August 2005

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - August 2005

  New DVD Release, Free Angels Can Fly DVD Offer

Special Report:
  ICKL Conference, Laban Movement Analysis, London

  Clown Masterclasses, Sydney and Brisbane

  Bill Coleman, Comedy, Action, Stilt Performing, USA

  Centre, Presence, Play, Drop In Training, Melbourne
  Let's Play seeks South East Asian Trainers, Pakistan
  The SideShow Gathering 2005, Wilkes-Barre, USA
  The Boston Babydolls Auditions, Cambridge, USA
  Call for Physical Comedy Performers, Portland, USA
  Hawoth Arts Festival seeks Headline Act, UK

  Production Manager, Commissioned Theatre, Victoria
  Chris Molineux to move to Melbourne from Canada
  Performers with Circus/Acrobatic/Gymnastic Skills, UK

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  Newsletter Advertising and Artmedia site Promotion

Artmedia News

Welcome to the August 2005 edition of the Artmedia physical
theatre newsletter, your e-publication with an Australasian
focus and a global perspective.

Unfortunately I have had a spam filter problem over the past
month, which has resulted in all my e-mails being deleted
before I saw them. I apologise to anyone who has tried to
contact me in this time and, as this problem is now fixed, if
you have sent me mail, could you please re-send it.

In this issue we announce the Angels Can Fly DVD, which
includes two hours of documentary footage of the work of
some of the clowns in the book. The Angels Can Fly DVD
is available free when you purchase the Australian Edition
of the Angels Can Fly paperback direct from Artmedia.

We also have a special report on the ICKL Conference in
London. The ICKL is an international non-profit organization
founded in England in 1959 after Rudolf Laban passed away.
Its members practice the movement analysis and notation
system created by Laban.

In the Playspace section we have more information on the
clown masterclasses coming up in Sydney and Brisbane
next month. The earlybird deadline on these workshops has
been extended to the start of next week, so e-mail me asap
to hold a place at this price.

We Feature Bill 'Stretch' Coleman, all ages comedy, action, 
stilt performing, for your special fair, festival, parade, grand
opening, promotion, sporting or charity event, carnival, art
show, convention or trade show! Anywhere there is a crowd.

In the Networking, we have information on a Centre, Presence,
Play, drop in class in Melbourne, Australia, and 'Let's Play'
seeks South East Asian Trainers for a project in Pakistan.

In America there is information on the SideShow Gathering
in Wilkes-Barre, while in Cambridge the Boston Babydolls
are holding Auditions, and there is a call for physical comedy
performers from a festival in Portland.

In the UK, the Hawoth Arts Festival seeks  a headline act,
and in the Noticeboard, performers with circus, acrobatic or
gymnastic skills, are sought for pantomime.

Also in the Noticeboard, a production manager is sought for
a commissioned theatre piece by the Big West Festival in
Victoria, Australia, while Amy is looking for floor acrobatics
courses in Sydney, and Chris Molineux is looking to move
to Melbourne from Canada.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the
physical theatre community, so send us information for
inclusion in this newsletter, and please also forward this
to someone else who may be interested.

Artmedia Site News

On the Artmedia site you can find links to performers,
companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and
you can also subscribe to this newsletter. The newsletter
archive now includes all issues for 2002, 2003 and 2004.
Check it out at:

David Farmer's site is home to a unique collection of free
  drama games www.artmedia.com.au/dramagames.htm
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances
  and projects.
The Bendy Em Show . Check out Emma's contortion show
Physical TV has info on Karen Pearlman and Richard James
  Allen's Dance Films. www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm
Rosemary Armstrong , walking tall on her aluminum
Aerialize have information on their aerial theatre classes and
  projects in Sydney.
Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a
  range of skills.

For one page on the Artmedia site, it is just $20 a month, or
$30 for as many as you want, so contact us if you want to
promote your work on a site which features search engine
referrals direct to your page, and over 1,600 links from like-
minded sites.

Angels Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide

We can now announce the: Angels Can Fly DVD, 
which includes two hours of documentary footage of
the work of some of the clowns in the book.

The Angels Can Fly DVD is available free when you
purchase the Australian Edition of the paperback, which
costs Aus$49.95 plus Aus$22 international postage or
$10 in Australia. The Australian edition includes colour

To get the paperback and a free Angels Can Fly DVD,
simply send a bank cheque in Australian dollars, payable
Artmedia, to: PO Box 152, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia.

The paperback is also available on
order from bookshops in Australia,
New Zealand, USA, Canada and
England, and online anywhere in

the world. Amazon are selling it at
a 34% discount at the moment, a
bargain at US$16.47.

However, if buying through Amazon

be careful of the discount sellers
who sell the book 'used and new',

because some of these are very likely pirating the book.
"If you order it direct from Amazon, or from a bookshop,
then you know that I'm getting paid for my work" Alan
explains. Find more info at:

Angels Can Fly - a Modern Clown User Guide -
to be launched at the Brisbane Writers Festival

Alan Clay has been invited to launch Angels Can Fly
at the Brisbane Writers Festival on Sunday, October

2nd, at 1pm.

Special Report by Jorge Gayon: ICKL Conference

The members of the International Council of Kinetography
Laban / Labanotation (ICKL) gathered in London from July
29th to August 4th. More than 80 notators and analysts of
the movement were present. The ICKL is an international
non-profit organization founded in England in 1959 after
Rudolf Laban passed away. Its members practice the
movement analysis and notation system created by Laban
and known today as Laban kinetography or Labanotation.

The acknowledged father of modern dance in Europe, Laban,
dancer, choreographer and investigator, Austro-hungarian in
origin, worked in Switzerland during the First World War,
then in postwar Germany and, since 1938, in England where
he died in 1958. The notation system which bases he
established in 1928 and which was later developed by his
collaborators, particularly Albrecht Knust, is one of the most
widely used in the world today. Comparable to musical
notation, kinetography is used mainly as a means for
documentation and education in the dance field. The
preceding analysis of this notation has opened many
avenues of investigation on human movement.

Nowadays, the ICKL includes members from more than 20
countries that convene every other year in order to widen
the research field on development and application of
Kinetography. ICKL acts as decision-maker in matters of
orthography, comprehension, and application of its
principles. In order to reach its goals, ICKL works as an
organism dedicated to promotion and exchange of
information between the centers and individuals who use
this system. ICKL organizes the biennial conference and
publishes its proceedings; the conference meets in a
different city each time, alternating between the different
regions of the world, Europe, the Americas, and Asia
(since 1997). At times, the conference is linked to other
relevant events, as in Hong Kong and Taipei with the World
Dance Alliance and the Congress on Research in Dance.

One essential goal of these meetings is comparing and
updating the acknowledged differences between European
and American points of view in order to reduce their impact
when publishing kinetograms or scores produced on either
side of the Atlantic. These differences developed during
WWII and the postwar era when communications between
the two sides were strictly controlled. They resulted in the
double name Kinetography Laban / Labanotation and
represent also, curiously, two different cultures and
opinions. Today, the most respected representatives of
both streams are Christine Eckerle (Germany) and
Jacqueline Challet-Haas (France) on the one hand, and
Ann Hutchinson (UK) and Ilene Fox (USA) on the other

This year, the presentations, discussions, and workshops
were dedicated to the following fields of application:
choreographic styles and works, rituals and classic dance
in Asia, traditional dances, socio-cultural studies,
anthropology, teaching /with/ the notation, the body and
its analysis, media and technology, archives and history,
and, for the first time, the art of the actor as a movement

The most interesting point was the opening of the
conference to specialists of the other Laban studies,
Choreutics, or harmony of movement, and Eukinetics, or
study of dynamics. Developed further by former students
or collaborators, they are known today as 'Laban
Movement Analysis' (LMA). Their applications concern
dancers and actors training, dance therapy, children
development, physiotherapy, and even research in

This opening was a first attempt on the notators part
to reunite Laban's three domains of research, in hopes
of stimulating a cross-pollination of practices. Among
these three approaches of movement, only Kinetography
has the advantage of a structure and an organization
which allowed for its scientific development and in-
depth research. On this strong foundation, ICKL bases
its attempt to achieve complementarity and mutual

The convergence of interests among people practicing
different systems was already perceptible, particularly
through three presentations: 'The role of notation on body
construction' from Angela Loureiro (Brazil/France) and
Jacqueline Challet-Haas (France), 'The essence of Thai
Male Classical Dance' from Chommand Kijkhun
(Thailand), and 'Laban Movement Analysis applied to
Dramatic Movement' from Jorge Gaysn (Mexico/France)
and Greta Maes (Belgium/France).

Another highlight of this year's conference was the
discussion on teaching the notation and training
professional notators. It was a gripping statement about
the relation between the influence of Laban's action and
the official frame of its teaching. Representatives from
Germany, USA, France, Hungary, and United Kingdom
presented a contrasted balance of their activities. In
Hungary, the teaching and use of kinetography was
instated by the government itself. In the USA, in spite of
the Dance Notation Bureaus dynamism, the transmission
seems to depend mostly on private funds, not always
readily available. In France and Germany, the teaching is
mainly done at the Conservatoire National Supirieur de
Musique et de Danse de Paris and at the Essen
Folkwang-Hochschule. In addition to this, numerous
notators, myself included, teach in the private sector.

And finally, in England, the LABAN Center which welcomes
us today, is the best example of the follow-up of Laban's
ideas about dance's social importance. Here, kinetography
is part of the students' syllabus and numerous
postgraduate research studies in choreology are based
upon it. The growing success of this conference, however,
is proof of a worldwide diffusion, parallel to the development
of notation applications. This beautiful building, designed by
Herzog and de Meuron, is a welcome testimony of the
importance given to Laban's heritage by the Arts Council.

Jorge Gayon is member of ICKL since 1995. Actor and
choreographic interpreter, Doctor in Performing Arts,
notator and choreologist, his research is based on a
scientific approach to his dramatic movement practice
and an artistic approach to his movement analysis work.

Playspace: Clown Masterclass, Sydney, Brisbane

Clown training with Alan Clay exploring a physical and
irreverent approach to clown. The earlybird deadline has
been extended to the beginning of next week, so email
to hold your place at this price.


  Sydney Clown Masterclass
  Flamenco Studio, 3 Gladstone Rd, Newtown
  (3 day) September 14 to 16 ( Wed - Fri ) 10am - 4pm
  Aus$400 earlybird (before August 29) Aus$500 (full)
  Enrollments: clown@artmedia.com.au

  Brisbane Clown Masterclass
  Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brunswick St
  (3 day) September 21 to 23 ( Wed - Fri ) 10am - 4pm
  Aus$400 earlybird (before August 29) Aus$500 (full)
  Enrollments: clown@artmedia.com.au

Clown is an art form which has existed for thousands of
years, and undergone a revolution in recent times, as it
made the leap back from circus into theatre, giving birth to
'new clown' and physical theatre. This course takes a broad
view of clown, which allows students room to develop their
own unique style.

A contemporary physical approach to the clown art form,
exploring playfulness, irreverence, and the freedom of 'not
knowing', which has been developed over twenty years by
Alan Clay at Playspace Studio in Auckland and Sydney.
Each day starts with an yoga warm up, followed by
exercises to develop physical and emotional expression,
and improvisational exercises to develop comic timing and
audience rapport.

"In the best clown tradition Alan held up a window-mirror for
us to step through and reflect on the patterns, habits and
rituals of our days... It was funny, moving and excellent
theatre." NZ Herald.

More information at www.artmedia.com.au/workshop.htm

Feature: Bill Coleman Entertainment, USA

All ages comedy action stilt performing! For your special
fair, festival, parade, grand opening, promotion, sporting or
charity event, carnival, art show, convention or trade show!
Anywhere there is a line or a crowd. Specializing in
oversize spectacle fun and excitement for larger events.


Stretch your imagination as Stretch cleans your ears with
his jumbo Q-tip!  Clock wise or counter clockwise? Are
those mice squeaking? Should we call PETA or John
Ashcroft? Help! Help! Its stuck! Interactive family friendly
comedy at its best!

Free weed wacker haircuts with his foam rubber weed
wacker! Backs, pits and legs a specialty! Gents nose
hairs neatly trimmed! Call today for your clown make over!

Did you say FOOD?! Plate stalking and feather dusting!
Musical Sky Painting Performance Art! Friendly Giant
Parade Puppets! HIGH! FIVES! and Group Hugs! Always
engaging, High profile Stretch and his Giant Parade
Puppets will be perfect for your event. Group activities
include stilt play with dozens of old fashioned hand held
wood stilts! NEW! Giant Bubble Chase with the solar
powered Bubble Tower! Chase the giant ORB!

Walking tall and stretching imaginations at your next
event! Bill Coleman Entertainment (USA) 303-922-4655
StiltWalker.com BubbleTower.com



"Centre Presence Play, a drop in training and play session
for actors, dancers, performers, and other movers, led by
Ashley Wain at Cecil Street Studio in Melbourne, Australia.
Fridays 10am-12pm. These led sessions of movement,
imagination and inquiry are intended to help you develop
presence, immediacy, clarity of expression, and unity of
body, impulse and imagination. They are a chance to play,
in presence, in contact with others, and to practice
inhabiting and creating from the centre. They are to tune the
organism, so it is awake, responsive, expressive and playful.
The work is based on the imaginary centre exercises of the
great Russian actor Michael Chekhov. Trained and untrained
actors, dancers, performers are welcome. The sessions
can be used as a class or as a way to stay in tune. Ashley
Wain is an actor and acting teacher. He is a graduate of
VCA School of Drama 1993 and has studied Michael
Chekhov and Stanislavski technique with Leonid Verzub.
He teaches neutral and character mask, and acting in the
Russian tradition." 66 Cecil Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.
Email: cecilstreetstudio@hotmail.com

"Hi friends, Greetings from Punjab Lok Rahs. We are a
non-commercial volunteer based theater group working
in theater and arts since 1986 in Lahore - Pakistan. Rahs
is initiating a project Let's Play. Trainers will be invited
from Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines
to participate in this creative exchange. We can also
take into consideration, to host trainers from other
countries but it depends on understanding and sharing
of work between the artist and the organization. "Let's
Play" is to present the diverse voices of youth about
issues which affect their daily lives and to engage them
in positive art activity to address educational, social,
environmental and human rights concerns. This initiative
is also to promote an celebrate the cultural diversity and
ideas. Art is an important tool to exchange the process
of collaboration and discussions. During November 2005,
theater makers will be invited to visit Pakistan. Each
trainer will be asked to spend 10 days and will engage in
theater workshops with youth at four stations of Punjab
province, Depalpur, Okara, Sahiwal and Lahore. We
invite theater and art organizations, individual community
artists and scholars from Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines,
Thailand and India to take part in this project. We seek
work proposals, profiles of artists and relevant Information
for this project from you." Regards, Shoaib Iqbal,
Coordinator, Punjab Lok Rahs, Lahore - Pakistan.

"The 4th annual SideShow Gathering happens Sept 1st
thru 4th at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, downtown Wilkes-
Barre, Pa, USA. Confirmed performances, speakers and
activities are posted on the "Home" and "Schedule"
pages of this website. We have added Ward Hall as a
confirmed speaker as well and both Ward and Pete will
be in attendance Thursday with Chris Christ coming in
on Friday. Our Guest of Honor nominee is in the process
of being confirmed and we are hoping to have an
announcement shortly. The SSAI will once again be
attempting to break their previous record(s) set at past
SideShow Gatherings. I hope to see you all at the
Convention and thank you one and all for your continued
support and love of The SideShow. You are all part of the
magic that makes our dream a reality. Also visit Sideshow
World for Up Dates for the Sideshow Gathering." Peace,
Franco franco@thesideshowgathering.com
Find a link to Sideshow World under Resources at

"Call for Physical Comedy Performers, Acorn Productions,
a non-profit company located in Portland, Maine, seeks
performers for our annual Phyzgig festival of physical
comedy, to take place in downtown Portland, Maine
between December 26 and 30, 2005. Phyzgig, now in
its sixth year, showcases new works currently under
development, features vaudeville-style variety shows, and
includes a Phyzkidz series in the afternoon for younger
audiences.  Performers who feature shows targeted for
adult audiences are particularly welcome, as Phyzgig
aims to entertain the entire family and not just the kids.
If you are interested in applying to perform at Phyzgig,
please visit the Acorn Production web site for more
information." Find a link to Acorn Productions under
Physical Theatre at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm  

"Boston's newest, hottest and already sought after
Burlesque Troupe, the Boston Babydolls, is holding
auditions for new acts for their upcoming Fall/Winter
season. If you're interesting, outgoing, and have a
unique talent that you want to show off in Boston's best
showcase of the time-honored profession of Burlesque,
read on If you can dance, juggle, sing, ride a unicycle,
play with fire, swallow a sword, twirl a lariat, yodel, pull
a rabbit from a hat (or anywhere else), tumble, walk on
stilts, twirl your tassels, walk a wire, put your ankles
behind your ears, belt out a ballad, play the spoons, hit
a bulls eye, train animals, throw your voice, balance a
pool cue on your nose, swing on a trapeze, escape from
a straitjacket, flourish fans ...or have any other
wonderful hidden talent that you want to reveal, while you
reveal yourself, you could be a Babydoll! Sunday, August
29, 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Cambridge, MA, USA. Most
importantly, bring a complete and polished routine (3-7
minutes). Please provide any costume, props and music
that you need for your act. Please contact Sarah
Kennedy at sarah_kennedy@yahoo.com

"Hawoth Arts Festival 2005, West Yorkshire, UK, hope
to provide something for everyone during our intensively
programmed festival which comprise of a quirky blend of
visual, literary, performance and musical arts and takes
place during the weekend of 1st - 4th September.
Unfortunately our Sunday night headline performance
has pulled out of the Festival with very short notice, we
are therefore seeking proposals from comic, theatre,
dance or musical performers and companies to fill this
slot. We hope to attract a well known contemporary Act.
Might suit a company touring in the area with a gap in
their schedule. Fee negotiable." Please email your
proposal to Selina :


"Dear Everyone, We are seeking a Production Manager for
a fantastic project called Shrimp, by Dominic Golding and
directed by Clare Watson. This project is well established
with excellent support from key arts organisations with good
marketing, publicity and office infrastructure. Established as
one of Victorias leading arts festivals Big West Festival is
seeking to engage a Production Manager for a commissioned
theatre project to be presented in November 2005. We are
seeking a confident and mature individual capable of leading
an ensemble of artists with an established understanding
production processes for a visual - performance theatre with
the integration of multi-media (video), object and sound.
Fee and cooperative partnership (profit share) agreement to
be negotiated. Immediate start required. Produced by Big
West Festival this project is supported by La Mama Theatre,
Melbourne Workers Theatre and Mainstreet Theatre." Warm
regards, All Enquiries, Jason Cross, CEO/Artistic Director
Big West Festival, email: bigwest@maribyrnong.vic.gov.au

"Hi Alan, thanks for your updates - I'm was just dropping a
note because I am looking to move to Australia ( Melbourne,
most likely but I'm up for suggestions ) within the next few
years and didn't know if you could give me some hints as to
employment opportunities. I am a stand-up comedian with
19 yrs experience - performed w/ Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld,
Robin Williams etc. I have worked teaching stand-up for the
last 6 years at the William Davis Centre for Actors' Study in
Vancouver. I run seminars on humour relating to creativity
and communication skills for businesses and groups. I work
with my wife on stilts as "The Collossal Canadian Couple"  -
we are on stilts in huge inflatable outfits - and act that
originated in Australia with Andy Sellenger. My wife and I run
Happyface Productions - we have 12 years experience
booking all types of comedy acts and producing large events
and festivals. I do cartoon voices - Inspector Gadget,
Madeline etc. I have written comic dialogue for several video
games for Electronic Arts. so.......... essentially I work like
hell to avoid real work - does anyone have any suggestions
of places that might be interested in what my wife and I have
to offer. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated."
my thanks in advance, all good things!!!!   Chris Molineux 
To e-mail Chris, follow the link to Happy Face Productions
under Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Tarzan - A Jungle Pantomime, staged by the Theatre
Royal Bury St Edmunds   under the direction of Colin
Blumenau. Firstly we are looking for performers with very
strong circus/acrobatic/gymnastic skills to do the
demanding physical roles. Rehearsals will be from 14th
November, in Bury St Edmunds. Performances from 8th
December to 8th January. Role: 4 Hunky Monkeys.
These four performers carry the majority of the physical
responsibilities of the show. Ideally they will be
experienced aerialists who have other physical skills as
well. They will need to fly in harnesses and undertake
other spectacular physical, circus based work. They will,
as the name implies, be monkeys in the story although
they will not be required to wear full animal suits.
Monkey-ness will be suggested by other means!! They
might also be able to sing well. We probably need two
male and two female. Role: Tarzan (Male). An actor who
can carry off a loin cloth with panache as well as being
able to sing dance and act. He must also be able to
undertake a certain amount of physical work. He will at
the very least need to be able to swing on vines without
being terrified! He is the lead male romantic character
and does fall in love with Jane and rescue her from the
evil Ape Kerchak. Due to the Restoration of the Theatre
Royal Bury St Edmunds, this year's Panto will be
staged in a heated big top tent in a country park in Bury
St Edmunds." Colin Blumenau, Theatre Director, Theatre
Royal Bury St Edmunds. Find a link to the Theatre Royal
under Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

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