Dance, August 2010. KiM gives a solid platform for a synthesis of practice and theory assuming the constitutive complexity of the actual stage arts. Our objectives are to apply performing artists with strong, rigorous practical as well as diverse perceptive and analytical tools in order to deepen and widen the vision of our artistic and reflexive approach within performative doings. After the successful pilot project last year we are happy to realize our Intensive Course again in Berlin in collaboration with Tanzfabrik Berlin, one of the strongest institutions for Movement and Dance in the capital of Berlin. The city of Berlin is well known for growing into one of the most important cultural capitals of the world for its high artistic level of stage productions, its great diversity of stage languages and for its active cross-cultural life within this (post) global times. This Course focuses on the following areas to develop: Re-define and (re)-act our practices as performing artists within the frame of rigorous physical training, in the doing as well as in the theory; interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies as ways of integrating the whole of the performer in his body/ movement, imagination/ spirit, voice/text/ mind; we use the cultural platform of Berlin to see a vast variety of theatre plays, dance, performances, film and installations establishing a dialog and reflexive thinking with our own way of conceiving the phenomenon stage art. Please visit our web site for full application and contact details." Elias Cohen, Artistic Director, KiM. Find a link to KiM (Kosmos in Movement) under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

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