March 2004

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - March 2004

   Arts Hub - the Essential Accessory for Arts Professionals

   Winter Clown School with Alan Clay, Sydney, Australia

   Circa: the Rock'n'Roll Circus Performance Ensemble, Brisbane
   Win a Special Events Directory for Eastern Australia
   Mime / Clown Camp, Jean-Paul Bell & Ira Seidenstein, NSW
   Jonno Katz's show Uber Alice, Melbourne Comedy Festival

   Training in Aerial Dance at Australian Choreographic Centre
   News from the National Theatre of Papua New Guinea
   Catskill Performer Training Retreat, New York State, USA
   Fool's Day Parade, Fool of the Year Award, Vancouver, Canada
   Circelation, Professional Circus Development Programme, UK
   Tony Clifton Circus, Course in Comedy, Leo Bassi, Italy
   18th Linz Street Art Festival calls for Applications, Austria

   Physical theatre maker in Melbourne seeks co-workers, Aust
   Performer wanted for Exponential Aerial Theatre, UK
   Wise Moves is seeking freelance Aboriginal Dance artists, UK

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   Newsletter Advertising and Artmedia site promotion

Artmedia News

Welcome to the March 2004 edition of the Artmedia physical
theatre newsletter, a publication with an Australasian focus
and a global perspective.

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Many people who have been receiving the newsletter in the
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In Playspace news, response to our new 5-week winter clown
school, running two days a week in Sydney, has been very
good, so get back to us if you want a place held or you would
like more information. From early next year, I will be on the
road with my new book, teaching workshops, performing, and
reading excerpts from 'Angels can Fly', a book on Modern
Clown. Find out how to participate below.

In the Features this month you can win a Special Events
Directory for Eastern Australia, or one of five double passes
to Jonno Katz in his one man show Uber Alice at the
Melbourne Comedy Festival. We also introduce Circa, the new
Rock'n'Roll Circus Performance Ensemble, based in Brisbane,
and we have information on a Mime and Clown Camp led by
Jean-Paul Bell and Ira Seidenstein on the beautiful Australian
east coast.

In the networking, you will have to move straight away if you
are interested in a free training opportunity in Canberra in Aerial
Dance with Janine Ayres at Australian Choreographic Centre as
their deadline, and this mailout, have coincided. We also have
news in the networking from the National Theatre of Papua New
Guinea, and, in America, information on the Catskill Performer
Training Retreat, in New York State.

In Canada we have information on the Fool's Day Parade and
the Fool of the Year Award, in Vancouver, while in the UK
there is news on Circelation, a Professional Circus
Development Programme. And in Italy, Tony Clifton Circus
presents a course in Comedy with Leo Bassi, and in Austria
the Linz Pflasterspektakel calls for applications from street
theatre performers for the 18th international Street Art festival.

In the Noticeboard we have a UK theme, with a performer
sought by Exponential Aerial Theatre in the UK, and freelance
Aboriginal Dance artists sought by Wise Moves, and in Australia
a physical theatre maker in Melbourne seeks co-workers.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
physical theatre community, so please send us information for
inclusion in this newsletter. Please also forward this to
somebody else who may be interested.

Artmedia Site News - http://www.artmedia.com.au

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Our $20 a month Special deal has been popular, and we are
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One new page you can already check out is the International
Stage Combat Workshop and Symposium to be run by the
Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc, in Queensland,
Australia, in July 2004. The Workshop portion of this event
features an international array of Master Instructors, and the
Symposium will concentrate on ancient theory, modern
practice, and the works of the Masters. Find more information
at http://www.artmedia.com.au/stagecombat.htm

In other site news, Aerialize have newly updated information
  on their aerial theatre classes and projects in Sydney.
Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a
  large range of skills. http://www.artmedia.com.au/acronym.htm
Circus Unique offers children's workshops and tailored
  entertainment. http://www.artmedia.com.au/circusunique.htm
Physical TV - info on Richard James Allen & Karen Pearlman's
  Dance Films. http://www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm
Sue Broadway has information on her touring performances
  and projects. http://www.artmedia.com.au/broadway.htm

Our newsletter archive now includes all the issues for 2002 and
2003. The site and the archive are also searchable, for ease of
finding that item you know you saw in one of the issues. Check
it out at: http://www.artmedia.com.au/news.htm

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Playspace News - 5-week Clown School, Sydney, July 6 to Aug 5

Clown is an art form which has existed for thousands of years,
and undergone a revolution in recent times, as it made the leap
back from circus into theatre, giving birth to 'new clown' and
physical theatre.

This 5-week Winter Clown School provides the opportunity to
work intensively with clown in Sydney, two days a week, for five
weeks, giving lots of time for individual activities while providing
a regular intensive training opportunity.

At Playspace we take a broad view of clown, which allows
students room to develop their own unique style. Response to
this new course has been very good, so get back to us if you
want a place held or you would like more information.

The 5-week Clown School runs July 6 to Aug 5, on Tuesday and
Thursday each week, from 10am to 4pm. $860 ( earlybird, before
May 6 ) Aus$1,020 ( full ) or $500 deposit and two payments of
$350 ( = $1,200 ) clownschool@artmedia.com.au

Alan Clay - 2005 Workshop and Book-Performance Tour

From early next year, I will be on the road with my new book,
teaching workshops, performing and reading excerpts from 'Angels
can Fly', a book on Modern Clown.

I am looking at workshops in Switzerland, Australia and the US,
as part of this tour, and I welcome any other ideas or suggestions.
So if you would like to have a clown workshop or a book reading/
performance in your area, as part of the 2005 tour, please e-mail
any ideas to: tour05@artmedia.com.au

Feature - Win a Special Events Directory for Eastern Australia

Want to know what performances and exhibitions are happening
this year in Sydney, Canberra, NSW and ACT? Want to make
sure your own events don't clash with any others?

The Special Events Directory is a guide to almost 3,000 events,
festivals and special days around NSW and the ACT, including
many arts and community-focused events. The 2004 edition is
packed full of event information, including dates, locations and
contact details. What a great way to plan ahead for the rest of
the year!
Mira Martic, of the Fairfield City Festival of the Arts, says, "The
Special Events Directory highlights local events and paints a
picture of what others are doing across NSW. Having free
promotion in such a widely-distributed directory is a big plus."
Special Offer for readers of Physical Theatre News ? order your
copy now for just $38.50, a 30% discount! ? which includes a
free monthly event update email bulletin.

We also have five Directories to give away ? to win your copy or
to find out more, please call (02) 9897 5744 (ext 1) or email
specialevents@ice.org.au before 31 March!

Feature - CIRCA: the Rock'n'Roll Circus Performance Ensemble

One of Australia's longest-standing niche arts organisations have
taken a leap into their future by announcing last month a new
brand name, Circa, a full program for 2004 and firmly setting their
sights on international touring.

From the early West End and Princess Theatre days, to the Old
Museum, and now their own purpose-built studio in the Judith
Wright Centre, Rock'n'Roll Circus has been an essential part of
the Brisbane arts and entertainment scene for 17 years.

CIRCA signals a break from the sexy, slightly dangerous, street
smart impression of the past in favour of a sleeker, more
sophisticated position. CIRCA also aims to be a regular
Queensland export by 2005 and 2006 both inter-state and

The CIRCA 2004 program includes seasons across two major
arts centres in Brisbane ? the Judith Wright Centre ( A Love
Supreme in March/April and The Space Between in September )
and Queensland Performing Arts Centre ( A Man in a Room
Juggling in July ). Plus regular performances in Byron Bay, a
season at the North Melbourne Town Hall and a series of ?one
night stands?.

For a copy of the printed 2004 program guide contact Circa on
Australia (07) 3852 3110 or email circa@rocknrollcircus.com

Feature - Mime / Clown Camp.  10, 11, 12  April. The Channon, NSW.
A 3 day intensive camp led by Jean-Paul Bell and Ira Seidenstein,
in the beautiful Australian east coast, some 20 mins from Lismore
and 50 mins from Byron Bay.

The mime/clown class with Jean-Paul Bell will concentrate on the
basic Decroux Technique of economy of movement and a clean
approach to communicating through facial expression and gesture.
Jean-Paul will also be exploring the universality of what makes the
world laugh at the antics of the clown.
Jean-Paul has worked in the area of mime since the early 1970?s.
Trained in the Decroux Technique in both Europe and North
America, he has continued to develop his own personal style,
incorporating physical theatre, clown and improvisation. He is
co-founder and creative director of Clown Doctors, a charity the
has currently 35 clowns doing valuable work in Children's Hospitals
around Australia and is responsible for the casting and ongoing
training of the performers.
Ira Seidenstein's clown workshop focuses on expert timing
techniques, traditional clown and new wave clown. Methods are
from his quantum theatre : slapstick to Shakespeare. Ira has
performed in nearly all genres of theatre and has a breadth of
experience, including performing/directing Del Matzo cabaret,
and the court jesters with Chinese acrobats and clowns, as well
as creating a large variety of acts and theatre shows with clown
as the focus.

The workshop will be held at Terania Park,  401 Terania Creek
Rd. The Channon NSW. Aus$400 including food and board.
Ph. 0266886121 or Mob. 0409 912295 or e-mail Jean Paul Bell,

Feature - UBER ALICE - the elaborate adventures of an NZ manicurist

Uber Alice is an absurdist, ridiculist physically devised solo show
by Jonno Katz, performing at the Victoria Hotel, 215 Lt Collins St,
Melbourne, Australia, from March 25, as part of the Melbourne
Comedy Festival.

Free tickets to Artmedia subscribers: 5 double passes to the first
5 people to email: giveaway@epicworlds.com.

"In 25 years, I don't think I've ever seen a talent more frighteningly
funny than Epic World's Jonno Katz. His one-man wonder UBER
ALICE is almost impossible to describe...more? - Ottawa Sun

"...the most manic, bent and thoroughly winged-out production at
the Fringe...The effect is something along the lines of listening to
Split-Enz's vintage Time + Tide albumn played backwards, on
mushrooms. Whatever it is, it is very funny and inventive, a fact
not lost on the packed house, which laughed louder and with
more frequency than any show I've seen this year...more?.
Edmonton Journal

"...as enticing and as bizarre as the title and plot proposes...You
literally have to restrain your own laughter in order not to miss any
of the rapid fire one liners and puns...without doubt one of the most
intelligently devised, yet silliest and absolute funniest hours you're
likely to take in all Fringe...more? - Db Magazine, Adelaide

Victoria Hotel, 215 Lt Collins St, Melbourne, Australia. March
25th - April 18th, Tue-Sat 7.30pm, Sun 6.30pm. Adult   $18,
Concession  $14, Tightarse Tuesday  $14, LaughPack 
$15. Groups (8+)  $15. Previews Thu 25th & Fri 26th $13.90.
Tickets available at the door or from Ticketmaster7 Or call
1300 66 0013 to book. Visit www.epicworlds.com for more info.

"Independent dance artist Janine Ayres has been granted a
Choreographic Residency at the Australian Choreographic Centre,
in Braddon, ACT, to explore aerial techniques and applications in
her dance practice. She is interested in offering performers that
have a strong background in any or all of the following Techniques:
Physical Theatre, Mime, Contemporary Dance,  Classical Ballet
or Aerial skills - 3 months training in a professional environment in
a physical theatre context. Janine trained at the Victorian College
of the Arts and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Choreography,
she has had numerous Choreographic Residencies at the
Australian Choreographic Centre. Her work has been described as
' both explicit and enigmatic, grounded and ethereal'. There is no
cost for the training but successful applicants will be expected to
commit to working Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 11pm ?
3pm at the Australian Choreographic Centre Hatchery space, in
April, May and June 2004. An audition will be conducted to select
4 performer participants aged 16yrs and over. For more information
contact Janine Ayres ( Aust ) 0418 425 799." ayresj@telstra.com

"Thanks from all your information on physical theatre news. We
are the National Theatre of Papua New Guinea started in 1975
and still going. The Papua New Guinea theatre is located close to
the market in Goroka, the Provincial capital of Eastern Highlands
Province in PNG.  Papua New Guinea, on the South West rim of
the Pacific, is wedged between Indonesia and Australia. It is the
largest of the Pacific Island.  It is a parliamentary democracy of
their million people and seven hundred language/culture groups. 
The Raun Theatre works with a gradually expanding number
of these cultures, beginning in the highlands and New Guinea Coast
and working outwards into the New Guinea islands and the Papuan
Coast.  Some 85% of the people are subsistence farmers in rural
areas.  The theatre, based in Goroka in the Eastern Highlands
Province, has evolved in their clear stages since it began with a
small grant from the National Cultural Council in 1975." John Doa,

"Dear Mr Clay, thanks for your great work. We work with Canadians
and Americans at our retreat and at our annual festival in New York
state, and I would love to meet more Australians interested in
physical/ensemble work. We are running the Catskill Performer
Training Retreat from July 11-18, 2004, in Highland Lake, NY.
Participants live at the NaCl artists residence and work 6 hours per
day in the theatre with Brad Krumholz, Tannis Kowalchuk and Ker
Wells (Number Eleven Theatre/ National Theatre School of Canada).
NaCl's training, which is named Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral
Work will be explored as well as other exercises designed to
expand physical presence, vocal technique, and creative impulse
and craft. This retreat is designed for actors, creator-performers,
and directors who are interested in ensemble theatre, solo work,
devised performance, physical theatre adaptations, and original
theatre creation. Tuition is $550 for all meals, accommodation, and
workshops. If you wish to apply, please send us a detailed letter
about yourself that includes your experience, age, and why you are
interested in this retreat." Sincerely, Tannis Kowalchuk, Executive
Director, NaCl. Find a link to the North American Cultural
Laboratory under Training at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"We are holding the 24th Annual Fool's Day Parade on Sunday,
April 4th in Vancouver. This is a parade in honour of Fool's Day,
and will include the crowning of this year's King or Queen of Fools,
determined by public acclaim. This spring fertility ritual and annual
tradition is Vancouver's unique display of absurd dress, notions
and behavior, and the public is welcomed to join in the fun, in or
out of costume. The parade features floats, stilt walkers, Human
Beings In Silly Costumes, and major hoopla, spotlighting
participants costumed as the nominated Fools of the year.
Participants are expected to rally beside the Aquatic Centre, to
join in the ceremonies and parade along the West End Seawall,
led by members of the renowned Carnival Band." In all severity,
Promenada S. Burinkou, Fools Secretariat, Fool's Society, 
Find a link to the Fools Society under Festivals and Events at

"Alan, Would love to tell you more about Circelation which will
be happening in Leeds, UK in March/April 2004. This is a
professional development programme for circus directors and
circus artists living / working in the UK. Circelation is the UK's
first professional development programme solely aimed at
circus artists/makers. It offers the opportunity to up and coming
British circus directors to look at the process of making/
creating/devising work under the watchful eye of an established
theatre/performance director. It also offers circus performers the
opportunity space to play, think, be inspired, develop and
broaden their performance vocabularies through a one week
workshop under a leading & internationally renowned circus
theatre director/performer. There are also opportunities for circus
artists to participate in weekend taster sessions led by 3 of the
most inspired contemporary performance directors. The annual
programme runs for 15 days from 21st March until 4th April 04. 
The Artistic Programme has been put together by Dick McCaw
(former AD of the International Workshop Festival). Tutors/
mentors for the 2004 course include Rose English, Mladen
Materic (Tatoo Theatre), Avner Eisenberg (Avner the Eccentric),
Phelim McDermott (Improbable Theatre), Cal McCrystal
(Spymonkey/Cirque du Soleil) and Mark Murphy (V-Tol). The
pilot programme which ran in Nov/Dec 1999 was programmed in
association with Deborah Pope and tutors included Katherine
Hunter (Theatre De Complicite), Ron Bunzl (Cloud Chamber),
Philip Mackenzie (Man Act) and Gail Kelly (Clubswing/Rock n
Roll Circus/Legs On the Wall). For more details please check
out the Circelation web site." Best wishes, Chenine Bhathena,
CB Projects, London.  Find a link to Circelation under Training,
and find a link to CB Projects under Resources, at
"Hello Alan, here are Tony Clifton Circus from Rome, Italy. It's
a long time that we have received your newsletter and we are
happy that you continue to send it. We want to draw your
attention about these events that we organize, particularly the
Course in Comedy 'In search of an Identity' led by Leo Bassi.
Leo says that 'every person has their own way to be comic and
the real danger is to impose a style of humour on someone,
which could confuse or remove their natural inclination. This can 
be developed and defined by exploring our interior, with the aim
of developing confidence in this process. This introspection is
highly personal, I have the certainty that some persons who I
have known, personal situations that I have experienced, have
been fundamental in giving me the confidence that I need every
day and also when I find myself in front of an audience. We are
all very different and we often only show the outer part of
ourselves, which allows us to protect the more vulnerable inside,
and therefore we do not show our true selves. I have developed
a system that, step after step, leads the participants to discover
more than their normal selves. Participants are continuously
stimulated by assuming at times an active role and others a
role of critical observer. This feeds a frank argument, obligating
everyone to face the perceptions of the others. Theatrical
experience is not necessary because, but the course assumes
that participants are professionally interested in the interpretation
of humor in public.' The course will be held in Rome from the 5 to
the 8 April 2004. The laboratory accepts 18 participants and runs
for a duration of 6/8 hours each day." Find a link to Tony Clifton's
Circus under Circus, and to Leo Bassi under Physical Theatre at

"Dear Street Artists! From Thursday July 22 to Saturday July
24, Linz invites you to the 18th International Linzer Street Art
Festival, the Pflasterspektakel 2004. Over 110 groups, duos and
solo performers from all over the world will turn the city centre of
Linz into a stage for street art with all its expressive richness. If
you would like to take part you need to apply by March 31. You
will be told if you are accepted by April 25. If you are accepted,
you get accommodation provided, and travel costs will be covered
at the price of a 2nd class train ticket, up to a maximum of 950
Euro. ( Airline tickets issued for flights to Europe before July 1st
cannot be used for reimbursement of travel costs ). An allowance
of 25 Euro per day will be paid per person, and artists retain all
money from their hat." Find a link to the Pflasterspekakel under
Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm


"hi Alan, Thanks for your newsletter!! I am a physical theatre
maker living in Melbourne. I work primarily with youth and adults
with intellectual and or physical  disabilities. I would like to find
other maker/performers who work in a similar area, either as
individuals or as members of a company. This is can be locally
or internationally!! I would like to travel to see what others are
doing and offer that opportunity also to others." Regards Leesa
Nash, Please email with any news to leesa_dot@lycos.com

"We are looking for a performer to join Exponential Aerial Theatre
for our UK touring season in 2004. The show is based on the
exploits of a gang of diamond thieves, and is a narrative aerial
theatre piece, and not strictly routine based. We are looking for
someone versatile, with good movement and non-verbal acting
skills, but who is also confident about working at height and on
aerial equipment. Working as part of a team of 5 performers and
1 technician, the shows will take place at night on a scaffold
structure with a rigging bar and various heights of stages. You
must be happy to work outdoors and to take part in construction
of the rig. There will be 4 weeks of rehearsal in April and May
and we will be touring from May till August, with 12 showings
during this period. Fees will be ?300 per working week. If you
are interested please send a CV and photo to Exponential, 18
Hawksworth Grove, Leeds, LS5 3NB, UK." For more information
visit our site." Thank you, Al Orange. Find a link to Exponential
under Aerial Theatre at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Wise Moves is seeking freelance African Mask Making,
Drumming and Story Telling, and Aboriginal Dance artists to
deliver workshops in schools in England. Wise Moves provides
drama, music and dance workshops to schools throughout
England and Wales throughout the year and are always looking
for professional freelance artists with experience of working in
schools who would be interested in working with us. We are
seeking African Mask Making artists in Birmingham, African
Drumming and Story Telling in Lancaster, Aboriginal Dance/
Drama in Taunton, and African Gumboot in Cheshire. If you
are interested, please visit our site where you will find more
details and a brief questionnaire." Find a link to Wise Moves
under Dance at http://www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

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