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All aboard! The Aerialize locomotive takes you on a great railway adventure through the air. Ride the steam train and witness the plight of a damsel in distress saved by Penelope Pittstop, watch a carriage of children clambering up ropes and be charmed by our bustling Bollywood market place. In act two our train bursts into the 21st Century and watch men at work in the yards, Donna from the suburbs, our hip-hop teenagers and be scared by the ghosts of the haunted station.

OFF THE RAILS was our 9th annual circus and aerial showcase, displaying the talents of our students and instructors working together to create dynamic aerial and physical theatre performances. With a cast of 60 performers aged from 6 yrs through to over 50 years of age and a crew of around 20 people. this performance was a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain greater performance experience. We showed for two nights and two matinees with 1400 audience members experiencing Aerialize’s talent.
OFF THE RAILS received a great response from the attendees and sponsors and received editorials in metropolitan street press, the Sydney Morning Herald’s METRO, Spectrum and, SUN HERALD, as well as on air promotion via FBi Radio 94.5FM.

HIGH TIME (2006)

“I do like cucumber sandwiches…”

From the dawn of time to the age of innocence, bawdy baroque, High Tea Ladies, swinging 60s, and tragic 80s complete with big hair, flash dance and poser attitudes…it’s High Time.

HIGH TIME was Aerialize’s eighth annual student production and was performed in the Great Hall, Marrickville. The cast included amateur student performers and professional aerialists working together to create a dynamic, entertaining and breath-taking production.


THE STILTED TRUTH is an energetic and breathtaking piece of circus theatre, racing along to jazz & zydeco music from old time New Orleans. A young girl faces adversity as she attempts to save a city from ruins.

THE STILTED TRUTH featured some of Sydney's leading aerial and circus performers in a dynamic display of trapeze, stilt-trapeze, aerial tissue, acrobatics, stilt-walkers, strong women, flexible men and daring kids!



From the wilderness of the jungle to the dirty crowded streets of the suburbs, witness live snakes, human chandeliers, aerial bowling ladies, aerial sloths, cloud-swingers, trapeze artists and rope dancers.

EXPERIMENTO was Aerialize’s fifth annual student production, performed in the Great Hall in Marrickville. The cast included students in trapeze, rope, tissue Spanish web and acrobatics as well as children from the circus classes. Two beautiful lithe white live snakes joined that cast from the Australian Reptile Park for each production.

"Sleepless City takes the action to a whole new dimension. (Aerialize) lift the story off the ground and into the rafters from the ordinary into the surreal" - Troy Lennon, Daily Telegraph. SLEEPLESS CITY features some of Sydney's best aerial and physical theatre performers. Exploring all aspects of circus, music, dance, song and theatre, SLEEPLESS CITY is unquestionably one of Sydney's most extravagant and dynamic aerial and circus performances. The show's theatrical style reflects the reality of city life where homeless people and cleaners share the street and where business people rush to get to work through gang fights in the city.

Shelalagh McGovern, the show's director describes SLEEPLESS CITY as "an eclectic performance which tells a mythical tale of heroes and villains high in the air." The show features death defying circus acts, spins and twists high above the ground on acts such as the trapeze, cloud swing, corde lisse, swinging aerial acrobatics and unbelievable contortionists.

SLEEPLESS CITY was devised by Aerialize members and choreographed by Averil Yeo. With design students and performers from Enmore TAFE Events and Entertainment providing spectacular costuming, set design and lighting, SLEEPLESS CITY proved to be a true community collaboration.

SLEEPLESS CITY performed at the Newtown Theatre 2003.

Step into the high-low life of Geisha girls, swinging trapeze performers, hula dancers, blues notes, wicked beats and feats of rare rope and web artistry. Aerialize transformed Newtown Theatre into an Asian influenced bar hosting experimental contemporary musicians and showcasing students of Aerialize -Sydney Aerial Theatre.

Acts included stunning aerial silk performances, swinging cloud swing artists, rope acts, the Spanish web with special performances from Hula Delux and contemporary blues singer Mary-Jon Berna. Berna performed in a new collaborative performance with lyrical singing trapeze artist Shelalagh McGovern.

Sydney’s brilliant groove band Entropic mixed up a concoction of live ambient dance music with snatches of improvisation from the trumpet, guitar and piano. Sydney’s electronic DJ Deep Child played fantastic, smoky dub-funk tracks from his highly acclaimed albums Chocolate Dubs and Hymns from Babylon.

BIG IN JAPAN performed at the Newtown Theatre 2002.


CABARET (2001)
CABARET is a daring exploration of music, dance, circus and theatre. Echoing films such as 'Metropolis' and 'The Cabinet of Dr Caligari', CABARET recreates a world both dark and dangerous, full of promise and beauty. An underground world where strange bets are made, secret messages carried and unrequited love fulfilled. The tragic-comic, decadent world of 1920s German Cabaret is updated to the present with costuming by Enmore TAFE students.

A cast of 15 characters included a trapeze swinging fortune teller, an enigmatic concierge, a gangster called Mac the Knife and two lovers locked in a deadly aerial transaction. The Cabaret Band accelerando provided spirited gypsy melodies reminiscent of a rainy day in Paris with old melodies plucked from the guitar, fiddle and the accordion.

CABARET performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Newtown Theatre in 2002.



In the shadows of a deserted fairground, enter a strange new place that lies between reality and dreams. Here is a place where walls move, pictures watch you and a room expands into a magical island. Be lured into a world inhabited by wonderful characters such as the seductive Lorelei, Rapunzel and the cool Ice Queen. The plug monster and other childhood terrors like the scary creature under your bed and giant spiders come back to haunt us.

Fairytales and myths come to life in a dazzling display of trapeze, rope and acrobatic performance. Bodies hang suspended from the ceiling, dangle from ropes and fly overhead. Playful characters tease the audience and draw them into their games. Beware, you may fall under the heady spell of the voodoo dance?

Sydney Aerial Theatre Association (SATA) presents TALES FROM THE DARK a high-energy aerial spectacular. Fusing acrobatic skills, dance, theatre and music, SATA presents a fresh and original approach to circus. The show is directed by Aimee Thomas and Shelalagh McGovern, co-founders of SATA and Aerialize. The show is performed by students of SATA and features the original music of Michael Lyre from Monsieur Camembert and Vicious Hairy Mary.

TALES FROM THE DARK performed at Hut 24 in December 2000.


AERIAL FANTASY was Aerialize’s first annual production performed at the Addison Rd Centre Marrickville. Set in an aerial fantasy world the production consisted of many quirky and varied aerial acts. A blind-folded trapeze artist, a black and white French clown, Spanish web, doubles trapeze and pole climbing. An art exhibition by Bernard Bru was also on display in the foyer of the venue. This performance raised money for a student who had injured herself during training.



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