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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - January 2003

Annie Stainer's Total Theatre School, Perth, Australia

NIDA Clown Workshop for young people, Sydney
US and Canadian Training and Performance Tour

Tony Montanaro passes away, USA
Roving performers for Music Theatre Australia
Cecil Street Studio Summer Improv Feast, Melbourne
Showtech Rigging courses, Melbourne, Australia
Show us Your Bits - Circus & Physical Theatre Conference
Current postings from kultnet.de - Germany
Gigdirectory.net, San Francisco, USA

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Artmedia News

Welcome to the first edition of the Artmedia newsletter for 2003,
a publication with an Australasian focus and a global perspective.

With this issue we welcome back a sponsor who took a feature
last year, and so have seen the value of internet promotion. If you
want more promotion, or more traffic to your site, try the newsletter
and web-site promotion opportunities presented by Artmedia.

Our sponsor this month is Annie Stainer's Total Theatre School in
Perth, Australia. Total Theatre offers a one-year performance
based course with an emphasis on physical theatre techniques and
the creation of original work.

In Playspace news, I am teaching a clown workshop for young
people next weekend, at the Australian National Institute of
Dramatic Art in Sydney. The NIDA Summer School is a unique
training opportunity, so please pass this information on to young
people who my be interested.

In the networking we have the sad news that Tony Montanaro,
noted mime performer and teacher, has passed away in America.
Also on the international front, we have some current postings on
comedy awards and festivals from Kultnet in Germany and
information on a gig directory in San Francisco, USA.

Here in Australia, Music Theatre Australia seeks information on
roving performers, and the Australian National Circus & Physical
Theatre Conference seeks promotional material to display at the
event in Adelaide. We also have some training courses in
Melbourne, where the Cecil Street Studio is running a 'Summer
Improv Feast' and Showtech Australia are offering rigging courses.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
physical theatre community, so please send us info for inclusion in
this newsletter. Please also forward this to somebody else who
may be interested.


Alan Clay runs Artmedia Publishing. Alan's novel 'Believers in
Love', is now available through bookshops and on-line stores.
"A powerfully creative work, with prose that sings like poetry.
Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, Believers in Love comes
highly recommended." www.artmedia.com.au/believer.htm

Sponsor: Total Theatre School proves a Total Success!

Total Theatre offers a one-year intensive performance-based course
with an emphasis on physical theatre techniques and the creation of
original work. The school provides a well-rounded integrated organic
training that prepares students for all forms of theatre.

Twelve students recently completed the first one-year course at
Total Theatre - the Annie Stainer School of Physical Theatre, Perth,
Western Australia. The year includes four production units, classes
with eighteen specialised teachers, and of course, constant and
individual tuition from the great Annie Stainer.

The director, International Performer Annie Stainer, has performed
in ensembles with Lindsay Kemp, David Bowie and Steven Berkoff,
but is best known for her work in solo physical theatre.

"A dancer/mime of exceptional intensity, Annie seems able, like
the genie in the Arabian Nights to change her shape into anything
on earth.." The Guardian, London

Total Theatre is not an institution focused on accreditation and
qualifications. It is a school in the real sense, where committed
students come to learn from master teachers and artists. And they
come from many countries. Already Total Theatre is establishing
itself among the great theatre training opportunities of the world.

All students experience everything - physical training, body/mind
care, writing, stage management, promotion etc. Over the next two
years the school will establish a second year programme that will
establish a trainee company that will perform both in Australia and

"Annie Stainer's joyous physical troupe" West Australian
"Students at her school show extraordinary talent" Sunday Times

Student comments after the initial year: "The brilliant uniqueness
of all the teachers that have come through the school so far and of
course the wonderful wisdom of Annie Stainer who teaches from
the level of the unknown - undiscovered."

"I am so happy and grateful that I have had the opportunity to
train with Annie this year. I really believe that this training is going
to provide me with such a rich and wonderful basis for my future

2003 Enrolments happening NOW. Visit www.totaltheatre.com.au
Or call -61 8 9272 5974

Playspace News - NIDA Clown Workshop, Sydney, Australia

Each January the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art,
in Sydney, presents a range of short courses and a dedicated
youth program for children 13 to 15 years old.

This year Alan Clay will teach Clowning, on Sat 11 and Sun 12
January. "An introduction to the world of physical theatre and
circus performance. Participants will have the opportunity to
create a clown character, and learn to devise an amusing clown
routine. A workshop with lots of laughs!" To enroll or get more
information, email Alex Carew a_carew@nida.unsw.edu.au or
phone (02) 9697 7625.

"In the best clown tradition Alan Clay held up a window-mirror
for us to step through and reflect on the patterns, habits and
rituals of our days. It was funny, moving and excellent theatre."
New Zealand Herald

US and Canadian Tour

Alan is touring to America and Canada, from May to October to
perform his solo clown show, 'Love and Chaos', teach clown
workshops, and read excerpts from his novel 'Believers in Love'.
Look out for a clown masterclasses in Connecticut, USA, in June,
and Canadian masterclasses in Vancouver in August, and Ottawa
in September. More information, as bookings are confirmed, can
be found at www.artmedia.com.au/playspac.htm and to suggest a
performance or workshop e-mail tour2003@artmedia.com.au

Networking and Feedback

"Hello, I have some sad news for you. Tony Montanaro, noted
mime, teacher, and all-around inspiration to generations of
performers, died last month of cancer. He and his wife, Karen,
lived in Casco, Maine. He was 75." Dick Cuyler.

"Dear Alan, If you know good circus/character roving performers
in your area that would like to be on our books, I would be greatly
appreciative of your assistance in contacting them." best regards,
Duncan Blachford Duncan@musictheatreaustralia.com.au

"Cecil Street Studio in Melbourne, Australia, presents Summer
Improv Feast 2003. Mon 13 to Fri 17 January, 10am to 4pm;
Sharing The Dance (Contact Improvisation) Helen Clarke Lapin
& Martin Hughes, $250. 6pm to 9pm - Clown, Character and
Comedy, Clare Bartholomew, $130. Sat 18 & Sun 19 January,
10am to 4pm - Small Group Improvisational Movement, Nick
Papas, $100. Mon 20 to Fri 24 January, 12:30pm to 4:30pm -
Ensemble Physical Improvisation, John Britton, $170. 6pm to
9:30pm - Eye to Eye (Insights to Improvisation) Al Wunder,
$150. Sat 25 and Sun 26 January, 10am to 4pm - In & Out of
Contact, Al Wunder & Martin Hughes, $100." Martin Hughes.
e-mail cecilstreetstudio@hotmail.com

"Dear All, we have some dates for rigging courses at Showtech.
If you need further information please go to our website and fill
in the form and we will send you out the course modules and costs.
If anyone is interested in the Fly System for Beginners course and
have a suitable venue available, please let us know, min 6, max 8
for this course. The following are Federal Courses to gain licenses:
EWP course; Tuesday 18th February - 1 day, Melbourne.
Forklift Course; Monday 17th February - 1 day, at Showtech
Dogging, Rigger Basic, Rigger intermediate; 6 days each, April.
Non federal Courses: Introduction to rigging for technicians and
performers, 21 & 22 Feb." Robyn Good. Find a link to Showtech
under Rigging and Safety at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"The 5th Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Conference, will
be held in Adelaide, South Australia, from March 13 - 15 2003.
'Show Us Your Bits' is an opportunity to share your or your
company's work with other delegates on video or DVD. The
conference will supply the medium and the opportunity to present
your BITS over the duration of the 3 days. Please send your
edited video images (promo tapes, show archives, process shoots,
rehearsals, workshops) that are no longer than 15 mins in length to:
Kellie Nicol - Conference Coordinator before 20 Feb 2003."
email kellie@cirkidz.org.au

"Lieber Alan, we want to inform, you of the current postings at
kultnet.de: These include the Lenzburger Gauklerfestival, from 14
to 17 August 2003; the Hamburger Cup of Comedy; and the Radio
ffn Comedy Award 2003; and the Neustadter Gauklerfestival from
19. July 2003." Find a link to Kultnet.de under Resources at

"Gigdirectory.net - After two years of doing gigslist.org and three
years of researching arts job sites and 3 years of listening to and
reading suggestions, complaints, compliments, praises and abuse,
I believe I have come up with a near to perfect arts industry web
classifieds. It is free to view so your job gets max coverage,
posting is the price of a San Francisco martini, and it is marketed
exclusively to arts and entertainment industry workers." Find a link
to Gig Directory under Resources www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

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