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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - July 2003

Silver Tree Dance Studio, Newtown, Sydney, Australia

Clown Masterclasses, Melbourne, Sydney, Ottawa, Vancouver

Expressions of Interest - Casual Circus Trainers, Adelaide
Unpopular Culture -The 2004 Next Wave Festival, Melbourne
Free website that will host 'Australia's fantastic performers'
Australian National Unicycle Championships
MotionFest East 2003, Baltimore, November 12-16, USA
Workshops in Clown and Physical Theatre, Dell'Arte, USA
Creation of Clown Movement Theater Workshop, Mexico
Lunar Circus - embarking on an overland Asian Safari to Europe

Forum on the role of Clown within an Aussie Circus Degree
Sat 23rd August, 4pm, Cecil Street Studio, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Dance group seeks expressions of interest from male performers
Circus Club seeks local teachers of Circus, Central Coast, NSW
Seeking links or sities where Mark can get acro-balance moves
The clown conspiracy, Cereal Clowns, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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Artmedia News

Welcome to the July edition of the Artmedia newsletter, a
publication with an Australasian focus and a global perspective.

We've got a bit of a bumper issue this month, because the June
issue became the July issue, as I made my way back to Sydney
from a very beautiful workshop in Connecticut, organised by
Martin Ewen of 'Antigravity Theatre', who is doing some lovely
work. Check out the Antigravity Theatre site under clowns at

I have arrived back in the Australian winter, having checked out
David Macmurray Smith's clown classes at the Fantastic Space in
Vancouver, and Ronlin Forman's clown classes at the Dell'Arte
school in Blue Lake, California, on the way. Both wonderful.
Find these links under Training also on the above links page.

In our feature this month, The Silver Tree Studio in Newtown,
Sydney, Australia, has rehearsal studio space available, 7 days
a week, at very reasonable studio rates. Check them out at

In Playspace news, the clown masterclass series has proved
so successful that four more have been schedualed, two Winter
workshops in Australia in August, and two Autumn workshops
in Canada in October. More information on these workshops at

In the networking this month we have a call for expressions
of interest for casual circus trainers at Cirkidz in Adelaide, and
we present 'Unpopular Culture' as the theme of the 2004 Next
Wave Festival in Melbourne, and we also have information on
the Australian National Unicycle Championships.

In America we have information on August workshops in
'Clown' and 'Extreme Physical Theatre' at Dell'Arte in California,
and on MotionFest East 2003, to be held in Baltimore from
November 12-16, and we also have information on a 'Clown
Movement Theater' workshop in Mexico.

Finally in the networking, Lunar Circus, a West Australian
circus, tell us that they have just loaded two buses and a truck
onto a freighter destined for Singapore. From there they will do
shows through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
On 1st February 2004 they plan to cross the border and drive
through China, Kazakhstan, Russia and into Eastern Europe, to
tour the 2004 European Summer Festival season.

On the Clown in NICA campaign, we have had a break through,
with director, Pam Creed suggesting a Forum on the topic, and
Physical Circus Skills Director, Mr Lu, explaining that they value
clown so much that it is just one of 70 specialty skills taught. I
welcome the Forum and suggest a late August date, and Chelsea
from Rock n Roll Circus encourages us that we need more
dialogue like this, coming from the professional circus industry in

And this dialogue is now possible at the Forum on Saturday 23rd
August, 4pm, at Cecil Street Studio, in Fitzroy, Melbourne.
Come along and support this process, and also let me know if you
will not be able to attend, but would like to make a submission,
either in writing or in some electronic medium, and we will
endevour to present it.

In the noticeboard section we have a dance group seeking
expressions of interest from male performers, a Circus Club
which seeks local teachers of Circus, Central Coast, NSW,
Mark in China, seeks links or sities where he can get some
acro-balance moves, and the Clown Conspiracy presents Cereal
Clowns at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
physical theatre community, so please send us info for inclusion in
this newsletter. Please also forward this to somebody else who
may be interested.

Artmedia Site Clients - check them out at www.artmedia.com.au

On the Artmedia site you can find a list of links to performers,
companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and you
can subscribe to this newsletter and find a copy of the latest issue.

In artmedia site news, Sue Broadway has updated information
on her performance of The Soobee Show in Wollongong, July 10
to 12, at www.artmedia.com.au/live.htm This show comes direct
from the Andorra International Women's Clown Festival, where it
was described as "Imbued with the essence of clown - gestural,
imaginative, creative. A show that's honest, constructed with love
and destined to engross."

And Sydney Aerial Theatre have new information on their School
Holiday workshops at www.artmedia.com.au/classes.htm and the
new aerial performance, Sleepless City, at the Newtown Theatre
from 28th to 31st August. www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm

Got it Flaunt it! are a performance duo who specialise in event
invigoration. www.artmedia.com.au/gotitflauntit.htm
Circus Unique offers children's workshops and tailored
entertainment packages. www.artmedia.com.au/circusunique.htm
The Physical TV site has info on Richard James Allen and Karen
Pearlman's Dance Films. www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm
Impromptu Theatrix run impro classes in Sydney, specialising
in Commedia. www.artmedia.com.au/improvisation.htm
Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a
large range of skills. www.artmedia.com.au/acronym.htm

Feature - Silver Tree Dance Studio, Newtown, Sydney, Australia

Rehearsal Studio space available in Newtown, 7 days a week
at Silver Tree Studio. Very reasonable studio rates varying from
$7 to $17 per hour (conditions apply). High ceilings 3.6 metres,
sprung floors and wall to wall mirrors. Affordable teaching and
workshop rates too.

Regular classes at the Silver Tree include: Afro-Brazilian Dance,
Greek Dancing for Adults, Oriental Dance (Bellydance), Pilates,
Capoiera Martial Arts, Flamenco, Funk for Beginners, and
Bellydance for Beginners.

Our web site is updated regularly, with information about the
studio, classes and workshops at The Silver Tree, activities
elsewhere, free tickets, special deals for teachers and other
things. Visit www.thesilvertree.com.au for all the details.

Playspace - Clown Masterclasses, Australia and Canada

The clown masterclass series has proved so successful that
four more workshops have been schedualed, two Winter
workshops in Australia in August, and another two Autumn
workshops in Canada, in October.

Melbourne Clown Masterclass, Australia - August 18 to 20
(3 days) Cecil Street Studio, Fitzroy, Melbourne. 10am to
4pm. Aus$320 (earlybird, before July 18) Aus$400 (full).
Telephone: Australia (03) 9443 0640. Enrolments and info

Sydney Clown Masterclass, Australia - August 25 to 28
(4 days) Silver Tree Dance Studio, King St, Newtown.
Cost: Aus$450 (earlybird, before July 25) Aus$550 (full).
Enrolments and information sydney@artmedia.com.au

Ottawa Clown Masterclass, Canada - October 6 to 9
(4 days) 10am to 4pm. Can$500 (earlybird, before
September 6) or Can$600 (full). Enrolments phone Brian
Wilson, Orbital Entertainment, Canada (613) 248-8940
or 1-877-269-4897, email info@orbitalent.ca

Vancouver Clown Masterclass, Canada - October 20 to 23
(4 days) 10am to 4pm, Can$500 ( earlybird, before
September 20 ) or Can$600 (full). Scotia Dance Centre, 677
Davie Street - a lovely 7th fl studio in downtown Vancouver,
close to comfortable Youth Hostels and the Aquatic Centre.
email vancouver@artmedia.com.au

The workshop provides a physical approach to the clown art
form, exploring playfulness, irreverence, and the freedom of not
knowing. Each day starts with a yoga warm up, followed by
exercises to develop physical and emotional expression, and
improvisational exercises to develop comic timing and rapport.
More information at www.artmedia.com.au/Clown.htm


"Calling for Expressions of Interest - Casual Circus Trainers
Employer: Cirkidz Inc. Circus School and Performing Troupe
Category: Performing Arts/Circus
Location: Bowden, Adelaide, SA, Australia
We are seeking expressions of interest from skilled and
experienced Circus Trainers to teach children aged 4 to 18 years
in a broad range of circus skills and performance. Positions
available will be initially on a casual basis with the view to increase
to part-time. Cirkidz runs in line with the South Australian public
school term dates. Please send your expression of interest and
detailed CV to: General Manager, Cirkidz Inc. 100 Drayton Street
Bowden SA 5007." Find a link to the Cirkidz web site under
Training at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Hi Everyone, Submissions are open for the Next Wave Festival
in Melbourne, Australia, to be held from 18th - 30th May 2004.
The festival's theme is Unpopular Culture and we are looking for
innovative and engaging takes on that notion. Artists' briefing
notes, application forms and more information is available from
the Application Downloads Section of the Next Wave web site.
We are currently seeking proposals from artforms including music,
theatre, dance, performance, and new media. Deadlines for
applications are 1st August and 1st November 2003 - but the
sooner you apply the better." Thanks for your interest, Marcus
Westbury, Artistic Director. Find a link to the New Wave web-
site under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"I am building a free website that will host Australias fantastic
performers for the world to see, I will advertise it and everything,
am I charging? no !! why because its a simple thing to do which
no one has done for free like this and Aussies deserve it. Please
send me your contact details 2 photos a bit about your show and
I will post it up ASAP and send you the link. Students and
performers either yourself, your circus or school are also welcome
to place a link and profile there, send same information as above."
best wishes and cartwheels, Jasmine George. Find a link to
Jasmine's site under Contortion at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Alan, Can you put something in your networking about the
Australian National Unicycle Championships, UniNats 2003, which
will be held from 4-6 October 2003. Cost for Riders is Aus$75 and
for Non-Riders, Aus$30. International Riders get it for Aus$10.
UniNats 2003 will determine the top Freestyle, Track and Field,
Hockey & Basketball champions for the next 2 years, leading up to
the World Championships in Japan in 2004." Thanks, Chris Vevers,
Secretary, Australian Unicycle Society. Find a link to the Unicycle
Championships under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"MotionFest East, Baltimore, USA, November 12-16. A career
re-charge! Meet your performing peers! MotionFest was developed
by professional entertainers using the questions, "what do we wish we
had learned years ago? , "what can help us the most now? Then they
set out to gather the people and info that answered those questions
thus putting together the most valuable conference possible. Learn
your tricks elsewhere, learn how to better perform them here. Meet
and hang out with agents, trademark and copyright attorneys,
accountants who specialize in self-employed, marketing professionals,
comedy writers, performers from Broadway, Cirque du Soleil, and
everywhere else successful performers work. Join performers from all
over the world as they come work, play, laugh, learn and perform at
MotionFest. In just a few years we have become famous for our
critique sessions, video shoot shows, street performances at
Harborplace and socials." Find a link to Motionfest under Festivals
at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"August Workshops in Clown and Extreme Physical Theatre.
Openings still remain for the August workshops at the Dell'Arte
International School of Physical Theatre. "Extreme Physical Theatre"
with Stephen Buescher runs from August 5 to August 30, with
"Through The Nose," an advanced clown workshop with Ronlin
Foreman, taking place from August 12 to September 6. For more
information and applications, visit the website." Find a link to the
Dell'Arte site under training at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Creation of Clown Movement Theater Workshop, 1st to 28th of
Oct, 03, in Guanajuato, Guanajuato. México, with Sigfrido Aguilar.
Learning Sigfrido's method for creating physical theater is a playful,
organic process. Each individual performer can integrate it with their
own experience, embodying a unique comic sense and style. The
physical creative technique developed by Sigfrido provides the
performing artist with a movement vocabulary which enables the
artist to create pieces with a focus on comedy. The style is a blend
of modern mime, theatrical clown and the natural actor. Along with
the distinct physical playing of the method, it uses text, costumes
and objects in creating complete pieces of theater. The four week
course is a balance of creative training and an on-going preparation
of pieces to be performed weekly in front of an audience in the open
space of the amphitheater Teatro Tanque. During the month of
October the city of Guanajuato becomes an international plaza for
the arts as it hosts the "Festival Internacional Cervantino", the most
famous international festival for the arts in all of Latin America.
The workshop runs 9:00AM to 3:00PM, Monday through Friday.
Performances: Friday and Saturday at 5:00PM. US$1,000 for four
weeks. Please contact us if interested: ebpantea@prodigy.net.mx "

" Hi Alan, I have been reading Artmedia (I used to be tour manager
for Fruit Flies) for many years and really enjoy finding out all the goss.
I am now working with Lunar Circus on their world tour. Lunar Circus
hails from Margaret River in Western Australia and has been thrilling
audiences of all ages for six years. We are a dynamic New Circus
consisting of eight performers, three musicians, a mechanic and a tour
manager. Our circus consists of a big top (seating three hundred and
fifty people), a foyer tent (half the size of the big top), a double decker
bus (which is our living room on wheels and sleeping quarters for half
the company), our café bus (consisting of a kitchen, four beds, a 42
kva generator and our beloved coffee machine) and a truck (carrying
all our gear plus sleeping one to two couples). The double decker
and café bus sport solar panels supplying us with clean electricity.
The show itself is a high energy circus consisting of many of the
traditional circus skills all backed by a live three sometimes four piece
band. Our skills are derived from traditional circus, some of which
include breath-taking aerials, back breaking acrobatics, skilful juggling
routines, death defying 7m high chair, human balancing, unbelievable
contortion, and a world class adagio (acro balance) routine. We also
offer some great music, audience participation, enough laughs to
require surgery and a good cup of coffee at the end of the show.
In the last week of June of this year, we loaded the two buses and
the truck onto a freighter destined for Singapore. From where we
will drive, doing shows along the way, through Malaysia, Thailand,
Cambodia, Vietnam. On 1st February 2004 we will cross the border
and drive through China, Kazakhstan, Russia and into Eastern Europe
to tour the 2004 European Summer Festival season. Along the way,
we will take our show to the many regional and isolated communities
that do not have access to this type of entertainment. One example
is our confirmed gig in Cambodia for the Starfish Circus Project for
deaf children. We also have technology on board, such as computers
and digital video cameras, which we will use in conjunction with our
web site to provide anyone interested with updated reports of our
progress." Regards, Faye Stevens, Tour Manager, Lunar Circus
Find this link under Circus at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

Campaign: Forum on Clown within an Aussie Circus Degree

On the Clown in NICA campaign, we have had a breakthrough,
with director, Pam Creed suggesting a Forum on the topic, and
Physical Circus Skills Director, Mr Lu, explaining that they value
clown so much that it is only one of 70 specialty skills taught, and
therefore 'that is the end of the matter'. Well, Mr Lu, I have news
for you, and so I welcome the Forum and suggest a late August
date. Meanwhile Chelsea from Rock n Roll Circus encourages us
that we need more dialogue like this in Australia, coming from the
professional industry.

"Hi Alan, The Natinal Institute of Circus Arts has many different
departments and I run the Circus part of training which includes 70
Circus Acts. Clowning is one of these specialty acts. There are also
6 different basic skills in Circus training as well, these are structured
into the 1st and 2nd years of the physical training. As well as the
physical components there is the Performing Arts aspect of study,
this is headed by John Saunders. These Performing Arts include
Drama, Dance, Movement, Clowning, and other performing skills
that are related to Circus. There are in fact 4 students in second year
that have selected clown as a specialty act, and 5 in first year. This
is run by Alex Pinder on a weekly basis. There are also Business
Studies in the course which will help the students to run their own
professional work in the future. So as explained above, the course
itself has 3 parts: Circus Skills, Performing Skills and Business Skills.
During the students third year of study (if they study well), they may
apply the skills that they have learnt in 1st and 2nd years to develop
their creative ideas which is an extremely important part of their
study. There is now obviously no further issues to be discussed as
what you are concerned with (clowing in Australian Circus) is an
important part of our program." Regards, Guang Rong Lu, Head of
Physical Circus Skills Training, NICA.

"Hi Alan, Just reading your letters going to and from NICA! I have to
say I was very inspired by your first letter to Pam and think we should
be having much more dialogue like this coming from the professional
industry to NICA . I have not seen a NICA shows since the first one
they did but have heard may stories of students and trainers past and
present. I totally agree with you about clown being an essential
performance tool for all circus performer be it if they wish to specialize
in physical skill or the craft of clown. I think to extent circus (as Pam
mentions) into new directions is great but I believe to do this honestly
you need to know where it comes from (especially if you are coming
from an untraditional circus background). I think the history and the
true craft of circus is to often forgotten. Again on Pams comments for
me I DO NOT need to see clowns in baggy pants or elephants in
each show 'representing traditions' but I want to know or feel as an
audience member that the performers know where they are coming
from and have an idea of where it is or can go." Thanks Chelsea.

"Dear Alan, This is a topic best handled (in my opinion) in a more
structured forum, where one can have a balanced and informed
approach to all the issues.Where indepth considered dialogue can
take place. There is a lot of feedback to me about the hours
required to reach the high level of physical skills required which are
expected by some sectors of the industry, and indeed by many of the
students themselves. I would be happy to talk in
detail about NICA's Circus curriculumn, our findings and our
outcomes at an industry forum you might like to arrange, where you
and hopefully others can put your views, as speakers if you wish,
and engage in meaningful productive discussions. However I do not
wish to engage in this debate in your newsletter, other than to express
my willingness to participate, along with other Nica colleagues in a
way outlined above. ie In a public forum where considered views and
constructive, informative dialogue can take place. I respect your right
and others to have and express opinions. I do not necessarily agree
with them. Clown takes many hours-years- to learn. Many whole
courses are devoted to it-and rightly so for those who want a full
understanding of the artform. However in a course where the
outcome is circus, and a BA of Circus at that, many different things
need consideration in assigning prescious hours." Pam Creed,
Director, National Institute of Circus Arts, Vic. Australia.

"Dear Pam, Thank you for your suggestion of a forum on the role of
clown within the NICA curriculum. I have booked the Cecil Street
Studio for a forum on Saturday, August 23rd, and am suggesting a
4pm start. I hope this is convenient from your side. Let me know if
another time is more suitable for you." Regards, Alan Clay

Forum on the role of Clown within an Aussie Circus Degree

Saturday 23rd August, 4pm, Cecil Street Studio, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Put this date in your diary, and come along and support this review
process. Look for confirmation of this date and time in next month's
newsletter, and also let us know if you will not be able to attend, but
would like to make a submission, either in writing or in some
electronic medium, and we will endevour to find a way to present it.
email clownforum@artmedia.com.au


"Hi Alan, Thanks for a great newsletter, that I always look forward
to. Would it be possible to include in your next newsletter, my dance
group is looking for expressions of interest from male performers
seeking performance opportunities with dance and dramatic content.
Could you ask them to email charisma@groovygames.com ? I
would be very grateful." Thanks, Nicola Baartse

"Hi Alan, thanks for a much welcomed and appreciated newsletter.
A bunch of us up here on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia (1 hr
nth of Sydney) are starting up a Circus Club next year. We want to
source local people who can teach any thing to do with circus. We
know there are lots of very talented Sydney performers & teachers
but it costs too much to have them come up on a regular basis. We
know there must be some talented locals who are hiding out, so
please contact us if you want to find out more. If you live in Sydney
or Newcastle and might be willing to come here either on a regular
basis or to hold workshops please talk to us! We need all the help
we can get to get this thing off the ground." Thanking you, Jo Love

"Hi Alan, I met you about 3 years ago in Sydney. Right now I am
working In China. .....been doing all sortls of acro and clown
courses ever since I met you. I need a really big favour from you,
can you let me in on any links or sities i can get some acro balance
moves from....diagrams, or booklets to subsribe to??? This would
be fantastic...thanks so much. You do terrific work with your
newsleter, which I always read." Thanks, Mark Thirlwall

"The clown conspiracy presents; Cereal Clowns, Edinburgh Festival
Fringe 2003, Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, Royal Mile,
Monday 11 - Saturday 16 August 2003, 11.45am. Breakfast time is
the ultimate clown adventure. And for three curious clowns, Red,
Parsley and Guitar Man, breakfast is the time they've been waiting to
get up for! The World Premiere of Cereal Clowns is an exciting
physical clown performance. The show takes on a reality that
everyone understands - the morning routine - and the company The
Clown Conspiracy creates a different reality, in which the normal
becomes enticing and the mundane becomes spellbinding.
Taking influences from clowns such as Slava, Charlie Chaplin, Cirque
de Soleil, and traditional Russian clowns, Cereal Clowns consists of
physical theatre, circus skills, poignant reflection, hilarious antics,
alongside a live musical score. Cereal Clowns is for children, but the
child in everyone will come out to play. The Clown Conspiracy is a
Scottish and Australian collaboration and the Edinburgh Fringe is their
first professional performance together. Comprising of Fiona Colliss
(from Perth, Scotland), Julian Bell and musician Dave Gliddon (both
from Sydney, Australia), the trio are reunited in Edinburgh to perform
as Red, Parsley and Guitar Man. Fiona and Julian trained together in
2002 in Sydney at Playspace Clown Studios, Sydney Aerial Theatre
Association and with Legs on the Wall Physical Theatre Company."
Fiona Colliss. Find a link to the Clown Conspiracy web site under
Clowns at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

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