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Artmedia - physical theatre news - May 2002

Playspace Studio, Masterclasses, Circus and Clown


Believers in Love reviews - 'A Journey of Self-discovery'

Overview of European Festivals starting in June 2002
1st Auckland Festival in 20 years - Jan 03 - New Zealand
Salzburg seeks Brilliant Cabaret Performances - Austria

Norman Foote's Vancouver Street Characters tour of OZ?


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Artmedia News

Welcome to another edition of the physical theatre newsletter from
Artmedia in Sydney, a publication with an Australasian focus and
a global perspective, now reaching over 7,000 subscribers.

Some months we seem to have lots of industry players clamering
to advertise in this newsletter, and others it seems that no-one
realises how much they can earn for a little investment in
promotion. I know how much I earn from it, so this month I fill the
sponsorship and feature slots myself, happily, as the first reviews
of my new book, Believers in Love, are coming in.

In Playspace news, a wonderful mix of students, and strong
comitment, have combined to produce some very interesting
performance work in the first semester of this year's Circus and
Clown training, and we invite those in Sydney to a viewing of 'work
in progress' at the studio this Tuesday, 14th May, at 8pm. More
information below, together with enrolment information for those
interested in joining this course in semester two.

In the networking we have a festival theme this month, and we
cellebrate the launching of the first Auckland Festival for over
twenty years. The management team say they 'believe it is time
on the cultural front, that Auckland started doing something
international', and I might add, so does everyone who has had
anything to do with the arts in Auckland in recent years. The city
and NZ desperately needs this event, and we urge your support.

We also have an overview of European Festivals which are
starting in June from the Euro-Festival Info Centre, and the city of
Salzburg in Austria seeks 'brilliant cabaret performances' to
awaken the Old Town from 'its long and cultureless sleep'.

In Artmedia site news, we have new information on the
Glasshouse, a London-based performance duo, and we
encourage you to take some time to browse the site as we
are constantly updating all the pages.

We also appologise to anyoneone who has been experiencing
problems with our site, or e-mail, in the past week, as our ISP has
experienced problems, and we ask that you please re-send any
mail which may have bounced from our mailbox in the past week.

Thank you for reading Artmedia Physical Theatre News. Please
also forward this to somebody else who may be interested.
We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
physical theatre community worldwide, so please send us
information for inclusion in this newsletter. Details of our web-site
and newsletter advertising deals are at the bottom of this page.


Alan Clay runs Artmedia Publishing, and Playspace Studio.
His new novel, 'Believers in Love', is now available worldwide, as
is his second book, 'Dance Sisters'. Order either book now from
bookshops, or online stores like www.barnesandnobel.com or
www.amazon.com and find info at http://www.artmedia.com.au

Sponsor - Playspace Studio

Viewing of Circus and Clown Performance Work-in-Progress

A wonderful mix of students, and strong comitment, have
combined to produce some very interesting performance work in
the first semester of this year's Circus and Clown training, and we
invite those in Sydney to a viewing of 'work in progress' at the
studio (18a Enmore Rd, Newtown) this Tuesday 14th May at 8pm.

There is no charge for this event, because we want a friendly
audience as part of the training process, but please RSVP by
replying to this e-mail, or come early to ensure a place.

Circus and Clown training 2nd Semester - 30th July - 3rd Oct

A limited number of places are available in the second semester
of this years Circus and Clown training, running for ten weeks on
Tuesday and Thursday each week, 10am to 4pm. Students are
joining a group with an established working practise, so a
professional approach and previous experience is required.

$900 earlybird ( by June 15 ) $1000 full ( by start of course ) or
$500 deposit and two payments of $350 ( = $1200 ).
To enrole e-mail play@artmedia.com.au with a little background
on your work, training, or experience.

Clown Masterclasses

The key to clown is playfulness. We can all play, although we often
loose the ability as we get older. If we are lucky, we replace it with
exploration, but where play is directed to the joy of the activity itself,
exploration involves mapping out possibilities.

As we advance with our theatre practise, our successful patterns
often trap us into not taking risks and therefore not growing in our
work. This Masterclass program has been created to provide an
advanced platform for the development and practise of clown
skills. Some students with no experience will also find this course
suitable, simply by releasing themselves to the process.

Winter Clown Masterclass
15, 16, 22, 23, June 2002, 10am to 4 pm, (two weekends)
$500, earlybird (before May 15) $700 (full)

Summer Clown Masterclass
23, 24, 30 Nov, 1st Dec 2002, 10am to 4 pm, (two weekends)
$500, earlybird (before October 23) $700 (full)
e-mail play@artmedia.com.au  for information and enrolment.

Feature - Fiction form Artmedia Publishing

"Believers in Love, the third offering by quirky Australian novelist,
Alan Clay, is about love, laughter and life. A novel of journey and

"Sax is exhausted from lack of sleep, and hiding from the vast
whirl of experience. Then one day he meets Zoe and takes his
daughter Sarah to Bondi beach to build a sand castle. Both
events change his life."

"Sax and Sarah are discovered on Bondi beach and whisked
off to build a sandcastle for a festival in New Zealand. An
adventure which seems set to launch them on equally exciting
adventures, along with Zoe and Adam, the festival organiser."

"The story is liberally interspersed by anecdotes taking an
alternate look at life, sometimes from the point of view of the
book’s characters, other times from beyond, but always with a
depth which gives pause to the reader, before the story

"This is not just a story; it is an exploration of emotion and

Order this book from bookshops in America, Australia, New
Zealand, and England, or online stores like www.amazon.com
or www.barnesandnobel.com and find the full text of this review
and others at www.artmedia.com.au  or www.aussiereviews.com

Networking and Feedback

"The first Auckland Festival in over 20 years will open on January
25, 2003, and run for three weeks. Auckland is New Zealand' s
biggest city, and the management team believe it is time on the
cultural front, that Auckland started doing something international.
'We want to stimulate Aucklanders, enthral them, and challenge
them', says Marie Adams, artistic director with Mike Mizrahi of the
Auckland Festival. 'We've not only to find things that we love which
reflect our vision of what good contemporary work looks like, is has
to be available, affordable and groups have to want to fly to the
other side of the world to present it'. Mizrahi and Adams hope to
foster collaborations between local and foreign artists, including
master-classes. 'The cultural programme will be out of the ordinary,
reflecting Auckland' s character as a young, vibrant and multi-
cultural city. A festival' s not about doing the same things that are
already happening but to providing new opportunities for cultural
exploration and challenge'." Find this link under Festivals at

"Dear visitors of the Euro-Festival Info Centre, here is a short
overview of European festivals starting in June:
Vlaanderen 1/06/02 30/11/02 Flanders Festival International
Athens 6/06/02 28/09/02 Athens Festival
Ludwigsburg 7/06/02 15/09/02 Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele
Wallonie 7/06/02 14/10/02 Festival de Wallonie
Amsterdam 9/06/02 29/06/02 Holland Festival
Bad Kissingen 14/06/02 15/07/02 Kissinger Sommer
Passau 14/06/02 21/07/02 Europäische Wochen Passau
Ruhr Gebiet 16/06/02 17/08/02 Klavier-Festival Ruhr
Granada 21/06/02 7/06/02 Festival Internacional de Granada
Zürich 21/06/02 14/07/02 Zürcher Festspiele
Barcelona 26/06/02 31/07/02 Barcelona Summer Festival Grec
München 27/06/02 31/07/02 Münchner Opern-Festspiele
Wiltz 28/06/02 6/08/02 Festival de Wiltz
Find a link to the Euro-Festival Info Centre under Resources at

"To all individuals, dissidents and freethinkers! We would like to
invite you to help us till one of the world's most beaufitul cities with
new and different life, to awaken this city from its long and
cultureless sleep! The Old Town badly needs reviving witn some
brilliant cabaret performances, people should feel a fresh breeze
of art and culture to open them up to a new kind ot sensitivity. We
not only need all your current e-mail and web addresses. phone
and fax numbers, but also your current tour scheoules so we can
inform everyone of any performances & events. Kindly send us
these details - if possible, including leaflets or photos.
Upcoming interesting dates tor Salzburg in 2002:
Linzergassenfest on 21 & 22June. Wasserfest on 28 & 29 June.
Salzachgalerien, 25 to 30 June, 13 & 14 July, and 10 to 25 Aug.
Rupertikirtag from 20 to 24 Sept. office@salzburg-altstadt.at


"Hello, Thank you for your e-mail's regarding performance info in
Australia. Although Norman Foote has performed his street
characters in Australia "Slim 'n Angel & The Sasquatch (Expo '88)
he now primarily performs his music and comedy in theatres, with
symphonies & festivals for young people & adds the "props with
an attitude" as an added surprise. If you have any leads, festival
producers or theatre contacts we would be very grateful. We
would be happy to return the favor by giving you a list of contacts
here in Canada." Thank you in advance, Monique Barrington
http://www.normanfoote.com Shoebox Music, North Vancouver,

Artmedia Services

The Internet is an interactive medium, and just like a poster, it's
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electronic publishers, publishing on the net, and through e-mail

Web Promotion
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Newsletter Sponsorship
Sponsorship of either newsletter offers subject line endorsement,
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paragraph on the Artmedia home page for a month, and is valued
at Aus$350.

More information at http://www.artmedia.com.au/services.htm

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at Playspace, into an industry-wide publication. As the readership
grows, we are developing the Australasian focus and the global
perspective of the publication.

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