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Artmedia - physical theatre news - August 2002

Aerialize, Sydney Aerial Theatre Show, "Big in Japan"

Summer Clown Masterclass - 2003 US Training Tour

Performing Arts Education Center, Hawaii
MotionFest East - Professional Development Conference, USA
'A Life in Her Day' from New York to the Melbourne Fringe
Touch Compass Dance Company, Aotea Centre, Auckland, NZ
Prompt Theatre presents 'The Flats', Sydney, Australia
'The Ape Man' Evening Classes, Melbourne, Australia
Seeking Bodyworkers, from London to Alice Springs, Australia
Stageplays - on-line Catalogue of Plays & Theatre Books

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Newsletter Advertising and Artmedia site promotion

Artmedia News

Welcome to another edition of the physical theatre newsletter from
Artmedia in Sydney, a publication with an Australasian focus and
a global perspective, now reaching 8,000 subscribers worldwide,
published in the middle of each month.

In the features, Aerialize, Sydney Aerial Theatre, promote their
exciting new Aerial & Music Event, Big in Japan - a daring, genre
defying exploration of music, dance, circus and theatre, which
opens in the Newtown Theatre on August 29th. ( Just Aus$50 to
feature in this newsletter ).

In the features, we also publish a new excerpt from my book
'Believers in Love', and have more American reviews, which have
been so good, that I will now be touring literary festivals in the USA
and Canada next year, and negotiations are underway here in
Australia to develop the film rights to the book.

While I am there I will also be performing at some comedy festivals,
street theatre festivals and fringe festivals in Canada, and teaching
workshops. e-Mail me with suggestions, if you or your organisation,
or theatre group, would like to organise a workshop. More info in the
Playspace section of this newsletter.

It's funny doing a personal newsletter to 8000 people all over the globe,
quite special, and is why it works, judging by the feedback, because of
the personal focus and a widespread community. I think the publication
will grow a lot in the next few years as I get into touring mode, and I
promise we won't loose the Australiasian focus.

In the networking this month a few show promotions sneak in, notably
Touch Compas in Auckland, because we have to encourage this sort
of work in Auckland. Physical comedienne Hilary Chaplain brings her
adult show to the Melbourne Fringe Festival and Prompt Theatre in
Sydney present a rude and funny and fearful show, 'The Flats'.

Because we get so many emails promoting performances from all over
the world, and the readership are for the most part performers not
aueince members, we don't carry show promotion in the networking,
but we encourage you to take a Aus$50 feature to promote it.

Also in the networking we have information on MotionFest East, a
professional development conference for variety performers in USA,
bodyworkers are sought in Alice Springs, and information on
Performing Arts Education Centers is sought in Hawaii.

Bob Burton offers the chance to experience the freedom power and
most of all the fun of uncovering the ape within, and Stageplays gives
Artmedia site visitors direct access to the most comprehensive
Catalogue of plays & theatre-related books in the world.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
physical theatre community worldwide, so please send us info for
inclusion in this newsletter. Details of our web-site and newsletter
advertising deals are also at the bottom of this page.

Feature - Believers in Love - "Prose that sings like poetry"

Order this Paperback, or download the eBook, US$6.95, from online
stores like www.amazon.com or from bookshops throughout America,
Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

"When picking up his daughter at school, Sax proposes a game
where they won't do anything they would normally do, and with
this, father and daughter start out on an adventure that leads them
to New Zealand, as well as to their hearts. Seeing things from
each viewpoint propels the reader into the enjoyable magic of
both the outer and inner journey." www.inscriptionsmagazine.com

Repeated Lessons

Sax and Sarah were standing beside a pool of water at a
pedestrian crossing and a car cut the corner a little too closely,
spraying them lightly with water. They burst into laughter from
the shock.
"Did you see that?" Sax exclaimed. "That car just sprayed us
with water!"
Sarah was moving away as her father spoke. Out of the corner
of her eye, she saw a bus approaching.
Sax brushed the water off his clothes. "I can't believe that," he
said, unable to let go of his surprise.
The next moment the bus cut even closer than the car, and a
big splash of water drenched him, while Sarah managed to jump
out of the way.
He looked at her, the water dripping off him, and she grinned.
"Do you believe it now?" she asked.

"Novelist Alan Clay breaks the mould of traditional romance to
make it an art of creation, in Believers in Love. The light tone of
the narrative belies the profound observations of life, art and love.
Believers in Love is a powerfully creative work, with prose that
sings like poetry. Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, this
novel comes very highly recommended." www.wordweaving.com

Find more information at www.artmedia.com.au/believer.htm  and
background on Alan's writing at www.artmedia.com.au/alanclay2.htm

Feature - Aerialize, Sydney Aerial Theatre, BIG IN JAPAN

BIG IN JAPAN is a daring, genre defying exploration of music, dance,
circus and theatre - An exciting new Aerial & Music Event featuring
artists from Aerialize - Sydney Aerial Theatre, Entropic, Deep Child
and Mary-Jon Berna.

Step into the high low life of Geisha girls, swinging trapeze performers,
wicked beats, hula dancers, blues notes, and feats of rare rope and web
artistry. From 29th August 2002 to 1st September 2002 the Newtown
Theatre will be transformed into an Asian influenced bar hosting a dizzy
array of performances from some of Sydney's best aerial and physical
theatre performers and experimental contemporary musicians, and
showcasing students of Aerialize -Sydney Aerial Theatre.

Acts include stunning aerial silk performances, swinging cloud swing
artists, rope acts, the Spanish web, a hula hoop extravaganza on
September 1 from Hula Delux and on Thursday 29th August,
enchanting New York based, contemporary blues singer Mari-Jon
Berna, will sing in a fantastic new collaborative performance with
lyrical swinging trapeze artist Shelalagh McGovern.

Newtown Theatre, 354 King St Newtown, Sydney, Australia.
8pm, 29, 30, 31st August, and 5pm on Sunday 1st Septmber
$30 adults, $25 Concession and $15 Children over 5 yrs
www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm Aerialize@optusnet.com.au

Playspace Studio - Sydney's Physical Theatre Studio

Summer Clown Masterclass - 23, 24, 30 Nov, 1st Dec 2002

The Playspace Masterclass program has been created to provide
an advanced platform for the development and practice of clown
skills. Some students with no experience will also find this
course suitable, simply by releasing themselves to the process.

$500 earlybird ( before Oct 15 ) $700 ( full ) and $200 deposit to
secure a place. e-mail play@artmedia.com.au  for enrolment and
find more info at http://www.artmedia.com.au/workshop.htm


During 2003, Playspace director Alan Clay will be touring with
his solo show Love and Chaos, and teaching guest workshops.
- New Zealand and Australia: February, March, April, May
- Canada and America: July, August, September, October

The following workshops are available, depending on the skill
level of participants:

Street Clown
Interactive use of the street environment to develop audience
rapport and clown skills. A good way to break through the
preciousness we often have at the start of clown work, and
to confront performance fears through fun exercises.

Larrikin Clown
A contemporary Australian approach to the clown art form,
exploring the freedom of playfulness and irreverence, and the
benefits of 'not knowing' and 'not caring'.

Playspace Masterclass
A class exploring the physical and irreverent approach to clown
developed over twenty years at Playspace Studio, emphasising
play-building clown performance material, and developing the
intuitive skill of timing.

e-mail training@artmedia.com.au  if you or your organisation, or
theatre group, would like to organise a workshop. Depending on
the tour itinerary it needn't cost very much, and Alan is open to
deals in kind, and those which also benefit the host organisation.

Networking and Feedback

"Aloha Alan, greetings from Hawaii. Many of our members have been
subscribers to your newsletter for a couple of years and really enjoy
reading about your work. We are planning to build a Performing Arts
Education Center here on our land in Hawaii collectively owned by
35 circus arts people. We've been together since 1984 and have
organized the Hawaiian Juggling Festival for the last 17 years. We are
raising funds right now to build the facility and preparing a marketing
plan, and I am looking for any data regarding the growth or size of the
worldwide market in circus arts/ physical theater industry that we could
utilize. Also a list of the faculties in existence that offer these kinds of
programs. Any information would be appreciated. You can find out
more about us at www.hvcircus.org  " best wishes, Graham Ellis,
Hiccup Circus, Hawaii's Volcano Circus, juggler@aloha.net

"Alan, can you list MotionFest in your next newsletter? We would
appreciate it. MotionFest is the professional development conference
for high level variety entertainers, and the long awaited information on
this years event is now up on our website. MotionFest East 2002
workshop teachers will include:
+ a star performer from Cirque Du Soleil
+ a director and founder of the Dell'Arte School of Physical Theatre
+ an amazing clown/mime/teacher from Paris
+ an innovator in world of magic
+ the most unique puppet/object manipulator you've ever seen
+ a star performer from the Big Apple Circus and former teacher
from Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown College
+ and Fred Garbo!
Along side of copyright attorneys, trademark attorneys, accountants,
agents, stage techs., voice and stage makeup coachs and our
famously supportive, inspirational and invaluable critique sessions.
Register before the early discount periods expire!" Best Regards,
Michael Rosman. michaelrosman@comcast.net

"Hi Alan, I enjoy receiving your emails and reading about what's
happening on the other side of the world! I'm a clown theatre
performer from New York City where I work as a solo performer
doing both a family show and my adult show "A Life in Her Day",
which I'm bringing to the Melbourne Fringe Festival. "A Life in
Her Day is unconventional and nutty. Physical comedienne Hilary
Chaplain invites us into some of her most intimate moments. Evoking
the spirits of Lucille Ball and Imogene Coca, this show presents us
with a quirky and whimsical slice of life. This is a plain-clothes clown
show for adults." Melbourne Fringe Festival, North Melbourne Town
Hall Arts House in The Library, 10pm Every Night! 27 - 29 Sept,
1 - 6 Oct." Sincerely, Hilary. hchaplain@bigplanet.com

"Dear Alan, Thanks for keeping me informed through your
newsletter. Touch Compass performs at the ASB Theatre, Aotea
Centre, Auckland, NZ on Sept 28, 29. Presenting a stunning new work
by choreographer Catherine Chappell and director Christian Penny
involving dance, theatre, music, text, spectacular aerial work and
comedy. Touch Compass Dance Trust is New Zealand's only mixed
ability Dance Company combining disabled and non-disabled
performers. TCDT is also developing flying dance programmes for
youth and adults." Regards, Catherine Chappell. Find a link to Touch
Compass under Physical Theatre at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Prompt Theatre once again launches onto the urban theatre scene with
it's most dynamic and spectacular season so far. 'The Flats' will present
seven characters that allow us into their world for a sneak peak at the
rigours and raw emotions of life. This is a theatre of bodily functions and
impulses, of divisional defences and universal desires. It is rude and funny
and fearful. Pact Youth Theatre, 107 Railway Pde, Erskineville, Sydney.
17th Sept to 22nd Sept." Jessica Symes jessicasymes@hotmail.com

"Bob Burton (The Ape Man) is offering to teach his ape movement
material to a limited number of students. His deep understanding of
primate movement will challenge and extend actors, acrobats, dancers
and anyone concerned with physical presence in performance. These
classes start 27th August 8.15pm-9.45pm and will continue for 4
weeks. There are 6 remaining places. $60 for four one and a half
hour classes - experience the freedom power and most of all the fun
of uncovering the ape within." To register your interest or for further
info please email colinsneesby@yahoo.com  "

"I'm not sure how I got on your list but that's fine, I enjoy it. I am a
shiatsu healer acupunturist in London, with a sub-specialty with
performers. At the moment I have 2 patients here returning to their
home in Alice Springs and I am looking to find acupunturists,
bodyworkers, and a tai chi teahcer for them to carry on with. I
wonder if you can help - I am imagining physical theatre folk have
to know where to get help." Thanks, Ismail Robert Mazzara

"Stageplays gives Artmedia site visitors direct access to the most
comprehensive Catalogue of plays & theatre-related books in the
world. Because of our Trade Agreements with play publishers across
the world, our customers can choose a West End farce from Samuel
French, a Broadway hit from Dramatists Play Service, a screenplay
from Australia's Currency Press, an audio performance of Hamlet
from Naxos, in-yer-face-grit-Brit from Methuen, a modern classic
from Faber, and a children's musical from SchoolPlay Productions
- all with just a few clicks of the eponymous mouse." best wishes,
Paul Thain. Find a banner for Stageplays at the bottom of the
Artmedia home page www.artmedia.com.au

Artmedia Services

After three years of building links with like minded sites, and
developing search-engine-friendly pages, the Artmedia pages are
now consistently placed at the top of the list by the search engines.

Our experience over the past three years of development of the
site, shows that artists with their own site often take a page or pages
on the artmedia site to gain traffic and exposure, while those without
their own site have found it a good way to start.

Web Publishing
Site creation ($60 a page) and publishing service ($30 a month,
paid 6 months in advance). We publish your site at artmedia.com.au
and update the information at no charge, and maintain your traffic
through search engine submission and our growing links.

Newsletter Advertising and Sponsorship
$50 buys two paragraphs of promotion for your show, service,
or web-site, in this newsletter. Sponsorship of the newsletter offers
8 paragraphs of copy at the top, and is valued at $350.

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Our Physical Theatre newsletter, reaching 8,259 subscribers
worldwide, can now look back at its first two years of publication,
in which it has evolved from an in-house mailout about the classes
at Playspace, into an industry-wide publication. As the readership
grows, we are developing the Australasian focus and the global
perspective of the publication.

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