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"Australian novelist Alan Clay breaks the mould of traditional romance to make it an art of creation, in Believers in Love. The light tone of the narrative belies the profound observations of life, art and love. Delightful anecdotes interspersed amid the narrative voices, keep the pace moving, and the shifting points of view become a voyage of discovery. Believers in Love is a powerfully creative work, with prose that sings like poetry. Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, Believers in Love comes very highly recommended." more..,

RiteLifestyle Magazine

Sax and his daughter, Sarah, make sand sculptures and live in the "now" moment, and then begin to play a game - to do the opposite of everything they normally do and see what magic happens. Interwoven in this flowing tale are brief excerpts of stories that one would call wisdom or, more exactly, koans, for the reader's reflection, and perhaps even meditation. Light and yet profound, this novel is a most unusual find which all will enjoy and savor, long after the last page is turned. Art and living may be treasured repeatedly, but must yield to the next magical moment!"  more...       

Inscriptions Magazine

"When picking up his daughter at school, Sax proposes a game for the weekend where they won't do anything they would normally do. With this game plan, father and daughter start out on an adventure that leads them to New Zealand, as well as to their hearts. With trust and innocence, they begin to celebrate life and, bound by love, start seeing life's miracles. Using short chapters told from the character's varying voices, Clay brings the reader along in the magic of the adventure. Seeing things from each viewpoint propels the reader into the enjoyable magic of both the outer and inner journey."

GWN Book Reviews

"Believers in Love is a delightful romance between two artists. One is a sand sculptor, and the other a chalk artist. This adult romance is unique in its philosophical intermissions between chapters, but leaves all questions unanswered. Through the medium of a romance, the author brings life-questions to light, yet never attempts to answer the unanswerable questions. Though this twist adds life and distinctiveness to the book, it also leaves the reader wanting and clutching for answers."

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