January 2005

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - January 2005

  Circelation, leading Circus Laboratory Programme, UK

  Sydney Clown Intensive with Alan Clay, Australia
  Angels can Fly Clown Anecdotes Posted on Blog

Special Feature:
  Launch: Circa Training 2005 - Brisbane, Australia

  Superbuffo Awards 2005, Web and Prop Awards
  New Zealand Juggling Festival, Paekakariki, NZ

  Aust Council Restructures: New Media Arts Wasted

  Dracula Triumphant Production Auditions, Sydney
  Clowns Canada's Convention, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  San Francisco Clown Conservatorium News, USA
  Palco Aperto - Open Stage, International Festival, Italy
  World Congress of Laughter Festival, Barcelona, Spain
  International Theatre Festival Applications, Armenia

  Circus Arts Consultant, NSW Education Dept, Australia
  “The Guy Who” A Collection of Silent Movies on DVD
  Pontefract Liquorice Fest, Street Acts & Teachers, UK

  Newsletter Subscription & Unsubscription information
  Newsletter Advertising and Artmedia site Promotion

Artmedia News

Welcome to the January 2005 edition of the Artmedia
physical theatre newsletter, your e-publication with an
Australasian focus and a global perspective. A happy

new year to you all.

In the sponsorship this month we welcome Circelation,
the retreat that all British circus artists aspire to attend 
in March /April every year. Artists who have taken part
in previous years, cite it as the most inspiring workshop
programme to be held in the UK.

In Playspace news my Sydney Clown Intensive, March
14 to 18, will provide a contemporary physical approach
to the clown art form, exploring playfulness, irreverence,
and the freedom of 'not knowing'. The Earlybird deadline
on this course is the end of this week, so contact me if
you want a place held at the cheaper price.

The new Special Feature section last month on
MotionFest was so well received that we have a new
special feature this month on Circa Training 2005, a
regular program of circus classes and intensives for
young people, adults and professionals from Rock n
Roll Circus in Brisbane, Australia.

In the Features we have information on the Superbuffo
Awards 2005, including Web and Prop Awards, and also
information on the New Zealand Juggling Festival, to be
held in Paekakariki, in March.

In our ocasional Campaign section we welcolme Keith
Galash, editor of RealTime Magazine with the news that
'in a devastatingly serious failure of nerve, a shocking
ignorance of the state of the arts, let alone total absence
of the marketplace verve for which it has lately come to
pride itself, the Australia Council for the Arts has
"dissolved" its New Media Arts Board'

In the networking, Dracula Triumphant seek applications
for auditions in Sydney from male and female actors, the
Clowns Canada's Convention will be taking place in
Windsor Ontario in early April, and we have news from
the San Francisco Clown Conservatorium including their
audition dates, info on a workshop with Ronlin Foreman
this weekend, and news about a new collaboration with
San Francisco General Hospital.

There is an open stage at the International Comedy
Festival “COMIC MONSTER” at the Sala Umberto
Theater, in Rome, and we have a report on the first World
Congress of Laughter Festival in Barcelona, Spain, and a
request to e-mail details and contacts for any festivals
covering "laughter" in your area. And finally in the
networking, applications are sought for High Fest, an
International Theatre Festival in Yerevan, Armenia.

In the noticeboard, a Circus Arts Consultant has been
appointed for the NSW Dept. of Education & Training,
covering 202 schools, the complete collection of silent
movies from Drew, the Dramatic Fool, is now available
on DVD, and Pontefract Liquorice Festival in England
seeks acts for the event in July.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the
physical theatre community, so send us information for
inclusion in this newsletter, and please also forward this
to someone else who may be interested.

Artmedia Site News - www.artmedia.com.au

On the Artmedia site you can find links to performers,
companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and
you can also subscribe to this newsletter. The newsletter
archive now includes all issues for 2002, 2003 and 2004.
Check it out at:

From the classic clowning tradition, iDado is a new
Rosemary Armstrong , walking tall on her aluminum
  'legs',  www.artmedia.com.au/rosemary.htm
Aerialize have information on their aerial theatre classes and
  projects in Sydney.
Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a
  range of skills.
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances
  and projects.
Bike Boy , world-renowned street entertainer and extreme
The Bendy Em Show . Check out Emma's contortion show
Physical TV has info on Karen Pearlman and Richard James
  Allen's Dance Films. www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm

For one page on the Artmedia site, it is just $20 a month, or
$30 for as many as you want, so contact us if you want to
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Sponsor: Circelation, Circus Laboratory Programme

Circelation is a leading laboratory programme held in the UK
annually, for artists and directors working in the field of
contemporary circus, offering time/space and opportunity to
play/learn and experiment with leading artists from other
artforms and/or networking with established artists from the
field of contemporary circus.

Initiated in 1999 by Chenine Bhathena and Leila Jancovich,
Circelation has become the retreat that all British circus
artists aspire to attend in March /April every year. Artists
who have taken part in previous years, cite it as the most
inspiring workshop programme to be held in the UK,
offering not only growth and artistic experimentation in a
safe environment, but a unique networking opportunity for
artists that for so long have been working in isolation in
different parts of the country/globe!

In 2005 the programme invites artists to explore RISK IN
PERFORMANCE. Risk means different things to different
people, and the tutors leading the various courses will aim
to explore this fully using their own inimitable styles.

Artistic Director, Chenine Bhathena, has brought together
a selection of some of the most intriguing artists working
in the contemporary performing arts not only in the UK
and Europe, but worldwide. She has selected founding
artists from Archaos, Forced Entertainment, Legs On The
Wall and Trestle Theatre. Plus leading British artists who
have made their names working with DV8 and Improbable
Theatre, as well as solo artists that have made an
outstanding contribution to the modern contemporary live

Chenine Bhathena hopes that by the various artists [both
tutors and participants] putting their inventive ideas and
skills together and experimenting with the fusion of forms
of expression and aesthetic, a whole wave of new ideas,
inspirations and creation will be nurtured and could lead
to some very exciting and innovative work over the next
few years in the field of contemporary circus performance.

Participants are advised that this laboratory is about
making performance, using skill and imagination and is
not a course for improving circus skills. It has already
worked on many levels, for those artists making
performance for the street, for dance and theatre
performance, and in the development of choreographed

There are limited places available for participants from
outside of the UK. See the website for full information on
all courses, and how to apply/download application forms.
The course runs from 2-15 April 2005 in Leeds, UK.
www.circelation.co.uk NB: Apply before 20th January and
receive a tax discount. More info on the website.

Playspace News - Workshops with Alan Clay

"In the best clown tradition Alan held up a window-mirror for
us to step through and reflect on the patterns, habits and
rituals of our days... It was funny, moving and excellent
theatre." NZ Herald.

5 Day Sydney Clown Intensive, March 14 to 18, Monday
to Friday , 10am to 4pm,

The intensive will provide a contemporary physical approach
to the clown art form, exploring playfulness, irreverence,
and the freedom of 'not knowing'.

Each day starts with an yoga warm up, followed by exercises
to develop physical and emotional expression, and
improvisational exercises to develop comic timing and
audience rapport. The workshop will make interactive use of
the street environment to develop audience rapport and clown

The 5 day intensive provides the advantage of immersion in
the learning experience, with the opportunity of deeper
insights and breakthroughs. The more we get in the flow of
the work, the more we can achieve.

Clown is an art form which has existed for thousands of years,
and undergone a revolution in recent times, as it made the
leap back from circus into theatre, giving birth to 'new clown'
and physical theatre. This course takes a broad view of clown,
which allows students room to develop their own unique style.

Earlybird: Aus$550, paid by January 14.
Full Fee: Aus$720, payable as a $250 deposit to hold your
place, with the balance of $470 by the start of the course.
More info at:

Angels can Fly
In May I will launch my new book, Angels can Fly, a Modern
Clown User Guide
. On the new site you can sign up to get a
free e-Book copy, or check out some of the anecdotes, or the
blog postings on the book.

Special Feature:  Launch: Circa Training 2005

Bookings are now open for Circa Training 2005, a regular
program of circus classes and intensives for young people,
adults and professionals. With Circa, you can build strength
and confidence, get fit and learn to do amazing things.  We
are pleased to announce the appointment of Bec Jones as
Head Trainer of Circa. Bec brings with her ten years of
training experience with companies including Circus Oz,
the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Vulcana Women’s Circus and
Spaghetti Circus. With Circa you are invited to experience
the very best circus training in Queensland.

To enroll in Circa training courses download the training
brochure from www.circa.org.au , phone 07 3852 6206

The Circa Professionals Program offers intensive and
challenging training for those wanting to advance their skills,
strength and flexibility.  The CIRCUS BOOTCAMP from 24-28
January is an intensive full-week course aimed at building
strength, flexibility and body conditioning – get fit, strong and
skilled up for the year ahead. PERFORMANCE MAKING from
17-21 January is a week of intensive practice, theory and play
for physical theatre and circus performers and directors who
want to shape their acts and ideas and learn new strategies
for working with their skills. Intensives in CHINESE POLE,
PARTNER STRETCHING, each run for six sessions
throughout February and March.

The Circa Youth Program is an opportunity for young people
to experience circus and build skills on a regular basis. The
program runs on Saturdays for 8 sessions from 5 February to
26 March. Courses include a TINY TUMBLERS class for
3-6yrs focusing on discovery, exploration, creative movement
and coordination exercises.  The CIRCUS SAMPLER for 7-
12yrs allows participants to explore and develop skills in hula
hoops, aerials, tumbling, juggling, diablo and more. CIRCUS
LAB for 13-17yrs is a focused approach for exploring and
developing aerial and acrobatic skills.

The Circa Adults Program is a great alternative way to get fit,
unwind after work and explore new skills. The program runs for
8 sessions on weekday nights from 7 February to 30 March.
Classes an offered a beginner’s class on Monday nights for
people with limited or no circus experience, an intermediate
class on Wednesday nights for people with some experience,
and a juggling class on Tuesday nights, open to juggling
enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Feature - Win one of the Superbuffo Awards 2005

Win one of the SUPERBUFFO AWARDS 2005.

Categories are:
-       Ring of Honour (best Artist)
-       Superbuffo Web Award (best Website)
-       Superbuffo Prop Award (best Prop)

And there is a chance to win 100 Euro participating at the
online poll.

Details and more: www.superbuffo.com

Feature: New Zealand Juggling Festival 2005

The 13th Annual New Zealand Juggling Festival will be from
Thursday 17 – Sunday 20 March 2005.  The venue is
Paekakariki Holiday Park, a campground in a beachside
village near Wellington.

In the last few years many people from Australia have been
to the festival and we hope the trend will continue. We
organise the event to maximise relaxation, fun and learning.
You can set up your tent or take a dorm space within
meters of the 24-hour practice/workshop and show marquee,
and the beach is only a five-minute stroll from the site.

During the four days and nights of festival there are more
than 20 workshops for all levels of juggling, for different props,
and related circus skills.  You can start, or improve, your ball,
clubs, rings juggling, or even try out uni-cycling, acro-balance,
staff, poi, footbag and more.

Highlights are the Friday night Renegade Show (open and wild
stage), the Juggling Olympics, the festival Public Show (with at
least 10 top acts), a Fire Party featuring drummers and 40
liters of fuel on the beach and other festival classics like cross-
country uni-cycling and the totally unplanned ‘Sunday night’.

The festival registration is NZ$50/$40 (waged/unwaged) kids
under 12 can attend for $15.  Overseas visitors pay on arrival.
Camping and dorm costs are $10 per night. With Freedom
Air you can fly into Palmerston North and get the train south,
or try the major airlines for low-cost fares to Wellington. If you
need more temptation to come to New Zealand, you could fly
in a week early and go to the WOMAD festival in New
Plymouth (see www.womad.co.nz).

Please contact Leila if you want further information or to
receive a registration form.  Phone: 0064-4-3886095, or
++64-21-463528 (mobile), e-mail: festival@juggle.org.nz,
web:  www.juggle.org.nz

Aust Council Restructures: New Media Arts Wasted

"In a devastatingly serious failure of nerve, shocking ignorance
of the state of the arts, let alone total absence of the
marketplace verve for which it has lately come to pride itself,
the Australia Council for the Arts has "dissolved" its New
Media Arts Board (NMAB), distributing its charges to the
Visual Arts/Craft and Music Boards respectively. The
responsibility for the hybrid arts component of the NMAB will
now be in the hands of a newly invented "Inter-Arts Office"
(not a Board, and apparently therefore without continuous
peer assessor presence) which will "triage" funding applicants
to appropriate traditional artform boards. Triage? Are we now
"patients"? It's only a step on from the perverse misnomer of
"clients" and it complements the ill state of the many badly
under-funded arts companies across the country. But who
exactly is sick? Could it be the Australia Council itself?

"What did new media arts do to warrant such disgraceful
treatment in the Australia Council's desperate bid to reinvent
itself in the long-term absence of new funding? Did someone
badmouth new media arts? Was it Ruddock and Kemp's fury
over the Council-funded interactive Woomera detention centre
game or violinist Jon Rose playing the fences of Australia? Or
did the artform empire within Council strike back, fearful of
new media and hybrid arts' incursions into its territories and
funds, frightened of loosening its traditional boundaries? Or is
this massive misjudgment the work of the charmingly titled,
whiff-of-wartime "Future Planning Taskforce" chaired by
Council's Deputy Chair, Terrey Arcus, a specialist in company
restructuring, applying an arts-blind business model?

"The job of the New Media Arts Board was to support digital
media art practices, many of them not fitting into old artform
categories, together with hybrid arts - a remarkable range of
emerging forms often entailing new technologies, but not
always. The future handling of hybrid practices gets some
explanatory treatment in the press release, but new media
art is simply dealt with thus: "Digital media arts would be
handled by an enhanced Visual Arts/Craft Board, and by the
Music Board." And that's it.

"The Council's Dec 8 announcement represents a pre-emptive
strike, in line with the secretiveness of contemporary
governments and bureaucracies - not an iota of consultation
with the field, but only with itself, to be followed by a wasteful
"national briefing tour." We want to see these plans in writing,
and soon, not in some Power Point demo of the kind in which
the Australia Council CEO Jennifer Bott is only too smoothly
accomplished. Cancel the briefings.

"Together digital media and hybrid practices make important
partners in their interplay and overlap. They are the future.
Having one board in the NMAB that was no longer artform
based and alert to developments in this burgeoning area made
a lot of sense, but splitting attention to its concerns does not.
Why isn't the Inter-Arts Office charged with new media arts
management and "triaging" as well? The expertise required to
understand new media arts is enormous - technology, biology,
physics, ethics, law, communications: adding a new member
or two to the Visual Arts and Music Boards will just not do.

"Australians should be enjoying increased opportunities to
celebrate the explosion of new media & hybrid arts. Instead,
like the arts on the ABC, they're here being disguised or
buried by stealth with the promise that they'll get greater
attention in traditional artform Boards. That's hard to believe.
Will those boards commit to using the money they get from
NMAB specifically for new media arts? Will they promote
them with vigour?

"The Australia Council's failure has been turned away from
itself and onto a significant sector of the arts community in
new media and hybrid arts. It is time to look at ways of
supporting new media arts now that the Australia Council
has clearly abdicated clear-cut responsibility and
transparency. In the short-term the New Media Arts Board
must be immediately reconstituted so that artists working
through it have security of support. If that is not to happen,
then there must be a period of consultation with the field
before the restructure goes ahead.

"If Council is not amenable to such considerations, then
it must be reviewed on much larger and far-reaching scale
than in its current narcissistic exercise. A new review
would ask if a model that has been functioning for over 30
years is still appropriate, even workable, given the shifts
in funding towards the states and local government and
various federal government agencies, and substantial
growth in and changes to artform practices. In respect of
new media and hybrid art, no office or traditional artform
board of the Australia Council can be sufficiently in touch
with this field. Funds should be devolved directly to key
organisations dealing with these practices. They will be
responsible for funding artists and companies. There is
constant pressure from the Australia Council to achieve
new levels of maturity in arts self-management, but key
decisions are still made top-down by Council, now more
than ever and by an ever-decreasing number of
participants and, doubtless, fewer peers. It is time to let
go and unleash a greater arts maturity.

"What can you do now to protest the restructuring of the
Australia Council, in particular the dissolving of the New
Media Arts Board? Write directly to CEO Jennifer Bott
( mail@ozco.gov.au ) to lodge your complaint during the
staff consultation period which concludes January 30.
After that, attend the briefings and demand transparent
treatment of new media and hybrid arts by Council."

Keith Gallasch, Managing Editor, RealTime
the latest in contemporary arts: dance, film, digital media,
writing, performance, visual arts, music and sound, arts
politics, cultural issues.


"Dracula Triumphant - Professional Production - Auditions
We seek applications for auditions from male and female
actors. Three male roles available. One female role. We
are re-auditioning in the Sydney area throughout January
and February. Please submit your CV/Resume along with
a photograph to the Producer. Successful applicants will
be offered an audition in Sydney. There will be three
weeks of rehearsals conducted in Sydney in May 2005.
Details of financial compensation will be provided prior
to offering of a role. Further details on our website." Find
a link to Dracula Triumphant under Physical Theatre at

"Clowns Canada's Convention will be taking place in
Windsor Ontario April 2-3, Canada. We have classes in
all disciplines of Clowning: Care Clowning with Shobi
Dobi, The Ha Ha Unit - Naomi Blundell and Judy Pomeroy,
Clowning Classes with Ron "Toto" Johnson, Jeff Collins
- Street Performing and working a crowd, Paul 'Chuckles'
Chudy - Family Entertaining, Ballooning, Katie Hunt -
Smart Marketing, Face Painting Classes and a few more
surprises! We will have 3 classes running consecutively
for both days. The cost is $190 Canadian which includes
2 full days of classes, a meet and greet event, 2 lunches,
1 dinner and show." Find a link to the Convention under
Events at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"The San Francisco Clown Conservatorium auditions for
05/06 will be on May 22 & June 11, 2005. Send letter,
resume & headshot to
Ronlin Foreman will offer a workshop in Clowning on Jan.
15 & 16, 2005. Ronlin is a major figure in American
clowning. Although he is a full-time teacher at our sister
school, Dell'Arte, he rarely teaches in the Bay Area.
Take this opportunity to work with a master. Limited
public slots at $200 for performing public. Contact Chris
mailto:chris@circuscenter.org to reserve your place.
From January to March, we will be doing an in-depth
collaboration with S.F. General Hospital, exploring how
clowns can make a positive impact in a hospital setting.
In addition, students will conduct interviews with staff,
patients and families at the hospital and create material
from their stories." Happy Holidays from all of us at the
Conservatory! Jeff Raz.

"From January 31st to February 6th the International
Comedy Festival “Comic Monster” will be held in the
Sala Umberto Theater, in Rome. Starting February 1st
up to February 6th 2005 between approximately 22.30
and 00.30 after the shows in the Sala Umberto Theater
there will be an “open stage” at the “Gilda” club (in the
vicinity of the Sala Umberto) for all friends, artists,
clowns and fools who want to perform and have fun with
us. If you are interested in participating please email
mailto:mreproductions@hotmail.com with your name,
phone number, type and duration of your performance."
Come have fun with us! Jango Edwards and Peter

"Hello Alan, I have just returned from Barcelona in Spain
where I attended the first World Congress of Laughter
Festival (which was run as a part of the 20th Charlie Rivel
International Clowns Festival). Eleven Festivals were
represented at the Congress (one each from Andorra;
Brazil; Columbia; U.K; the others all being from different
regions of Spain). It has been decided to set up a
Federation or Society of Laughter Festival Organisers
in order to exchange information, dates etc and perhaps
also set up partnerships, exchanges of acts etc in
addition to setting up a communal Web Site. I have
undertaken to research the U.K., North America,
Australia and New Zealand for information on Laughter
Festivals in those areas to add to the web site. Could I
ask all your members to e-mail me details and contacts
for any festivals covering "laughter" in their area?
Initially, I would like a Web Page address, e-mail
contact, telephone contact and Name of Festival. Any
Organisers of Laughter Festivals who would be
interested in joining this new Society can also contact
me in the first instance." Many thanks. John "Clown
Bluey" Brattle, Representing Clowns International
International Clowns Festival, Weston-super-Mare,

"HIGH FEST International Theatre Festival, 1-12 October,
Yerevan, Armenia. (Third Edition) Application deadline
- February 15 2004. We are pleased to inform you, that
besides the Main Program, four International Theatre
Festivals will be held in the framework of the Festival:
including Puppet; and Movement/Dance. The selection
is mainly based on the following criteria: • Shows of the
high quality and professionalism; • Shows of the different
types of theatre: drama, music, movement, dance,
puppets-marionettes, one-man show, street etc / not
exceeding 5-7 person • Companies happy to take part in
workshops, meetings and discussions; • Each company
(or part of the company) will actively participate in
workshops, master classes and meetings with famous
theatre practitioners; • Each company will be able to
see the work of other invited artists and to make new
contacts. The Organizing Committee provides the
following: • Accommodation and meals (max 4 nights);
• Free access to all Festival events / performances;
• Technical and administrative costs; • Press, marketing
and publicity costs; • Prizes and souvenirs." Lilit
Galustyan, Festival Chief Coordinator, Yerevan State
Institute of Theatre, Armenia. Find a link to High Fest
under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm


"I have accepted the new position as Western Region
Circus Arts Consultant for the NSW Dept. of Education
& Training. In theory this region covers 202 schools,
is 686 000 square kms in area, and has one students
for every 12.9 square kms. In practice, well we have
to design the position and how far it is spread as we
go. The position is a temporary one to start with,
finishing in January 2006. Its two main thrusts are
the use of Circus Arts as a student welfare initiative
and as a gifted and talented / performance opportunity.
The idea is to use the position to work with 'student
services' and regional consultants in creative arts and
sport to break students out of regressive cycles and
then support them, and to take both these and gifted
students identified erstwhile and provide them with
opportunities for development and performance of their
skills. The position also entails support for the Circus
West program and uses the Circus West resources as
its base." Paul Woodward. Find a link to Circus West
under Resources at: www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

The Guy Who” Movies-- the complete collection of my
silent movies is now available on DVD. These one-minute
silent comedies were originally shown before major
motion pictures around the U.S. The DVD also has many
special features including a brand new movie, “The Guy
Who Made Movies” and my first movie, “The Guy Who
Lived on a Chair”." Foolishly, Drew the Dramatic Fool.
Find a link to 'The Guy Who, DVD' under Resources at:

"Pontefract Liquorice Festival is a two day arts and
heritage festival celebrating the town of Pontefract and its
unique association with liquorice. Subject to confirmation
of funding, the festival will take place on 16 and 17 July. It
comprises Historic Pontefract (16 July), a day of living
history, traditional arts and crafts in Pontefract Castle and
Liquorice Day (17 July), a day of contemporary art, craft
and music in Pontefract Town Centre. This year's festival
has an international flavour with an emphasis on food.
Pontefract Liquorice Trust seeks applications of interest
from street acts and workshop facilitators. We particularly
welcome acts/musicians/workshops which reflect our
themes, namely: a) Traditional/historical, b) International,
c) Liquorice, d) Food. Your expression of interest should
include the following details: a) how your proposal delivers
one or more of the above themes. b) a brief outline of your
project: what you would like to deliver, who you are and
what expertise experience you have.  c) your costs
including travel, accommodation and materials. d) your
availability for 16 and/or 17 July 2005. e) A leaflet/image
to support your proposal (please keep this to a minimum
if responding by email). All acts/workshops/musicians will
be required to present evidence of public liability insurance
and, where relevant, an up to date CRB check. Please
send expressions of interest to: Bev Adams, Pontefract
Liquorice Festival Director, Wakefield, England. Email

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Last updated 12th January 2005