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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - November, 2002

Clown Masterclass - at the Lab, Sydney, Australia
US and Canada Training and Performance Tour

Female Performing Arts Festival 'Cirkus Prinsessan', Sweden
'A Nose of Her Own' - Women Clown Project, Australia.
2003 World Buskers Festival, Christchurch, New Zealand
PromoFest - Promotion Workshop, Massachusetts, USA
Roving HIV AIDS Clown Project, Guatemala

Fellowship sought to run a youth theatre in Mexico

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Artmedia News

Welcome to another edition of the physical theatre newsletter from
Artmedia, a publication with an Australasian focus and a global
perspective, now reaching more than 8,000 subscribers worldwide.

Thanks to those who have wondered how it was for me to close
the Sydney Studio, and yes, it's been a wonderful freedom, which
has been assisted by spending the last few weeks in Brisbane. My
thanks to Vulcana Womens Circus in Brisbane, Australia, who are
doing wonderful work.

We have a bit of a female focus with this issue, as we carry
information in the networking on a female performing arts festival,
"Cirkus Prinsessan", in Sweden, and a contemporary women clown
project, A Nose of Her Own, in Wollongong, Australia. Find more
information at http://www.artmedia.com.au/womenclowns.htm

I am back to Sydney to teach a clown masterclass this weekend,
and I remind those interested that this will be the last time to work
with me in Sydney for a year, so grab your opportunity, and I have
extended the earlybird fee to entice more of you onto the course

In the Playspace section I also have information on the shows and
workshops that are firming up in America and Canada next year,
and thanks to everyone who has responded so far. I have also
revamped the Playspace site to focus on this touring information.

The networking this month also carries information on the Buskers
Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand, and on PromoFest, a new
4 day Promotion workshop in Massachusetts, USA, run by Lee
Ross and John Pritchard, plus news of the Roving HIV AIDS
Clown Project in Guatemala.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
physical theatre community worldwide, so please send us info for
inclusion in this newsletter. Details of our web-site and newsletter
advertising deals are also at the bottom of this page.


Alan Clay runs Artmedia Publishing. Alan's novel 'Believers in
Love', is now available through bookshops and on-line stores.

"A powerfully creative work, with prose that sings like poetry.
Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, Believers in Love comes
highly recommended." Info at http://www.artmedia.com.au/believer.htm

Playspace News

Clown Masterclass - Two weekends starting this Saturday, 23rd

Numbers confirmed on the Masterclass are low, but it will definitely
run, and to encourage more participants, we have extended the
earlybird fee, making it more affordable. Grab your chance to work
with Alan Clay in this intensive workshop, before he leaves on his
North American tour.

With the close of the Sydney studio, the Playspace Masterclass will
now be held at the Aerial Lab, in the old railway sheds in Newtown,
which have just been taken over by the NSW Ministry of Arts.
Find the directions on how to find to the Lab by car and train, and
more info on the workshop, at www.artmedia.com.au/workshop.htm


US & Canadian Training, Performance, and Readings Tour

Alan Clay, will be touring to America and Canada, from May to
November to perform his solo clown show, 'Love and Chaos',
teach clown workshops, and read excerpts from his new novel
'Believers in Love'.

The tour will start with shows in Victoria, British Columbia, in
May and then some readings in Atlanta, Georgia, followed by
performances and readings in June in New York, and a workshop
in Connecticut. Negotiations are also under way with festivals in
Vancouver, British Columbia, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, in July
and August, with the possibly of several workshops in Canada.

It then looks like a series of readings in Toronto and Ottawa in
September, and in Oregon and Washington and San Francisco in
October. More information, as bookings are confirmed, can be
found at http://www.artmedia.com.au/playspac.htm  and to suggest a
performance or workshop e-mail tour@artmedia.com.au

Networking and Feedback

"Hello Alan, Well its taken me a little while to get my links page
happening but finally its up. Can you put me up on your links page
under the Character section as "Jonno Katz - EpicWorlds". I've
been a great user of your site for a few years now. Awesome work.
Thanx Alan." Jonno. Check out Jonnos link, and many others at
http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm , and go up from there to check
out the range of physical theatre information on the artmedia site.

"Hi Alan, Thank you for your newsletter, it is a great way to hear
about what's going on, a continent I never been on. I guess, will be
less lost once I get there. I am writing to you from Sweden, and want
to tell you about a festival going on her. It's a female performing arts
festival called " Cirkus prinsessan" it takes place in Stockholm, were
female performers work for about 3 weeks during which one of them is
crowned by H.S.H. Princess Christina of Sweden the circus princess
of the year. It has taken place for 8 years and every year there are
more agents who come to watch. There is some information on the
English homepage of circus princess." Kind regards, Irena Purschke.
Find this link under Festivals at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm  

"A Nose of Her Own" is the first production by this new company of
contemporary women clowns. Clowning has never been so sexy.
Fourteen fabulous fractious funny females come together in a
celebration of everything that's ridiculous about life and the fairer sex.
Two of Australia's top women performers join with a gang from the
local WOW Women's circus to present a world premier of a new work.
Opening with a chaotic 'Charivari' in which a dozen or so clowns take
over the stage and the auditorium, the show moves into it's centre piece
which is a duet for Two clowns and a Baby Grand Piano. This will be
followed by the Grand finale ≠ a surreal reinvention in which the clowns
do their version of a Water Ballet a la Esther Williams. The show will
draw on elements of vaudeville, circus and popular performance
November 28 - 30. 8:00pm and Saturday 30th at 2:00pm. Bruce
Gordon Theatre Illawarra Performing Arts Centre. Wollongong."
Find more info at http://www.artmedia.com.au/womenclowns.htm

"PromoFest - a four day self-Promotion workshop. From your web
site to recording new performance pieces under ideal conditions!
You will leave PromoFest with a master CD-ROM that contains
your own video and press materials professionally designed to copy
to your web site and you will also be able to produce a DVD or
VHS master. After over 20 years on the street and stage, touring as
the lead with Cirque Du Soleil and writing half a dozen feature scripts,
Lee Ross has settled down and partnered with John Pritchard, award
winning web designer and film maker, to form a truly unique film
school! PromoFest costs $750 for all four days of the workshop,
including room and board, equipment and blank media for video,
cds and dvds. Held at 9 Mountain Retreat Workshop Center
located in the beautiful Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts.
PromoFest is limited to 20 people per workshop: December 2-5
or January 6-9." With the Best of Intentions, Lee and John. Find
this link under Festivals at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Hi Alan, The Roving HIV AIDS Clown Project has received funding
for three years and is seeking volunteers to come tour with us around
Guatemala's rural communities, clowning around and running group
workshops on hiv and aids. We tour villages, border areas, small
cities and towns, prisons and pretty much anywhere we get invited.
This is a good opportunity for folks who want to get to know
Guatemala well and work closely with Mayan people. Volunteers
receive free accommodation and some in-country travel expenses.
Clowns, drummers and performers who tour with us are asked to
make a three month commitment before being considered for paid
work. They should come prepared to participate in a collective and
share their skills. Some Spanish is a definite plus, but the country is
full of excellent and inexpensive language schools. The Atz'anem K'oj
collective can be contacted via email at: proyectopayaso@yahoo.com
Thank you for keeping us on your mailing list. We hope this note
reaches you in good health and high spirits." Yours faithfully, Bobolop
the Clown, Tony Savdiť.

"03 World Buskers Festival, Christchurch, New Zealand, Jan 15-26.
This is the largest street performance festival in Australiasia. Each
year the festival receives more than one hundred applications from
international acts seeking to secure one of the 15 spots in the festival's
line up. There are more than 25 shows per day. A partial list of acts
for the 2003 event includes; The acrobatic balancing duo AMAR and
the juggling comedy duo The Individuals from the Netherlands, and
dancing duo Blackstreet Boys from USA. From Japan the amazing
Hanger man and the acrobatic talents of Sublimit, from Canada,
Hotnuts and Popcorn, from the UK the duo Skatenaked, Fraser
Hooper and from Germany the mime artist Ulrich Gottlieb, and
from Australia the dazzling hoop acrobat Judith Lanigan, the dancing
feet of Andy Zap and the always intriguing Rumpelstiltskin. There is
also a Busker's Open Pitch- for local acts to profile their busking
talent weekdays in the city mall amphitheatre. A new feature this
year is 'The Art of Street Performance II' a post festival educational
expo featuring tutors from the School of Circo Arts and performers
from the festival." Jodi Wright. Find a link to the World Buskers
Festival under Festivals at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm


"Hi Alan, I am a USA based puppeteer, mask artist, stilt walker, etc,
and am currently applying for a fellowship to start and run a youth
theatre group in Mexico. I've spent years working in Mexico, but
would love to be in touch with people doing youth theatre work in
so-called "third world" countries as I'm in the process of developing
my application. Assuming I get the funding, of course I'd love to
stay in contact!!" I can be reached at rooster@scn.org Thanks for
the help!" Nathan Scott

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Festival in this newsletter. Sponsorship of the newsletter offers 8
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grows, we are developing the Australasian focus and the global
perspective of the publication.

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