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love7.JPG (22882 bytes)Believers in Love

Alan Clay

Artmedia Publishing

Nothing could be more deceiving than the simple cover of this most unusual novel, sun shining on sand and water with two palm trees and a title overlaying all. That is, until one finishes this living meditation with its yoga focus in actual practice. Sax and his daughter, Sarah, make sand sculptures and live in the "now" moment. They trust that they will be where they should be and do what needs to be done in that peaceful, serene Buddhist atmosphere. Not exactly placid folks, Sax and Sarah begin to play a game, to do the opposite of everything they normally do and see what magic happens.

Off they whirl to their first festival job where they will construct their castles and mesmerizing sand figures to the delight of all and the consternation of a few city council members and Sarah's teacher, who wasn't informed of this absence until after the fact. Harmony prevails over the conflicts they encounter and this begins to look like a future career and way of being.

Sax meets Zoe, a painter who is privileged to have her first gallery exhibition, but who nervously leaves that show for the one Sax and Sarah are doing, again with sand sculptors and adding Zoe's chalk colors to the ensemble. Sarah's harmony is now wavering between acceptance and disturbed rejection, while Sax and Zoe meld into oneness. Verbal battles join the fray!

Interwoven in this flowing tale are brief excerpts of stories that one would call wisdom or, more exactly, koans, for the reader's reflection, and perhaps even meditation. These are placed so perfectly that each saves the story from being just another post-60s and 70s hippie story.

Add the phenomena of a manager who gets fired over the first festival agreement and the reader realizes that things might remain the same but also might yield a different wavelength current into the present state of nirvana. A magical creature, Firefly, is sacrificed for a worthier creature and cause by a maturing young girl. An urge to combat and another to vengeance take a different and unexpected road.

Light and yet profound, this novel is a most unusual find which all will enjoy and savor, long after the last page is turned. Art and living may be treasured repeatedly, but must yield to the next magical moment!

ISBN #: 095788440 - Contemporary Fiction

Reviewed by Viviane Crystal


Order Believers in Love in paperback, or eBook, from bookshops, or online stores like www.amazon.com


Last updated 20th June 2004.

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