Nov/Dec 2004

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - November/December 2004

  CircoArts - Christchurch Circus Training, New Zealand

  Sydney Clown Intensive with Alan Clay, Australia

  Red Spoon Clown Intensive 2005, Brisbane, Australia
  The Clown Inside, Summer Retreats, Lisa Brickell, NZ

Special Feature:
  MotionFest, Finale - Personal Report, Baltimore, USA

  The Lucky 13th Annual New Zealand Juggling Festival
  Fling Physical Theatre, Choreographer/teacher, NSW
  Applications for 05 San Francisco Fringe Festival, USA
  Circelation, Professional Development, Circus Artists, UK
  Festival of Circus Arts, La Piste aux Espoirs, Belgium
  How To Be A Stupid Workshop, Angela de Castro, Berlin

  Bob Burton, Music Theatre Australia, Agency, Australia
  WA Youth Theatre Company, holding Auditions, Australia
  The Puppet Centre Trust Bursary Applications, England
  Puppet Maker, Street Arts Production,Yorkshire, UK
  Adventures In Space, Physical Theatre Training, England
  Actor and Marionnette workshop, Montpellier, France

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  Newsletter Advertising and Artmedia site Promotion

Artmedia News

Welcome to the November/December 2004 edition of the
Artmedia physical theatre newsletter, your e-publication
with an Australasian focus and a global perspective.

I'd like to wish everyone on the list a good festive season,
as this will be the last issue for 2004, and the next issue
will come out in early January. To celebrate this month
we have an HTML edition of the newsletter, which comes
with full colour images.

In the Sponsorship this month, we welcome CircoArts
with information on their full time training in circus &
physical performance, based in Christchurch, New
Zealand, which offers a two-year Diploma in Circus Arts.
Students come from New Zealand and Australia as well
as from Europe and North America, for this course.

In Playspace news, I am teaching a new Sydney clown
intensive in March next year. I presented my new Angels
can Fly material  to a couple of panels of clowns, including
some of the best in the business, and received some
valuable feedback, and some commitments to put
anecdotes in the book. There is still a chance to get
your story into the book. Find out how below.

In the Features, Red Spoon are offering a two week
clown training intensive, from 10th to 21st January, 05
in Brisbane, Australia, and Lisa Brickell promotes her
clown classes at the beautiful Aio Wira retreat centre
in the Waitakere Ranges, near Bethells Beach on the
west coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

In a new Special Feature section I present a report on
the last MotionFest, in Baltimore earlier this month.
And in the Networking, we have info on the Lucky
13th Annual New Zealand Juggling Festival, while a
choreographer/teacher is sought for Fling Physical
Theatre in NSW, Australia.

Applications are open for the 05 San Francisco Fringe
Festival, in America, and we also have information on
Circelation, a professional development program for
circus artists and circus directors in England.

The Festival of Circus Arts, La Piste aux Espoirs, in
Belgium is calling for non-professional youth circus
acts, and Angela de Castro is teaching her 'How To
Be A Stupid Workshop' in Berlin, Germany, starting
this Monday.

And finally in the Noticeboard, we have a puppetry
focus, with Puppet Centre Trust bursary applications,
in London, the Actor and the Marionnette workshop in
Montpellier, France, and a puppet maker required for a
street arts production in Yorkshire, England.

In Australia, Bob Burton, has joined Music Theatre
Australia, a booking Agency in Melbourne, and you will
have to move quickly for the West Australian Youth
Theatre Company auditions, because they are on this
Sunday. While, in England, Adventures In Space are
running some Physical Theatre Training, leading to a

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the
physical theatre community, so send us information for
inclusion in this newsletter, and please also forward this
to someone else who may be interested.

Artmedia Site News -

On the Artmedia site you can find links to performers,
companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and
you can also subscribe to this newsletter. The newsletter
archive now includes all issues for 2002, 2003 and 2004.
Check it out at:

From the classic clowning tradition, iDado is a new
Rosemary Armstrong, walking tall on her aluminum
  'legs',  www.artmedia.com.au/rosemary.htm
Aerialize have information on their aerial theatre classes and
  projects in Sydney.
Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a
  range of skills.
Circus Unique, children's workshops and entertainment
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances
  and projects.
Bike Boy, world-renowned street entertainer and extreme
The Bendy Em Show. Check out Emma's contortion show
Physical TV has info on Karen Pearlman and Richard James
  Allen's Dance Films. www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm

For one page on the Artmedia site, it is just $20 a month, or
$30 for as many as you want, so contact us if you want to
promote your work on a site which features search engine
referrals direct to your page, and over 1,600 links from like-
minded sites.

Sponsor: CircoArts, Training in Circus & Physical Performance


CircoArts, Full time training in circus & physical performance
Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) is
based in Christchurch, New Zealand, and offers a full time
two-year Diploma in Circus Arts.

The program has been running for nine years and has
evolved to meet industry and market needs and trends.
Students come from New Zealand and Australia as well
as from Europe and North America.

The aim of the program is to prepare performers in
physical performance media (with a strong contemporary
circus focus).

Australian students are considered “domestic students” and
enjoy both local (New Zealand) fee structures as well as
access to the government student loans scheme.

The curriculum covers a range of subjects (courses) including:
• Expressive Performance Media - including dance, mime,
mask, theatre, clown, character
• Body Training & Awareness - conditioning and endurance,
plyometrics, exercise, biomechanics, Yoga, Feldenkrais
• Circus Skills - a wide range under the categories of
juggling and manipulation, equilibristics, acrobatics & aerials
• Devising & Performance - ensemble shows & solo/duo acts
• History & Comparative Studies
• Business & Risk Management

The circus skills components are a major part of the study .
program. Our graduates enter the “industry” in a wide range
of contexts from. ‘Rock’n’Roll’ to ‘Cirque du Soliel’, from stunts
in film to comedy circuits, from the street to the big top circus.

Why us?
• Our strengths are in facilitating original creative self devised
work with a focus on the integration of circus skills into
dramatic, comic and visual expressive media.
• Students have almost unlimited after hours access to the
training space and equipment. This is an incredible
opportunity to work on material or enhance training regimes.
• CircoArts has established a caring, mutually supportive
environment in which students are encouraged to push their
boundaries in all areas of their learning.

Applications are open till end of January 2005.
Apply now for 2005! 0800 24 24 79 (NZ only)
info@cpit.ac.nz      www.cpit.ac.nz/subjects/circusarts

Playspace News - Workshops with Alan Clay

"In the best clown tradition Alan held up a window-mirror for
us to step through and reflect on the patterns, habits and
rituals of our days... It was funny, moving and excellent
theatre." NZ Herald.
5 Day Sydney Clown Intensive, 2005
The next workshop I will teach in Sydney is a new five-day
Clown Intensive in March next year.

Clown is an art form which has existed for thousands of
years, and undergone a revolution in recent times, as it
made the leap back from circus into theatre, giving birth to
'new clown' and physical theatre. This course takes a
broad view of clown, which allows students room to develop
their own unique style.

You can check out one of the exercises to be used in this
workshop, Play with Objects on the Angels can Fly Blog,
at: www.alanclay.com.au/blog.html I have just been revising
the exercises, following feedback from MotionFest, and will
be posting more exercises on the blog in the coming weeks.

A $250AUD deposit confirms your place, and there is an
earlybird special if you pay the balance by mid January.
More info at:

Angels can Fly
In May I will launch my new book, 'Angels can Fly, a Modern
Clown User Guide'. On the new site you can sign up to get a
free eBook copy, or check out some of the anecdotes, or the
blog postings on the book.

I presented some new Angels can Fly material to a
couple of panels of clowns at MotionFest, including some 
of the best in the business, and received some valuable
feedback, and some commitments to put anecdotes in the

Some 15 clowns - including teachers from DellArte , San
Francisco Clown Conservatorium , Ringling Clown school,
and Fantastic Space  in Vancouver, plus many well known
clowns from Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand
- are now putting anecdotes in the book, and it is still
possible to put your story in this book on Modern Clown,
simply e-mail me at:

Feature: Red Spoon Clown Intensive 2005, Brisbane, Australia

An opportunity to discover the incredible and tumultuous world
of the clown! Brisbane based company Red Spoon is offering a
two week clown training intensive from 10 to 21, January 2005
at the Metro Arts, Brisbane. The course is aimed at the Theatre
Clown with a focus on developing the character and fantastic
reality of the clown as opposed to learning tricks, magic etc.
You will be challenged to find the truth that is at the cornerstone
of your clown, (re)discover your imagination and refine your
understanding of stage presence.

The tutors are highly experienced performers and trainers -
national and international. Andrew Cory is the founder of Red
Spoon and will lead the core clown training whilst Scott Witt will
train participants each day in movement and Slapstick (including
props). Slapstick training will promote the virtues of precision,
complicity and focus. Andrew has trained in clown, mask, mime
and regular acting in Australia, Europe and USA and is currently
a movement tutor for the Acting Dept at the Queensland
University of Technology. Scott is an associate director at the
Queensland Theatre Company and is President of the Society
of Australian Fight Directors Inc.

The course runs from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. The
clown will be unleashed through movement exercises,
improvisation, observation and above all a sense of joy and play.
You will learn critical devising skills. We will commence a
thorough investigation into clown spirit, clown character and
clown relationships - chaos, panic and spontaneity will be our
constant friends. Yet fear not for we shall fight adversity with
absurdity!!!! Cost is $490, for further enquiries contact Andrew
on (Aust) 0401 246 048 or

Feature - The Clown Inside, Summer Retreats with Lisa Brickell

Weekend: 3-5 December 04, & One Week: 8-12 January 05
Aio Wira Centre, Bethels Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

The clown lives in the moment. The world is a surprise. Nothing
is taken for granted and everything is possible. Everyone has a
clown inside. The clown is often suppressed as we 'grow up' and
become 'mature'. This course will liberate this being.

Participants will experience enhanced spontaneity and vitality
on stage as well as in their everyday lives. This 5 day
celebration of comic uniqueness is a great way to explore the
art of clowning while having a fun relaxing holiday at the beautiful
Aio Wira retreat centre in the Waitakere Ranges, near Bethells
Beach on the west coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

Clown Masterclass, January 15-19 2005

This workshop is for those with previous clowning experience.
It has been developed for those who want to take their clowning
to the next level and will be co-facilitated by Zack McCracken
who also trained at the LeCoq Physical Theatre School in Paris
and has more than 15 years physical theatre and clowning
experience in the Uk and Europe. A fantastic opportunity to
hone your skills and have some serious fun.

Facilitator: Lisa Brickell ( BA, Dip Drama, DipPhys Theatre
- Le Coq, Paris ) has taught and performed extensively
throughout NZ, Asia and Europe. Weekend $295, One week
$550. Includes accommodation, meals, tuition and full use of the
center's facilities including spa and sauna.

Enrolments: Phone Aio Wira Centre on (00 64 9) 810 9396
or e-mail Lisa Brickell:

Special Feature: MotionFest, the Finale - Report by Alan Clay

My view of the MotionFest was coloured by taking two hours
to get out of New York City, in a car with Martin Ewen
and Robert Nelson, the Butterfly Man, after visiting
Master Lee , on our way to Motionfest in Baltimore, with
Robert expounding on the historic nature of the occasion.

We arrived in Baltimore at two in the morning, and I had time
for 4 hours sleep, and a yoga practice, before diving into the
the four days of morning and afternoon classes, with evening
performance sessions.

Over 100 performers at all levels of their career's attended
MotionFest in Baltimore earlier this month. Many said it was
the best of the 7 festivals held to date, and even though it
was billed as the last in the series, there were rumors of
something, sometime, to follow on from this.

The public show on Saturday, which played to a sold out
theatre, demonstrated the range and caliber of the teachers
present. I kicked the event off with an experimental and
slightly provocative number on the seven clown
commandments, as decreed by the World Clown
Association, which seemed to go down well.

           Photo of Alan Clay by Cynthia Aviance

And I was followed by a range of clown and physical theatre
numbers from Dick Monday and Tiffany Riley, from the New
York Goofs
, a classic clown number from Steve Smith, a
past Ringling Clown School Director, mime from Karen Hurll
 who performed one of the much loved numbers
from her late husband Tony Montanaro, and a couple of her
own pieces, and this was complimented by an equally classic
Commedia piece from Geoff Hoyle, and finished with some
wonderful new clown numbers from festival organizer, Michael
Rosman  .

The organisation of the event by Michael, Todd, and Phill was
impeccable, and I was overwhelmed by the thanks and hugs
from students after the classes. Kirk Marsh stole the show in
the critic sessions with a new clown-dance piece which took
a standing ovation, and Drew the Dramatic Fool
took the
award for having attended all seven MotionFests, and taught
at two.

The icing on the cake for me was the sauna on the ground
floor of the hotel and conference centre, and I had one every
day. Michael told me on the last day that he loves saunas,
but in all the MotionFests that he has run at the Best
Western Hotel, he didn't even know there was a sauna 
there... Go figure.


"The Lucky 13th Annual New Zealand Juggling Festival,
17-20 March 2004, Paekakariki Holiday Park ( near
Wellington ). See our website for more information, and watch
out for our Feature in next month's issue of this newsletter."
Kind regards, Leila. Find a link to the NZ Juggling Festival
website under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Hi Alan, Thanks for this news worthy letter. An exciting
opportunity exists within Fling Physical Theatre, an emerging,
dynamic youth dance company, based on the beautiful south
coast of NSW, Australia, for a choreographer/teacher. A six
month placement contract is being offered with a part time
wage of approx Aus$100 a week (20 hrs). Applicants will be
expected to have a degree or equivalent in contemporary dance
with additional skills in choreography and physical theatre,
gymnastics or classical ballet an advantage. An enthusiastic
self motivated person will be working with the Artistic Director
to assist in dance programs and performances. Applications
are due by December 10th." Cheers, Lee Pemberton.

"Applications are now available for the 2005 San Francisco
Fringe Festival. Applications to perform in the 14th annual
San Francisco Fringe Festival are being accepted online only
through January 11, 2005.  The SF Fringe is a non-juried
festival open to all artists. Performers, in all categories, local,
national and international, will be selected at a lottery on
January 26, 2005 at EXIT Theatre. This year applications will
only be accepted online. Complete information and the online
application are available on our web site. The SF Fringe, which
runs September 7 to 18, 2005, is the largest grass-roots
theater festival in the Bay Area.  Last year we presented 250
performances by 44 groups over 12 days." See you at the
Fringe, Christina. Find a link to the San Francisco Fringe
under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Circelation is a professional development programme for
circus artists and performers and circus directors looking to
develop and improve their skills and knowledge in the
creation of new and innovative collaborative work. The second
set of laboratories in our three year programme will take place
in Leeds, England, in April 2005. There are four weekend
courses and four week-long courses for all artists working in
the realm of contemporary circus theatre/performance.
Tutors for the 2005 performers programme will include a range
of established artists that have either co-founded or worked
with Archaos, Collectif AOC, DV8, Forced Entertainments,
Improbable, and Legs On The Wall. The program will
consist of: two week-long workshops for circus directors, two
week-long workshops for circus performers, and four weekend
workshops for performers. Following feedback from 2004, in
2005 we are introducing evening Soirées." Chenine Bhathena,
Producer. Find a link to Circelation under Training at

"The 18th International Festival of Circus Arts, La Piste aux
Espoirs, will take place in Tournai, Belgium, from the 10th to
13th March 2005. The main aim of the festival is to support
young amateur or professional circus artists, and part of the
festival there will be a competition which is open to young
non-professional artists or companies working in the
disciplines of: acrobatics, clown, balance, juggling or magic.
The duration of the act may not exceed 8 minutes. Selected
acts will be presented twice between Friday March 11th and
Monday March 13th. The competition offers 3,300 Euro of
prizes, and participants will be provided with accommodation
and assistance with travel costs. Applications must be
received by the 5th January 2005." Sincerely, Fravcois
Guilbert, Director.

"How To Be A Stupid, or The Way of the Clown, a clowning
masterclass with Angela de Castro. 29th Nov. to 10th Dec,
Berlin, Germany. The workshop is for beginners and those
more experienced who need refreshing, this course will take
you on a profoundly challenging journey, with laughs and play
along the way. This is a practical clowning and performance
craft workshop using a variety of techniques to reach and
maintain the state of clowning. The aim is to encourage the
participants to discover their own clown style. This workshop
is demanding, intense, inspiring and emotional, with lots to
discover for beginners in clowning and reassurance for those
who are already clowning. It will build trust, confidence and a
common vocabulary among the participants. The Course will
take place in Studio Eightninths, Berlin. Angela de Castro is
one of the world’s most loved and respected women clowns.
Since moving to England from her native Brazil 18 years ago,
de Castro has performed, taught, directed and toured with
groundbreaking groups of modern circus and theatre, such
as: Mummerandada, Ra Ra Zoo, and the Right Size. She is
well known for her clown Rough, the Green Clown, in the
award winning Slava’s ‘Snowshow’, and has extensively
toured her own shows. De Castro is founder and director of
The Why Not Institute in London." Find a link to the Why Not
Institute under Training at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm
Berlin class e-mail Rosee Riggs


"Dear Colleagues, In the fast moving merry-go-round of
employment, I am making a move that should, I hope,
benefit more people than just myself. I am going to be an
agent again. I have joined 'Music Theatre Australia', a variety
booking agency with the view to expand their traditional
business and, in the long term, develop new acts for various
markets. I will be bringing my knowledge of circus acts and
artists into the mix and will be looking for innovative and
original acts of all kinds to be on our books. So if you would
like to have a chat about what you are doing, what you
would like to be doing, or any wild ideas you have that could
be considered for development, get in touch." All the best,
Bob Burton, Melbourne, Australia. 

"WA Youth Theatre Company are holding auditions
for, “Fallout” on Sunday 28 November 2004, at the King
Street Arts Centre, Perth. More than ever in the early 21st
century we are aware of the effects of war on the innocent,
the aftermath of invasions, the burdens borne by
communities caught up in conflict, the psychological impact
of war and violence on children. Yet conflicts continue to
escalate around the world. Playwrights through the ages have
used theatre as a medium to speak out against war. The fall
out of conflicts is the subject of two very different plays, which
we feel will make an exciting and thought provoking theatrical
event. The Trojan Women, by Euripides (415BC) and Blue
Remembered Hills, by Dennis Potter (1979). Each play is an
hour in length and will be played out on a simple, common
set. Auditions 28 November 2004 (9am or 11am). Rehearsals
start 5 December 2004 (Sundays 9-5pm, Mondays and
Tuesdays 6-9pm depending on which play). Performance
28 February – 16 March 2005 at Subiaco Theatre Studio."
Regards, Leonie Debnam, General Manager, Western
Australia Youth Theatre Co.

"The Puppet Centre Trust in London is pleased to open
applications to its 2004/5 Artist Bursary Scheme. Two
bursaries, of £8500 each, are available to support the
development of professional artists who are committed to the
art of puppetry in any form. The program will specifically
assist artists seeking a period to specialize in a new field or
to explore a change of direction in their practice. Applicants
will devise their own personal developmental program of
activities to be supported by the Puppet Centre. Applicants
must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 2 years
professional experience in their art form. Application is by
submitting a portfolio of work alongside the Application Form,
 which can be obtained with Guidelines by emailing at the
Puppet Centre. Deadline for application: 10am February 1st
2005." Beccy Smith.

"Puppet Maker required for new street arts production in
Yorkshire, England. Faceless is a professional arts
organisation which aims to increase access to the arts
through street performance and participatory arts projects.
Having secured funding from ACEY, the company is
seeking to commission the construction of a range of
puppets for its new street arts production, Puppet Cafe.
For a detailed brief please contact: Helen Rhodes,
Administrator, Faceless, Wakefield Arts Mill, Wakefield.
Deadline: Response to brief required by Monday 6
December 2004." Email

"Are you passionate about physical, visual & experimental
theatre, and interested in becoming a member of a dynamic
London dased ensemble? Adventures in Space is a unique
performance project, which takes actors from an expert
training in Physical Theatre through to the opportunity to
perform in a production over the space of a year. The first
part of Adventures In Space, the intensive Physical Theatre
training program, will run every Monday evening for 10
weeks from January 11th to Monday 14th March 2005 at
Studio 10, London from 7 - 10pm. Workshop auditions will
be held on the morning of Saturday 11th December 2004 at
the Jerwood Space. Pants On Fire also run part time
physical theatre training programs. To find out more
check out our website, where you can download everything
you need to know." Hannah Bentley, Pants On Fire
Theatre, London. Find a link to Pants on Fire Theatre
under Physical Theatre at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Alain Schons is one of the early School Directors of
Dell'Arte International School in California, and the Dell'Arte
company designer from 1978 - 83. He is a great guy, a great
teacher, and has been working with a number of marionette
companies and new circus companies in France in the last
several years. He will be teaching a workshop for  performers
entitled The Actor and the Marionnette in Montpellier, France,
from January 12 to January 28 2005." Lucie BUSSELEZ ,
Compagnie Zouak." 

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