January 2004

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - January 2004

Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, USA

Clown Summer School, February, Sydney, Australia

New Zealand International Juggling Festival, Taupo, NZ

Performers sought for Live Bait Festival, Bondi, Sydney
Showtech Australia's Rigging Courses, Melbourne
NZ International Comedy Festival at BATS, Wellington
Building the capacity of Aboriginal Dance in Oceania
Kingston Buskers Rendezvous applications, Canada
Quad City Clown Troupe lectures, Iowa, US
GeorgiaLina Clown Alley workshop, Georgia, US
School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts, Seattle, US
Flying Trapeze School, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
New Trapeze concept, choice of two resorts, Jamaica
Blind Ditch are seeking self-motivated collaborators, UK
Performance Director for Notting Hill Carnival event, UK
Norweigen Theatre Academy, Physical Theatre Degree

Photos sought for Archive of the Nambassa Festival, NZ
Groucho seeks Comedy Bookers in Australia & England

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Artmedia News

Welcome to the January 04 edition of the Artmedia physical
theatre newsletter, a publication with an Australasian focus
and a global perspective.

This month we welcome the Dell'Arte International School of
Physical Theatre as sponsor of this issue. Dell'Arte run a
professional actor-training program in Blue Lake, California,
which has attracted students from all over the world since
it opened its doors in 1975, and the school has just become
the only institution in America to offer an MFA in Ensemble
Based Physical Theatre.

In Playspace news, I still have some spaces on my Clown
Summer School, to be held in Sydney in a couple of weeks.
This is a course which takes a physical and emotional
approach to clown, placing an emphasis on rediscovering
the sense of play, the curiosity to explore and the innocence
to see things in new ways.

In the Features, we have information on the 12th Annual New
Zealand Juggling Festival, which is to be held from 5th to 8th
February, and which offers 4 days and nights of workshops
and shows in a relaxing forest camp.

In Sydney this month, the Live Bait festival takes over from the
old Sydney Fringe, and is being mounted at the Bondi Pavilion
from 15 - 31 January. In Artmedia site news, Sue Broadway
has a special ticket offer for her season of 'Clowns With
Cleavage' at the LiveBait Festival, and in the networking we
have a call for performers for some busking spots, and some
late night and evening slots in the Yellow Top Tent.

Also in the networking, Showtech Australia announce their
annual program of rigging courses based in Melbourne, and
the Bureau of the International Dance Council announce that
members of its dance team have now been delegated to work
on building the capacity of Aboriginal Dance in Oceania.

In Canada, the Kingston Buskers Rendezvous calls for
applications, which must be in at the end of this month. In the
US, the Quad City Clown Troupe announce some lectures in
Iowa, and the GeorgiaLina Clown Alley have a workshop in
Georgia. There is a new School of Acrobatics and New Circus
Arts in Seattle, and, for those in the grip of the northern winter,
a Flying Trapeze School in Costa Rica, and a 'new trapeze
concept' in Jamaica.

In the UK, Blind Ditch seek self-motivated collaborators, with
the deadline for applications the end of this week, and a
Performance Director is sought for a Notting Hill Carnival event.
While in Europe, the Norwegian Theatre Academy announce a
new state financed, ( no fees for the students...) international
academy that offers a 3 year bachelor degree in physical
theatre, with the teaching in English.

And finally in the noticeboard section, photos are sought for an
archive of the Nambassa Festival, which was held between
1975 and 1981 in New Zealand, and Groucho's Comedy from
the US, seeks comedy bookers in Australia and England.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
physical theatre community, so please send us information for
inclusion in this newsletter. Please also forward this to
somebody else who may be interested.

Artmedia Site News - www.artmedia.com.au

In Artmedia Site News, Sue Broadway has a special ticket offer
for her appearance at the Live Bait Festival, Bondi Beach,
starting this week, in 'Clowns With Cleavage' (or Storm in a D-Cup)
Sue promises that every show will be different, with a constantly
changing line-up of special guests drawn from the cream of the
crop of contemporary clowns. See www.artmedia.com.au/live.htm
for details and Special Ticket Offer.

We have further expanded the newsletter archive so it now includes
all the issues for 2002, as well as those for 2003. The site and the
newsletter archive are also searchable, for ease of finding that item
you know you saw in one of the issues, but can't remember where.
Check it out at www.artmedia.com.au/news.htm  

In other site news, Sydney Aerial Theatre Association have info
on classes and projects at www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm
Impromptu Theatrix run impro classes in Sydney, specialising
in Commedia. www.artmedia.com.au/improvisation.htm
Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a
large range of skills. www.artmedia.com.au/acronym.htm
Circus Unique offers children's workshops and tailored
entertainment packages. www.artmedia.com.au/circusunique.htm
The Physical TV site has info on Richard James Allen and Karen
Pearlman's Dance Films. www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm

On the Artmedia site you can also find a list of links to performers,
companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and you
can subscribe to this newsletter.

Sponsor - Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre

Dell'Arte International is the United States center for the
development, exploration, training, creation, and performance
of the physical theatre traditions and their contemporary
applications. Dell'Arte is based in the small town of Blue Lake,
a former logging town with a population of about 1,200 in
Humboldt County, on California's rural north coast. Our facilities
include a 120-seat indoor theatre, an 400 seat outdoor
amphitheatre, studios, classrooms, library, and offices. Artmedia
readers might be particularly interested in our training program,
our touring ensemble and our summertime Mad River Festival.

The Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre -- a
professional actor-training program--has attracted students from
all over the world since it opened its doors in 1975. The program
includes intense physical training to develop the expressive
capabilities of the actor, the study of mask, clown, melodrama,
and commedia, and ongoing research into the process of making

Dell'Arte is the only institution in the country to offer an MFA in
Ensemble Based Physical Theatre. The two and a half year MFA
program runs concurrently with our one-year certificate-granting
professional training program. Both are in session from October
till mid-June. Open training weeks are held once a year. We also
offer summer workshops of one to three weeks. Full information
on all programs is available at www.dellarte.com , and international
students are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Dell'Arte International School trains actors to be responsive
and spontaneous with their imaginations, their minds and their
bodies. Dell'Arte takes the actor beyond the role of interpreter of
a director's vision or playwright's words (the Actor/Interpreter); at
Dell'Arte, the actor is fundamental to the creation of theatre (the

The Dell'Arte Company is a professional touring company, an
ongoing ensemble of artists that has created over 35 award-winning,
original works of theatre since 1977. The company has toured
extensively to international festivals with shows that are dynamic,
entertaining and thought provoking. Whether it's a hilarious satire
like Wild Card, a feast for the senses like Casanova: Animal
Instinct, or a virtuoso solo like Second Skin, you can expect to be
entertained, surprised, intrigued, challenged, and inspired. Dell'Arte
is an innovator in "theatre of place," created from the history, stories
and issues of the home region of the performers. The Company has
created numerous productions inspired by Humboldt County and
has toured these shows to great acclaim to festivals all over the
world. The Dell'Arte Company performs year-round, at home or in
regional, national and international tours. You can find a current
schedule at www.dellarte.com  or call us.

The Dell'Arte Mad River Festival -- this month-long summer
event is the largest performance event in our community, drawing
over 5,000 people locally and from San Francisco to Seattle to
indoor and outdoor events. Theatre and music offerings include
the EdgeFest, a week of the newest physical theatre, including
artists from around the world and down the block.

For more information on the Dell'Arte training programs, the
touring company, the Mad River Festival or our innovative Dell'Arte
Youth Academy, please visit the website, email us at
dellarte@aol.com , or write to us at Dell'Arte International, P.O.
Box 816, Blue Lake, CA 95525, USA.

Playspace - Clown Summer School with Alan Clay, Sydney

4-day Clown Summer School, Newtown, Sydney, Australia.
February 2 to 5. Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm.

There are still some spaces available on this workshop, which
takes a physical and emotional approach to clown, placing an
emphasis on rediscovering the sense of play, the curiosity to
explore and the innocence to see things in new ways.

Each day starts with a yoga warm up, followed by exercises
to develop physical and emotional expression, and
improvisational exercises to develop comic timing and
audience rapport.

This course is a fun way to approach clown because of the
way we interface the studio work with exploration of the street
as a learning environment, as we take some exercises from
the studio and work at street-cafe's in Newtown.

The Summer School will be led by Alan Clay, who has been
teaching clown for 22 years, and last year presented his
Clown Masterclass program in New Zealand, Australia,
Canada and USA. Grab your opportunity to explore the clown
art form with such an experienced teacher.

The workshop will be held in the Silver Tree Dance Studio,
585b King Street, Newtown, Sydney, Australia. Aus$540.
Enrollments: sydneysummer@artmedia.com.au  
More information at www.artmedia.com.au/playspac.htm
Feature - 12th New Zealand, International Juggling Festival

12th New Zealand, International Juggling Festival will be held
from February 5 - 8.

This four-day event to be held at the Iwitahi Outdoor Recreation
Centre, Taupo, New Zealand, features workshops, shows,
exhibitions, and parties. Join up with more than 100 other
jugglers and new-jugglers from around New Zealand and the
world to learn, relax and party at a the festival site.

The Iwitahi Outdoor Recreation Centre is an old forestry camp
that has been converted into a fully equipped outdoor recreation
centre. It features dozens of small cabins, flying foxes (hanging
slides) through the trees, a 'wet-back' hot water system (we'll
need to chop our own wood), a huge kitchen with a comfortable
dining area, and swimming hole (with a flying-fox over it). In
addition to cabins there is a flat grassy area for camping.

The event will include live music on site, parties and juggling
through the night, workshops and play with a special beginners
to advanced ball juggling, clubs, diabolos, staff and poi, off road
uni-cycling and swimming, the Renegade Show, Juggling
Olympics, Public Show, Fire Party, and Unicyle Hockey.

Check out more info on the web site at http://www.juggle.org.nz  
or e-mail, festival@juggle.org.nz


"Hey Alan, Michael Cohen here from Theatre Kantanka. Love
receiving your newsletter as ever! I'm currently co-producing
the LIVE BAIT festival at Bondi Pavilion, 15 - 31 January, which
takes over from the old Sydney Fringe. As well as helping with
a big programme of music and theatre, one of my core projects
for the festival is an area called "Carnival of Dreams". This is
the courtyard and amphitheatre of the pavilion which we are
running as an outdoors nightlife arena ( drawing inspiration from
the Garden of Unearthly Delights at the Adelaide Fringe ).
Currently the lineup includes Gravity Feed, Frumpus, Circus
Monoxide, Sue Broadway, Circus Bizarre, Mister Monster,
Theatre Kantanka, a Yellow Top cabaret tent and also a couple
of performance installations inside caravans. We're looking for
new additions to the programme for the Yellow Top (late night
and evening slots available) and also for street performers to
perform in the carnival. There is no programme budget so people
need to be able to ticket their act or busk. We're open to
suggestions. Interested people can email a CV and proposal."
Thanks heaps. Michael. Michael@kantanka.com.au . You can
also find a link to the LiveBait Festival web site under Festivals
at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm  

"Dear All, The current course dates for Showtech Australia's
Federal Rigging courses for 2004 are now posted on our website.
There may be further dates to follow so just keep checking the
site and make sure you refresh your page each time to ensure
you get the updates." Yours Sincerely, Robyn Good. Find a link
to the Showtech Australia web site under Rigging and Safety at

"Hi Alan, Kia ora, Monday 3rd May to Saturday 22nd May are
the dates for the Wellington NZ International Comedy Festival
season happening at BATS and other locations around
Wellington. If you are wishing to stage a show at BATS then
contact Paula at: paula@bats.co.nz to discuss your show
and get an info pack. Bats Venue Deadline is Tuesday 20th
January! ( not Friday 23rd as listed on our website - oops )
NZ International Comedy Festival Season Registrations are
diferent to venue registrations. You must also register with the
Festival office in Auckland by Wednesday 28th January 2004.
Contact: Kylie Aitchison, kylie@comedyfestival.co.nz ." Cheers,
Paula, BATS Theatre. Find a link to the Bats Theatre under
Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm  

"The Bureau of the International Dance Council is pleased to
announce that members of its dance team have now been
delegated to work on ways of building the capacity of aboriginal
and marginalised ethnic groups who work in the field of dance in
the Oceania region. One of the first tasks of this delegation is to
investigate the needs of dancers in this field of study and to list
recommendations for a project that may be funded by UNESCO
Enquires concerning this project or the work of the CID in the
field of dance in Oceania may be directed to: Judith Chestnut,
Email: celticenergy@bigpond.com  Applications for participation
in CID programs of world wide scope may be sent to: Prof. Alkis
Raftis, President International Dance Council, National Dance
Theatre, Athens, Greece. president@cid-unesco.org  

"Well the Kingston Buskers Rendezvous Applications are out.
In 2003, The Rendezvous provided street entertainment during
more than 100,000 person visits. Daytime and evening road
closures provided natural stages for artists to perform before
crowds of thousands. Sunday’s early evening Grand Finale
was the largest ever and provided an exciting finish for
performers and audiences alike. Busker Play, Fire Show, Grand
Giggles, Market Square ­ Going in Circles…the action is truly
non-stop from The Rendezvous kick-off Wednesday to festival
wrap-up Sunday. Visiting performers to Kingston consistently
describe the Rendezvous as one of the most Fun and most
Profitable festivals in Canada. The deadline for applications is
Friday January 30." Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Find a link to
the Kingston Buskers Festival web site under Festivals at

"The GeorgiaLina Clown Alley in Augusta, Georgia, USA, will
host an educational meeting featuring Pricilla Mooseburger on
Performance Skills for Every Clown. When: Thursday, Jan. 22,
Time: 5 pm - 9 pm. Holiday Inn, Dyess Pkwy & Gordon Hwy,
Augusta, Georgia, USA. Cost: $10/person. This event is open
to all clowns who would like to attend." For further information,
contact Pammy Miles, email: pam@milesofsmilespro.com  

"Greetings, all... Just wanted to pass on that we at Quad City
Clown Troupe are proud to have the following guest lectures
coming up: March 1: Paula "Stickers" Biggio, and April 19:
Steve Bender - Ickle Pickle. Both of these lectures, as well as
all of our meetings, are free and open to the public. Quad City
Clown Troupe meets twice a month in Davenport, IA, USA.
Find more about us on our site." Brian Weckerly. Find a link to
the Quad City Clown Troupe site under Clowns at

"Hi All, This is to announce the opening of the School of
Acrobatics and New Circus Arts, in Seattle, Washington, US.
We are excited to offer Acrobatics, Handbalancing, Partner
Balance, Trampoline, Clowning, and general Circus classes.
The Circus classes will cover Juggling, Unicycle, Tightwire,
Rolling Globe, and all the above mentioned disciplines. These
classes will be offered to all ages, sizes and experience levels.
The teaching staff has many years experience teaching
competitive and recreational gymnastics, working and
performing in circus schools, and teaching both adult and
children acrobatics. We collectively have a very high safety
record. We will focus on the whole person, physically and
mentally, working on strength, flexibility, skill building, self
discipline and confidence, and working well in group settings.
Visit our website and find more details." Thank you, Chuck
Johnson, Program Director. Find a link to the School of
Acrobatics and New Circus Arts site under Training at

"Dear Flying Friends, My name is Megan Dwyer. I am writing
you to let you know that our flying trapeze school in Costa
Rica will be opening in February for it's third season. All are
welcome to come, it is truly an amazing peaceful country. For
more information you can check out our web site. We will return
to New York to reopen our school in May. Best wishes for a
joyful, safe and high flying 2004. Saludos Megan." Find links to
the Trapeze - Costa Rica site, and the Trapeze Club school in
New York, under Trapeze at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm  

"Hi, this is Vladimir Barreiro from Hedo III and Breezes in
Jamaica. I would like to invite you to our new trapeze concept.
This intensive program offers: two and a half hours of trapeze
twice a day, from Monday to Saturday. The groups can not be
smaller than six persons or bigger than 12 so I can guarantee at
least three turns and one catch each. We have a loose safety
lines system for people working on swings and big tricks. There
is no additional price to the normal super-clubs rate other than
the transfer from property to property because one session is
held at Hedo and one session at Breezes Run away bay. This
means that you can pick on which resort you rather stay and
you will get to do trapeze in both. I have worked really hard to
provide this to the trapeze community, I hope you enjoy it."
Good day, Vlad. merlincirq@cwjamaica.com  

"Blind Ditch are seeking self-motivated collaborators from any
arts/performance discipline with strong project management skills,
to be part of the future growth of the company. Blind Ditch is a
European coalition of artists whose practice crosses the fields of
theatre, live and visual art. We make work that is both inspired
by and rooted in the communities we call home - simultaneously
suggesting local and global landscapes in a dynamic process of
negotiation. We are based in Devon, South West England and
work on a project/commission basis. If you are interesting in
generating, leading, managing and manifesting a portfolio of work
with Blind Ditch contact - Cat Radford: 07754 232285 or email:
blindditch@dartington.ac.uk  for more information and a job
description. Deadline for applications: January 16th 2004."

"Performance Director required for Mas & Mayhem Performance
The contracted individual will be expected to be available for the
minimum of 28 days during the period March to October 2004
Fee: £4000. We are seeking an enthusiastic and committed
Performance Director, with experience in physical theatre,
dance or carnival music, to help create an exciting and thought
provoking theatre production on the history of Notting Hill Carnival
from its roots to the present day. It will use oral history as its
source and will include carnival arts. You will need to help recruit,
audition and direct young people within the local community, to
work closely with other workshop leaders developing carnival
skills and to assist in the writing of a script. The performance will
be launched with an Exhibition on the history of Notting Hill
Carnival in late October 2004 and has the possibilities of touring
in 2005. Deadline for applications: Feb 5. e-Mail for a job spec
and an application form." Sue McAlpine, Kensington & Chelsea
Community History Group, smcalpine@kcchg.org  

"The Norwegian Theatre Academy is a new state financed,
(no fees for the students...) international academy that offers
a 3 years bachelor degree in physical theatre. The teaching
is in English. Please list our web address for more information."
Rolf Alme, Dean, Norwegian Theatre Academy. Find a link to
the Norwegian Theatre Academy under training at


"hiya Alan... great site mate. I am in the process of building a
web site in an attempt to archive the series of nambassa festivals
and events. If anyone has any photos of themselves at the
nambassa festivals - the unique series of open air festivals and
odd gatherings held during the 1970’s on farms around the
Southern Corromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, between 1975
and 1981 - I would be only to happy to include them online.
If you wish to contribute something to this web site then you are
invited to email your contributions and be sure to include pics.
While I have a reasonable coverage of some 3000 photos, sound
and video tracts, if your were an entertainer or conducted a
workshop at any of the Nambassa Festivals and have photos of
your appearance, I would love to hear from you." " cheers, Peter
Terry. nambassa2000@iprimus.com.au

"I enjoy getting your newsletter although, there really is not much
I can do with it except perhaps, to pass it along to people I think
may be interested. However, occasionally I come across a
comedian who has worked in Australia and/or England as part of
a comedy tour. Would anyone have any idea how i could find
comedy bookers in Australia & England? I also book "Cabaret"
style shows with Music, Comedy & more in Resorts & Country
clubs with "Cruise Ship" type entertainment. I have a large and
unique stable of Touring Professional Stand-Up, Musical and
Prop comics ready & available. I also have some World Class
"Cabaret Style" entertainers. Cruise ship and Vegas type shows
suitable for Resorts, Country Clubs, Corporate Events and
Private parties. Any information would be appreciated." Thanx for
your time and support, Larry Silver. Find a link to Groucho's
Comedy site under Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm  

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