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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - December, 2002

National Circus and Physical Theatre Conference, Australia

Love and Chaos and the Meaning of Life, Queensland Tour
Alan Clay, US and Canada Training and Performance Tour

3rd International Mime & Physical Theater Festival, Caribbean
Angry Mime Summer School, & Woodford Festival, Queensland
Santa Fe Training Project, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
TV2 International LAUGH! Festival, April - May 03, NZ
Instructional videos on Circus Artistry and Sports Acrobatics

Theatre de L'ange Fou - London International Mime Festival
Insurance Bulk Buying Scheme, NSW, Australia

Newsletter Subscriptions & Unsubscriptions
Newsletter Advertising and Artmedia site promotion

Artmedia News

Welcome to the final edition of the Artmedia newsletter for 2002,
a publication with an Australasian focus and a global perspective,
now reaching more than 8,000 subscribers worldwide, which can
now look back on three years of successful publication.

The incidence of people typing Artmedia into search engines has
now surpassed all other keywords for web surfers who have visited
the artmedia site from search engines. We attribute this to the word
of mouth from our newsletters, building a larger audience for the site,
so thanks for spreading the word.

We also get lots of visits to the site from past users who have book-
marked the site, and through over 1,000 links with like-minded sites.
Meanwhile all our site clients have just renewed for another 6 months,
while most have been with us for the whole three years, so contact us
if you want an affordable and effective web-promotion deal.

In this month's newsletter we feature the 5th Australian National
Circus and Physical Theatre Conference, to be held in Adelaide in
March next year. "A 3 day event for industry professionals from
around the nation and overseas to come together".

In Playspace news, I join forces with Phoebe Manning to present
our two solo shows back-to-back, in the 'Love and Chaos and
the Meaning of Life' tour of Queensland over the summer holiday
season. Catch us at the Southbank in Brisbane, Australia, this
weekend and next weekend.

We have a mime theme this month, profiling the Angry Mime
Summer School in Brisbane, together with a call for applications
for the 3rd International Mime & Physical Theater Festival in the
Caribbean. While in the noticeboard, Theatre de L'ange Fou has
info on their season of The Government Inspector, presented in
collaboration with the London International Mime Festival.

In the networking we also have information on the New Zealand
TV2 International Laugh Festival, which has an application deadline
next week, we look at some instructional videos on circus artistry
and sports acrobatics, at the web-site PerformingArtsNews, and
the Santa Fe Training Project in New Mexico, USA.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
physical theatre community, so please send us info for inclusion in
this newsletter. Details of our web-site and newsletter advertising
deals are also at the bottom of this page. Please also forward this
to somebody else who may be interested.

Thank you for reading Artmedia physical theatre news and we
wish you seasons greetings and best wishes for the new year.


Alan Clay runs Artmedia Publishing. Alan's novel 'Believers in
Love', is now available through bookshops and on-line stores.
"A powerfully creative work, with prose that sings like poetry.
Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, Believers in Love comes
highly recommended."  http://www.artmedia.com.au/believer.htm

Feature: Head 2 Head Conference

5th National Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Conference
Adelaide, South Australia. March 13 - 15, 2003

The Head 2 Head 5th National Circus and Physical Theatre
Conference is the 3 day event for you and other industry
professionals from around the nation and overseas to come
together. Join the masses to discuss, develop, understand and
share what we as performers, directors, managers, teachers,
trainers etc. in the circus and physical theatre industry
experience day to day. Come and dream the future.

Head 2 Head will take place in Adelaide, South Australia
during Come Out 2003, Australia's Festival for Young People.
The festival will set the city alive and compliment the diversity
of Head 2 Head. Come and engage with the vibe. Some of the
highlights include inspiring national and international speakers,
South Australian circus and physical theatre performance
showcases, an insightful teachers forum, and the dynamic
Cirkidz performance gravitas.

Head 2 Head is also calling for expressions of interest from
industry representatives to contribute to conference session
topics as volunteer panelists. Incentives will be offered to
volunteers as remuneration for their time and contribution.
Please contact the Conference Coordinator prior to 1 Jan 03.

For a registration brochure and more information please contact
Kellie Nicol - Conference Coordinator on (08) 8346 5735 or
email: kellie@cirkidz.org.au

Feature: Playspace News

'Love and Chaos' and 'The Meaning of Life' - December / January

Alan Clay and Phoebe Manning are joining forces to present their
two solo shows 'Love and Chaos' and the 'Meaning of Life' in a
tour of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Get two
clowns for the price of one for your Christmas event, or your
holiday event. eMail events@artmedia.com.au for bookings, and
check out more information at http://www.artmedia.com.au/love.htm
and http://www.artmedia.com.au/life.htm

"In the best clown tradition Alan Clay held up a window-mirror
for us to step through and reflect on the patterns, habits and
rituals of our days. It was funny, moving and excellent theatre."

US & Canadian Training, Performance, and Readings Tour

Alan is touring to America and Canada, from May to October to
perform his solo clown show, 'Love and Chaos', teach clown
workshops, and read excerpts from his novel 'Believers in Love'.
Bookings are still being confirmed but it looks like the North
American tour will start in Victoria, Canada, in May and move
through in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia, from
July to September.

Look out for a clown masterclasses in Singapore in May, in
Connecticut, USA, in June, and Canadian masterclasses in
Vancouver in August, and Ottawa in September. More
information, as bookings are confirmed, can be found at
www.artmedia.com.au/playspac.htm and to suggest a
performance or workshop e-mail tour03@artmedia.com.au

Networking and Feedback

"Hi, I just received the latest issue of your brilliant email ezine on
the arts. It blew me away with such vibrant and exciting content.
My site, PerformingArtsNews, is a theatre, film and television
website for actors, writers, directors, producers and anyone
interested in the arts. Get free articles and tips from working
professional actors. Find out new trends in the Film industry, and
plenty of inside info for screen buffs. Get all the latest news about
local theatre from emerging fringe and established mainstream
theatre companies. Theatre listings cover shows in production
throughout Australia and abroad." Regards, Ian McGregor. Find
a link to Performing arts news under Reasources at

"Hi Alan, Thank you for your great Physical Theater Newsletter,
it is a great way to know about what's going on around the world.
Polimnia Physical Theater announce the 3rd International Mime
and Physical Theater Festival in the Caribbean from May 19 to
the 25, 2003. The Festival will take place at the Performing Art
Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Last year we received more
than one hundred applications from international Mime Artists
and Physical Theater Companies. To secure one of the few spot
in the Festival line up and find some information on the English
and Spanish homepage of Polimnia Mime Festival and click over
3rd festival to access the page, also click over each photo for more
info. Thank you Alan for keeping us on your mailing list. We hope
this E-Mail reach you in a good health and happy spirit." Take care,
Iván Olmo, Polimnia Physical Theater, Artistic Director. Find a link
to the Mime and Physical Theatre Festival under Festivals at

"The Angry Mime Summer School, a 3-week intensive, will be
happening from the 6 - 24 January 2003 . If you want to find out
about The Angry Mime Summer School you can go to the Angry
mime web site and follow the links to Summer School. Also the
Woodford Folk Festival offers a myriad of creative and inspiring
options for real involvement this year. If you are in SE Qld and
want to participate the new community theatre projects at the
festival. Applications close this Sunday. The Angry Mime has a
focus driven by the disciplines of clown, new vaudeville, mask,
puppetry, improvisation in performance, mime and contemporary
dance." Tony Kishawi. Find a link to the Woodford Festival
projects under Festivals, and to the Angry Mime Summer School
under Training at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Registration is being accepted for the 2003 Santa Fe Project,
in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, from May 23 - June 1. Cheryl
King, director of the Project, is happy to announce that she and
Hilary Chaplain will be joined by in 2003 by LA director and
acting coach Rod Menzies, and New York improv and cabaret
coach Larry Rosen, as instructors at the project. Ms. King will
offer Body Language, Standup Comedy, and Writing for Stage
and Screen; Ms. Chaplain will offer Physical Comedy, Stage
Movement and Clown. Mr. Menzies will offer Master Classes in
Acting, Actor's Voice and Solo Performance, and Mr. Rosen will
offer Free Access Improv and Cabaret Arts. Registration forms
can be obtained at the website." Find a link to the Santa Fe
Project under Training at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Hi Alan, We are delighted to inform you that all the information
for registering a show in New Zealand's own TV2 International
LAUGH! Festival 2003 is now available online. The first deadline
for LAUGH! 2003 is Wednesday 18th December, for Venue
Submissions. The only exception is for the two Wellington Venues.
with the BATS Theatre are taking Venue Submissions from the
18th of December 2002 and closing on the 24th of January 2003.
Go to our web-site and click on Registration information and follow
the simple instructions and you will be in comedy information heaven.
To log on: Go to our site, click the Registration Link, Enter your
email address, and the password is ... chocolate." All the best,
Kylie Aitchison, Artist Liaison & Producer, NZ TV2 International
LAUGH! Festival." Find this link under Festivals at

"Hi. I'm Christine Van Loo, a former seven time National Champion
in Sports Acrobatics, Female Olympic Athlete of the Year, and
Athlete of the Decade. I have produced five instructional videos on
circus artistry and Sports Acrobatics. They are the culmination of
years of teaching workshops and classes in the US, Italy and Japan,
with demos by instructors and performers from such shows as
Cirque du Soleil." Christine Van Loo christinevanloo@hotmail.com
Find a link to Christine's site, Secrets of the Circus under Resources
at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm


"Theatre de L'ange Fou presents: The Government Inspector, by
Nicolai Gogol, Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum's adaptation of
Gogol's classic story of power, ambition and mistaken identity,
presented in collaboration with the London International Mime
Festival. "A beautifully staged piece of total theatre" (Sunday
Times), 14 Jan to 8 Feb 03, Pleasance Theatre London,
Carpenters Mews, Nth Rd, London N7 9EF. We look forward to
seeing you at the Pleasance Theatre." Steven Wasson and Corinne
Soum infoschool@angefou.co.uk

"In response to the insurance problems facing non government
organisations, NCOSS ( NSW Council of Social Services ) has
received funding from the State Government to set up an Insurance
Bulk Buying Scheme. NCOSS are now trying to gauge the level of
interest in the scheme by calling for registrations of expressions of
interest. Tessa Carswell in Community Services (X5377) has copies
of the forms for community organisations and groups to fill out who
are interested in registering their interest. Alternately, organisations
can register on line at http://www.ncoss.org.au/insurance "

Artmedia Services

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developing search-engine-friendly pages, the Artmedia pages are
now consistently placed at the top of the list by the search engines.

Web Publishing
Site creation ($60 a page) and publishing service ($30 a month,
paid 6 months in advance). We publish your site at artmedia.com.au
and update the information at no charge, and maintain your traffic
through search engine submission and our growing links.

Newsletter Advertising and Sponsorship
$50 buys a two or three paragraph Feature promotion for your show,
service, or web-site, in this newsletter, like the Hawaiian Juggling
Festival in this newsletter. Sponsorship of the newsletter offers 8
paragraphs of copy at the top, and is valued at $350.

Subscriptions & Unsubscriptions

Our Physical Theatre newsletter, reaching 8,500 subscribers
worldwide, can now look back at its first three years of publication,
in which it has evolved from an in-house mailout about the classes
at Playspace, into an industry-wide publication. As the readership
grows, we are developing the Australasian focus and the global
perspective of the publication.

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