November 2009

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - November 2009

   Angels Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide

  2010 Clown Retreat with Alan Clay, Wanganui, New Zealand

   Clown Workshop with Clare Bartholomew, Melbourne, Australia
   Paid Extras for Feature Film, Butterfly Crush, Sydney, Australia

   Physical Performers for Schools Tour, Ugly Shakespeare Company, New Zealand
   Applications for STAB Commissions at BATS Theatre, Wellington, NZ
   Seeking Head of Contemporary Dance, NZ School of Dance, Wellington
   Movement Workshop for Performance led by Anna Yen, Brisbane, Aus
   Clown Workshop with Laura Herts, 5th New Circus Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
   Character and Ensemble Clowning with Suzanne Santos, San Francisco, US
   Seeking Movement and Physical Development (Yoga) Trainer, London, UK
   Call for Proposals and Shows, Austrian Women’s Clown Festival, Vienna
   Corporeal Mime Workshop with Thomas Leabhart, Pas de Dieux, Paris, France

   Newsletter Subscriptions
   Newsletter Advertising and Artmedia Site Promotion

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Artmedia News

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Welcome to the November 2009 edition of the Artmedia physical theatre newsletter, your e-publication with an Australasian focus and a global perspective, now in its eighth year and reaching over 2,500 subscribers.

As you know, Artmedia is producing a feature film about a singing and dancing duo, Butterfly Crush, based on Alan Clay's second novel, Dance Sisters. Following our call last month for extras for the film, we have received many expressions of interest, but there are still a few places available. We are looking for extras to feature in the opening scene of the movie, which will be shot at Circular Quay in Sydney, on Saturday November 28. More info below in the features.

I use the Sponsorship this month to promote my book, Angels Can Fly, a user guide for anyone wanting to explore and develop the modern clown. I have included two excerpts from the book to give you a taste of what the book has to offer.

In the Playspace section, I have set the dates for my June 2010 Clown Retreat. This is a great opportunity to get away from it all and reconnect with the playful, inquisitive, cheeky, clown spirit in a beautiful outdoor setting, overlooking the mouth of the Wanganui river.

In the Features we have information on the latest workshop from Clare Bartholomew in Melbourne. This workshop of exploration using improv, games and exercises is geared toward experienced performers (not necessarily in clowning), who want to discover their clown. The workshop runs from December 14th to 18th. Places are limited, so get your expression of interest in soon.

In Networking we have information on auditions for a tour of New Zealand schools with the Ugly Shakespeare Company. They require male actors with physical theatre skills and an empathy with teens. The auditions will be held in Auckland, the deadline for applications is December 15th. STAB 2010 is a funding programme for innovative performance run by BATS Theatre in Wellington. BATS describe STAB as 'a great seeding ground for new work and new ideas." Applications close November 30th. Also in Wellington, the New Zealand School of Dance is seeking a Head of Contemporary Dance. They require someone with a comprehensive dance performance background, leadership and management skills. Applications close November 27th.

A Movement Workshop for Performance is being offered by Anna Yen in Brisbane, Australia starting December 14th. Inspired by the work of Monika Pagneux and Moshe Feldenkrais, the workshop is designed to expand physical possibilities, playfulness, presence and ensemble skills. In Croatia, the 5th New Circus Festival is being held in Zagreb. As part of the festival they are offering a Clown Workshop with Laura Herts - 'Getting to Clown Mind through the Body' on November 28th. Through movement, voice, play and improvisation the participants will reach the clown in themselves.

Suzanne Santos is offering her Character and Ensemble Clowning Workshop in San Francisco (USA),  December 5th & 6th. The workshop is for anyone who wants to further develop a clown character or for birthing a new clown persona, using mask technique, improvisation, physical expression, and commedia dell'arte. In the UK a new London-based organization is offering part time work for a Movement and Physical Development (Yoga) Trainer. This is a development opportunity for someone with an entrepreneurial and ambitious spirit. Application closes November 30th.

The Women’s Clown Festival in Vienna, Austria is calling for proposals for their next festival being held November 26th to December 4th 2010. They want to provide panel discussions, workshops and shows that demonstrate the diversity of the female clown genre and promote international exchange between the artists. Proposals can be submitted until March 31st. And in France, the Pas de Dieux Physical Theatre have invited Thomas Leabhart to present his Corporeal Mime – Technique Etienne Decroux workshop as part of The Body's Journey, a series of technical workshops organized by Pas de Dieux. The Paris workshop will run from January 4th to 8th for eight hours each day.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the physical theatre community, so send us information for inclusion in this newsletter, and please also forward this to someone else who may be interested.

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Artmedia Network News

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Theatre LOTE provide innovative Bilingual Performances for schools and festivals.
http://www.theatrelote.com.au Artmedia have information on Moontan.  http://www.artmedia.net.nz
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances and projects.
Aerialize have information on their aerial theatre classes and projects in Sydney.
http://www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm (Photo left: Aerialize - triple trapeze)

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Sponsor: Angels Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide a textbook for a fast changing art form

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The traditional approach to teaching clown is routine or gag based and this sits uncomfortably both with the teaching practices in modern performing arts education and with today's audiences. Angels Can Fly is a textbook for this fast changing art form, as clown escapes from the circus to perform in theatres and streets. 
The book includes a total of 50 practical clown exercises appropriate for workshops or performance, developed by Alan Clay through 30 years of teaching. Specific prerequisites to any exercise are detailed in each chapter.
There are warm-up and introductory exercises in the early chapters, mid-session or mid-course exercises in the middle chapters, and more performance-oriented exercises, and relaxation exercises, in the final chapters. The exercises have all been coded for individual exploration, for work in pairs, for workshop use, or for use in a performance setting, or for some combination of these.
Here are two excerpts from Angels Can Fly: 
Excerpt from Preface: Magic Theatre

When I first read Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf, I was impressed with the section where the hero enters a door marked ‘Magic Theatre, Not for Everybody’, and I think this a useful preface to the exercises in this book.

Clown exercises are not for everybody, and you undertake any of these experiences at your own risk, because a lot of the work encourages a letting go of the self, that may be harmful to some people with psychiatric disorders. Many of the exercises also require strict implementation, as outlined in the coaching tips in each exercise, to be most effective.

The exercises have also been arranged in an order which I have found best facilitates their implementation, so that the necessary development has already occurred, to get the most out of the new work.

Specific prerequisites to any exercise are detailed in each chapter.

You will find warm-up and introductory exercises in the early chapters, mid-session or mid-course exercises in the middle chapters, and more performance-oriented exercises, and relaxation exercises, in the final chapters.

So for any workshop session, it is best to take an exercise from the start, one from the middle and one from the end, for a well-rounded workshop structure.

It is also assumed that a good physical warm up, of some description, would also be included at the start of any session and prior to any of these exercises, so that our bodies are available for the work and we are not carrying tensions or blocks which might cause injury.

The exercises have all been coded for INDIVIDUAL exploration, for work in PAIRs, for WORKSHOP use, or for use in a PERFORMANCE setting, or for some combination of these.


Excerpt from CHAPTER 1: Go Your Own Path

Welcome to Angels can Fly. This book has been a long time in evolution in my life, because it brings together a number of threads from my clown work, my fiction writing, my theatre teaching, and my spiritual growth. Yet, as I set out on the journey of writing this story, I know there are many ways of doing it, and no one right way, and so I have to cast myself into the unknown of each blank page, to achieve any progress whatsoever.

Similarly I encourage you to surrender yourself to the book, and to read through it in any order you choose. You may wish to read from start to finish, or dip into the chapters at random. You may see it as a novel on the human condition, a clown textbook, a philosophical treatise, or a memoir or oral history. Please go your own path with this work and make it your own. 
It is the same with modern clown, for we each have to go our own way with the art. Pierre Byland, a clown teacher from Switzerland, surveyed the students coming to his clown school over a number of years and asked them why they wanted to work with clown. He reported at a forum on teaching clown in Amsterdam in 1999, that no two answers to this question were ever the same, and deduced from this that 'clown is a different thing to each person'.

By extension, with so many people doing it, it must be a pretty big thing to encompass so many different facets, so more than in any other art form; there is no 'right' way to do it. This however is a modern view of the art form, for we tend to associate clown with a few classic characters which have come down to us through recent circus tradition.

Clown is an art form which far predates the circus, and is in fact thousands of years old, existing as far as I have been able to tell, in every culture on the planet through the ages, so it obviously also serves an important social function.

Like any art form it has to evolve to stay relevant to the culture nurturing it, and with the huge changes in society over recent years, there has been a corresponding growth in the clown art form. This book is an attempt to chart that change, promote that process by providing a context or reference points for thinking on the subject, and also to provoke discussion.

"Clown is a fascinating, diverse, complex and exciting art form, which has existed around the planet for thousands of years. Like any art form it has to evolve to stay relevant to the culture nurturing it, and at the same time, and by its very nature, clown teases and turns upside down the cultural patterns and boundaries around us."

You can find the paperback on Amazon by following this link: http://tinyurl.com/9nrwj or order directly from Artmedia. And check out more information at:  www.alanclay.com where you can still get a free copy of the e-Book.

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Feature: Extra Roles in Butterfly Crush, Sydney, November 28th

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Artmedia is producing a feature film about a singing and dancing duo, Butterfly Crush, based on Alan Clay's second novel, Dance Sisters. Following our call last month for extras for the film, we have received many expressions of interest, but there are still a few places available.
We are shooting the opening scene to the movie at Circular Quay on Saturday November 28th and we require a large group of extras to play people rioting through a street theatre performance by our lead singers. 
These roles are extras roles and we are happy to pay $120 for the Saturday.
You can find more information on the project at www.artmedia.net.nz. The main characters are currently developing an online profile which tells the backstory to the film and you can find these podcasts on the links below.

Moana and Eva are a song and dance duo which is up for the Australasian Song Awards; however Eva has become involved in a cult, which is into virtual-dreaming. In her struggle to rescue Eva and keep Butterfly Crush in the Awards, Moana is lured into the cult by a young member, Matt. However as this relationship develops, Moana instead attracts him to leave, and also secures Eva’s participation in the Awards, which Butterfly Crush then go on to win

As this shoot is on this Saturday, please phone our Production Co-ordinator, Simon English, on 0403942441 if you are interested in participating as an extra.

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Feature:    Clown Workshop with Clare Bartholomew, December 14th - 18th, Melbourne

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Wanna be stupid onstage, without being a dunce?

Spend a week with Clare Bartholomew . . .

in the idiot world of clown

With a focus on group work in improvisation, games, exercises and also solo and duet exploration, performers will each find their own ‘clown’ relationships and characters and discover different techniques that work for them. Emphasis will be on the playfulness and complicite between performers onstage and their joy at being ‘seen’ by the audience.

Clare Bartholomew - The Business, (Comedy Festival Foreign Exchange Award. Best Comedy - Melbourne Fringe, The British Council Oz Export Award), The Clown Doctors and producer of Die Roten Punkte (Best Production – Montreal Fringe, Greenroom Award - Best Production {cabaret}).
Clare has taught clown master classes for the Tasmanian Circus Festival and for Victoria University, The Starlight Foundation, Slipstream Circus, Westside Circus and The Women’s Circus.

This workshop is for experienced performers who may have a variety of performance backgrounds; it is not necessary to have a history with ‘clown’. 

            When: December 14th - 18th       Time: 10am - 4pm     Where: Dancehouse, 150 Princes Street, North Carlton

HOW TO APPLY?  Send expression of interest and a very short biog to:  info@bighairyproductions.com.au   or call 0411 260 811
COST – Early bird special! $500 ($100 deposit in by November 20th will secure your position upon acceptance)
After November 20th $600 ($100 deposit required to secure your position upon acceptance)

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Playspace: Clown Retreat with Alan Clay

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Clown Retreat 2010 - Wanganui, New Zealand  
Wednesday June 9th to Saturday June 13th (5 days) 10am to 4pm each day.

Reconnect with the playful, inquisitive, cheeky, clown spirit in a beautiful outdoor setting, overlooking the mouth of the Wanganui river. Following the last two clown retreats in Wanganui, we find that the relaxed atmosphere and secluded environment means that students get more out of the contact hours and can also process and discuss the work outside of the class.

Modern clown is less character based and more interactive than traditional clown, it is less about hiding behind make-up and more about revealing our true selves, and less about routine based entertainment and more about spontaneous artistic expression. We need training and tools to facilitate these new skills in our work, and this workshop aims to give participants a way of working which supports this process.
The fees include six nights accommodation with kitchen facilities. The Clown Retreat will be held in a secluded studio within reach of breathtaking west coast beaches, bush walks and jet boat or canoe expeditions, but still handy to good coffee and all the facilities.

The workshop is aimed at those with a professional interest in clown. It is suitable both for beginners and for those with experience, and it functions best with this mix in the class. There will be a minimum of four and maximum of eight on the workshop.

NZ$800 including 6 nights accommodation with kitchen facilities.  $600 Price-buster (by Apr 5) $700 Earlybird (by May 17) $800 Full. (All fees and deposits are non-refundable) email: clown at artmedia.com.au to hold a place or make enquiries about this workshop.

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"Physical Theatre Performers (male)) for Schools Tour, Ugly Shakespeare Company , Auckland, NZ. Applications close 15 December. In 2010 The Ugly Shakespeare Company will celebrate 15 years of bringing quality theatre experiences to over 40,000 young New Zealanders each year. We are looking for 3 males actors who are available for 5 months (Feb - July) to continue our strong tradition in this very special year. We not only require actors with a strong comedic and physical theatre background, but also those not scared of Shakespeare, nor of committing to four and a half months on the road in a truck touring the country from top to bottom. Salary and on road costs are covered, as well as support from Auckland. All bookings in place by the time you hit the road. Auditions will consist of an individual interview /audition then a possible call back to work with others. Please send a one page CV with a photo (under 1mb please) before December 15th." Richard Green, He Waka Eke Noa Charitable Trust  Email: onroad@ugly.org.nz  Find a link to Ugly Shakespeare Company under Youth Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links5.htm
"Funding for innovative performance, STAB Commissions at BATS Theatre, Wellington, NZ.  2010 STAB commission closing date 30th November. With STAB 2009 in full swing, we hope the creative juices are flowing, people are being inspired, and ideas for next year’s STAB shows are being formulated... We’re keen to get the word out to all New Zealanders involved in dance, theatre, opera, music, film, magic, interactive media – pretty much any performance medium!  BATS Theatre welcomes all who want to try out new ideas to apply for the 2010 STAB Commission. 2010 is the fifteenth year of the STAB Commission and season at BATS Theatre and WE WANT YOU! Creative New Zealand funds BATS to commission 2 or 3 performance works from around New Zealand which pioneer new examples of theatrical innovation. STAB is a great seeding ground for new work and new ideas, we like to think... 2008 STAB show Apollo 13: Mission Control was announced within the 2010 NZ International Arts Festival, and 2007 STAB show The Kreutzer was in both the Auckland and Christchurch Festivals this year. The works can be thought up and created anywhere in New Zealand, and will premiere in Wellington. Come pitch your vision to BATS and potentially be commissioned to turn it into a cutting edge performance experience in Oct/Nov 2010. We’ve made some changes to STAB 2010 – there is more lead in time, and more money. We’d love to have you stretch your theatrical muscles with us! Expressions of interest forms are due at BATS by 5pm Monday 30 November 2009. For more information and expression of interest forms, contact Steph at Bats. Visit our web site for contact details." Steph Walker, BATS Theatre. Find a link to BATS Theatre under Resources at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links8.htm

"Head of Contemporary Dance, NZ School of Dance, Wellington, NZ. Application closes 27th November. The New Zealand School of Dance is looking for a dynamic, accomplished and organised leader and teacher to take on the key role of Head of Contemporary Dance, commencing Start 11 January 2010. The New Zealand School of Dance is one of the world’s leading dance conservatoires, and has spent the last 42 years delivering a programme that is both creatively stimulating and technically stringent. The School is accredited to deliver a tertiary-level Certificate and Diploma in Dance Performance, and students choose to major in either Classical Ballet or Contemporary Dance. Priority will be given to candidates who have the following attributes: comprehensive dance performance background; a strong personal profile in the New Zealand and international dance world; a minimum of five years continuous employment within an internationally-recognised conservatoire; strong connections in the dance world both nationally and internationally and the ability to leverage these connections; proven leadership and management skills; solid administration and organisational skills; a post-graduate qualification (or proven commitment to pursuing further education). Email your letter of application addressing the required attributes and your CV by Nov 27th. For more information about the New Zealand School of Dance, and contact details go to our website." Garry Trinder, Director, New Zealand School of Dance. Find a link to New Zealand School of Dance under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Movement Workshop for Performance led by Anna Yen, Brisbane, Australia. 14th - 18th December. This workshop is for performers, directors, movement and drama teachers & students. We will focus on playfulness, presence and complicity. It is inspired by the work of Monika Pagneux, a renowned European theatre teacher, whose quest is to awaken the performer, inviting the attentive and joyful performing physical presence that marries risk with vulnerability and self-confidence with authenticity. It combines the Awareness Through Movement work of Moshe Feldenkrais with ensemble exercises and games in innovative ways to assist the performer to expand their creative and physical possibilities, playfulness, presence and ensemble skills. Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 1.30pm, December 14-18. Early Bird $210, if paid by November 23, 2009. For more information and contact details, please visit the PlayMoves web site." Anna Yen. Find a link to PlayMoves under Training at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links7.htm

"Clown Workshop with Laura Herts, 5th New Circus Festival, Zagreb, Croatia. November 28th. Getting to Clown Mind through the Body - a workshop with Laura Herts is for professional and amateur actors, dancers, circus artists, comedians, theater instructors, educators and others. The workshop was designed as a search of the path towards laughter. Its goal is to empower the participants of the workshop and help them find a unique comical world while using their imperfections and absurdity as strength, and also by giving a theatrical dimension to ridiculousness. Through movement, voice, theatrical play (solo or with the group), through improvisation in an open, calm, and interactive atmosphere, the participants will witness breaking of the barriers of reason and the birth of a clown. Laura Herts explains that a clown is like Zen, when we reach Nirvana, should we try to hold on to it, try to understand it with our intellect, it escapes us. We can only try to find some ways to reach the clown in ourselves and ride the wave. The workshop will start with a physical and spiritual preparative approach by waking up the senses through movement. We will be looking for the relationship between ourselves and the space around us, the movement and the breath, breathing and the voice we enjoy; Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Voice Training and Singing, Breathing and Meditation Exercises, Mime, and Neutral Mask. Through improvisational exercises, we will observe our potential to play, freeing ourselves for greater intimacy and more vivid expression. Participants will begin to observe potential clown moments as they get in touch with their spontaneity, their impulses and pleasure, as well as finding complicity with one another in the group just through simple play. Ultimately, through individual coaching, each of the participants is brought to awareness and performance of his or her own clown. Laura Herts is an eclectic female clown who in her work combines clown with mime and theater. She studied at the Belgium School of Mime-Theatre Lassaad, and in Paris followed the teachings of Jacques Lecoq, Daniel Stein and Philippe Gaulier. Laura teaches actors, clowns and other performers since 1990, and while performing and education artist, toured the entire world. For more information or to register, please visit the web site." New Circus Festival Team. (Photo right: Laura Herts workshop) Find a link to New Circus Festival under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm

"Character and Ensemble Clowning Workshop with Suzanne Santos, San Francisco, US. 5th & 6th December. I am teaching a clowning workshop at the Flying Actor Studio in San Francisco, December 5 and 6 from 10 am to 5 pm. This 2 day intensive clown workshop is for anyone who wants to further develop a clown character that has already been in performance, or for birthing a new clown persona.  We will work solo, as well as in duos and trios, using exercises emphasizing appetites, hierarchy, presence and play. Most importantly, we will work on how you are funny by incorporating mask technique, improvisation, physical expression, and commedia dell arte. Please come prepared with at least one costume, a red nose, a lunch and a notebook. There will be a 30 minute lunch break.  The cost of the workshop is $125.  To sign up please send me an email. The Flying Actor Studio is located at 40 First Street, 3rd Floor in San Francisco. Walking distance from Montgomery and Embarcadero stations. You can find more information and contact details on my web site." Suzanne Santos. Find a link to Suzanne Santos under Clowns at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Opportunity for Movement and Physical Development (Yoga) Trainer, London, UK. Part time (£25k-30k pro rata). Application closes 30 November. We are a new organisation planning to set up a Creative Studio space for people interested in attending well-being classes and actors who are looking for physical and personal development. Based in Shoreditch we want to programme the space with well-being and physical development classes and develop a studio for group movement and acting workshops. This work will also cohere in a community youth programme based on physical well-being, personal development and self-leadership. We are looking for a well-being and physical development partner to join in this venture. You will probably be an experienced yoga practitioner with established classes elsewhere and as well as being able to use the space to teach your discipline you will programme it with other classes (including tai chi, Alexander, Feldenkrais). Probably also with a movement and performance background you will understand the connections between physical embodiment and the personal development of the actor as exemplified in the work of Laban, Michael Chekhov etc. Most crucially you will be someone who understands the importance of these activities to the physical development, health and well-being of young people and their value to acquiring self-leadership and the path to personal success as a young person. This is a development opportunity and will demand an entrepreneurial and ambitious spirit. We're looking for someone passionate about what they do and the possibilities of changing the lives of young people in Hackney. We will negotiate remuneration dependent on discussions. Please make your application by email and let us know why this idea excites your interest and why your skills and experience would make you a great candidate to partner with us." Email:  hoxtonspace at googlemail.com

"Austrian Women’s Clown Festival, Theater Super.Nova and Kosmos Theater, Vienna, Austria. Proposals close March 31st 2010.  Clownin, the biennial Women’s Clown Festival takes place for the third time at Kosmos Theater, Vienna, Nov. 26th - Dec. 4th 2010. As one of only three international biennial women’s clown festivals (Andorra, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna) and following the big success of the festivals in 2006 and 2008 we want again to show the diversity of the genre, deepen networking and promote the international exchange between the artists. On the nine festival days we will show plays of Austrian and international women clowns but we also want to provide a theoretical discourse with international platforms and workshops. We are looking for shows performed only or mainly by women for an adult audience--no shows for children or only acrobatic presentations. We will choose about 12 evening shows and several short numbers (Opening and Cabaret-Program). We are also accepting proposals for panel discussions and workshops until March 31st. You can download an application or find more information on the web site." Pamela Schartner, Clownin Festival Curator. (Photo left: Clownin 2008 © clownin-carolina frank) Find a link to Clowin under Festivals at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links9.htm

"Corporeal Mime Workshop with Thomas Leabhart, Pas de Dieux Physical Theatre, Paris, France. January 4th - 8th. Pas de Dieux with co-directors Leela Alaniz and Won Kim has organized The Body's Journey, a series of technical workshops and theoretical reflections designed to revitalize creativity through the rediscovery of the body as a path of research and creation. As part of this program they have invited the renowned artist Thomas Leabhart to present his Corporeal Mime – Technique Etienne Decroux workshop, which will run from January 4th to 8th 2010, eight hours each day. The workshop will include back exercises, Corporeal Mime technique (scales, counterweights, dynamo-rhythm, figures of style, walks), improvisations and new creations. Thomas Leabhart was a student of Etienne Decroux from 1968 - 1972. He is currently Professor of Theatre and Resident Artist at Pomona College and performs and teaches regularly in France. To find out more or to reserve a space, visit our web site." Leela Alaniz, co-founder, Pas de Dieux Physical Theatre. Find a link to  Pas de Dieux under Physical Theatre at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/links4.htm 

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