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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - September 2003

    Australia Day 2004, Melbourne - Professional Buskers
    Readings from 'Believers in Love', Canada and USA

    Clown Masterclasses, Canada and Australia

    Performers Yellow Pages - Update Your Listing
    Circus Trainers required, Slipstream Circus, Tasmania
    Adelaide Fringe Festival 2004 Registration, Australia
    Auckland Festival at the Covert Theatre, New Zealand
    Meeting of Community Theatres, Moscow, Russia
    Barcelona Street Art Festival, Spain
    Course for Artists of Contemporary Circus, Italy
    Cirkus Maniacs - Full-time Circus Training, Bristol, UK
    Theatre de l'Ange Fou, 3 year mime training, UK
    Master class - 'School after Theatre', Moscow / Berlin
    Seminar: Theatre and Social Transformation, Brazil

    More views on Clown in the NICA Circus Degree

    Street Arts Promoter is seeking original Acts, UK
    Wanted - Funny Female Acrobat, Kent, UK
    Auditions - Show by Franco Dragone, Belgium & USA
    Clown teacher for self-development of employees, Holland
    Photography magazine seeks material on Circus, Mexico
    Josef from Switzerland seeks George Kiernan, USA

    Newsletter Subscriptions & Unsubscriptions
    Newsletter Advertising and Artmedia site promotion

Artmedia News

Welcome to the September edition of the Artmedia physical theatre
newsletter, a publication with an Australasian focus and a global

Our membership drive over the past couple of months has resulted
in another bumper issue this month, with a wider range of events and
a more international flavour.

I am off on tour to Canada and USA next week and so I use the
Sponsorship section to promote the North American readings
from my novel 'Believers in Love', and in the regular Playspace slot
I promote my Clown Masterclasses in Vancouver, Canada, and the
new summer program in Sydney, Australia.

My Vancouver workshop already has the numbers to run, and since
I want to encourage a few more people onto the class, if you contact
me straight away, I can still let a few more students have it at the
earlybird price.

In the Features, the Melbourne Australia Day Committee is looking
for 10 specialised highly professional acts that will demonstrate
high-level street performance on Monday 26th January 2004, and
also judge the Australia Day Busking Competition.

Remember, feature advertising in this newsletter costs just Aus$50,
and Sponsorship ( 7 paragraphs ) just Aus$200. We will often run
one networking or noticeboard item for free, but why not support
this publication, and also do yourself a favour, and advertise in the
Artmedia newsletter.

In the networking this month, circus trainers are required at
Slipstream Circus in Tasmania, the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2004
Registration closes on October 3, and we have information on the
current Auckland Festival season at the Covert Theatre in New

David Aiken asks those listed in the old Performers Yellow Pages
database to update their listing in the new one, and we have contact
information for the Street Arts Festival which is currently on in
Barcelona, Spain, and also for the Meeting of Community Theatres
to be held in Moscow, Russia, next month.

Plus we carry a range of European training opportunities, with a
course for Artists of Contemporary Circus in Italy, and information
on the Cirkus Maniacs Circus Training in Bristol, and the Theatre
de l'Ange Fou's 3 year mime training in the UK. We also have a
Masterclass called the 'School after Theatre' to be held in Berlin
and Moscow, and a Seminar on Augusto Boal's 'Theatre and
Social Transformation' in Brazil.

We have received a lot of good feedback on our clown debate,
and subscriptions to the newsletter have increased as a result over
recent months, so we pursue the campaign further this month,
looking at some definitions of modern clown and the training
required to facilitate this.

Again a bumper noticeboard section this month, with a street arts
promoter in the UK seeking original Acts, and auditions for a new
show by Franco Dragone, the creator of 'O' and 'Mystere', which
will run in Las Vagas. Also, move quickly if you are a funny female
acrobat interested in work in Kent, UK, because the auditions are
this coming week.

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
physical theatre community, so please send us info for inclusion in
this newsletter. Please also forward this to somebody else who
may be interested.

Artmedia Site Clients - check them out at www.artmedia.com.au

On the Artmedia site you can find a list of links to performers,
companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and you
can subscribe to this newsletter and find a copy of the latest issue.

In artmedia site news, Sue Broadway has information on a new
performance season of The Women Clowns group
at www.artmedia.com.au/womenclowns.htm

Sydney Aerial Theatre Assn have information on their classes,
and performance projects. www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm

Impromptu Theatrix run impro classes in Sydney, specialising
in Commedia. www.artmedia.com.au/improvisation.htm

Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a
large range of skills. www.artmedia.com.au/acronym.htm

Got it Flaunt it! are a performance duo who specialise in event
invigoration. www.artmedia.com.au/gotitflauntit.htm

Circus Unique offers children's workshops and tailored
entertainment packages. www.artmedia.com.au/circusunique.htm

The Physical TV site has info on Richard James Allen and Karen
Pearlman's Dance Films. www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm

Sponsor: 'Believers in Love' by Alan Clay - North American Tour

Alan Clay's third novel, 'Believers in Love', is now available on
order through bookshops and on-line stores worldwide. Order
the paperback, or download the eBook. Find reviews and
more info on the book at www.artmedia.com.au/believer.htm

   "Profound observations of life, art and love... Believers in Love
   is a powerfully creative work, with prose that sings like poetry.
   Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, this novel comes very
   highly recommended." wordweaving.com

    Giving Meaning

    Sarah sat at the side of the road, with what looked
    like the contents of her pockets spread out on a
    towel before her.
      "What are you doing?" her father asked.
      "I'm fishing for trout," the girl told him.
      The father looked amused, but said nothing, and
    determined to watch how the game proceeded.
    Soon a passer-by stopped, and asked Sarah the
    same question.
      "I'm writing a book." she responded.
      Each person who stopped to ask, and the father
    counted fifteen in about ten minutes, was given a
    different answer.
      "How many trout have you caught?" he finally asked.
      "About fifteen in the last ten minutes," the girl answered.

Winnipeg International Writers Festival, Canada. From
September 25 to 28 Alan Clay will present readings from
his novel 'Believers in Love' in High Schools, and also in the
WordWalk cabaret on Sunday 28, 1-5pm, where he will also
present a new clown piece, 'The Reading'. More information
at http://www.winnipegwords.com

Ottawa International Writers Festival, Canada. On Saturday
October 4, Alan will participate in a panel discussion on
"Does Live Theatre Matter" at 11am, and present a new clown
piece, 'The Reading' at 2.30pm, followed by a reading from
his novel, 'Believers in Love'. http://www.writersfest.com

Putnam Storytelling Festival, New York, USA, October 11
with a 'Clown Skills for Storytelling' workshop in the morning.
More information on this at http://www.putnamstorytellers.org
'Whole Note' Poetry Readings, Berkeley, California, October 28
'It's About Time' Readings, Seatle, Oregon, USA, November 13

Playspace - Clown Masterclasses, Australia, Canada, USA

Building on 20 years of clown teaching, Alan Clay has this year
presented this Masterclass program in New Zealand, Australia,
Canada and USA. The following workshops are coming up in
this ongoing program:

Vancouver Clown Masterclass, Canada - October 20 to 22
(3 days) 10am to 4pm, Can$370 ( earlybird, before
September 20 ) or Can$450 (full). Scotia Dance Centre, 677
Davie Street - a lovely top fl studio in downtown Vancouver,
close to comfortable Youth Hostels and the Aquatic Centre.
email vancouver@artmedia.com.au

Sydney 3-day Clown Masterclass, Australia - November
11 to 13, 2003. Tues to Thurs, 10am to 4pm. Cost: Aus$320
(earlybird, before October 22) Aus$400 (full). Enrolments
and information sydney_3-day@artmedia.com.au

Sydney 4-day Clown Summer School, Australia - February
2 to 5, 2004. Mon to Thurs, 10am to 4pm. Cost: Aus$420
(earlybird, before December 15) Aus$540 (full). Enrolments
and information sydney_summer@artmedia.com.au

The workshop provides a physical approach to the clown art
form, exploring playfulness, irreverence, and the freedom of not
knowing. Each day starts with a yoga warm up, followed by
exercises to develop physical and emotional expression, and
improvisational exercises to develop comic timing and rapport.
More information at www.artmedia.com.au/Clown.htm

Feature: Australia Day 2004, Melbourne - Professional Buskers

We are looking for 10 specialised highly professional acts that
will demonstrate high-level street performance on Monday 26th
January 2004. You will be paid a fee for your services. You will
be required to give 3 x 45 min shows at your designated site
throughout the day, and you will also be required to be the
competition judges on the day.

As part of the celebrations for Australia Day 2004, the Australia
Day Committee (Victoria) will present a one day Busking
Competition on Monday 26th January 2004, in Birrarung Marr,
on the banks of the Yarra River. The competition will offer a cash
prize to the winning participant. The competition is open to all
street performers, however competition participants must register
by 31 October 2003 and carry public liability insurance.

Are you interested in being one of 10 specialised highly professional
acts? Then please contact Event Logistics by 1st October 2003 on
Email: logistics@eventlogistics.com.au, Fax: 61 3 9525 7601, or
PO Box 1027, Brighton Road LPO, Elwood, Victoria, Vic 3184.

Your reply needs to show name, contact details, act details, resume,
photo and a copy of your public liability insurance. After the closing
date we will contact you regarding your participation. The organisers
reserve the right to exclude any act that does not meet public health
and safety requirements. For further information on Australia Day
(Victoria) please visit our website at www.australiaday.vic.gov.au


"Alan, Warm greetings from Japan once again... I'm in the
process of phasing out the old Performer's Yellow Pages at
Checkerhead.com , in favour of the new Database. So it would
be spectacular if you could put a plea to performers in your
newsletter, that if they're listed in the Performers Yellow Pages
at: http://www.checkerhead.com/performers.html , the Yellow
Pages services is being phased out and a new system put in place.
If you would like to remain a part of this on-line service please go
to the new site and re-register your info ( click the register link )
at http://www.cbgentertainment.com/database.html This will be
a tremendous help for me in getting all the information out of the
old system and into the new one." Many thanks, David Aiken,
The Checkerboard Guy.

"Hey Alan, My name is Therese Ryan. I am Program Director
for Slipstream Circus Inc in Tasmania. I am an avid reader of
artmedia and think that it's a great forum for news, upcoming
events, and discussions. I can especially relate to the Nica
discussions... Tasmania at present is booming with circus, our
program is now 100 participants per week, ranging from 7-Adult.
With this influx and recent expansion for gigs and workshops we
are in need of more circus trainers, particularly specializing in
aerials, manipulation and acrobatics, but any other skills that may
assist a circus program. So if you know of anyone who wants to
spend some time in the wilderness, train, teach and live it up in
North West Tasmania get them to drop me an email at
slipstreamcircus@hotmail.com Great to touch base with you. If
you need more info on happenings in Tas email me." Thanx,
Therese Ryan, Program Director, Slipstream Circus. Tasmania

"Hello Fringe friends, as we head towards Adelaide Fringe 2004,
our Artistic Director Karen Hadfield has just returned, jetlagged
and inspired, from a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe. No stranger to
Edinburgh, Karen has toured there previously as a performer.
The Edinburgh Fringe is larger in size than Adelaide's (with about
1500 shows compared to our 400) but our reputation is not far
behind at all. We like to feel that Adelaide Fringe's size is less
overwhelming for audiences trying to choose something to see,
and with an average ticket sales of 40 for each show, artists stand
a chance of making a profit. The summer, the beaches, the chance
to see our 'exotic' country, plus the chance to draw good audience
numbers; it all gives Adelaide Fringe the ability to attract the best
acts from around the world. And an idea Karen is keen to bring to
life for Adelaide is an informal gathering where artists can meet with
producers from other festivals and venues. Having many producers
in one spot also helps artists plan a touring calendar to make travel
more worthwhile - for example taking in Wellington Fringe in New
Zealand, Adelaide Fringe and a season at the Sydney Opera House
Studio. The Adelaide Fringe runs 20 February - 14 March 04,
and registrations close Friday October 3." Cheers from the Fringe
Family. Find a link to the Fringe site, where you can register to
participate, under Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Auckland Festival at the Covert Theatre - Now on through until
Sunday 5 October. Five 1-Act Comedy Plays, from 5 minutes
to 35 minutes long in the one night. Scripts were submitted from
all over, from UK, US, Singapore, Australia to Lower Hutt, we
picked the cream, we hope you're happy with it, cause we are.
Wed to Sat 8pm 17th Sept to 4th Oct. Plus we have an Open
Day Saturday 27th September, with free workshops and shows
through the day starting at mid day for young and old. Stick
around all day, then see the Coverts 1 Act Comedy festival in the
evening, and right at our doorstep is the Krd Karnival - The
Diversity Parade starting at 9:30pm. Also our Art of Improvisation
Workshops start again on 6 October, book early as its filling up
fast." Over N Out, Wade Jackson, Covert Theatre, Krd,
Auckland, New Zealand. Find a link to the Covert Theatre
under Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Dear Colleagues! It is a great pleasure for me to invite you to
visit new international programmes in the framework of the
project: "Meeting of Community Theatres" in Moscow, Russia:
"Improvisation and Spontaneity in Performing Arts", Oct 12-17.
The project is organized by the theatre "School of Dramatic Art"
under direction of Anatoly Vasiliev in collaboration with
International University Global Theatre Experience, under the
direction of Sergey Ostrenko. The project is inviting professional
actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, students of theatre
departments, theatre managers, and artists. "Improvisation and
Spontaneity in Performing Arts" is a practical seminar under
guidance of Sergey Ostrenko that will introduce contemporary
methods and techniques, which develop the skills necessary for
the actor's professional work on the stage through movement,
dance, voice, improvisations, etc." Sincerely, Inga Ryazanova,
Chief Executive, International University Global Theatre
Experience, Latvia. Find a link to the Meeting of Community
Theatres under Events at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Dear Artists, You can find the list of the groups selected to take
part in the Prize for Busker Artists,within the Barcelona Street Art
Festival. The OFF section runs 20th-24th of September in the
streets of Barcelona within sight of the international programmers.
Make a note into your professional diary not to loose the MERCÈ
Meeting Point, from 19th till 24th of september 2003. Remember
that only accreditation gives you the access to the backstages, the
villages of the Mercè Festivals. And more, you're invited everyday
to share a cup of "cava" with the festival staff." Find a link to the
Barcelona International Busker Festival under Festivals at

"Course of Professional Formation for the Artist of Contemporary
Circus, directed by Clear Bergaglio and Paul Stratta, is of biennial
duration. The course totals 1200 hours annually, and runs from
October to June, Monday to Friday, from 9,00 to the 17.00.
Approximately 350 hours of the 1,200 total will be in performance
work. The center of the course is the School of CirKo in Turin.
Requirements: young age, registration to the unemployment lists,
residence in the territory of the province of Turin, diploma of
maturity or bachelor. To demand the module of pre-registration
email: scuoladicirko@teatrodistrada.it Pedagogical Equipe: Pierre
Byland (School of Circus of Chalons - France, for 14 years
teaching near the Ecole Jaques Lecoq), Mamadou Dioume (Actor
with Peter Brook, director for the Stable Theatre of Turin and
performer - Senegal), and many others."

"Circus Maniacs - Professional Full-time Circus Training, in Bristol,
England. Circus & Business Training & Mentoring, helping young
performers into employment. Training is specific and unique to each
student. Students are assigned a Circus mentor, and the Circus
Maniacs Agency also promotes student graduates to help them gain
work. Start Dates for 2003 / 2004: Mon 22nd Sept 2003, Mon 5th
Jan 2004, Mon 19th April 2004. Specialist Areas covered: Trapeze
& Aerial Skills, Chinese Acrobatics, Choreographic Support, and
Musical Composition & Editing. We will also consider joint project
applications, and applications from artistes creating small scale
Circus and Physical Theatre style shows. To Apply: Please send us
an outline of your proposal / training goals along with your CV and
a video of your skills / past work." Circus Maniacs, Bristol, UK.
Find this link under Training at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Dear Alan, Thanks for your newsletter. I'm writing to inform you
that the UK-based company, Theatre de l'Ange Fou will be
performing its production of The Government Inspector on
October 24th, 2003 at the COS International Festival of Mime
and Visual Theatre in Reus, Spain and at The Hawk's Well
Theatre in Sligo, Ireland on October 30-31st, 2003. The
production has already been a hit in Edinburgh, Israel, and at the
2003 London International Mime Festival and features an
international ensemble of 15 actors from Europe, North and South
America, Asia and two from Australia. Please visit our site for
details on our touring and the full-time, 3 year training programme
at the Ecole de Mime Corporel Dramatique." Thank you, Kevin
Collins, Theatre de l'Ange Fou. Find this link under Training at

"Dear Alan Clay, we received with great interest your NEWS.
In return, I would like to send you our offer to all international
professional actors and directors who are looking for some more
training and education. The programme is called 'School after
Theatre'. It is unique in the theatre world. It is designed for
courageous professional actors and directors (with training and at
least two years of stage experience) who wish to further develop
their art. The master class is being offered in 2003 for the third
time; in co-operation with the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts
GITIS in Moscow. Students in our current classes participate in
laboratories, international festivals, or in the "Methodika", as and
when the such opportunities arise. The European Ensemble,
already active with its own research work and productions, lends
us its supports by providing assistants for the new classes. The
team of teachers ensures individual training and advice." Thank
you, Christine Schmalor programme director, AKT-ZENT
International Theatre Centre Berlin. Find a link to the 'School
After Theatre' under Training at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Seminar: Theatre and Social Transformation, November 12 to
16. The City Council of Saint Andres is an example of a public
administration today using the techniques of the Theater of the
Oppressed as instrument in the dialogue with the population, and
as tool for the construction of citizenship, self esteem and social
inclusion. The Theater of the Oppressed is today in more than 50
countries and its creator, Augusto Boal, is considered one of the
most respected Brazilians in the whole world. From India to
Denmark, from Angola to the United States, organisations,
groups and universities use of the techniques of Boal. If we use
the techniques of Boal, we find several, rich and differentiated
theater experiences transforming the life of citizens." Contact and
information, Theater of Oppressed at the City Council of Saint
Andres - Armindo Rodrigueses arpinto@santoandre.sp.gov.br

Campaign: Forum on Clown within an Aussie Circus Degree

We have received a lot of good feedback on our clown debate,
and subscriptions to the newsletter have increased as a result in
recent months, so we pursue the campaign further this month,
with Sue Broadway back to look at some definitions of modern
clown, followed by some thoughts from the editor on the training
required to facilitate this.

"Dear All, Just a little something to widen...no...ah...deepen,
( maybe just to colour ) the clown debate that volleys between
practitioners and trainers that has been mentioned in these pages.
"Is the clown born or is she/he made?" Belfast, Northern Ireland,
is an unlikely source for intellectual debate in this particular area,
but it has just hosted a Conference in an associated field of
academia - possibly to answer the question... "Who cares where
the clown came from...what are they doing here? Here is the
Website: www.qub.ac.uk/lla/ger/conference/TitlePage.html.
Aaah ...thirty-five academics with spinning bow ties - now that's
funny!" Mike Moloney, Belfast Community Circus School

"Dear Alan and colleagues - I guess I have to accept I am now
part of the "Establishment" - I'm just not sure which one. I am a
freelance artist not currently employed by any publicly funded or
commercial institution. My views are my own. Yaron I take your
point about definitions. Obviously barriers between artforms are
increasingly breaking down - dancers are aerialists, actors are
clowns, hybrid performances draw together widely disparate
elements and can occur anywhere not just in tents or on stages.
In this multifaceted world do definitions matter? Well yes, and for
this reason. Circus sits near the bottom of the artform hierarchy. It
is only in the past ten years or so that it has been mentioned in the
same breath as Dance, Music, Theatre and Opera. This has come
about only after a long struggle for recognition by practitioners and
their supporters. Clown, however, still has a way to go. The word
'Clown" still evokes, for the vast majority, images of Ronald
McDonald, Andy Pandy or Krusty. If we are to continue in the
path of developing awareness for our work we have to be able to
define what it is that we are doing. So:- sticking my neck out even
further, I offer the following starting points; Towards A Definition
Of Clown - 1. (Noun) A comedy performance genre that draws
on elements of mime, pantomime, vaudeville, commedia, circus
and theatre. 2. (Noun) A training methodology that uses
techniques from all of the above plus children's games to develop
performance presence, charisma and spontaneity. 3. (Noun) A
person who performs in the genre. 4. (verb) to perform as a clown.
Clown can be either an entire performance or an element of a
presentation in another genre such as theatre, dance, music or circus.
However there are some essential elements of a clown performance:
1. Laughter. The clown makes the audience laugh. More then 50%
of the time. The laughter generated is the deep stomached, open
throated, shout of joy. 2. Audience interaction. The clown plays in
a world where there is no fourth wall, where the audience and the
performer share the same space and where the actions of the
audience can impact on the performance. 3. Cultural Universality.
Clowning, like facial expression, is a universal language that can be
understood in all cultures. Clowns from Papua New Guinea, China,
Bali, Russia, Australia or anywhere else can all perform and be
largely understood in all the nations of the world. 4. Clowns speak
to the best in us. They ignite in the viewer a deeper understanding
of our shared human condition. They call out to our vulnerability, to
our confusion, to our willingness to laugh at ourselves and to our
compassion. 5. The clown is an inventor. Clowns make their own
material and perform in a state of continual alteration. There may be
other forms of performance that embrace these five qualities, but in
the absence of even one of them there is no clown. There may be
comic character, or satire, or parody. But not clown. Please
discuss." xxxSueB. Find information on Sue Broadway's work at

From the Editor: "This presents me with a perfect pre-promotion
opportunity for my new book on clown, now at the end of the first
draft, entitled 'Angels can Fly - They take themselves Lightly'.
This book is probably still a year away from public release, but it
represents a bringing together of many of my skills, and you can be
sure that the members of this list will be the first to know when it is
available. It is a work which I only recently, after 25 years of work,
have seen the possibility to write, so I'm not really going to be able
to summarise it here in a few paragraphs. So instead I intend to
address, and possibly build upon, Sue's contribution above. For me
the center of clown is the emotional rapport between the performer
and the audience. So for me laughter is an imperfect signal of clown,
because laughter comes after the experience, it is the response, and
it tends to obscure what is actually happening. We also get laughter
with comic theatre, or stand up comedy, neither of which are clown,
so I would prefer to label point number one, Emotional Release,
which takes in a range of responses including laughter, or tears, or
even storming out in disgust. Any time we have an emotional
release in a show, clown is going down. Other points that I would
like to emphasise include, under point 3: In the moment, clowns
validate the actual experience which is occurring now, and thereby
allow us to access our common humanity. And under point 4:
Vulnerability. Modern clown is affected by the environment,
changed by each experience, rather than hiding behind the mask.
I just want to bring the debate here back to the National Institute
of Circus Arts in Melbourne, because since modern clown centers
in this emotional vulnerability, we need to train this in our circus
performers. And as we know, this seems to go against a lot of the
strength building in the physical work. However from my teaching
experience over 5 years of 'Circus and Clown Training' courses
at Playspace Studio in Sydney, I can attest to the importance of
training the emotional side, alongside the physical, so that we
don't build up body amour and resistances with detract from the
expressive side of the work. And emotions take time to work on,
just like the physical. To give some historical perspective on the
debate, I would also remind readers that clown is a very old art
form, which far pre-dates circus, and which circus co-opted a few
hundred years ago. I would suggest that clown has in recent years
escaped from the traditional circus into the theatre and the streets,
and then returned to help shape modern circus theatre. Somewhere
in there physical theatre was born, as clown rejuvenated the
theatrical form, and we got the emotionally powered physical
performance work we know today. Clown also evolved in this time,
into the more vulnerable, responsive, spontaneous thing it is today.
That's my story anyway." Find more information on Alan's work at


"An established UK street arts promoter is seeking original acts
for UK touring in 2004. If you are interested, please check out
the web site and email your details. " thanks, Mike Chubb, the
Ideas Factory. Find a link to the Ideas Factory under Resources
at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Wanted - Funny Female Acrobat in the UK! Does My Bum
Look Big In This! is the new show to be produced by Kent
based aerial dance and circus arts company, Expressive Feat
Productions. Must have devising / theatrical skills, With ideally
two year's professional performance experience, of any ethnic
background, that is used to and willing to work hard in a team
environment. And has a good sense of humour... The show is
a three hander. The piece will involve a lot of tomfoolery and
physical antics with oversized pieces of clothing. Rehearsals run
13th to 24th January 2004 with the opening show on Saturday
25th at the Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone. Auditions will take place
in the week commencing 22nd September 2003." Tina Carter,
Artistic Director, Expressive Feat Productions, Tankerton, Kent.
exfeat@globalnet.co.uk Find a link to the Expressive Feet web
site under Physical Theatre at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"We are seeking gymnasts, divers, dancers, acrobats, stuntmen,
comedic actors and circus artists, for a new show by Franco
Dragone, writer and director of the highly acclaimed 'O' and
'Mystere' and creator of the sensational 'A New Day.'. This new
aquatic spectacular will be presented at 'Wynn Las Vagas' the
newest US resort by Steve Wynn, to be unveiled in April 2005.
Swimming skills are required. Rehearsals and intensive training
period will begin August 2004 and take place in Belgium and
then Las Vagas. Auditions will be held by Dragone all over
Europe, America and Australia. Email us today." Dragone
Casting, Belgium. Find a link to Dragone Casting under Physical
Theatre at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Hi Alan, Good to get the newsletter! I spoke to our HR Director
about my clowning experience with Ronlin Forman at the Dell Arte
School in Blue Lake, California, and he was wondering if maybe it
could be a medium for self-development for employees. Does
anyone on the list happen to know of any clowning programme in
Europe that also does work with corporations? So more on the
self development side rather than pure performance, or anyone who
would be willing to work on this programme with them? This is just
very preliminary research I am doing on this subject but I think it is
a very good idea as I certainly learned A LOT about myself from
the whole clowning experience." Kind regards, Natascha

"Luna Córnea, a Mexican photography magazine, is preparing an
issue on Photography and the Circus. We are gathering images and
all kinds of information on the subject. Photos from family albums,
old and new, and graphic material from rehearsals and shows,
including programs and invitations. We are also interested in written
material: essays, interviews, chronicles, letters and other documents.
If you have any of these materials, please contact us as soon as
possible." lcornea_ci@correo.conaculta.gob.mx

Dear Alan, Today I've got your August 03 newsletter. I do not
know you and how you have got my mail address... but that's OK.
This happens in the modern communication system. Here is my
request: Lots of years ago (1982/ 83) I was in Paris and attended
the theater schools from Jacques Lecoc and Philip Gaullier. I met
an american there whose name is George Kiernan. He was in his
fifties there but a very dynamic, rather small man. Since this time
I've lost contact with him. Maybe someone on your list knows of
him? I wish you good success wherever you move this year,
Gods blessings and protection in everything you do." Yours, Josef
Hirschhofer, joseli@freesurf.ch

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