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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - August 2003

Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Assn seeks Executive
North American 'Clown Readings' from 'Believers in Love'

Clown Masterclasses, Australia and Canada

Clownfest is coming too! USA
Newtown Festival seeks participation, Sydney, Australia
Seeking shows for Tiny Top, Big West Festival, Melbourne
Current Festival announcements from KultNet, Germany
Amador(a) in Scene, Festival of Theater, Amadora, Portugal
Masters in Performance/Live Art, Nottingham Trent Uni, UK

More views on the Role of Clown in an Aussie Circus Degree

Clowns in Cuba?
Seeking Mime, Dance and Acro Acts, for Cabaret, Sydney
'Pacific Warrior's Eye', Music and Dance, Easter Is, Chile

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Artmedia News

Welcome to the August edition of the Artmedia physical theatre
newsletter, a publication with an Australasian focus and a global

With this issue we welcome another four thousand new readers,
particularly clowns in southern Europe, and circus people and
jugglers throughout Europe, England, South America, and USA,
and also many more of the Australian and New Zealand theatre
community, and we take this opportunity to remind any on the
list who may wish to unsubscribe, to simply hit reply and type
unsubscribe in the subject line.

If you are getting a number of copies, it is because of multiple
email addresses in our database, and to unsubscribe a number
of addresses, simply list the ones you want removed at the top,
in the body of the email.

This month in the Features we have a job opportunity for the
Executive Officer of the Australian National Circus and Physical
Theatre Association. This is the first time such a position has
been created, and it is a bit of a breakthrough for the industry.
Be quick on this one because applications close at the end of
next week. Remember, to become a member of this valuable
organisation, go to www.nationalcircus.asn.au/main/join.html

I also feature details of my coming tour of Canadian Writing
Festivals and US Storytelling Festivals, on the basis that some
on the list may be interested in checking out my writing, and
also because I will be doing clown performances at both the
Winnipeg and the Ottawa Writers Festivals, and a clown
workshop at the Putnam Storytelling Festival in New York.
( Remember it is just Aus$50 to feature in this newsletter ).

I also have the details on next week's Melbourne masterclass
and my Sydney clown masterclass, the week after next, and
enrolments have also started coming in on the Vancouver
workshop in October, so get in touch if you are interested in
confirming a place on any of these workshops.

In the networking, we have a bit of a festival theme this month,
with two festivals in Australia seeking participation, the
Newtown Festival in Sydney, and the Big West Festival in

Internationally, Clownfest in the USA wants us to know that it
is happening, we have some current Festival announcements
from KultNet in Germany, and information on a Festival of
Theater in Amadora, Portugal. We also have information on a
new Masters in Performance / Live Art, at Nottingham Trent
University in England.

For those new to the list, the National Institute of Circus Arts
is a BA degree in Circus Arts recently set up in Melbourne,
Australia, and I have been provoking debate over the past few
months on what I see as a lack of clown in the curriculum, and
promoting a form to discuss this.

We have good news, and bad news, this month on the Clown
Forum front, unfortunately the NICA people are not available on
August 23rd, so the forum will not take place on that date,
however Circus Oz has stepped in with an offer to host the forum,
and NICA seem to have taken this on board and are proposing to
take a more organisational role.

In the noticeboard section this month, Dutch clown, Harmien,
seeks clown contacts in Cuba, Kenny Feather seeks mime, dance
and acro acts for a cabaret in Sydney, and 'Pacific Warrior's Eye',
a music and dance group from Easter Is, Chile, seeks touring

We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
physical theatre community, so please send us info for inclusion in
this newsletter. Please also forward this to somebody else who
may be interested.

Artmedia Site Clients - check them out at www.artmedia.com.au

On the Artmedia site you can find a list of links to performers,
companies, resources and festivals all over the world, and you
can subscribe to this newsletter and find a copy of the latest issue.

In artmedia site news, Sydney Aerial Theatre have information
on their new performance, Sleepless City, at the Newtown
Theatre, 28th to 31st August. www.artmedia.com.au/aerial.htm

And Sue Broadway has updated information on a new
performance season of The Women Clowns group
at www.artmedia.com.au/womenclowns.htm

Got it Flaunt it! are a performance duo who specialise in event
invigoration. www.artmedia.com.au/gotitflauntit.htm
Circus Unique offers children's workshops and tailored
entertainment packages. www.artmedia.com.au/circusunique.htm
The Physical TV site has info on Richard James Allen and Karen
Pearlman's Dance Films. www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm
Impromptu Theatrix run impro classes in Sydney, specialising
in Commedia. www.artmedia.com.au/improvisation.htm
Hemlock Mejarne is an acrobat, stilt-walker, who has a
large range of skills. www.artmedia.com.au/acronym.htm

Feature - Australian National Circus and Physical Theatre Association


The National Circus and Physical Theatre Association is looking
for an Executive Officer. It is envisaged that the Executive
Officer would facilitate the association's action plan by providing
administrative services to the committee and, through the
membership and the website, continue to provide a forum for
discussion and debate within the industry.

The Executive Officer reports to the Committee of Management
elected from the membership. The position is part time (0.4) and
currently funded for one year. Applications are invited from people
with experience in the Circus and/or Physical Theatre industry.

For further information regarding the position and a job description
go to the Circus and Physical Theatre Association website at
Applicants can also phone Anni Davey on 0409 883 063.

Applications should be forwarded before 22 August 2003
to: The Secretary, Australian National Circus and Physical Theatre
Association, PO Box 189, Belconnen , ACT 2616, Australia.

Feature: Stories from 'Believers in Love' in America and Canada

"Profound observations of life, art and love... Believers in Love
is a powerfully creative work, with prose that sings like poetry.
Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, this novel comes very
highly recommended." wordweaving.com

Alan Clay's third novel, 'Believers in Love', is now available on
order through bookshops and on-line stores worldwide. Order
the paperback, or download the eBook. Upcoming North
American Tour Appearances:

Winnipeg Writers Festival, Canada, September 25 to 28
with a new clown piece, 'The Book Reading' on Sunday 28

Ottawa Writers Festival, Canada, October 1 to 10
with a new clown piece, 'The Book Reading' on Saturday 4

Putnam Storytelling Festival, New York, USA, October 11
with a 'Clown Skills for Storytelling' workshop in the morning.

'Whole Note' Poetry Readings, Berkeley, California, October 28
'It's About Time' Readings, Seatle, Oregon, USA, November 13

Find links to the Winnipeg, Ottawa and Putnam festivals under
Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm Find reviews and
more info on the book at www.artmedia.com.au/believer.htm

Playspace - Clown Masterclasses, Australia and Canada

The clown masterclass series has proved so successful that
three more workshops have been scheduled, two Winter
Workshops in Melbourne and Sydney in the coming weeks,
and an Autumn workshop in Vancouver, in October.

Melbourne Clown Masterclass, Australia - August 18 to 20
(3 days) Cecil Street Studio, Fitzroy, Melbourne. 10am to
4pm. Cost: Aus$400. Telephone: Australia (03) 9443 0640.
Enrolments and info melbourne@artmedia.com.au

Sydney Clown Masterclass, Australia - August 26 to 28
(3 days) 10am to 4pm, Silver Tree Dance Studio, 585B King
St, Newtown. Cost: Aus$400. Enrolments and information

Vancouver Clown Masterclass, Canada - October 20 to 22
(3 days) 10am to 4pm, Can$370 ( earlybird, before
September 20 ) or Can$450 (full). Scotia Dance Centre, 677
Davie Street - a lovely top fl studio in downtown Vancouver,
close to comfortable Youth Hostels and the Aquatic Centre.
email vancouver@artmedia.com.au

The workshop provides a physical approach to the clown art
form, exploring playfulness, irreverence, and the freedom of not
knowing. Each day starts with a yoga warm up, followed by
exercises to develop physical and emotional expression, and
improvisational exercises to develop comic timing and rapport.
More information at www.artmedia.com.au/Clown.htm


"hi Alan, my name is Mark, i just got an email from Toby
Whittington, it was a news letter. so i had a look at your site,
looks cool, im doing a similar thing here in Cairns Queensland,
for the locals mainly, called mixedlollies.com. im a performer
myself and there's no site here so i've set one up, just started ,
looks ok just getting more content, its a small town but there's
heaps happening. i'd like to link up maybe, have a look at the
site and see what you think." Mark Edwards. Find this link
under Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Dear Artists and Performing groups, Are you looking for a high
profile festival to showcase your arts or cultural project? The
Newtown Festival is keen to involve groups or individuals who
have an exciting performance, arts exhibition or cultural product
to showcase at the festival on 9th November 2003. Now in its
twenty fourth year the Newtown Festival is the most significant
community based festival of the Inner West. It has a unique blend
of community involvement with top-line arts and entertainment for
all ages. Crowds of up to 80,000 attend, creating a vibrant mixture
of ages and cultures. It is a day where people from diverse socio-
economic backgrounds, countries and religions come together to
meet, mix and perform. The 2003 Festival will have two stages
featuring contemporary music, Indigenous and World Music.
There will also be a Kid's Zone with amazing performances by
and for children. Wandering through the park will be wild and
colourful street and circus performers and buskers. As well as
the music, dance and street theatre program there will be several
other areas within the festival dedicated to poets, writers and
speakers discussing topics from politics to the environment and
comedy. The day is free to enabling all sections of the community
to enjoy the festival. The Festival provides a memorable day for
all concerned while at the same time raising much needed funds
for the operation of the Newtown Neighborhood Centre. We
are very interested in hearing from diverse groups and individuals,
no matter what your art form is." Many thanks, Sue Andersen,
Festival Co-ordinator festival@newtowncentre.org

"Dear Colleague, We are writing to invite you to participate in the
presentation of a performance in the Tiny Top as a part of the
Big West Festival. Big West is a ten-day biennial arts and cultural
festival designed to promote access and participation in cultural
activities in the Western Region of Melbourne. The Tiny Top will
be presented for free to the general public. The Tiny Top is an
installation performance project that reflects the histories of circus,
physical theatre and the traditional "sideshow" entertainment. The
Tiny Top is, as its name suggests a small six meter by six meter
canvas tent accommodating an audience of approx 40 people.
The performances will be held from 11am to 5pm in the Footscray
Mall, from Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th November, and from
2pm to 8pm on Friday 28th, while on Saturday 29th the tent will
be at the Maribyrnong River from 2pm to 8pm. The format for
The Tiny Top is a series of fifteen minute shows Shows will run all
afternoon starting every 30 minutes. It is important to remember
that the Tiny Top is first and foremost a contemporary sideshow
performance venue and any acts that are presented there should
by and large have a sideshow feel to them. That is, it is preferable
that any act be unusual, quirky, entertaining, bizarre or has a
sideshow edge. Spruiking is also an important part of the Tiny Top.
A fee will be negotiated upon contacting us, discussing your
availability, your show and number of performances. Looking
forward to hearing from you." Jason Cross, Co-Artistic Director,
Big West Festival, Australia. bigwest@maribyrnong.vic.gov.au
Warm Regards, Tony Rooke, Jason Cross. Find a link to the
Tiny Top site under Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Clownfest 2003" is in it's 22nd year. Can you tell the folks about
it? We are also producing the FIRST "Magic-Quest" event this
year as well. It's America's Grandest Clown Celebration, and runs
September 17, 18, 19, 20 2003, at the Cherry Hill Hilton, Cherry
Hill New Jersey. Experience over 50 Lectures, Coaching program,
Makeup competition, Public performances, Big Magic Gala. It's an
edu-vention. Receive your "Clownfest Certificate of Completion".
Certification, coaching and competition designed for personal
growth and is open to participants with a full registration only. It's
your chance to celebrate and explore the wonders of clowning."
Thank you, Vince Pagliano. Find a link to ClownFest under
Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Dear Alan, we inform you about current listings in the KultNet:
Variety and Circus Festival, Dresden, from 5.-7 September 2003
large artist competition in a circus arena in the Sarasani city Dresden.
Trottoir - La Strada - International Street Circus Festival, 21 - 24
August 2003. Each summer the streets and places of Bremen become
the arena for funny and poetic street theatre from the whole world.
The Festival extends over four days and three different places in that
of Bremen city center. It begins on Thursday evening with a large
Theaterspektakel ends on Sunday with the large La Strada gala.
Bremen summer Street Circus Festival is one the largest and most
diverse of its kind.
Lenzburger Comedy Festival, 14 until 17 August 2003. This is an
incomparable gathering of many street artists from the whole world.
Here renowned and experienced artists meet, but it exists to collect
also the chance for less well-known groups of street experience.
There is detailed information on travel expenses, chances of winning
as well as forms for registration in Festival office." Find the email
contacts for these festivals on the Kultnet website, and find a link to
KultNet under Resources at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

"Amador(a) in Scene, the Festival of theater of Amadores, Portugal,
will be held between 11 and to 28 September. With the assured
support of the City Council, and the National Association of Theater
of Amadora, this Festival will include three big weekend events,
including the Saturday Spectacular (21h30), which will be tuned for
a more general public, while the Sunday events (16h00) will be
dedicated to the spectators of the new." Jose Alfonso. For more
information email Jose, and find this email address by following the
link to Amador(a) in Scene, which you can find under Festivals at

"Announcing a new and unique Masters Programme in Performance/
Live Art in the School of Art & Design at The Nottingham Trent
University, U.K. Commencing January 2004, a taught Masters
Course. International in direction, content and recruitment, this one
year fulltime course offers a rare opportunity to participate first hand in
the rich traditions of innovative performance and live art - work at the
cutting edge of late Twentieth and Twenty-First Century performance
ideas - and to develop ideas around your own practice. With access to
unique UK and USA performance art archives, live events and visiting
experts and practitioners. Further details regarding course content,
qualifications, career opportunities, fees and living costs, the City of
Nottingham and its arts festivals etc are available from: Andrea
Beniston, Postgraduate Coordinator NTSAD, The Nottingham Trent
University, School of Art & Design." email: postgrad.ntsad@ntu.ac.uk

Forum on the role of Clown within an Aussie Circus Degree

We have good news and bad news on the Clown Forum front,
unfortunately the NICA people are not available on August 23rd,
when we were intending to hold the forum, so it will not take place
on that date, however Circus Oz has stepped in with an offer to
host the forum, and NICA seem to have taken this on board and
are proposing to take a more organisational role, so things are
moving... Watch this space for developments.

Until we see a date, we're keeping the pressure up by promoting
the discussion, and this month we have a couple of the big guns in
Australian physical theatre community entering the debate. Send us
your views for future issues.

Campaign: The Role of Clown within an Aussie Circus Degree

This month Sue Broadway weighs into the debate with the
establishment view, and who better to do so.

In response to Sue's piece, I would point out that in the days of the
traditional circus, it made sense that the physical stuff was done by
the young performers, and older members, with more life skills,
took on the clown work. However in the days of BA's in Circus
Arts, we need to resource the young clowns who want to go faster,
harder, higher and stronger, as well as the acrobats, and to be
supportive of the young artists entering the industry, because this
assists the development of the art form.

"Dear Colleagues, I have been following this debate with interest
and feel finally compelled to put pen to paper - or cursor to screen.
I have been performing for thirty years. During that time there were
twenty years when my main performance skills were aerial,
acrobatic and group juggling numbers. Although comic physicality
and clown were always an interest and many of the numbers that I
performed contained comedy elements, if asked to define myself
I would have said - I'm an aerialist and I juggle a bit. When I was
in my twenties Circus Oz was just inventing itself, and access to
high level skills training was virtually non-existent. By the time Fruit
Flies and the Nanjing projects etc. came along I was already past
my physical prime. This didn't stop me having a long and reasonably
successful career performing a range of acts including web, solo
and double trapeze, knockabout ladder and human pyramids.
Although the skill level achieved was lower than what I see today,
the entertainment value was, I believe, just as convincing.
Throughout my physical career I was accumulating small skills with
juggling and objects and ideas about clowning. Over the past ten
years I have been drawing all my performing experience and skills
together and feel finally that I have a repertoire that entitles me to
call myself a clown. The older I get the funnier I get. I hope to be
still clowning for decades to come. Clowning at its best is about
knowing who you are - and being prepared to share that with an
audience. It's about vulnerability and sensitivity. These capacities
continue to develop and expand with age. While I choose not to
harbor regrets, if given the opportunity to change anything in my
career path I would have to say - "Give me back the years
between 18 and 25 so I can do some serious training". The fitness,
flexibility, stamina, coordination and high level skills that one
develops in the early years are much harder to achieve and
maintain in later years. Clowning, however, just keeps getting easier.
In traditional circus this shift from high skill to clowning in later years
is a common pathway. By all means use clowning training as a
teaching method for developing audience awareness, performance
presence, timing and character. But there is nothing wrong with
young acrobats wanting to go faster harder, higher and stronger.
They should do this while they can - they can always come to
clowning later in life. Preferably after I've retired." Fond regards,
Sue Broadway, Sydney. Find more information on Sue's work at


"hi Alan, it's great to receive your e-newspaper! thank you so much.
my name is harmien batjah slier and i'm a dutch clown. i spent the
summer in Melbourne and performed at the gaygames in sydney. at
the newtown theatre, so maybe that's how i got to get your newsletter.
this november i'm going to Cuba and i would like to meet clowns
there, do a workshop, perform, whatever. If anyone knows any
addresses, names of people or places there i could contact? much
obliged. keep up the good work and have fun," toedeloe, harmien

"hello Alan, i am needing some acts for an up & coming cabaret
style show to be held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at
Circular Quay, Sydney, on Friday 19th Sept 2003. The show
will be directed and choreographed by me. I am looking for:
One Mime Artist - needs to have their own show already.
Two Tap Dancers - 2 routines - collaborative works. Three
Female Dancers - classical/ contemporary /martial art, needing
some Spanish, Indian and/or Asian influence. Duet Acro-Balance
Act - 1 routine - Level 6 to Level 10 required. Rehearsal Dates
TBC - 16, 18 & 19 Sept 2003. Please send Show Reel, C.V.,
Headshot, Act Shot or whatever you have, as soon as possible,
to: 8 - 114 Myrtle St, Chippendale NSW 2008. Deadline:
Friday 15 August." Kenny Feather, feather8618@hotmail.com

"Dear Musical friends, MATATO'A (The Pacific warrior's eye) is a
music and dance group from Rapa Nui (Easter island-Chile). I write
you because we need help to organise concerts or to know how
participate to festivals. They would like also organise a meeting with
an Aboriginal cultural center to share and show our culture. This
group is really excellent and has already recorded 4CD and
recorded 3 video clips, which illustrate their music very dancing and
has a big success in the Pacific islands. It's the reason we would like
to export our music and spectacles in others countries in the world.
They represent often their island and traditions through concerts
(Nouméa, Tahiti, Chile, Belgium, Holland, etc.) and Festivals.
They propose two types of show : 1) World music concert : original
musical style mix Rapa Nui, polynesian, latino styles (spanish
speakers and guitars), rock, reggae. 60-90 min and 11 persons
(with traditional dancers) 2) Traditional : sacred songs and dances
from ancestral age of the "Moa"i time (body painting, fiber and
feathers costumes,...). 30 min and 11 persons (with traditional
dancers) You can listen and see all the details about us on the
brand new website." Best regards, D. Greindl, Manager. Find a
link to Matato'a under Dance at www.artmedia.com.au/links.htm

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