August 2009

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - August 2009

    CircoArts, Professional Circus and Physical Theatre Training, New Zealand 
   Melbourne Juggling Convention, Collingwood College, Australia
   Angels Can Fly - Anecdote: Playspace Studio
   10 Week Improvisation Course at Covert Theatre, Auckland, NZ  
Stand Up Comedy Nights for Newcomers, Christchurch, New Zealand
   Bodyweather Weekend Workshop with Tess de Quincey, Melbourne, Aus
   Auditions for Clown Conservatory Program 2010, San Francisco, USA
   Clown Devising Workshop and Performance with Jon Davison, London, UK 
   Physical Theatre Performers to Collaborate on New Work, Cumbria, UK
   Body Weather 5-day Workshop with Frank van de Ven, Amsterdam
   Free Professional Training for Young Circus Artists with Paolo Stratta, Italy
   Street Arts and Circus Arts Conference at FiraTàrrega 2009, Spain

   Street Performers Required Urgently for Street Performers Festival, Thailand 

   Newsletter Subscriptions
   Newsletter Advertising and Artmedia Site Promotion

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Artmedia News

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Welcome to the August 2009 edition of the Artmedia physical theatre newsletter, your e-publication with an Australasian focus and a global perspective, now in its eighth year and reaching over 2,500 subscribers.

In the Sponsorship this month we welcome CircoArts, 'the creative circus school' in Christchurch, New Zealand with information on their two-year full time course, Diploma in Circus Arts. This is the 13th year of the Circus Arts and Physical Theatre training programme, which is part of the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology. The two-year programme offers well-rounded preparation for a physical performance career.

This month we include another of the anecdotes from Angels Can Fly, this time on the evolution of Playspace Studio and the importance of play in the art of Clown.

In the Features, the Melbourne Juggling Convention is only a month away. This is the largest event of its kind in Australia, where circus enthusiasts and performers can develop and showcase their talents. This annual event is being held September 18 - 21 at Collingwood College.

In Networking we have information on the last Art of Improvisation course for 2009 at Covert Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand. The course runs every Monday night for 10 weeks and is open to non-performers. In Christchurch, monthly stand up comedy nights with slots for newcomers start August 26th at Next Door. They encourage anyone who's thought about it to give it a go in this supportive environment.

In Melbourne, Australia, Tess de Quincey is leading a September 4th weekend Bodyweather Workshop. The workshop is open for any level of experience, but booking is essential. And in the US, Clown Conservatory in San Francisco are holding auditions for next year's class, so if interested contact them immediately. International students are welcome.

As part of the International Clown Research Project in the UK, Jon Davison is giving a Clown Devising Workshop and Performance in mid-September. If you're in London, you are welcome to participate. And Off The Rails, based in Cumbria, are calling for freelance performers (experienced and emerging) to create new work. They are especially interested in artists from a physical theatre and visual theatre background, but be quick as the application deadline is August 21st.

In Amsterdam, Katerina Bakatsaki and Frank van de Ven are offering a 5-day Body Weather Intensive. This introductory workshop starts October 12th.Paolo Stratta and Scuola di Cirko Vertigo in Turin, Italy are offering a free vocational training course for the Contemporary Circus Artist. This 2-year course includes training in a contemporary circus company in Italy and abroad. The application deadline is September 4th.

In Spain, a Street Arts and Circus Arts Conference is being held as part of the FiraTàrrega 2009 Festival. Running from September 10th -13th, there will be a seminar to discuss the street arts in the European context, a 'Quebecois showcase' and a roundtable on the theme 'Street arts and circus arts' .And street performers are urgently required for the Bangkok Street Performers Festival in Thailand. The festival is 3 days in mid-December. If you're interested, please contact them immediately.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the physical theatre community, so send us information for inclusion in this newsletter, and please also forward this to someone else who may be interested.

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Artmedia Network News

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Australian Recreational Centre for Aerial Arts (ARCAA) offer flying trapeze, silks and clown skills. http://www.artmedia.com.au/aerial_arts.htm
Theatre LOTE provide innovative Bilingual Performances for schools and festivals.
http://www.theatrelote.com.au (Photo left: Theatre LOTE)

Artmedia have information on Moontan.  http://www.artmedia.net.nz
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances and projects. http://www.artmedia.com.au/broadway.htm  
Aerialize have information on their aerial theatre classes and projects in Sydney. http://www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm

Visit our seven pages of links, one each for  Festivals , Training, Resources, Circus and Clown , and Physical Theatre , and two pages of Performers links.

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Sponsor:   CircoArts 'the Creative Circus School', New Zealand

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How about full time study of Circus and Physical Theatre with lashings of Comedy?   


Do you know someone who’s ready and hanging out for serious Circus and Physical Theatre education?

Don’t miss this opportunity to help yourself or someone else step into a dynamic career path.

CircoArts has 13 years of experience helping a wide range of young physical performers get ready for hitting the streets, clubs, corporate events, festivals, youth circus training programmes, traditional bigtop companies, and dance / theatre groups, with their own unique brand of circus, theatre, clown and comedy.

Godfrey Sim, the programme leader says:

“This isn’t just a ‘training’…. you get an education here! There’s a big difference between studying a rounded holistic curriculum and getting circus skills from a part time training programme.  Generating performance from concept through research and development of that idea to a physical performance that integrates circus skills into a strong performance medium is core to our programme. It first requires in the student a desire to communicate ‘through the body’”.

CircoArts is in CPIT, (the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology) in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. Australians pay local fees and enjoy cheap trans-Tasman airfares (recently specials of less than $150 NZD).

Enquire now about our two-year full time Diploma in Circus Arts course from:

EMAIL: design@cpit.ac.nz

PHONE: +64 3 9408061

WEBSITE: http://www.cpit.ac.nz/subjects/circoarts


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Feature: Angels Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide a textbook for a fast changing art form

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Angels can Fly includes a mix of fiction which follows the adventures of ten clown characters, some personal clown anecdotes from clowns around the world, a total of 50 practical clown exercises, and some theory on the nature of modern clown. The book is available on order through bookshops and online stores in New Zealand, Australia, America and England.
Anecdote: Playspace Studio

In writing the blurb for the first evening class in clown which I taught in Oslo, Norway in 1981, I came up with the following paragraph: "The clown plays spontaneously in each moment, without thought to the consequences of his actions, like a child. His freedom lies in the fact that no-one takes him seriously." This idea of play has been central to my clown work ever since, and when I first established a clown school in Auckland, in 1983, I called it Playspace Studio.
   As the work of Playspace Studio evolved, through the eventual relocation to Sydney in 1998, and the subsequent work with full year Circus and Clown training, play has been central to my work.
   What has been even more important however has been developing a teaching practice. While many clowns teach workshops, there are only a handful of clown teachers in the world, because we need to make a practice of something, before we have enough experience to do more than simply imitate our own teachers.
   This book was written and revised over a period of three years. I initially conceived it with exercises, but in my early drafting of the book, cut these out because they seemed a little pretentious. A couple of years later I realised the exercises were an essential complement to the rest of the book, and I sat down and wrote them in three months.
   They went in like clockwork, because these are the exercises that I use again and again in my teaching practice. I know and love them inside out, but because I have worked with them again and again, this work has taught me that it is quite important how the exercises are applied, and it is for this reason that I have included coaching tips to guide the work.
   I always encourage clowns who want to teach to get out there and do it, because we've got to do it to learn, but I also suggest you find a practise in your teaching by honouring the work enough to keep doing it, and to keep developing the art form.

Clown Classes at Playspace

Clown is an art form which has existed for thousands of years, and undergone a revolution in recent times, as it made the leap back from circus into theatre, giving birth to 'new clown' and physical theatre. These courses take a broad view of clown, which allows students room to develop their own unique style.
Each day starts with a yoga warmup, followed by exercises to develop physical and emotional expression, and improvisational exercises to develop comic timing and audience rapport. The workshops will make interactive use of the street environment to develop audience rapport and clown skills.

You can find more information on Playspace Studio at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/playspac.htm  

Alan studied clown in Sweden in 1977 and has taught and performed extensively in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America. He is founder of Playspace Studio, a physical theatre training centre in Sydney. Over the past 14 years the training centre has gained international recognition for a uniquely irreverent Australasian approach to clown.

"Clown is a fascinating, diverse, complex and exciting art form, which has existed around the planet for thousands of years. Like any art form it has to evolve to stay relevant to the culture nurturing it, and at the same time, and by its very nature, clown teases and turns upside down the cultural patterns and boundaries around us."

You can find the paperback on Amazon by following this link: http://tinyurl.com/9nrwj And check out more information at:  www.alanclay.com where you can still get a free copy of the e-Book.

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Feature: Melbourne Juggling Convention, September 18 - 21, Collingwood College, Victoria 

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The Melbourne Juggling Convention is an action-packed event for circus enthusiasts and performers to develop and showcase their talents. Held annually at the Collingwood College gymnasiums and on-site theatre, the convention will feature workshops by experienced circus instructors, two professional public shows, two renegade shows, juggling Olympics, environmentally green beer and delicious vegetarian food.

The 2009 convention is a four-day extravaganza of ball and club juggling, hat manipulation, yoga, cigar boxes, hula-hoop, poi, passing, staff twirling, unicycling, feldenkrais, bounce juggling, contact, siteswap, skipping, devil stick and acrobalance. Juggling is just the beginning! One of the workshop facilitators will be our special guest Matt Hall, internationally-acclaimed ‘Juggle Sensei,’ flying direct from the United States. A Japanese teacher by profession, Matt’s amiable, approachable manner and enthusiasm for all things juggling is highly infectious.
Now in its third year, the Melbourne Juggling Convention has become the largest event of its kind in Australia. Steadily growing each year, the convention now attracts more than 250 participants from all over the world. People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities come together to teach, be taught, devise, perform, or just have a whole lot of fun.
Renegade Shows: Friday 18th & Sunday 20th, 8pm        Public Shows: Saturday 19, 2pm & 8pm 

Location: Collingwood College, Cromwell St, Collingwood, Victoria

Tickets on sale now at   http://www.mjc.juggling.net.au/
See the website for more information, including a full list of workshops: http://www.mjc.juggling.net.au/ 
Contact  Christian Parr     Email:
mjcinfo@gmail.com     Website: http://www.mjc.juggling.net.au/

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"Improvisation Course, Covert Theatre, Auckland, NZ. 31st August - 2nd November. The final Art of Improvisation course for 2009 starts on 31st August. The Art of Improvisation is a ten-week course that teaches basic improv skills and performance technique. Learn the skills that are the most valuable tools any actor, writer, comedian or any person can possess. You don't have to be a performer to do this course. Awaken the creative artist within and discover that to improvise is to free yourself. (No workshop 26 Oct - Labour Day). For complete details and contact information, please visit our web site." Covert Theatre Company. Find a link to Covert Theatre under Physical Theatre at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm

"Stand Up Comedy Nights for Newbies, Next Door, Christchurch, New Zealand. Starts August 26th.
Thought about doing stand up? There is a new series of monthly Comedy nights starting up in Christchurch at Next Door (formerly the Loaded Hog on Cashel and Manchester|). These nights are targeting people who are new to the world of stand up comedy and wanting to give it a go in a supportive environment as well as featuring more established comedians as well. I encourage anyone you know who has thought of getting up on stage to please contact me. Our first night will be Wednesday the 26th August. I have a couple of slots available if anyone is keen to give it a go. The spots are 5-7mins long each. I know it's a scary prospect for most people but once people have been up they often find the experience like no other and are very keen to get back up there. Please visit my web site for full contact details." Javier Jarquin. Find a link to Jav Jarquin under Standup at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links6.htm

"Bodyweather Intensive Weekend Workshop, Melbourne, Australia. September 4th - 6th. Led by Tess de Quincey, this exploratory weekend workshop is open to participants with any level of experience. Bookings are essential as places are limited. For more information and bookings please visit the web site." Tess de Quincey. (Photo right: Bodyweather, Tess de Quincey) Find a link to Bodyweather under Training at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Auditions for Comprehensive Training Program, Clown Conservatory, San Francisco, USA. We have slots still open in our class for next year. Applicants for the Class of 2010 should contact Peggy Ford immediately. International students are welcome! For more information and contact details visit our web site." Jeff Raz, Director, Clown Conservatory. Find a link to Clown Conservatory under Training at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Clown Devising Workshop and Performance, International Clown Research Project, Jon Davison, London, UK. Rehearsal dates September 16th - 23rd (approximately) exact times to be arranged. "An Encyclopaedia of Clown" is a performance designed to test, compare and demonstrate the wide variety of forms and structures in clown performance. The performance will be created by myself, with your help, and premiered at the Festival of Emergent Art (Central School of Speech and Drama's postgraduate festival). We will use the long list of ways of devising we have worked on in workshops this year to create between 25 and 50 short gags. You are all welcome to participate. This workshop and performance is part of the 3-year International Clown Research Project. You can find more information and contact details on the web site." Jon Davison, Research Fellow/Clown, CSSD. Find a link to International Clown Research Project under Training at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Freelance Performers (experienced and emerging) to Create New Work, Off The Rails, Cumbria, UK. Application deadline August 21st.Off The Rails, based in Cumbria, create New Work (spanning experimental theatre, performance art, environmental art, video, installation, multi-disciplinary practices, multi-media work and art-activism) through collaborating with young people, adult communities and other artists. We are seeking several Freelance New Work Makers (experienced and emerging) who have experience or interest in creating New Work with young people in participatory/collaborative contexts. We are particularly interested in hearing from artists from a physical theatre and visual theatre background, involved in multi-disciplinary and experimental practices. Practitioners will be required throughout the year, mostly at the weekend. Fees include hourly rate and travel allowance. The use of a car and willingness to travel are essential. Please note that successful applicants will be subject to CRB checks. Contact us for details on how to apply. Visit the web site for more information." Gary Gardiner, Off The Rails. Find a link to Off The Rails under Physical Theatre at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm

"Body Weather 5-day Intensive Workshop, Katerina Bakatsaki and Frank van de Ven, Amsterdam. October 12th - 16th. Body Weather is a comprehensive training and performance practice that investigates the intersections of bodies and their environments. Bodies are not conceived as fixed and separate entities but are - just like the weather - constantly changing through an infinite and complex system of processes occurring in- and outside of these bodies. This introductory workshop proposes a re-examination of the habitual body and it's accompanying mental structures as a means of indicating and reflecting upon possible areas of change in the perception and the actual state of our own body and that of others. As a training, Body Weather is of relevance to anyone interested in exploring the body and physical presence and can be aligned to various dance and theatre practices. See the website for complete details." Frank van de Ven. Find a link to Body Weather Amsterdam under Training at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Free Professional Training Course for Circus Artists, Paolo Stratta, Turin, Italy. Application deadline September 4th. The vocational training course for Contemporary Circus Artist, organized by Forcoop Agency with the headmastership of Paolo Stratta, is a 2-year course, 1200 hours per year, with compulsory attendance, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. 360 hours will be set aside for compulsory training in a contemporary circus company in Italy and abroad. During the course you will study many circus disciplines: acrobatic, modern dance, juggling, drama, clown, trapeze and aerial tissue, aerial hoop, balance, hand standing, hand-to-hand with high level professional teachers coming from Russia, Brazil, Italy, France, and Albania. The course will be free for pupils who pass selection and finish the two years course. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a school leaving certificate. Auditions for admission will be held at 10am September 15th and 23rd at the Scuola di Cirko Vertigo, Parco Culturale Le Serre, Via Tiziano Lanza 31, Grugliasco (TO/ Italy). For full application details visit our web site." Paolo Stratta, Scuola di Cirko Vertigo.  (Photo left: Scuola di Cirko Vertigo)  Find a link to Scuola di Cirko Vertigo under Training at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Street Arts and Circus Arts Conference, FiraTàrrega 2009, Tàrrega, Spain. September 10th -13th. In addition to spectacular programs, FiraTàrrega 2009 will host a conference for professionals. This conference is the third in a series of street art and circus technical meetings that FiraTàrrega and the Business Development Service (SDE) of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries (ICIC) have programmed during this year. Meridians, the European network for the performing arts in non-conventional venues, is holding a one-day seminar on September 10th to discuss the street arts in the European context. This will include a video documentary on the creations produced by the network in 2008. On September 11 there will be a roundtable on the theme 'Street arts and circus arts', with the participation of Quebecois performing arts representatives. This roundtable is organised as part of the 'Quebecois showcase' to present the Quebecois street arts and circus arts, and to enable Catalan and Quebecois professionals to meet. These meetings are open to all professionals registered at FiraTàrrega. For more information please visit our web site." Board of FiraTàrrega. Find a link to FiraTàrrega 2009 under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm

"Street Performers Urgently Required, Bangkok Street Performers Festival, Thailand. The Bangkok Street Performers Festival is 3 days in mid-December and they are looking for all kinds of performers (even simple aerial). They provide transport, accommodation and performance fees. If you're interested, contact Ms. Parn immediately. See their web site for contact details." Jerry, New Circus Asia. Find a link to Bangkok Street Performers Festival under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm

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