November 2011

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - November 2011

   Circus Training with Britain's Academy of Circus Arts, UK

   'Modern Clown' Summer School with Alan Clay, Wanganui, NZ

   Para-theatrical Workshops with Dzieci, San Francisco & New York

Artmedia Feature Films:
Butterfly Crush
   True Believers
   Angels Can Fly

Crisis Support for Entertainers, Entertainment Assist, Australia
   Blind Date, a performance experience, Big One Little One, Australia
   Volunteer Performers for Woodford Folk Festival, QLD, Australia
   Physical Theatre Summer Intensive, Zen Zen Zo, Brisbane, Australia
   Open Auditions for Experienced Dancers, DV8, New York City, US
   Seeking Performers for Project by Jonathan VanDyke, Toronto, Canada
   Solo Performance Workshop with Ivo Dimchev, Montréal, Canada
   Commedia dell' Arte Workshop & Festival, Teatro Punto, Amsterdam
   Weekend Workshops, Nomadic Academy of Fools, Lincolnshire, UK
   The Comical Body Workshop, Atelier fur physisches Theatre, Berlin
   Clown Masterclass, Nouveau Clown Institute, Barcelona, Spain
   Cirque du Soleil Auditions, Zip Zap Circus School, Cape Town, South Africa

   Newsletter Advertising and Subscriptions

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Artmedia News

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Welcome to the November 2011 edition of the Artmedia physical theatre news, your e-publication with an Australasian focus and a global perspective, now in its tenth year and reaching over 2,500 subscribers. This newsletter is an occasional publication which we put out when there is demand from Sponsors and Feature advertisers and we invite you to support the publication by contacting us about promoting your work.

In the Sponsorship this month we welcome Britain's Academy of Circus Arts with information on their circus training school. They offer a unique training environment as the school goes on tour throughout Britain performing at local festivals for much of the year. This is a real world education in the circus way of life with professional circus performers as coaches and instructors. The result is graduates who are extremely employable as fully-fledged members of the circus community. You do not need any circus or performing skills to join the course. The next course begins in April 2012.

My new three week 'Modern Clown' Summer School, to be held in January next year, is now fully booked, however I am accepting a few people on the waiting list in case places become available. I have information in the Playspace section below on the 2013 Summer School.

In the Features, Theatre Group Dzieci is offering a Para-theatrical Workshop in Berkeley, California and their 24-hour immersion experience, Maraton, in New York City. Employing elements of ensemble theatre, meditation, and ritual practices, the Dzieci Para-theatrical Workshop serves those who seek a creative communal environment that challenges and inspires. The Berkeley workshop runs November 12th & 13th. Space is limited. The New York 24-hour immersion workshop runs January 21st to the 22nd, 7am to 7am.

My feature film Butterfly Crush has won four Best Feature Film awards in recent months at US film Festivals and is available on DVD and Video on Demand from Amazon. I am including information below in a new Artmedia Feature Films section. Casting has starting on my next film, True Believers, and I am looking for a female clown/magician for one scene in the film. Anyone interested in auditioning for this role should drop me an email.

In Networking we have information on the recently launched Entertainment Assist, a crisis support organization for the entertainment industry in Australia. They aim to provide a wide range of support including education, mentoring, and counselling. In Victoria and NSW, Big One Little One is offering a new one-on-one performance experience called Blind Date. It involves a blindfold, a series of sensory experiences and the creative process. The Melbourne experience runs until November 13th. The Newcastle experience starts November 16th.

The Woodford Folk Festival in QLD is seeking volunteer performers to play characters from a deck of cards for 'The Game' Project. This interactive theatrical experience runs from December 26th to January 1st. And in Brisbane, Zen Zen Zo is offering their popular 3-week Stomping Ground, an intensive Physical Theatre workshop designed to introduce artists to a range of physical theatre disciplines. They usually book out by November, so if you're interested you need to act quickly. The course starts January 8th.

DV8 is holding open auditions in New York City for dancers with experience on November 19th and 20th. They are encouraging older performers, those with disabilities and those from minority ethnic groups to apply. In Toronto, Canada, artist Jonathan VanDyke seeks two male dancers or performers with movement training for an upcoming performance piece in December. A workshop with Ivo Dimchev on developing a solo performance is being held in Montréal, November 14th to 17th. Each individual will explore diverse ways of dealing with space, objects, contexts and making choices.

If you'd like to experience Fooling, you can attend one of the weekend workshops with the Nomadic Academy of Fools in Lincolnshire, UK on December 17th & 18th. In Amsterdam, Teatro Punto is offering an Intensive Modern Commedia dell' Arte Workshop, which runs January 2nd to 14th. They are also holding Le Petit Festival, which will include workshops, conferences and seminars on physical theatre, voice, theatre philosophy, film and mask making. It runs January 12th to 14th.

Atelier fur physisches Theatre in Berlin is holding a Comical Body Workshop on November 25th - 27th. The workshop is an intensive tour through the rules of comedy and the absurd. In Barcelona, Spain, Nouveau Clown Institute is offering a Clown Masterclass with Johnny Melville and Jango Edwards. This 10-day masterclass starts March 7th. In South Africa, Cirque du Soleil is holding auditions in Cape Town for circus performers of all disciplines on November 7th. If you're interested, contact Jose do Rego at Zip Zap Circus School asap for a pre-screening before the 7th.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the physical theatre community, so promote your event or project by taking a Feature or a Sponsorship in this newsletter, and please also forward this to someone else who may be interested.

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Artmedia Network News

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Artmedia Site On the artmedia.com.au site you can find links to performers, companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and you can also subscribe to this newsletter. The newsletter archive includes all issues for the past seven years. Check it out at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/news.htm

Theatre LOTE provide innovative Bilingual Performances for schools and festivals. http://www.theatrelote.com.au (Photo right: Theatre LOTE)
Find information on the Artmedia film projects. http://www.artmedia.net.nz
Playspace Clown Training information. http://www.artmedia.com.au/Clown.htm
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances and projects. http://www.artmedia.com.au/broadway.htm
Aerialize have information on their aerial theatre classes and projects in Sydney. http://www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm

Our artmedia.com.au website deals still provide great value. For one page on the Artmedia site, it is just Aus$20 a month, or Aus$30 for as many as you want, so contact us if you want to promote your work on a site which features search engine referrals direct to your page, and over 1,600 links from like-minded sites. We also have a publishing service, where we do your website at your address. On this deal it is just Aus$40 a month to maintain and promote the site, no matter how many pages you have, and only Aus$20 a page set up cost.

Visit our seven pages of links, one each for Festivals, Training, Resources, Circus and Clown , and Physical Theatre , and two pages of Performers links.

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Artmedia on Facebook

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If you haven't already, check out our Artmedia page on Facebook. You can find the latest Physical Theatre newsletter posted there or post your events or notes for the physical theatre community. We invite you to 'like' the Artmedia page so that the postings come through on your newsfeed. The link to Artmedia on Facebook is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/artmedia/108453014568


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Sponsor: Britain's Academy of Circus Arts - Intensive, Total-Involvement, Life-Changing!

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The UK's Academy of Circus Arts is coming up to its 20th year of training students in a wide variety of circus skills, while at the same time educating them in the circus way of life. ACA has provided circus training, for fun or a professional career, since 1993.

ACA was founded in 1993 by Martin Burton, who is Zippo the Clown and the Director of Zippo’s Circus. At first, the Academy worked alongside Zippo’s, but it is now an entirely separate company, which became a registered Charity (Not-for-Profit organisation) in 2003.

The Academy of Circus Arts is, as far as we know, unique as an adult circus training school. ACA stands out from other circus schools because it doesn't have a permanent base - for much of each year we are on tour in Britain, performing at local festivals. It’s a total-involvement setting where students ‘live and breathe’ Circus, and that makes for fast, across-the-board learning.

Students have the opportunity to perform from the very first show of the season, alongside the professional circus performers who are also their coaches and instructors. They live the circus life on tour in bunk rooms and living trailers, and help build-up, pull-down, and stage-manage for themselves and others, so our graduates are extremely employable as fully-fledged members of the circus community as well as being versatile trained artistes.

The performances help finance the Academy, which means that we can offer the course at a lower fee: the Course Fee for 2012 will remain at £3,300. Students will also pay £100 for costumes and personal equipment, which remain their property at the end of the training, and must have their own public liability insurance providing £2 million cover. We can offer advice on finding appropriate insurance.

ACA graduates have gone on to work in professional circus worldwide; take a look at the impressive list on our website! Several graduates appeared in the aerial performances at London’s Millennium Dome (now the O2 Arena), others have progressed to teaching circus skills, and three graduates have created and successfully toured their own travelling circuses.

You do not need to have any circus or performing skills or any previous experience to join our course. Skills on offer include trapeze, aerial silks, tight-wire & slack-rope, acrobatics, juggling, hula-hoops, rola-bola, clowning.

Students may provide their own travelling accommodation: a car and caravan, van, or motor-home, for example. Alternatively, we can offer accommodation in a bunk-room, at a cost of £25 per week.

ACA is assessing applications right now for next year. We'll consider applications made on DVD or video. Video auditions can be clips posted online, for example to Vimeo or YouTube, or can be submitted on DVD or CD. Their combined total should not exceed 8 minutes. The next course begins in April 2012, and runs for five months. All details, with lots more information and a contact email, are at www.academycircusarts.co.uk.

Now's the time to apply!

FIRST-HAND GRADUATE COMMENT from Disa’s Diary on the ACA website:
One of the reasons, one of the big reasons, that I like circus is the sense of family and community and teams that you develop.


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Playspace: 'Modern Clown' Summer School with Alan Clay, Wanganui, New Zealand

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The 'Modern Clown' Summer School, to be held in January 2012, is now fully booked, however I am accepting a few people on the waiting list, in case places become available. Find information on this course at: www.artmedia.com.au/playspac.htm

Modern Clown Summer School 2013, 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday, January 28th - February 15th (3-weeks accommodation, 15 work days, no training on weekends)

Reconnect with the playful, inquisitive, cheeky, clown spirit in a private studio space with adjoining dormitory accommodation, overlooking the mouth of the Wanganui river. This course is led by Alan Clay at his retreat centre in New Zealand.

Each day will start with a yoga warm up and participants will work physically to free themselves from patterns and to connect with their emotions. Clown is empathic, 'feeling with' the audience, and it is also playful, open to the impulses in each moment, and this workshop will train and develop these skills through improvisation exercises. Street theatre has informed and assisted the development of modern clown, and participants will take exercises from the studio and work at street-cafe's to develop interactive audience skills. It's easy and fun.

The summer school is aimed at those with a professional interest in clown. It is suitable both for beginners and for those with experience, and it functions best with this mix in the class. There will be a minimum of four and maximum of eight on the workshop. The residential nature of the summer school provides a relaxed atmosphere and secluded environment which means that students get more out of the contact hours and can also process and discuss the work outside of the class.

The summer school runs 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday from January 28th - February 15th 2013. Participants will have the weekends free and the studio will be available for individual work. The studio is within reach of breathtaking west coast beaches, bush walks and jet boat or canoe expeditions, but still handy to good coffee and all facilities.

Fees: NZ$1300 Price Buster (by May 1st) NZ$1500 Earlybird (by August 31st) and NZ$1800 Full. A NZ$300 deposit will hold a place. (All fees and deposits are non-refundable). Fees include 20 nights accommodation (from January 27th - February 15th inclusive) with kitchen facilities.

Enrolment: Send an email to: clown@artmedia.com.au to hold a place or make enquiries about this workshop.

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Feature: Angels Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide - now available for the Kindle, iPad and Kobo readers

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Angel's Can Fly is available for the Kindle reader from Amazon and for the Apple iPad through the iBooks app at iTunes. We recommend purchasing the book for the Kindle or the iPad as this gives you the best value product and the most versatile reading experience. The ebook costs only US$9.99 and is searchable with links between pre-requisite and co-requisite exercises. The ebook can also be purchased for the Kobo reader in New Zealand through Whitcoulls or in Australia through Borders or Angus & Robertson.

Angels Can Fly is now in use in the drama departments of over 150 Australian and New Zealand high schools and has started to make its way into US and UK universities. This is a textbook for a fast changing art form, as clown escapes from the circus to perform in theatres and streets. The traditional approach to teaching clown is routine or gag based and this sits uncomfortably both with the teaching practices in modern performing arts education and with today's audiences. This book includes a total of 50 practical clown exercises appropriate for workshops or performance, developed by Alan Clay through 30 years of teaching. Specific prerequisites to any exercise are detailed in each chapter.

You can find the paperback on Amazon at this link: http://tinyurl.com/9nrwj. And check out more info at: www.alanclay.com

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Feature: Para-Theatrical Workshops with Theatre Group Dzieci, November in San Francisco & January in New York

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“You are lightly tangled: this is Sleep, a shell, so now emerge!” ~ Goethe

Para-Theatrical Workshops, San Francisco Nov 12th & 13th, New York Jan 21st -22nd

with Theatre Group Dzieci

Employing elements of ensemble theatre, meditation, and ritual practices, the Dzieci Para-theatrical Workshop serves those who seek a creative communal environment that challenges and inspires. After decades of investigation and practice, company director Matt Mitler, has developed a methodology that transcends typical human barriers, exploring realms both primal and spiritual, while forsaking the common masks of habit and personality. From studies in experimental theatre with Jerzy Grotowski, and psychology with Carl Rogers, and an intensive spiritual training, Mr. Mitler eliminates language, facilitating through direct transmission to the core of being.

Theatre Group Dzieci blends work on performance with work of service, and is committed to Art as a path for transformation. The international ensemble brings performances, workshops, and creative interactions to schools, hospitals, theatres, and sacred spaces.

THE WISH , a Para-theatrical Workshop with Dzieci
WHEN: Saturday, November 12th & Sunday, November 13th ~ 11:00 to 5:00 (includes a free presentation of MAKBET , Dzieci’s Gypsy ritual of Macbeth, Friday the 11th at 7:30).
WHERE: The Berkeley Rep School of Theatre ~ 2071 Addison Street in Berkeley, CA
FEE: $175 (space is limited)
REGISTRATION: visit berkeleyrep.org/school at https://www.berkeleyrep.org/ticketing/sotregistration.aspx or email school@berkeleyrep.org or call 510 647 2972

MARATON, a 24-hour immersion in the work of Dzieci
WHEN: 7:00 AM Saturday, January 21st to 7:00 AM Sunday the 22nd
WHERE: Ripley/Grier Studios ~ 520 8th Ave in New York City
FEE: $100-$200, pay what you can (space is limited)
REGISTRATION: e-mail matt@dziecitheatre.org , or call 718 638 6037
For more information on Dzieci workshops visit: http://dziecitheatre.org/ or e-mail matt@dziecitheatre.org

Workshop Testimonials

“I want to thank you for the devastating, torturous, sublime and transcendent experience that was Maraton.” ~Jonathan Barsness, Maraton ’08

"It melted me, humbled me, destroyed my ego and pride, ripped my heart open, and changed me forever.” ~Krystyna Sanderson, The Hero's Journey

“Please accept my deepest gratitude. Just for the opportunity to spend 24 hours shedding my long held anxieties, doubts and cynicism was priceless. You were so generous with your hearts, energy, focus, passion and more.” ~Reiko Aylesworth (FOX Television’s “24”), Maraton ‘08

“My God what an awesome and profound experience!” ~Mark Sklawer, Body Temple, Maraton ‘08

“Dzieci is a wonderful example of the spiritual intensity possible when theatre engages the age-old mysteries of faith and the human experience.” ~Canon Tom Miller, Cathedral St. John the Divine

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Artmedia Feature Films

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My first feature film Butterfly Crush, which is based on my novel Dance Sisters, has won four 'Best Feature Film' awards in recent months at US film Festivals and is available on DVD and Video on Demand from Amazon. It has just been picked up for US distribution by Vanguard Cinema, one of only four NZ films to get US distribution this year. It will be released theatrically in Australia in April next year. Find a trailer at www.artmedia.net.nz.

Casting has starting on my next film, True Believers, which is based on my novel, Believers in Love, and I am currently looking for a female clown/magician for one scene in the film. Find more information at www.artmedia.net.nz.

The third film project that I am developing will be a clown film, based on the characters in Angels Can Fly. If you have read the book and feel an empathy with any of the characters, I'm accepting expressions of interest in auditions for this project. Anyone interested in auditioning for these roles should drop me an email.

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"Entertainment Assist, Melbourne, Australia. I am proud and honoured to be on the Board of Entertainment Assist, who launched on Wednesday 31st August at the Sofitel in Melbourne. There is more information on us at our web site. I'm passionate about this cause as the fundamentals and aims of Entertainment Assist reach out to ALL Genres of the Entertainment Industry including Music, Theatre, Dance, Ballet, Opera, Physical Performance, Circus, Comedy, Film, Television, community and large festival groups, back stage crew, production managers, and the list goes on. Entertainment Assist has been established to provide support to people in our industry who may require assistance. Our model goes beyond just the provision of financial support by incorporating education, mentoring, and access to health, counselling, relationship, and financial planning services as part of a holistic approach that addresses issues and helps prevent our industry brothers and sisters from reaching crisis point. At Entertainment Assist we advocate that “before time’s get tough, it’s OK to talk and ask for help”! Rather than giving someone a fish, we want to give them the fishing rod – and show them how to use it! Entertainment Assist are honoured to have The Pratt Foundation as our Founding Donor’s and Jeanne Pratt AC as Patron. We held our first major fundraising event on October 28th. If you were unable to attend the event but would still like to support Entertainment Assist, please visit our special fundraising page at www.everydayhero.com.au/ian_allen . Every donation made via this link will be matched by The Pratt Foundation doubling the value of your contribution!! Please remember “ When times get tough, its OK to ask for help!” Robyn Good, General manager, Showtech Australia, On Behalf of Entertainment Assist. Find a link to Entertainment Assist under Resources at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links8.htm
"Blind Date, Big One Little One, Melbourne and NSW. Blind Date is a new one-on-one performance experience in which you are invited to go on a blind date with a stranger in Melbourne or Newcastle’s CBD. You will be blindfolded and led through a series of sensory experiences that place you firmly at the centre of the creative process. Led by your date, you will undertake a unique journey of discovery through the streets, parks, alleys and heart of the city. HOW IT WORKS 1) Email your interest in taking part to theblinddateproject@gmail.com and let us know two preferred dates and times (any times between 10am and 6pm, daily – you will need to allow up to ninety minutes for the experience) 2) We’ll get in touch with you to confirm your performance time, and send you a brief survey to complete. 3) You’ll send us the survey, and we’ll confirm the location of where you’ll meet your date. 4) You’ll turn up at the designated location and time, and wait for your date to arrive. Melbourne: 13 October-13 November 2011; Newcastle, NSW: 16 November-1 December 2011. If you live somewhere other than Melbourne or Newcastle, we're intending to undertake a tour to other Australian cities in 2012, so feel free to email us your interest so you can be kept informed of future dates. Find a link to Big One Little One under Physical Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm
"Volunteer Performers for 'The Game' Project, Woodford Folk Festival, QLD, Australia. Dec 26th - Jan 1st. This is a call for volunteers for 'The Game' Project at Woodford Folk Festival. The Game is an interactive theatrical experience that is played over the first five days of the Woodford Folk Festival. Last year we had around 3000 players at the entry level and around 500 of those playing actively to win. It begins with cards. We hand out cards on the first day and from then on if players want to exchange cards the player who wants to swap cards must complete a dare. We have a series of booths around the festival inhabited by characters from the deck of cards. The King and Queen of diamonds in their diamond palace, the spades in their fishing shack, the clubs in the lodge, the hearts in their Jukebox, etc. When a player has the right card for that booth they open it up and begin interacting with the character. Players must first qualify and are then given quests, each quest following on from the last. As they progress they find out more of the story and begin to play a role in the grand narrative of the game, deciding the fates of the characters and themselves. There will be several grand events this year, a tournament, an election, a masquerade ball and of course the amazing Fabian Vlademik concert. As well as performers I am looking for stage management, documentation and admin roles. There are performance workshops 26th/27th November in Melbourne or 17th/18th in Brisbane. Then we meet at 5pm on Boxing day and the festival begins 27/12. Please contact me if you're interested. Visit my web site for contact details." Tim Monley. (Photo left: 'The Game') Find a link to Tim Monley's web site under Street Performers at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links5.htm
"Stomping Ground 2012, Zen Zen Zo, Brisbane, Australia. Jan 8th - 27th. Bookings have opened for our fantastic 3-week Stomping Ground, held in January 2012 at the Old Museum.2012 will mark Stomping Ground 's 14th year. This annual physical theatre summer intensive training program, which was the first of its kind in Australia, will once again be led by Zen Zen Zo co-founders Lynne Bradley and Simon Woods , and this year features renowned performer, director and actor-trainer Margi Brown Ash as the Guest Artist. The aim of this 3-week course is to introduce artists to a range of physical theatre disciplines including the Suzuki Method, Butoh, and The Viewpoints. Stomping Ground will provide a solid base in these approaches focusing on developing the performer's physical, vocal and ensemble skills. Stomping Ground is also a journey of transformation - both personally and professionally - as participants begin the new year by refining their goals for 2012, shaping their craft, and meeting fellow artists with similar interests and beliefs. Stomping Ground has booked out EVERY YEAR by November - so avoid disappointment and book soon! Visit the web site for more information." Lynne Bradley, Co-Artistic Director, Zen Zen Zo. Find a link to Zen Zen Zo under Physical Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm
"Dancers open audition, DV8 , New York City. Nov 19th & 20th.The company is seeking highly experienced and trained dancers for the current touring project and a new work to be developed in 2013.Strong technique and discipline, acting ability and a willingness to improvise are essential for both productions, as is fluency in English. All dancers are welcome to attend these open auditions. There is no need to apply in advance or prepare any material. To reflect the diversity of characters presented in DV8’s work, older performers, those with disabilities and those from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups are encouraged to apply. Open call Saturday 19th November, callbacks Sunday 20th November. See our web site for more information." Lloyd Newson, Director, DV8 Physical Theatre. Find a link to DV8 Physical Theatre under Physical Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm

"Call for Performers, Jonathan VanDyke at The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada. Deadline Nov 11th. New York-based artist Jonathan VanDyke seeks two Toronto-based men for an upcoming performance piece at The Power Plant as part of the Winter 2011-2012 exhibition Coming After, ideally dancers or performers with movement training. This durational performance will utilize slow, silent movements as well as dripping paint, and includes partial nudity. Performers need to be available for a rehearsal session during the day on Thursday, 8 December, as well as 3-hour public performances on Friday, 9 December evening and Sunday, 4 March, 2012 afternoon. A modest honorarium will be provided. Please email resume and photographs and/or links to recent work by November 11th. For more information on the artist's past projects, please visit the web site." Jonathan VanDyke Email: performance@jonathanvandyke.com Find a link to Jonathan VanDyke under Physical Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm

"Developing solo work with Ivo Dimchev, Montréal, Canada. November 14th -17th. 'Do Yourself a Favor' is a workshop about making yourself a solo. Ivo Dimchev is a choreographer and performer from Bulgaria, whose work is an extreme and colorful mixture of performance art, dance, theater, music, drawings and photography. Ivo is proposing to the participants different ways on developing a solo work. Each individual will explore diverse ways on writing own dramaturgy, dealing with space, objects, contexts, making choices. The aim of the workshop is that everyone at the end of it has a coherent solo performance that expresses at best his/her own artistic individuality. Cost: $100. For more info or to register please visit the Studio 303 web site." Roxanne Angers, Studio 303. Find a link to Studio 303 under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm
"Winter Workshop 2012 & Le Petit Festival, Teatro Punto, Amsterdam. Jan 2nd -14th. Intensive Modern Commedia dell' Arte Workshop 2012 runs from 2nd until 12th of January 2012 in Amsterdam. This workshop consists of: Movement analysis; Physical transformation/metamorphoses; From tragedy to comedy; Musicality and timing; Mask and archetypical characters; Improvisation and scene composition - Canovaccio; Study of interaction between actor and audience. And Le Petit Festival runs from the 12th (evening) until 14th of January 2012. The festival will consist of several workshops, conferences and seminars from directors, actors and mask makers from Europe an the United States, who are specialized in physical theatre, voice, theatre philosophy, film and mask making. It's possible to apply only for the workshop, or only for the festival. Teatro Punto is inviting international artists related with the company to expose their work by lectures and workshops. This year we will have guest artists such as: Pascale Lecoq (Laboratory of Study of Movement LEM), Marina Wijn (camera acting), Thibaud Delpeut (theatre director) and other artists to be announced. Teatro Punto is a theatre company which develops performances and workshops based on modern Commedia dell’Arte. With an international team of actors they make a theatre where the actor is the author of the story. Through movement, text, techniques, imagination and the drift to perform they create tragical-comical shows with and without masks." Saar van Beurden, Teatro Punto. Find a link to Teatro Punto under Physical Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm
"Open Call to Join the Nomadic Academy of Fools, Lincolnshire, UK. Dec 17th & 18th. Have you got a body that you like to move? Are you generous, compassionate, open, open hearted? Can you engage yourself and relate with ease? Do you want to communicate? Do you want to come out of hiding and let yourself shine? Do you have the courage to meet with yourself? Or if not...If you are shy, inhibited, unable to communicate, deranged, pessimistic, unable to talk about your heart, yourself or your personal life. You can still apply to join NAF but in the end you will have to pen yourself, that is your challenge. It is an open demand, you cannot hide. If you want to engage with people and community, to express the comedy and tragedy of life and you are prepared to work hard...You are free to play a lame duck, but not to be one. It's better to work with lots of people - it's not a good idea to enter because you want a relationship. If you identify with being negative, have depressions, then maybe this is not for you...But, If, underneath it all you have a desire to notice your change...You need to become a freely expressing individual, who can communicate emotionally in such a way that is not always accompanied by depression, anger, annihilation. We're trying to move from here to a more positive, bright place from where we can access our depths which are sacred, scared and scarred. You are encouraged to continually move out of your inertia. If you feel, "I really want to work in this way!" then, it's a life's work - a work for life - not a course or something else to learn. To accept ones self as a way of life, is to encourage one to create. If you are one of these people. You must be a Fool. If you are negative, you must encourage yourself to flip and realise you can turn. Be a fool and take risk. You will dis--cover Theatre, dis--cover what it can be. Dis--cover Theatre in a present form. If you can understand that you are all the world and all the world is you...If you think this work is for you, then you must be a fool. You …………(insert name)……………………………………..are invited to The Eternal Great Beginning 17th and 18th of December 2011, Spilsby Theatre, Lincolnshire. So, express your interest and find out more by contacting me. Joanne Tremarco, Nomadic Academy of Fools. Email: joanne.tremarco@nomadicacademyoffools.com Find a link to the Nomadic Academy of Fools under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm
"The Comical Body Workshop, Atelier fur physisches Theatre, Berlin. November 25th - 27th. What makes us laugh? What makes an action or a body dynamic or comical? The comic is a strange alchemy of creativity and the mechanics of movement. The workshop is an intensive tour through the rules of comedy and the absurd, comic creation in the style of Jacque Tati. For more information visit the web site." Mina Tinaburri, Artistic Director, Atelier für physisches Theatre (APT). Find a link to APT under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm
"Clown Masterclass, Nouveau Clown Institute, Barcelona, Spain. March 7th to 17th, 2012. The Nouveau Clown Institute presents its first masterclass session of the winter and spring 2012 program: The Clown Tribe of a New Paradigm is a unique opportunity to train for 10 days with two of the leading teachers of the N.C.I., Johnny Melville & Jango Edwards - who are veterans of stage and screen with thousands of hours of performing experience and success, and who still perform around the globe as comedy surges through their blood and love through their hearts. The tribe birthing "A Family Affair" runs March 7th - 11. This first week begins with Johnny with a focus on communication, contact and caring- five days of group building techniques and sensitivity training, explorations into personal energy and how to develop it and use it in performance and character building to arrive at a deep and invigorating transformation. The very things in fact that he believes should be taught to us in schools. How to live, laugh and love. At the end of the five days Johnny will take the group out in an open improvisation and fun is guaranteed. The tribe in production runs March 13th - 17th as Jango Edwards adopts the group and molds their energies with his own brand of craziness, an experience which liberates and inspires all those who come near his driving ambition - that people realize their clown potential and surf the infinities of the laugh maker. Be it animal, vegetable or mineral each student will be guided through the various elements towards their own divine right of creating magic in the form of clown. The final night will result in a spectacular and unforgettable performance by the clown tribe for a live audience at a theater in Barcelona. For info and reservations contact Cristina." (Photo right: Jango Edwards & Johnny Melville) Email: nouveauclown@gmail.com
"Cirque du Soleil Auditions, Zip Zap Circus School, Cape Town, South Africa. Nov 7th. Let your talent shine. Cirque du Soleil is seeking new talent for its current show and upcoming creations so they are holding auditions in Cape Town for circus performers, all disciplines - especially breakdancers, tumblers and acrobats. The venue is the Zip Zap Dome, Founders Garden, Jan Smuts Road, Foreshore. Pre-screening is required at the Zip Zap Circus with Jose do Rego before the date 7 November 2011. For more information, please contact Jose do Rego at Zip Zap Circus School. For more information and contact details please visit the web site." Brent van Rensburg, Artistic Director, Zip Zap Circus School. Find a link to Zip Zap Circus School under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

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